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We have compiled the Best Engagement Ring Brands on this page for your satisfaction. You can browse the page for most expensive engagement ring brands, and top engagement ring designers 2020. If you want the best affordable engagement ring brands, then this post is most suited for you.

Engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not quite sure which style you want. There are so many different cuts to choose from, from princess to Asscher to oval to pear; a handful of metals to pick, including rose gold, gold, and silver; and, of course, the all-important step of finalizing the overall style. Do you want a timeless sparkler that’s dainty? Would you prefer one that’s a bit more vintage-inspired? Or do you want to forgo tradition altogether and opt for a blue sapphire à la Kate Middleton?

Luckily there’s one way to make your quest a bit more manageable, and that’s honing in on a few of the best engagement ring brands out there. By keeping your focus on a select few, you have fewer baubles to look through and can more quickly find one that speaks to you. Ahead, we’ve highlighted 15 brands with the best sparklers on the market. Brides-to-be, you’ll find in all in our selection, from vintage-inspired ones to wallet-friendly styles. See them below, plus shop our favorite picks from each.

Best Engagement Ring Brands

best affordable engagement ring brands

Popular Wedding Engagement Ring Brands | Engagement ring brands, Wedding  rings engagement, Engagement rings

1. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth Waverly Diamond Ring

Brilliant Earth Waverly Diamond Ring ($1890)

Brilliant Earth offers a vast selection of engagement rings and offers transparency into how they source diamonds. 

2. Shane Co.

Shane Co. Pave-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Shane Co. Pave-Set Diamond Engagement Ring ($830)

A leader in the diamond industry, Shane Co.‘s rings have been a favorite among brides for over 40 years.

Shane Co. Vintage Cathedral Knife-Edge Engagement Ring

Shane Co. Vintage Cathedral Knife-Edge Engagement Ring ($455)

Prices reflect setting only.

3. Sofia Zakia

Sofia Zakia Frida Ring

Sofia Zakia Frida Ring ($1150)

For rings that are out-of-this-world beautiful (and oh-so-unique), look no further than fine jewelry brand Sofia Zakia

Sofia Zakia Shalimar Emerald, Diamond & Freshwater Pearl Ring

Sofia Zakia Shalimar Emerald, Diamond & Freshwater Pearl Ring ($710)

4. Jennie Kwon

Jennie Kwon Diamond Duo Deco Spear Ring

Jennie Kwon Diamond Duo Deco Spear Ring ($1560)

Per the brand, each one of Jennie Kwon‘s pieces has been “meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced, and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents.” 

top engagement ring designers 2020

5. Lafonn

Lafonn Emerald-Shaped Baguette Ring

Lafonn Emerald-Shaped Baguette Ring ($150)

Lafonn makes pretty jewels accessible to everyone. The brand’s rings feature simulated diamonds for a more affordable price point.

Lafonn Birthstone Halo Ring

Lafonn Birthstone Halo Ring ($140)

6. Clean Origin

Clean Origin Perfect Fit Shared Prong Grand Ring

Clean Origin Perfect Fit Shared Prong Grand Ring ($1819)

Clean Origin uses lab-grown diamonds to create engagement rings that come with a 100-day money day back guarantee. Choose them for peace of mind on on getting a ring you love.

7. Mejuri

Mejuri Pear Cut Ring

Mejuri Pear Cut Ring ($650)

Mejuri offers handcrafted wedding bands and engagement rings that are as whimsical as they are eye-catching. Better yet, they’re quite affordable, too.

Mejuri Oval Cut Ring

Mejuri Oval Cut Ring ($675)

8. Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus Prague Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Diamond Nexus Prague Oval Cut Engagement Ring ($1760)

Diamond Nexus offers an affordable options for on-trend ring designs made from lab-made diamonds.

9. Effy Jewlery

Effy Jewelry Blush 14K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

Effy Jewelry Blush 14K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring ( $2150) $1505

Brides-to-be can find it all at Effy Jewelry, from classic, timeless rings to more untraditional styles.

10. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany True Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany True Engagement Ring ($7150)

Every girl has dreamt of receiving a diamond ring in Tiffany & Co.‘s iconic little blue box.

Price will adjust with diamond selected.

11. David Yurman

David Yurman Chatelaine Ring

David Yurman Chatelaine Ring ($1250)

David Yurman is known for creating stunning engagement rings with intricate, one-of-a-kind detailing and with unique, sculptural-like designs.

David Yurman Crossover Ring

David Yurman Crossover Ring ($625)

12. MiaDonna

MiaDonna Chorus Three Stone Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Chorus Three Stone Engagement Ring ($2951)

You’ll find beautiful and affordable engagement rings among MiaDonna‘s vast selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Price reflects setting only.

13. Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang Illuminance Ring

Ashley Zhang Illuminance Ring ($2750)

Make sure to commit this brand to memory. Ashley Zhang offers unique, conversation-starting pieces that are a combination of modern and vintage styles.

Ashley Zhang Iris Engagement Ring

Ashley Zhang Iris Engagement Ring ($9975)

14. Ada Diamonds

Ada Diamonds Heart Solitaire

Ada Diamonds Heart Solitaire ($950)

All of Ada Diamonds lab-grown pieces are custom-made, allowing you to design the ring of your dreams.

Price reflects setting only.

15. Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche Trillion Diamond Ring

Jacquie Aiche Trillion Diamond Ring ($3750)

Jacquie Aiche Vintage Waif

Jacquie Aiche Vintage Waif ($675)

Next up, learn all about the most popular engagement ring trends across America.

Best Promise Ring For Girlfriend

Before I talk about how to choose the best promise ring for her, let me quickly list some of the most beautiful and best promise ring that you can buy for your girlfriend.

D-GOLD 10KT White Gold Princess and Round Diamond Ring


This classy yet minimalistic promise ring will make your girlfriend feel like a princess. The metal used is white gold and it has princess and round white diamond set. This ring is a perfect gift for women who are in their early 20s or even late 20s.

The stunning and sophisticated design is ideal for both young and middle aged women. If your girlfriend doesn’t like to accessorize much, then this ring with its slim profile offers the right blend of style without overpowering them.

It is no secret that women love while gold and this promise ring made from white gold with diamond ring will surely make your girlfriend feel like a princess and make her happy when you gift it to her. It is a smart a safe choice when buying a promise ring.


  • Made from white gold with round diamond.
  • Suitable for both young and middle aged women.
  • Simple yet classy design.
  • Princess type setting.


  • Brand – D-GOLD
  • Metal – White Gold
  • Gem – White Diamond

Pandora Knot Ring


This knot ring shows the promise of unbreakable love bond between you and her. The cubic zirconia stones surrounding the ring made from Pandora rose makes for a timeless design.

The ring is made from a unique blend of copper and silver encased in 14k rose gold plating and the sparkling appearance is added by cubic zirconia stones. Surprise your girlfriend with this perfect promise ring and she will shower you will praises and love.


  • Unique metal blend of copper and silver.
  • Encased in 14k rose gold plating.
  • Cubic Zirconia gemstone.
  • Timeless quality and design.


  • Brand – Pandora
  • Metal – Sterling Silver
  • Gem – Cubic Zirconia

Dazzlingrock 3 Stone Promise Ring


This promise ring from Dazzling Rock is made from .25 carat diamond stone in white gold metal. With a lot of finesse, the ring is beautifully twisted with 3 diamond set with an oval shape in the center.

The level of design is very high and the diamond set looks as if they are floating. It is available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold metal.


  • 3 stone diamond setting looks elegant.
  • .25 carat diamond.
  • High level of detail.
  • Available in rose gold, white gold and yellow god.


  • Brand – Dazzling Rock
  • Metal – Multiple options
  • Gem – .25 ct diamond

Dainty 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring


If your girlfriend is someone who has slender fingers and likes yellow gold, then this promise ring will look gorgeous on her. The ring has an elegant Tanzanite gem stone as its centerpiece surrounded by diamonds that accentuates its appeal.Also Read:  How To Text Your Girlfriend After A Fight – 12 Tips To Help You Fix Your Relationship

There are many promise rings available that are made from white gold with colorful gemstones but this one pulls off the look with great finesse. This ring is perfect for someone who likes to keep her jewellery subtle and that falls into place easily.


  • Made from yellow gold with classy finish.
  • Elegant tanzanite stone surrounded by diamond.
  • Perfect for someone who is petite and has slender fingers.
  • Pulls off the yellow gold with colored gemstone look with ease like no other ring.


  • Brand – Dainty
  • Metal – Yellow gold
  • Gem – Tanzanite

Boston Bay Diamonds White and Rose Gold Promise Ring


If you want to make a statement of your promise to your love, then this ring from Boston Bay Diamonds is the ideal choice. It is made from white gold and rose gold with 2 diamond stones nestled around the rose gold similar to the love and commitment to your girlfriend.

This is the perfect ring to express your promise to her and also to appreciate her love and commitment for you. This unique and stunning feminine ring is the perfect accessory for your girlfriend to flaunt. Whether its valentine’s day or you just want to impress your girlfriend on a night out or date, this is the perfect promise ring to gift her.


  • Made from 10 ct white gold and 10 ct rose gold with .25 ct diamond stone.
  • Sophisticated and feminine ring.
  • Perfect gift to impress your girlfriend.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin and easy to wear.


  • Brand – Boston Bay Diamonds
  • Metal – White and rose gold
  • Gem – White diamond

DovEggs Eternity Ring


While all the above rings had a diamond stone as its centerpiece, this one features an all round design. The ring id made from 14k white gold with beautiful Moissanite stones. Moissanite is a stone that is uniquely cut which throws off any light. This gives it a very shiny effect that will attract any woman and reminds her of your love always.

This elegant ring looks as if it costs thousands of dollars and it will keep your girlfriend wondering how much money have you spent on gifting this for her. Even though so many gems make it look classy, it is subtle enough to be worn everyday as well as special occasions. If your girlfriend is someone who prefers glittery rings, then this should be the first choice. The stones used in this ring last for a lifetime that will also show your long lasting love for her.


  • Made from 14k white gold with moissanite stone all over.
  • Moissanite has a higher reflective index that makes it look more like a real diamond.
  • Ideal fit for any occasion.
  • Lasts for a lifetime even if they are abused.


  • Brand – DovEggs
  • Metal – White gold
  • Gem – Moissanite

Peora Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring


Image Size:

This beautiful promise ring from Peora is made from white gold and genuine Swiss blue topaz stone. The sparkle from this swiss stone will immediately catch your girlfriend’s attention as soon as she opens the box. This is a perfect everyday accessory for her and the blue hue provides the right amount of color to make it look stunning with a luxurious sparkle.

Every Swiss blue topaz stone is hand cut with precision and this ring provides the perfect balance of band and stone. Surrounding the blue stone are 6 genuine diamond stones, 3 on each side. If your girlfriend’s favorite color is blue, then you can never go wrong with this promise ring when you decide to gift her.


  • Made from 14k white gold with 2.25 ct blue topaz stone.
  • Genuine 0.12 ct diamond stone surrounding the gem.
  • Every stone hand cut with precision.
  • Perfect for everyday wear.


  • Brand – Peora
  • Metal – White gold

Dazzlingrock Pink Sapphire Promise Ring


If your girlfriend is someone who loves everything pink, then she is going to love this promise ring when you gift her. Its heart shaped centerpiece with white diamonds all around it, she is going to be instantly impressed. In between those white diamonds is the bright and sparkling pink sapphire stone that your girlfriend will fall in love with.Also Read:  How To Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her – 25+ Tips To Show Your Love

With such a stunning promise ring, trust me when say that you will never go wrong with your choice. With its expressive elements and feminine beauty, she will fall in love with you all over again when you gift this to her.


  • Made from 14k white gold with Pink Sapphire stone.
  • Available in white gold and yellow gold.
  • Heart shaped centerpiece surrounded by white diamonds.


  • Brand – Dazzling Rock
  • Metal – White gold/yellow gold
  • Gem – Pink Sapphire

Claddagh Rings Yellow Gold Trinity Ring


Knot band rings are popular choice of promise rings among women and this trinity ring from Claddagh Rings beautifully captures this theme. Made using 14k yellow gold, this ring will make any girl happy who has a love for gold.

The celtic trinity knot at the center signifies endless love that can stand through the test of time. If your girlfriend is someone who has a celtic origin or has knowledge about celtic, she will instantly understand what it means when you gift this to her.

Even though celtic traditions are old, the design of this ring has a modern finish that will go along with anything that your girlfriend chooses to wear and it is going to make her look stunning. This ring is a perfect blend of tradition and style.


  • Made from 14k yellow gold.
  • Celtic trinity know band at the centerpiece.
  • Perfect blend of old tradition, modernity, style and class.


  • Brand – Claddagh Rings
  • Metal – Yellow gold

Houston Diamond Infinity Gold Promise Ring


Last but not the least, I wanted to keep the best recommendation for the last. This stunning infinity promise ring with blue diamond is unlike any other promise ring that you might have seen before.

Made from 1K black gold with blue diamond at its center, this promise ring has a lot of pedigree. The stunning round shaped blue diamond is much sought after and the minimum rating of the diamond is AAA, which is pretty much the highest that you can find in any promise ring. Even the cut of the diamond is rated very high that you won’t typically find in other promise rings.

If the gorgeous blue diamond cannot impress your girlfriend, then the black gold with its infinity design will blow her away. The contrast of black gold and blue diamond just works beautifully.

If I have to say in just one word, it’s stunning. If you love your girlfriend a lot and want to gift the best promise ring there is to show her your promise of love, you won’t find another ring as beautiful as this. Believe me when I say a lot of compliments are gonna come her way no matter how much time has passed by. And every time when someone compliments her, it will remind her of your love always.

How To Choose The Best Promise Ring For Your Girlfriend

A promise ring is something that you gift your girlfriend to show your love and commitment for her. This is a beautiful way of making a promise to her. Most couples gift promise ring to each other as s first step towards their wedding in the future.

Choosing the right promise ring is very important which signifies its meaning and emotions. Since your girlfriend wears this ring every day, you need to choose a ring that will make her feel proud when she shows the ring to her family and friends. This is why it is important to choose the right promise ring.

I have already listed some of the best available promise rings for your girlfriend. Below I will talk about how to choose the right promise ring for your girlfriend.

Metal Type

Whether you are buying a promise ring in a local store or online, you need to know about the different types of metals that are used in making promise rings. There are different metal types like white gold, yellow gold, black, silver, rose gold and so on.

Buying a promise ring isn’t a costly affair and you can buy classy and stunning promise ring within your budget and style preferences. And for that you have to choose a metal type first.

Ring Setting

Once you have decided on the type of metal, the next important thing for you to decide is the style of the ring. The symbol of the heart at its center is the most common and traditional ring styles available.Also Read:  How To Text A Girl On Tinder – [Tinder Messaging Tips]

There are several ring styles like solitaire rings that are eternally elegant, eternity band hat is popular among youngsters these days or the 3 diamond ring which promises your love for past, present and future.

Her Taste

Choosing a ring that matches the taste of your girlfriend is also important. If you love her it means that you have spent enough time with her to know about her likes and dislikes about her taste in fashion. If you still haven’t then observe her for a few days and try to find out the kind of jewellery that prefers to wear, the color she likes, the metal she likes and so on.

If you are finding it difficult to decide on a ring, then you can tell her directly about your decision to buy a ring and take her with you. However, surprising your girlfriend with a promise ring is a much better idea that will make it more memorable.

Not An Engagement Ring

When you decide to buy a promise ring, make sure that it doesn’t look like an engagement ring as she might get confused and misunderstand that you are trying to officially propose her. And if you try to clear that misunderstand it can get worse and hurt her feelings which you don’t want to happen. So buying a promise ring that doesn’t look like engagement ring makes sense.

Ring Stones

Diamonds are the top choice when it comes to buying promise rings. But if you have a limited budget, then there is no need to worry. There are many stone options available that looks as elegant and identical as diamond for just a fraction of its cost.

You can choose stones like cubic zirconia or gemstone that are available in different settings. These diamonds are also available in wide variety of colors which gives you the option of choose a color that is your girlfriend’s favorite. The advantage of these gemstones is that they are never misunderstood as engagement ring and are easily available in your budget.

Engraved Ring

Similar to engagement or wedding rings, you also have the option of engraving her name or a personal message with a promise ring. Even a simple message can speak a lot about your love and commitment for your relationship.

How To Gift A Promise Ring To Your Girlfriend

How you gift a promise ring to your girlfriend is as important as choosing it. Gifting a promise ring is not a sign that you are officially getting engaged or proposing her for marriage, but just a way of letting her know of your love and commitment.

To make sure that your girlfriend doesn’t misunderstand you gifting ring as a proposal for marriage, it is advised not to bend on one knee when your gift it to her. Also learn about what the ring signifies when you gift it.

Ideas On How To Give A Girl A Promise Ring

Let’s talk about some of the ways on how to can gift a promise ring to your girlfriend.

Wrap In A Box

This is one of the easiest and common ways of gifting promise ring to your girlfriend. You can wrap the ring in a small beautiful box and gift it o her during a holiday as a traditional gift, valentine’s day, etc. And when you gift her make sure that you present there when she opens that box so that you can explain the significance of the ring and watch her happiness. Promise ring also makes for an excellent anniversary gift, for example, a gift for 1 month relationship anniversary.

Take Her To A Romantic Location

There is nothing more beautiful and memorable than gifting promise ring to your in a romantic location. You can consider taking your girlfriend to that place where you first met or a restaurant where you went during your first date. These are some good places for gifting a promise ring. Make sure that the location you choose is more casual so that it doesn’t look like a proposal.

Surprise Her

There are many ways you can surprise your girlfriend with a promise ring. Just get creative and find ways to gift her when you are just going about your day. You can slip the ring in her purse somewhere on the kitchen table and wait for her to notice it. If you want to make it more grand and creative, you can prepare her for a little treasure hunt.

Buy Together

If you are finding it difficult on deciding a promise ring for her, you can go the opposite way and tell her about your decision to buy a ring for her. Though this kind of boring way, you can tell your girlfriend about your decision to buy a promise ring for her and why you are buying it. Just tell her that you are focusing on your love and commitment for her and your pledge to be faithful to her.

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