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If you’ve been searching all over the internet for the best hair clippers uk, best cordless hair clippers uk, best home hair clippers uk, best professional hair clippers uk or the best hair clippers uk, this article is for you. All you’ve got to do is read on to discover more. So, go right ahead! Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the best hair clippers 2020 models. 

Have you been looking all over the internet trying to find the best hair clippers uk, cordless hair clippers uk, home hair clippers uk, professional hair clippers uk or search for barber hair clipper uk? If so then you’re in the right place. I am going to give you a summary of the best hair clippers available on the market and how they compare to each other, whats included in your purchase and hopefully get you closer to making a decision on which is the best hair clipper for you.

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Best Hair Clippers UK

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Buying a hair clipper is a tricky choice. Without having done a research on popular brands and their distinguished features, it might be a challenging task to choose the right haircutting set for your needs. The good news is, we’ve
done a thorough analysis of the best hair clippers for you.
Wahl Lithium PowerHair Clipper
Wahl Lithium Power Hair Clipper
Powered by lithium ion battery, the Wahl hair clipper has a handy quick-charge feature that allows one more trim after only 15-minute charging.
It might seem a bit noisy.
As functional as it is, this professional hair clipper is a marvellous choice for hair styling both at home and at the barber’s.
Rechargeable (~ 1 hour charging – up to 120 min working),15-minute quick charge
Self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades
Adjustable: 0.8 mm – 2.5 mm
10 combs (3 mm – 25 mm, left and right ear tapers)
Blades should be cleaned and oiled (oil and cleaning brush included)
Cutting cape, Scissors, Barber comb, Hard storage case
Ergonomic design, Smart LED charging light
0.3 kg (clipper)
BaByliss 7447BU Pro Hair Cutting Kit for Men
BaByliss 7447BU Pro Hair Cutting Kit for Men
Owing to the included battery-powered neckline and sideburns hair trimmer, it is easy to get a perfect haircut with this fantastic set.
Some customers find a plastic case a little uncomfortable.
With this awesome hair cutting kit, it is easy to create a stylish look following the latest hairstyle trends.
Corded, power cord length – 2.5 m
Stainless steel blades
Adjustable: 5 sizes
12 combs (3 mm – 32 mm, left and right ear tapers)
Blades should be cleaned and oiled (oil and cleaning brush included)
Battery operated trimmer for sideburns and neckline, Sectioning clips (2 pcs), Barber Comb, Scissors, Hard storage case
Ergonomic design
0.9 kg (full)
Reasonable Price
Philips HC5450/83Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades
Philips HC5450/83 Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades
Philips hair clipper has an ergonomic zoom wheel for easy length adjustment (1-23 mm with 1 mm between each length, or 0.5 mm trim with no comb).
It might take some time to get used to the handle.
Innovative technology and the highest built quality of this hair trimmer work for the best performance.
Rechargeable (~ 1 hour charging – up to 90 min working)
Self-sharpening titanium blades with DualCut™ technology
Adjustable: 24 length settings (0.5 mm – 23 mm)
3 skin-friendly rounded combs (1.5 mm and 3 mm for beard, 5 mm)
Washable removable cutting element and combs (cleaning brush included)
Hard storage case
Ergonomic design, Turbo power button, ‘Quick release’ blades, Charging indicator
0.5 kg (full)
KevenAnnaSminiker QuietCordless Hair Clippers
KevenAnna Sminiker Quiet Cordless Hair Clippers
Equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries, this hair clipper guarantees comfortable cordless performance whenever you need it.
Some users consider twist-action length selectors inconvenient.
Being pretty efficient, this user-friendly hair clipper allows fast and comfortable trimming without that annoying noise.
Rechargeable (~ 2 hours charging – up to 8 hours working), 2 rechargeable batteries included
Titanium blade combined with a ceramic movable blade
Adjustable: 0.8 mm – 2 mm
4 combs (3, 6, 9, 12 mm)
Blades should be cleaned and oiled (cleaning brush included)
Ergonomic design, Low-noise 50dB motor, Charging indicator
0.6 kg (full)
Remington HC5018Apprentice Hair clipper
Remington HC5018 Apprentice Hair clipper
In addition to all necessary attachments, the package includes a neck brush for easy cleaning your neck and clothes after trimming.
The cord is rather short.
Having bought functional and easy-to-use Remington hair clipper, you won’t have to go to the barber’s any more.
Corded, power cord length – 1.5 m
Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
5 combs (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 mm)
Blades should be cleaned and oiled (cleaning brush included)
Protective blade cap, Neck brush, Styling Comb
Ergonomic design
0.7 kg (full)
Wahl Lithium Power Hair Clipper
Wahl Lithium Power
BaByliss 7447BU Pro Hair Cutting Kit for Men
BaByliss 7447BU Pro
Philips HC5450/83 Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades
Philips HC5450/83
KevenAnna Sminiker Quiet Cordless Hair Clippers
KevenAnna Sminiker Quiet
Remington HC5018 Apprentice Hair clipper
Remington HC5018

best home hair clippers uk

hair clippers review uk

The best features of this hair clipper are its blades that need from little to no maintenance and its battery, requiring only an hour for a full charge. Plus, you get the exact control of lengths with an ergonomic zoom wheel featuring 24 settings. 

It might take you some time to get used to the handle.

With high-quality titanium blades that require neither sharpening nor oiling, the Philips HC5450/83 works with all types of hair – from thick and unruly to normal and soft – and comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that will provide you with a decent 90-min operation.

Rechargeable (~ 1-hour charging – up to 90 min working)Self-sharpening titanium blades with DualCut™ technologyAdjustable: 24 length settings (0.5 mm – 23 mm)3 skin-friendly rounded combs (1.5 mm and 3 mm for beard, 5 mm)Washable removable cutting element and combs (cleaning brush included)Hard storage caseErgonomic design, Turbo power button, ‘Quick release’ blades, Charging indicator0.5 kg (full)

2 years (3 more years for product registration)Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Kit Check Price
on Amazon

Equipped with high-quality sharpening blades that enable accurate and precise trimming. Comes with an 8-ft cord for greater maneuverability. It also includes a handy plastic case for hassle-free storage of the device and all accessories.

The instruction manual isn’t very informative.

For a lower price than of most premium class hair clippers, the Wahl Elite Pro offers excellent performance, comes with as many as 10 comb guides, and boasts a very quiet motor, making it suitable for both home and professional use in salons.



Stainless steel blades

Adjustable: 0.8 mm – 3 mm

10 Secure-Fit™ metal clip guide combs (3 – 25 mm)

Cleaning the blades with a brush and oiling them (cleaning brush and lubricating oil included)

Storage case, Comb storage pouch, Professional haircutting cape, Large flat top comb, Scissors, Barber comb, Blade oil, Cleaning brush

Thumb-adjustable taper lever

~0.3 kg (clipper)

Limited lifetime
Reasonable PricePhilips HC5630/13 Fully Washable Hair Clipper Check Price
on Amazon

Boasting a patented Trim-n-Flow™ Pro Technology that prevents the cut hair from getting stuck between the blades, the unit saves your time on cleaning them. Ergonomically designed click-on combs are easy to replace.

The handle is on the larger side; it might take you some time to get used to it.

One of the most efficient hair clippers on the market, the Philips HC5630/13 is equipped with DualCut™ titanium blades and has a special Turbo mode for cutting thicker hair at one go. It is functional, too – you can use the appliance as a beard trimmer.


Rechargeable (~1-hour charging – up to 90 min working)

Self-sharpening titanium blades with DualCut™ technology

Adjustable: 28 length settings (0.5 mm – 28 mm)

1 beard comb, 2 hair combs (long and short)

Whole body is washable: 100% waterproof, No oil needed

Cleaning brush, Travel pouch

Trim-n-Flow Pro™ technology, Ergonomic design, Turbo power button, Charging indicator

~0.5 kg (full)

2 years
Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper Check Price
on Amazon

Its patented CurveCut™ blade is made of quality stainless steel and has a curved edge to follow the contours of your head to ensure fast and easy trimming. Works just as well for neckline and sideburns.

The cutting length can only be adjusted with the included comb attachments.

This small hair clipper will make self-grooming a simple task even during long journeys and business trips. It is an excellent choice for those who want to look spick and span anytime, any place.


Rechargeable (~ 4 hours charging – up to 40 min working), 10-minute quick charge

Stainless steel blades with CurveCut™ technology

0.5 mm

9 combs (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 15 mm)

Whole body is washable: 100% waterproof

Cleaning brush, Travel pouch

Washout port, Charging indicator

~0.1 kg (clipper)

3 years (1 more year for product registration)
Hatteker RFC-690 01 Hair Clipper Check Price
on Amazon

The package includes two batteries, so you can replace the used one with a full one just when needed. The unit can be charged not only from the mains but via a USB port as well.

If you use it for too long, the motor might heat up a bit.

Boasting intuitive operation, this model will be easy to use even for novice barbers. Being 100 % waterproof, the Hatteker RFC-690 01 is very simple to maintain – just wash it under tap water after use.


Rechargeable (1.5-hour charging – up to 90 min working), 2 batteries and charging base included

Ceramic blades

Adjustable: 0.5 mm – 2.5 mm

6 combs (4 – 30 mm)

Whole body is washable: 100% waterproof

Barber comb, Cleaning brush

Fine adjustment button, Charging indicator

~0.2 kg (clipper)

1 year
 Philips HC5450/83Check Price
on Amazon
 Wahl Elite ProCheck Price
on Amazon
 Philips HC5630/13Check Price
on Amazon
 Remington HC4250Check Price
on Amazon
 Hatteker RFC-690 01Check Price
on Amazon
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    2. Wahl Elite Pro
    3. Philips HC5630/13
    4. Remington HC4250
    5. Hatteker RFC-690 01
  2. What Is It
  3. What Features to Compare
  4. Useful Tips for The First Hair Trimming Procedure
  5. Sources

Philips HC5450/83 Check price

Philips HC5450/83


Many users complain that the process of replacing attachments isn’t as quick as they’d like it to be. With that in mind, the manufacturer has equipped this Philips hair clipper with an ergonomic zoom wheel for easy adjustment of a cutting length. The zoom wheel with variable lengths from 1 mm up to 23 mm can help you get a neat haircut with no hassle.

This model can be used cordless or corded. Thus, it will give you a good range of motion when running on a battery or frustration-free operation if you’ve forgotten or had too little time to charge the battery before use. By the way, one-hour charging will give you 90 minutes of cordless runtime, so, unless you are going to operate the unit for an extended period, you won’t have to charge it before each use.

For fast and efficient trimming of all hair types, the model boasts self-sharpening titanium blades; an innovative DualCut™ technology ensures minimum friction during trimming. What is more, you can boost cutting speed by pressing a turbo power button for the most effective cutting of thick hair. Yet, the benefits don’t end here: the blades are easy to clean under the running water and they require no oiling. All of this allows you to enjoy fast and easy styling requiring very little maintenance.

Review of Philips HC5450/83 Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades


There are not so many attachments included with the purchase, but as they say, it’s quality that matters. As the hair cutting length is adjusted by the zoom wheel, the included attachments have other purposes. Give them a closer look and you will see that it is not so easy to find a kit as versatile as this one. For example, in the box, you will find a blue-coloured hair clipper comb that was created for safe and convenient cutting kids hair. Being colour-coded, it is easy to spot among other accessories. To use the comb, just attach it to the machine and select the desired length setting. The three other comb attachments (1.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm cutting length) were specially designed for beard styling. In other words, instead of buying a hair cutting machine and a beard trimmer, you can get this model and groom your hair and beard with the same appliance. An adapter and a hard case for convenient storage of all the accessories also come in the box.

Summing up, if you are looking for a reliable and versatile haircut machine, opt for the Philips HC5450/83. Equipped with a special attachment for trimming kids’ hair, it is an awesome choice for family use.

Philips HC5450/83 Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades in the use


User Manual     Manufacturer

Philips HC5450/83Philips HC5450/83

Wahl Elite Pro Check price

Wahl Elite Pro


A trimming machine is not the only thing you need for hair cutting and styling; if you are looking for a comprehensive haircutting kit, we recommend the Wahl Elite Pro. In addition to the hair clipper, the purchase includes eight guide combs, scissors with a blade cover, a barber comb, and even a haircutting cape. 70% stronger than conventional combs, these SECURE-FIT™ guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips are really made to last.

Moreover, the hair clipper has a thumb adjustable taper lever (0.8 mm – 3 mm) that will give you even more freedom applying a fade technique on sides and back of your head. The maximum cutting length with the attachment combs is 25 mm, so this model suits perfectly for buzz, crop, and fade cuts. Meanwhile, using the included scissors, you can experiment with various hairstyles.

Equipped with a powerful motor that comes with a lifetime guarantee and high-precision self-sharpening blades, this hair trimmer will serve you for long years even in case of heavy use. By the way, the box includes a brush for removing hairs from the blades and lubricating oil that will ensure their excellent performance and prolong the service life of the whole unit.

Review of Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Kit


The Wahl hair clipper is very easy to maintain. Though the unit is not rinseable, the blades are easy to clean with the included brush. The blades come already oiled and aligned; however, you should keep in mind that it is recommended to oil the blades every few haircuts. With that, it is important to use the included oil to ensure the optimum performance of the hair clipper and prevent any damage to the blades. So, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prolong the service life of this functional hair trimming equipment.

We put your attention that the unit is mains powered, which might seem a bit inconvenient. However, this makes it more powerful compared to cordless hair clippers. And it surely won’t run out of power in the middle of the haircutting process. Besides, the cord is long enough (over 2 metres) to ensure convenient use. The box includes a durable storage case plus a bag for attachment combs. An included Wahl styling guide will provide you with important hair-trimming tips, so you will quickly learn to trim your hair.

In a word, the Wahl Elite Pro is a professional hair clipper that comes equipped with a set of high-quality attachments and additional barber accessories that will allow you to cut and style your hair in the comfort of your own home.

Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Kit in the use


User Manual     Manufacturer

Wahl Elite ProWahl Elite Pro Philips HC5630/13 Check price

Philips HC5630/13


If you are looking for a super-efficient tool for cutting your hair at home, try this state-of-the-art model by Philips. This unit uses a Trim-n-flow PRO technology – the specially-designed combs guide the cut hair away from the blades. As a result, even long and thick hair won’t get stuck during use and you won’t have to stop the trimming session to remove it.

To make the appliance twice as efficient as its competitors, the manufacturer has equipped it with a two-sided cutting element. This DualCut technology combined with a turbo mode increases the motor speed, thus, allowing you to cut even extremely thick hair.

The Philips HC5630/13 is quite functional, too. It has an ergonomic zoom wheel for selecting the desired length. The set includes 2 adjustable hair clipping combs with variable settings – from 3 up to 28 mm with a 1-mm increment. You will also get a beard trimming comb attachment for convenient facial hair grooming. For a closer trim (0.5 mm), you can use the item with no attachments at all. Offering precise length control, this professional hair clipper will help you to experiment with various haircuts with ease.

Review of Philips HC5630/13 Fully Washable Hair Clipper


This Philips model is well-thought-out to the tiniest details. The appliance has an ergonomic texturised handle that is comfortable to hold in hand. Its self-sharpening titanium blades are made to last and need no oiling. Moreover, the hair clipper is fully washable, so all you need to do to keep it clean is rinse it thoroughly under the tap after each use.

One more welcome feature of the tool is that it can be used both corded and cordless. It takes one hour for the battery to fully charge and get ready for 90 minutes of cordless operation. If the battery runs low, you can power the unit from the mains; the charger is equipped with a UK 2-pin bathroom plug.

To wrap it all up, the Philips HC5630/13 is an efficient and functional hair clipper that doubles as a beard trimmer. It will allow you to quickly and easily cut your hair in the comfort of your own home. Despite being larger than some of its rivals, the unit is pretty lightweight and comfortable to use. Besides, the hair clipper comes with an ergonomic storage bag which makes it a wonderful travel companion.

Philips HC5630/13 Fully Washable Hair Clipper in the use



Philips HC5630/13Philips HC5630/13 Remington HC4250 Check price

Remington HC4250


The Remington HC4250 hair clipper looks different than any other model in our review and it feels different in your hand, too. The thing is that this unconventional design is meant to make grooming and trimming a snap. The blade is pretty wide, which means you can trim more hairs with one movement. Moreover, thanks to the CurveCut blade technology, this haircut device follows the contours of your head, making trimming your hair as fast and simple as never before. The appliance fits comfortably in your hand and the risk of dropping it is minimal. In addition to trimming, the clipper is also perfect for grading and tapering as well as grooming your sideburns.

Unless you want the shortest haircut, the cutting length can be adjusted in the range from 1.5 up to 15 mm by using extra combs. There are nine of them included in the box; just choose the one that offers the desired length and attach it to the machine. A handy case for storing the accessories is also included in the box, so it will be easy to keep them in one place ready for the next use.

Lithium batteries provide 40 minutes of operation after 4 hours of charging. This might seem as not very long run time, however, given how easily the tool glides over the hair it will be more than enough to create a few haircuts. Moreover, when the battery runs low, you can take advantage of a quick charge feature – it only takes 10 minutes and provides one minute of cordless operation, enough to finish the job.

Review of Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper


As portable, handy, and versatile as it is, the Remington HC4250 hair clipper is an excellent choice for people who often travel. Due to its compact size, it will take minimum space in your luggage. And since cutting the hair with it is super easy, you can use it even when travelling alone. Besides, cleaning the model is a breeze – it is fully washable, so you can just rinse it under tap water after use.

All in all, this small haircut machine is an excellent choice if you want to get the knack of hair cutting and always look great.

Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper in the use


User Manual     Manufacturer

Remington HC4250Remington HC4250 Hatteker RFC-690 01 Check price

Hatteker RFC-690 01


Ease of use and ease of maintenance are essential things that users look for when choosing a trimmer. The Hatteker RFC-690 01 boasts both of these features, which makes it one of the choicest options out there. It has an ergonomic handle that features an intuitive cutting length adjustment and it comes with capacious Lithium batteries to ensure long and powerful performance. An ergonomic cleaning brush is included in the box. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that this model is completely washable, so there will be no harm if you wash the blade under tap water after use – easy cleaning is a great advantage that will save your time on the morning routine.

The appliance comes with a handy charger base, two rechargeable batteries, BS adapter with a USB port, and a USB connector. Thanks to the two batteries included, the cordless clipper can operate for a prolonged period of time, which will come in useful when you are travelling. An ergonomic LED indicator light will show you the battery charging status; 90-120 minutes charging will provide up to 120 minutes of cordless operation.

Review of Hatteker RFC-690 01 Hair Clipper


Other important qualities of any self-care device are safety and versatility. This unit features a ceramic cutting blade that allows for a smooth shave without any irritation. Gentle trimming is especially important when styling kids hair, so if you have children, this skin-friendly hair trimmer is a great option. The blade itself can be adjusted for five cutting lengths (from 0.5mm to 2.5mm) – just choose the desired setting on the handle. Plus, there are six guide combs included in the box, so you can set the unit’s fine adjustment button for a 4-6 mm, 7-9 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-18 mm, 22-24 mm, or 28-30 mm trimming length. This functional appliance can be used for both hair and beard trimming, which is a great advantage as well.

To cut a long story short, the Hatteker hair trimmer is a reliable and user-friendly appliance that, along with all the accessories included, will help you experiment with your style and always look well-groomed.

Hatteker RFC-690 01 Hair Clipper in the use

Hatteker RFC-690 01Hatteker RFC-690 01 

What Is a Hair Clipper?

A hair clipper is a grooming electric device designed to cut hair close to head. Initially designed for professional use in barbers’ shops, today hair clippers can be found in almost every household. And though not all people may describe themselves as pro barbers and boast of that level of proficiency when cutting their own hair, for most it’s still much more convenient than to go to a barber’s shop. Besides, trimming hair isn’t as difficult as it might seem and with some practice, you’re likely to hone this craft. Another advantage of owning a hair clipper and cutting your own hair is the fact that you can do it anytime and anywhere. This way, if an urgent situation arises, you won’t need to match up a barber’s schedule with yours and will be able to handle the maintenance yourself. Finally, it’s just a great skill which will allow you to be in total control of your time and desires and be less dependent on other people.

Another appliance that will add to the collection of your grooming tools is a high-quality electric razor. If you’ve no one, we’d recommend you to check out this comparison. You may also be interested in our head shavers review.

What Features to Compare

Before choosing a hair clipper and trimmer, consider how often you’re going to use it. If you plan to use it on a regular basis (for example, if you work as a barber in a salon), it is important to opt for a pro-grade and multifunctional device. Not only will it cut through any hair type with ease but also it will do that very quickly saving you plenty of time and effort. In case you’re just getting the hand in hair trimming and need an inexpensive device to use at home, buying a hair trimmer will be enough. Though not as powerful as hair cutting sets, they offer decent functionality and will suffice for most trimming needs.

Motor Type

Moving on to the motor, you can choose from three types – rotary, pivot and magnetic. Generally, clippers equipped with a rotary or pivot motor are recognized as the most powerful and thus most suitable for professional use. They can easily tackle hair of any length, thickness and coarseness. Another benefit of these types of clippers is that they come with adjustable blades allowing for hassle-free disinfection, replacement and clean-up after use. So, if you look for a reliable and durable haircut machine for regular use, you can choose the one with a rotary motor.

When it comes to models with a magnetic motor, these are perfect for home use. They aren’t expensive and can work for up to 20-30 minutes from one charge, which will be enough for a hair cut session (or even two). Admittedly, they tend to produce a bit of noise but for the price, this isn’t a deal-breaker.


Most of the hair cutting sets available come with a number of additional accessories allowing for haircut “customisation”. On changing these attachment guides, you will be able to change and vary how much hair you’d like to cut. Make sure to take a look at the kit and check what lengths come included. This is especially important for those who work with different hair lengths.

Power Source

With regard to the power source, there are models that work off the mains, those that use batteries and rechargeable ones. Naturally, the most powerful are those that work off the mains. They not only can cut hair more quickly but also they do not tend to heat and can be used for a prolonged time without a break. The only shortcoming is that you need to have a power socket nearby. Also, it’s worth checking out the cord since if it’s too short, you will be limited in movement. Hair clippers with built-in batteries will be a valuable option for those who seek portability. They provide flexibility of use and will be great for hair, beard contouring and trimming. Plus, they offer decent run time, allowing you to use them for around 30-60 minutes on one charge. When it comes to rechargeable models, these combine the advantages of the two and will suit both professional and home use.

Additional Features

Finally, you should make sure the clipper you choose is convenient to use. Consider its size, weight and overall design. It should have an ergonomic build to fit in your hand comfortably and cause no discomfort/fatigue during use. Many models have rubberized handles to ensure a firm grip on the tool. You can also find models with ‘vacuum cleaner’ function: they will gulp all cut hair ridding you of the need to clean floors after each haircut. And, of course, do not forget about maintenance part. Some hair clippers have a waterproof design and can be rinsed with water, whereas others will require cleaning with a special brush and regular oiling.


It is not a secret that cutting your own hair at home can save you lots of money. Whether you’ve made up your mind to change your style completely or just want to touch-up your haircut so as to give it a neat look until your next trip to the barbers, a hair clipper can make the trimming and styling process so much easier and become your ultimate assistant. However, unless you want the shortest haircut, it is not only a clipper that you will need. No wonder, most appliances of the kind come with multiple attachments and other accessories.

Tools you will need

Assorted guide combs will help you choose the desired haircut length, usually up to 25-30 mm (if you want a longer haircut, you will need a pair of scissors which are sometimes also included). There are sets that includeleft and right ear tapers allowing you to have the hair around your ears cut neatly and easily. Finally, some appliances come with beard trimming attachments for more comprehensive self-care. A versatile hair clipper with multiple useful accessories is a must-have thing to experiment with your style.

How to cut your own hair

So, you have got all the required tools and are ready for the first trimming procedure. Following these simple tips, you will be able to cut your own hair quickly, neatly, and easily.

  1. First of all, make sure all the tools you might need are close at hand.
  2. Then, wash your hair using the shampoo suitable for your hair type.
  3. If you have straight hair, the best option is to cut it wet; if you have curly hair, just dampen it so that its curling pattern is not concealed.
  4. In case you are going to use a haircut machine, do not forget to read the manual before you trim.
  5. Cut your hair in the opposite direction of its growth.
  6. Use the longest haircut setting if your hair is long. When you are done, just change the attachment to the one that provides shorter trimming, if needed.
  7. Back, side and top styling is to be done in the end. For example, you can do one side, then go to the other, and finish with the back. In most cases, it is recommended to use the shortest comb guides when trimming sideburns or around the ears.
  8. When doing the back of your head, a secondary mirror will come in handy. It is the hardest part for many, so if you can, ask someone to help you. If you can’t, put your free hand on your head back and try to use it as a guide, dragging the hair clipper alongside it.
  9. For trimming the head top, longer haircut settings are usually used.
  10. To make the transition between lengths, use in-between numbers of comb guides.
  11. Work slowly when it comes to fine detailing to make both sides look symmetrical.
  12. When the job is done, take a careful look at your new hairstyle and trim any uneven hair if necessary.

With a high-quality haircut machine, trimming your hair is pretty simple, however, like anything in this world, it requires practice. Even if trimming took longer than you expected for the first time, every next session will be faster and easier. In any case, using a hair trimmer, you will be able to save tons of money on visiting the barbershop. And, probably, one day, you may even get inspired for creating new exclusive hairstyles.

Best Hair Clippers for the Money – Buying Guide and Detailed Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best hair clippers, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. Many people in the United Kingdom have now started to cut their hair, or their family’s hair at home. That has happened for a couple of reasons:

  1. They want to stop spending a lot of money at the barbers or hairdressers
  2. They prefer the privacy and comfort of their own home rather than waiting in a barber shop

When we were doing our research (and we do a lot of that), we discovered that there are a lot of these clippers available on the marketplace. What did surprise us though, is that many of them are quite frankly very low quality. They are badly made, the instructions are terrible, they break easily and there is virtually no customer support.

Now admittedly they are cheap, anywhere from as little as £10. We have yet to find anything worthy of being called a set of hair clippers at that price. What is more worrying, is that even in the £20-60 price range, there are still a lot of really bad clippers.

The good news is that there are also a lot of good quality clippers in that price range.

In this article we have produced a top 12 list. We did this using actual buyer satisfaction ratings and reviews. You will not find any clipper on that list with a buyer rating of less than 80%, or at least 4 out of 5 stars. That means they are all good to excellent quality.

We have then done detailed reviews on the top 12  hair clippers.

Underneath those you will find a full and detailed hair clipper buyer guide. In that we have explained the features and why they are important to consider. We have also included a section on how to use hair clippers, and one on how to maintain and look after your new clippers.

This is a long article, so if you are in a hurry, then the best buyer rated hair clipper available on the UK market right now is the Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, available at Amazon and other stores.

Just below we have made a table of contents. If you see a particular topic that you want to read about, then simply click on that link, and you can jump straight to that section.Quick NavigationTop 12 Buyer Rated Hair Clippers in the UKTop 12 Hair Clippers ReviewsTop 12 Hair Clippers Features Comparison Table1. Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers Review2. Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers Review – Most Affordable3. Romanda Hair Clippers Review4. Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper Review – Our Pick for Barbers5. Wahl Professional Corded Clipper Magic Clip Review6. Wahl Elite Pro Main Hair Clipper Kit Review7. Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Review8. Wahl Balding Hair Clipper Review9. Philips Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Review10. BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper for Men Review11. Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper Review12. Philips Series 9000 Hair Clipper ReviewBest Hair Clippers for Long HairBest Hair Clippers for Thick HairFull & Detailed Hair Clippers Buyer’s Guide for MenCorded vs Cordless Hair ClippersHair Clippers vs Hair Clippers KitsWhich Brands Make Hair Clippers?How Much Do Hair Clippers Cost?Hair Clippers Key FeaturesHair Clippers Blade Options and TypesHair Clippers Combs ExplainedHair Clippers Length Settings ExplainedWaterproofHair Clippers Accessories – What Are They?How to Use Hair Clippers?How to Maintain Your Hair Clippers?

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

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Top 12 Buyer Rated Hair Clippers in the UK

Just below you can see our top 12 list. Beside each product name, you will see a percentage number. This number refers to the average buyer satisfaction rating of the product. We calculated this rating by researching a number of online websites where these trimmers are sold.

We made a note of the ratings that customers had left, and from that we worked out the average rating. We then expressed that as a percentage number, with the maximum score being 100%.

  1. Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers (92%)
  2. Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers (90%)
  3. Romanda Hair Clippers for Men (90%)
  4. Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 610 (90%)
  5. Wahl Professional Corded Clipper Magic Clip (90%)
  6. Wahl Elite Pro Main Hair Clipper Kit (88%)
  7. Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Clippers (88%)
  8. Wahl Balding Hair Clipper (88%)
  9. Philips Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper (90%)
  10. BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper for Men (88%)
  11. Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper (85%)
  12. Philips Series 9000 Hair Clipper (82%)

Top 12 Hair Clippers Reviews

In this section we have reviewed the top 12 rated hair clippers, as they get the highest ratings and they sell really well. On the table we show cutting lengths, charging times, run times, and also an average price range. Please note that some hair clippers are corded only, and when that is the case, we have simply placed an “x” in the table, for charging as it is not applicable.

We have indicated prices as low, medium or high. We can’t show actual prices as they simply change so often, even on a daily basis, so we have shown them as follows:

  • Under £25 is Low
  • £25-£50 is medium
  • Over £50 as high

Please note that we have not included the table for mobile users as it would be just to hard to read. It can be viewed on a tablet, laptop or PC desktop.

Top 12 Hair Clippers Features Comparison Table

Trimmer NameCutting Length (mm)Charge Time (hours)Run TimeMinsType
Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers1.5 -15 440Cordless
Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers0.5 – 25xxCorded
Romanda Hair Clippers0.8 -181.270Cordless
Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper0.4 – 13xxCorded
Wahl Professional Corded Clipper0.5 – 19xxCorded
Wahl Elite Pro Main Hair Clipper Kit0.8 – 25xxCorded
Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper0.5 – 241.5120Cordless
Wahl Balding Hair Clipper0.2 – 4.5xxCorded
Philips Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper0.5 – 15160Cordless
BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper for Men3 – 131180Cordless
Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper1 – 251260Cordless
Philips Series 9000 Hair Clipper0.5 – 421120Cordless

Below we have done reviews of each of the hair clippers on our list, starting with the highest rated first.

1. Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers Review

92%Buyer Satisfaction

  • With these you can do hair cuts and also allows you to trim the sideburn and neck areas
  • These are really well balanced and feel good in the hand
  • They are cordless clippers and have 40 minutes run time from a full charge which takes 4 hours
  • The kit comes with nine fixed combs (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 15 mm)
  • They also have a quick charge
  • They are washable
  • They come with a storage pouch


  • 80% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers say these are so much easier to use than standard style clippers
  • Buyers like the curved blade and also said that the unit fits really nicely into the hand
  • Although cordless they can also be plugged in and used in the mains
  • Buyers liked the fact that these are very easy to clean


  • 5% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers say the battery stopped working
  • A few buyers say it doesn’t last

These are quite different to most other style of clippers on the market. That is because they are shaped to fit the hand and they also have curved blades. Most buyers said as a result of that styling it makes them so much easier to use.

Buyers love the idea that these are cordless. They are also very quiet and many buyers like that.

2. Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers Review – Most Affordable

90%Buyer Satisfaction

  • The blades are made from steel and they have comfort tips designed to be gentle on the skin
  • They have nine colour coded combs for easy grade and length selection
  • They use a taper lever to give cutting lengths of between 0.5 to 2 mm
  • These clippers come with a cleaning brush, neck brush, scissors and styling comb


  • 75% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Some parents stated that these are great to use on children with autism
  • Buyers thought these were excellent value for money
  • Buyers said that these feel nice and solid in the hand
  • Buyers said the combs go on easily and stay on


  • 4% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers said that these clippers can snag and pull at times
  • Some buyers say that these do not cut very well

These clippers have stainless steel blades which are sharp and ideal for cutting. These are corded clippers only. Many people also really like the Remington brand.

The colour codes are designed to reduce the chances of getting your length blades confused. That is a common problem, and by using colours, the risks are greatly reduced. Each size of comb has a different colour, ranging from 0.5 to 2 mm.

The kit also has the other small items such as a cleaning brush, scissors, a neck brush and a comb. You can also remove the blade system to help wash away any dirt and hair clippings so it’s always ready for the next cut.

3. Romanda Hair Clippers Review

90%Buyer Satisfaction

  • These clippers use a precision motor with a titanium blade
  • They have skin-friendly combs which make these clippers safe to use and also comfortable to use
  • This makes an ideal family set of clippers
  • The front blade distance can be set to 0.8 mm – 2.0 mm for extra-short haircuts
  • There are also 6 guide combs: 3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm/15mm/18mm, allows you to customize any desired hairstyle.
  • These can be used both corded and cordless
  • The cordless option has 70 minutes run time
  • They come with a lifetime warranty


  • 80% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers stated that these clippers are very quiet
  • Buyers love the fact that these are cordless so no wires to worry about
  • Buyers liked the variety of attachments
  • Buyers liked the fact that you can use these one handed


  • 4% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers said they received a faulty product

These are classed as being professional hair trimmers that provide you and your family with a good hair cutting experience. Buyers like the fact that they can be used corded and also cordless. The ceramic blades are skin friendly for safe and gentle trimming.

They are quiet and that is great for children and babies. The removable cutting blades head is easy to change and clean.

4. Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper Review – Our Pick for Barbers

90%Buyer Satisfaction

  • This set of clippers has been out for a very long time and they have indeed stood the test of time
  • The blade is chrome plated with a fixing screw
  • The blades are fasting with speeds of up to 6,000 strokes per minute (spm)
  • There are four combs (1,2,3 and 4) with cutting lengths between 1-3.5 mm
  • You also get a blade guard, a flat top comb, a cleaning brush and oil
  • The cable length is 3 metres and this is a corded hair clipper
  • This is a good choice for Afro hair, bulk removal and taper


  • 75% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Almost every buyer said it was built to last for years, and if you oiled these, they lasted for years
  • Buyers liked the attachments and said that they clipped on easily and they stayed on
  • Buyers with thick hair said these were great


  • 5% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • A couple of buyers received a faulty or used product
  • 1 or 2 buyers said these were heavy

This is classed as a heavy duty Wahl trimmer and is a best selling clipper with barbers and hairdressers.. That is because it uses a very heavy duty V5000 motor for durability and longevity. It is because it meets the demands of a busy barber shop and consistently cut well all day. 

There is a convenient thumb lever that allows you to adjust the taper without changing blades.

5. Wahl Professional Corded Clipper Magic Clip Review

90%Buyer Satisfaction

  • These are corded clippers
  • This model is classed as a professional clipper
  • They are very good for traditional on-scalp tapering and fading
  • They are also good for clipper over comb work along with precision fading and blending
  • They have an adjustable blade with an 8 foot electrical cord
  • They come with 8 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard


  • 75% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers acknowledged that these were expensive but they still thought they were good value for money as they were made to last
  • Buyers liked the long power cord
  • Many buyers liked the appearance of these.


  • 7% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Buyers said these clippers are too noisy
  • A couple of buyers said they received the wrong people or a refurbished product

These clippers are aimed at the professional barber, though they cab also be used at home. They are certainly made to last, but in all honesty, we think these are better in the hands of a professional, as they can do the more complex design areas of hairdressing.

6. Wahl Elite Pro Main Hair Clipper Kit Review

88%Buyer Satisfaction

  • This is another popular set of hair clippers from the American based Wahl brand
  • They have high precision self-sharpening blades that stay sharp to easily cut all hair types
  • They have very well snug fitting metal clip guide combs​
  • Like most Wahl clippers, they use an adjustable taper lever that offer multiple cutting lengths without changing attachment combs
  • The cutting lengths are between 0.8 mm up to 25 mm
  • These come with 10 comb attachments no’s 1-8 plus 1/2 and 1&1/2 attachments with storage bag
  • You also get a pair of high quality scissors, a barber’s comb. a cutting gown, cleaning brush and oil


  • 73% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Most online buyers thought that these were very well made and very good quality
  • Buyers also liked the long electrical lead so there’s no worrying about where to plug them in or if the lead will stretch
  • Buyers really liked the quality of the metal attachments
  • Buyers liked the sound of the powerful motor and said they dealt with thick hair easily


  • 7% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • A few buyers said the motor made strange noises and they had to get these replaced
  • A few buyers said these did not clip close enough for their liking

7. Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Review

88%Buyer Satisfaction

  • These use ceramic blades that are sharp and very nice to use on the skin
  • They have a 5-degree rotatable blade that helps get through thicker hair
  • They are 100% waterproof for easy cleaning
  • 1.5 hours of charge gives 2 hours of use
  • The clippers can be charged via a USB port
  • Comes with 6 different comb heads, 22-24 mm, 16-18 mm, 10-12 mm, 7-9 mm, 4-6 mm,3 mm.


  • 74% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers did like the ceramic blade as they thought it cut really well
  • Most buyers thought the battery life was extremely good when compared to other clippers
  • Buyers liked the LCD light display that showed the amount of charge
  • Buyers also said that it run quietly


  • 7% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers say the battery doesn’t hold the charge that well
  • Some buyers said that they received a faulty product which they had to return

8. Wahl Balding Hair Clipper Review

88%Buyer Satisfaction

  • This particular hair clipper comes with a specially designed blade that is set to zero overlap for achieving the balding effect on all cuts
  • The teeth on the blade are extremely fine to enable smother feeding of short hair
  • It has a powerful heavy duty V5000 motor for durability and longevity
  • This is a corded clipper
  • Cutting length is 0.4 mm and comes with 2 combs, 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm
  • Comes with a blade guard, a barber comb, a pre-shave brush, blade oil and a cleaning brush


  • 78% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers love these if you like to have a closer cut
  • Buyers who wanted a bald look picked these as their first choice
  • Buyers said these were very easy to use and also very comfortable to use


  • 6% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers did receive a used product and it had to be replaced
  • Some buyers said they received a faulty product

9. Philips Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Review

88%Buyer Satisfaction

  • These clippers use a very unique 180° rotating head that makes it easy to reach even the most difficult spots
  • This one has self-sharpening stainless steel blades for long-lasting performance
  • You can select and lock the length setting you want by turning the integrated zoom
  • There are a total of 13 length settings from 0.5 mm to 15 mm (grades 0 to 5)
  • You get 60 minutes of run time of cordless use after a 1 hour charge
  • You can also use these when plugged in
  • They are 100% washable


  • 71% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers thought that these were very affordable and as such great value for money
  • Buyers thought that these clippers were lightweight and that made them easy on the head
  • Many buyers liked the Philip’s brand
  • Some buyers liked the fact that they could use these in the shower


  • 4% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • A couple of buyers said the clippers stopped working
  • Some buyers thought the combs were poor quality

10. BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper for Men Review

82%Buyer Satisfaction

  • This model uses a dual blade cutting system for multi-directional and easy self-hair cutting
  • They are cordless hair clippers
  • They use grades 1-4 combs
  • 60 minutes run time for a 3 hour charging time
  • Can also be uses to style and shape your sideburns
  • Good for doing buzz cuts


  • 70% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers say it is very safe and easy to use
  • Beginners to home hairdressing liked these as beginners


  • 6% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Buyers said they were far too hard to use
  • A few buyers said they broke after a few months

11. Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper Review

85%Buyer Satisfaction

  • Available in blue or blue/white
  • These are cordless clippers
  • They have 60 minutes run time from a full 12 hour charge and can also be used when corded
  • These come with 10 guide combs to create a full range of styles and the combs are colour coded to make it easy to remember your family’s favourite lengths
  • These clippers have precision-ground high carbon steel blades
  • The blades can be rinsed


  • 67% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers really liked the cordless aspect of these
  • Some buyers also liked to use these for beard trimming
  • Buyers said that these were very quiet


  • 9% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers say that the battery life is rubbish
  • Some buyers said these went faulty

This has been the best selling beard trimmer for a very long time and there are thousands of buyer reviews on line for this model. It shows just how well it sells, and it continues to do just that.


12. Philips Series 9000 Hair Clipper Review

82%Buyer Satisfaction

  • This uses a precision wheel interface,that has motorised combs,a memory function and a high performance cutting element
  • It also has self- sharpening titanium blades for ultimate durability and long-lasting performance
  • The motor is designed to give more power and boost the cutting speed
  • 400 length settings from 0.5 mm to 42 mm with 0.1 mm precision
  • 120 minutes run time of cordless use after a 1 hour charge or use plugged in


  • 56% of all online buyers gave this hair clipper set a full 5 star or 100% satisfaction review
  • Buyers liked the fact that these could leave longer length hair
  • Buyers said the charge lasted a very long time
  • Buyers liked the fact that there was such a wide choice of length settings


  • 11% of all buyers gave these clippers a bad review
  • Some buyers stated that the he long base of the guard prevents the blades from being able to cut the hair evenly
  • A few buyers said these do not cut evenly

Best Hair Clippers for Long Hair

We get asked quite a lot which are the best hair clippers for longer hair. We clarified this question as we found that readers meant two slightly different things when they asked that question. Those were:

  1. What hair clippers would leave the longest hair?
  2. Which hair clippers worked the best on longer hair?

As you can see, those two interpretations of the same question are quite different.

Most readers meant which clippers would get through long hair the easiest, so we will answer that one first. The Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers (no 1 our our list) are cordless, and they can easily deal with long hair. Ideally really long hair should be cut with scissors, mainly so as the hair is a great deal easier to see.

When cutting from longer hair down to a shorter style, especially for the first time, it is really important to be able to see what you are doing. That is why we recommend doing the bulk of the cutting with scissors. After that you can set the highest or biggest comb size and make your first pass.

You can then check the look of that, and bring it down in stages, if you want something shorter.

The clippers we would recommend to leave the longest hair would be the Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers (No 2 on our list), as they go up to 25 mm (about an inch), which is just about as good as you are going to get for remaining hair length.

Best Hair Clippers for Thick Hair

We also get asked quite a lot which is the best hair clippers for thicker hair. The same question would apply to men with coarser or wiry hair. For that type of hair we think you need one with a more powerful motor.

The length may not be that important. We would recommend the Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper (no 3 on our list) for thicker hair as it is a powerful clipper, and one that has a very powerful motor. This set of clippers have been built to last and the motor will be under more pressure, when it comes to dealing with thicker hair.

Full & Detailed Hair Clippers Buyer’s Guide for Men

We always like to provide a full and detailed buyer’s guide, as according to the feedback that we receive, our readers really love, this type of heavy detailed buying guide. We know that hair clippers are not crazy expensive, but at the end of the day, who wants to throw away their money by inadvertently buying crap.

Below we have pointed out all of the important features, and explained what they mean for you at home.

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers

The big first decision to make is corded, or cordless, or both. For years the only option was a corded hair clipper. That means a lead being plugged into a socket in the wall. You were then restricted by the length of the lead which was usually far too short for most people. That would typically mean using an extension lead.

In addition to that you then had to deal with the dangling lead.

Cordless Option

These days hair clippers like many other electrical appliances have moved to cordless options. That simply means using a battery instead of having to plug a lead in. There is nothing to worry about trailing leads or having to plug it in. The big disadvantage is of course making sure the battery is always charged. That can also be a pain when it runs out.

The two important things to consider with a cordless option is running time and charging time. These can vary a lot between brands and models of clippers. For example the Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and then you have 2 hours of actual run time, whereas the Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper takes 12 hours to charge and then has one hour of run time.

These do vary quite a lot so if this charging and run time feature are important to you, make sure to check on the before buying.

Cordless and Corded

Most cordless clippers can also be used when plugged in to charge. For example if you ran out of battery, then you can plug them into the charger. When in the charger the clippers will run off the main’s socket power. You could then use them as a corded product to finish a haircut, and then leave them to fully charge.

Most cordless clippers will do that, however some models will not work when charging so just be aware of that.

Hair Clippers vs Hair Clippers Kits

You can buy a simple stand alone hair clipper that is no fuss and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Most manufacturers do however bundle items like combs and guards and call those a kit. Other manufacturers will add some extra home hairdressing accessories such as hairdressing scissors, capes, neck brushes, ear tapers,  etc.

It gets difficult sometimes to understand how all these sets are packaged and offered. It is however nice to get the full kit especially if you have kids. The second one on our list, the Remington Colour Cut Hair Clippers, come nicely packaged with all the right accessories.

Which Brands Make Hair Clippers?

Most of the best known shaving and grooming brands will make a few different models of hair clipper. These include:

  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Remington
  • Wahl
  • Babyliss
  • Panasonic

There are also less known brands such as:

  • Hatteker
  • Romanda

Our advice is not to be over brand conscious when buying a hair clipper. Wahl make great hair clippers, and they have dominated this home hair dressing market for many years. They still remain very popular, but more and more UK buyers are turning to the Remington brand.

Clearly if you like a brand and trust that brand, then you may want to buy one of their products. It is just worth noting that some of the smaller brands have excellent hair clippers, and we think they are worth a bit of consideration, in a very crowded marketplace. The drawback with those brands though is that we struggled to find websites for some of them, and that can be an issue when trying to order parts, or follow up on warranties.

How Much Do Hair Clippers Cost?

At the basic entry level a set of hair clippers costs around £15-30. Wahl clippers tend to be more expensive at around £40-60.We would always recommend avoiding really cheap unknown brands, as quite frankly it is just a bad buy. We managed to find about 10 hair clippers costing under £10, but the reviews were shocking. We will never include anything like that on our lists. The complaints ranged from pulling hair, to breakdown in a few weeks and even going on fire.

It is that £15-30 price point where most sales are made. For that type of money, you are getting good quality clippers and all the right accessories. Most men report that their clippers are good for at least 4-5 years, and most of those last up to 7-8 years, before they consider replacing them. All round, that seems like a good investment.

There are some hair clippers from Wahl that sit in the £50-75 range and these are classed as also very good. To justify that price, they are made with the very best materials, and they are most certainly built to last for a very long time.

Hair Clippers Key Features

Hair Clippers Blade Options and Types

The vast majority of hair clippers will have stainless steel blades. That metal is used in most trimmers and hair clippers as it lasts a long time, and it will not rust. There are of course many different qualities of stainless steel. Some steel can be made quite cheaply, and high grade stainless steel is more expensive to make, but lasts longer.

In hair clippers, this really doesn’t matter a great deal. That is because the blades are quite small and sharp. They are not really put under any kind of stress, so the quality of the steel never gets tested.

Some manufacturers like Wahl and Remington prefer to use ceramic blades, in some of their higher end models. 

Stainless Steel vs Ceramic Blades

  • Both types of blades have a similar cut and they both cut well
  • Stainless steel blades will get hot if used for a few minutes
  • Stainless steel blades can also oxidise and if not cleaned can start to wear down
  • Ceramic blades stay cool no matter how long  they are used
  • Ceramic blades are more brittle and may get damaged if you drop the trimmer
  • Ceramic blades are slightly noisier than stainless steel blades

Self Sharpening Blades

Many manufacturers claim that their blades are self sharpening. We looked really hard for evidence that would prove if such a thing exists. The one thing we can say for certain is that there is no scientific studies that we could find that proved this one way or the other.

The principle is simple and exactly the same as knife sharpening, or any type of blade sharpening. A blade gets rubbed against another piece of metal, and creates an extremely fine edge. With hair clippers there is usually a fixed blade, and then a blade that moves against that blade to actually cut the hairs.

When that moving blade is angled properly it can also act as a sharpening blade.

Some technical buyers get into quite a lot of debate about this topic, and opinions are divided as to whether this self sharpening process works or not. We honestly don’t know as we couldn’t find anything clear online. In all honesty though, we don’t think it matters a great deal.

We do know the average pair of £30 clippers lasts around 5 years. If you need to replace a set of blades after that at around £10, it is not that big an expense.

Hair Clippers Combs Explained

Combs are simply attachments that clip on to the hair clippers, By using them you control what length of hair is left on your head. These combs come as a standard size to fit the clippers. They do however vary in thickness, and it is this thickness that determines the length of hair left.

Comb cutting lengths can be different for each model of clipper, so you have to read those descriptions very closely.

Generally speaking, these will vary from 0.5 mm to 25 mm. Always remember that is the length of the hair that will be left to make up your hair, anything from 0.5 mm is an almost bald look to the 20-25 mm end that is a long enough and thicker hair style.

Hair Clippers Length Settings Explained

Some hair clippers use grades for their combs, some use taper switches and some use a wheel. It can get confusing.

The taper switch simply moves up and down, and that creates a slightly different gap between the blades and as such a different length of hair. These are usually for very small length adjustments at the lower ends of hair length.

When the cobs are added, they then take over, and it is the comb grade that determines the length of hair left. Manufacturers make different sizes of combs so you need to look at each individual product to make sure you have the length that you want to end up with.

Some of the hand type trimmers like the Babyliss and the Remington Quick Cut fit into the palm of the hand, and they almost always use a wheel to adjust the lengths.


Some manufacturers state that their hair clippers are waterproof. This really only ever refers to cleaning the head and the combs etc. The actual trimmer can not be washed or immersed in water.

Hair Clippers Accessories – What Are They?

Our advice here is not to get too hooked up on the “extras.” Manufacturers and retailers add some accessories such as shaping combs, scissors, combs etc.

While these are nice to have, the reason they are added is to create a perception of value. “Look at all the things that you are getting for your money.” Now some of those are very good, but we would recommend that you focus on the quality of the trimmer rather than the extras.

If you have a family, then these are useful to have.

How to Use Hair Clippers?

It is hard to describe how to use a hair clipper properly. We think it is much better to see it on video..

How to Maintain Your Hair Clippers?

The best way to maintain your hair clippers is to read whatever instructions came with the package. Different brands and in fact different models will have different requirements.

Some clippers need no maintenance at all, whereas others may need some oil from time to time. Oiling the blades is an important thing to do.

Hopefully by now, you know a great deal more about hair clippers, that you did before you started reading this article. Thanks for taking your time to do that, and if you have any comments please feel free to leave those.

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