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Impact Drill and Hammer Drill

What is the difference between a hammer drill and an impact drill? Do I need an impact driver if I own a hammer drill?

Let me help you.

You would be forgiven for mistaking a hammer drill for an impact drill, just looking at their appearance alone, both kinds of drills look roughly similar (although if you really look up close, you will notice some key differences). Also, stores tend not to do a great job of explaining the exact differences between the two. Sadly, this leads to a lot of people actually purchasing the wrong kind of drill.
Looks aside, hammer drills and impact drills have a very different role to fulfill on a job site. To make sure that you have an accurate picture of what each tool does and what the main differences between hammer drill vs impact drill, What is the Best hammer drill impact driver combo, best brushless drill and impact driver combo and best cordless drill combo kit 2020 picks? I am going to give you all that information and more in this article.

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A hammer drill is a power tool that is used for drilling masonry whereas an impact drill driver is a tool used for driving screws that demand high torque.
Note: Impact drill and impact driver are the same power tool.
Here is a quick reference chart that explains the difference between the two power tools.

Hammer DrillImpact Drill/Driver
UsesDrill Masonry and hard surfacesLoosen or drive in screws that require high torque.
Working PrincipleHammering blows in the direction of hole being drilled.Hammering action in the direction of rotation.
Drive ForceElectric or Electro-pneumatic.Electric motor
DesignRegular hammer drill are similar to power drill/driver.
Rotary hammers are bulky
Stubby with short head length.
Tool Holder3-jaw chuck. SDS chuck¼ -inch Hexagonal socket.
TorqueAdjustable torque controlNo torque control

What is a Hammer drill?

Hammer drills fulfill a very specific role, which is to pulverize holes in concrete, brick, marble, granite, and other similar materials. There are mainly two types of hammer drill; the regular hammer drill and the more powerful rotary hammers. Although there is variation between different kinds of hammer drills, generally speaking, they all operate roughly the same.

Inside each hammer drill, a hammering mechanism (the exact mechanism can change depending on the type of hammer drill) essentially “pounds” the drill bit forward. It is this internal mechanism that allows a hammer drill to pulverize its way through concrete and masonry. In terms of what they are meant to do, hammer drills are mean to make holes in tough materials; they can also drive fasteners into concrete.

What is an Impact Drill/Driver?

Impact drills which are commonly known as impact drivers fulfill a completely different role when compared with hammer drills. The purpose of an impact driver is to loosen or drive fasteners, screws, and bolts into the material. They can also be used to drill holes, hence the name Impact Drill/Driver.

In terms of how they operate, impact drivers have two methods for driving screws or fasteners into the material. When they are used on smaller and lighter screws, the impact driver will use the rotary power of the motor to drive the screw forward. In this sense, they operate a lot like any other power drill or driver. However, what sets impact drill/drivers apart from regular power drills is that they can also use percussive power to drive screws or fasteners forward.

When the maximum force provided by the motor is not sufficient, the hammering mechanism actuates. The hammering action primarily takes place in the direction of rotation resulting in higher torque output.  This means that impact drivers can be used on bigger or longer screws/fasteners/bolts that would give a regular drill issues. Because it uses both rotary power and percussion power, an impact driver is sort of a mixture of both a hammer drill and a regular power drill.

best drill driver combo 2020

The hammer drill and impact driver differ in three key aspects; the purpose, design and working principle.


The main difference between a hammer drill and impact driver is what they are used for. You will go for a hammer drill when you need to drill holes into tough materials like concrete. You use an impact driver when you want to rusted or over-torqued screws and to drive screws into a tough material. Both kinds of drills can be used to drill into lighter materials like wood, but that really isn’t the main reason you buy one of these drills. If you just need to drill into wood, just go for a regular, inexpensive power drill.

Hammer Drill: For drilling concrete, brick and masonry work.

Impact driver: Loosen jammed screws, nuts, bolts. Drive-in long thick screws and bolts.


In terms of appearance, the two drills look similar, but upon closer inspection, you will notice some key differences. Hammer drills have a longer barrel and are just bigger in general. On the other hand, impact drivers tend to be stubbier, especially around the barrel.

Another key difference is that hammer drills have a 3 jaw chuck (for those who are unfamiliar with the term, a chuck is essentially the front part of the drill, where bits are held). The rotary hammer drills which are much more powerful usually come with SDS chucks. An impact driver does not have a chuck, instead has a hexagonal socket that you can place hex shaped driver bits into.

Hammer Drill: Similar to regular power drill/driver. Uses 3-jaw chucks for tool holding.

Rotary Hammer Drills: Bulkier in size and weighs more. Equipped with SDS chuck.

Impact Drill/Driver: Stubbier with a short head. Comes with ¼-inch hexagonal sockets.

How they work

In case of a hammer drill, the recurring blows happen in the direction of the hole being drilled. That means the force is transferred in the vertical axis or the axis along the length of the drill. As a result of this hammering action, the drill chuck to moves in and out from the barrel.

Whereas, in case of an impact driver, the hammering force is mainly in the direction of rotation. The spring inside the impact mechanism transfers the energy in the vertical axis as well. However, this force provided by the spring is very less when compared to the hammer drill.

Hammer Drill: Hammer blows in the drilling hole direction.

Impact Driver: Concussive blows in the direction of rotation.

best drill impact combo 2020

Each type of drill fulfills a specific niche, so everyone can benefit from having both kinds of drills in their workshop or tool shed. However, I do recognize that not everyone operates on the same budget, and thus some may have to make a decision on which kind of drill to get.

If your primary purpose is to do masonry work, then go for a hammer drill. If you are doing professional level construction, you may want to get a rotary hammer. This tool is a lot more powerful and can be used as a jackhammer for demolition work.

Best hammer drill impact driver combo

The top 10 best drills and impact driver set models are listed for your high productivity. The cordless drill impact driver combo reviews have all top class models listed below. Now your turn to adjust your task with appliances below.

1. Makita CT225R best drill driver combo

Makita CT225R best drill driver combo is an amazing comb tool with 2-piece. This tool performs well for drilling, fastening and driving tasks. The compact size of the driver-drill with 1/2″ inch is highly versatile with 2-speed. The length of drill measures 7-1/4″ inch and 3.3 lbs of weight. 

The Makita CT225R model is featured with the star protection technology. This technology enables the battery and tool to interchange data in the time required for completing tasks.  Also, tracking conditions during usage to ensure protection is contrary to overheating, over-discharge, and excess loading. Your tasks will be supported by RPM with 0-600 and 0-1900. 

 Unique Features:Impact driver: The compact design of impact driver measures 5-3/8″ inch of length.Variable speed: The variable speed offered by the impact driver includes RPM of 0-2900 & IPM of 0-3500. The Max torque offered is 1460 in.lbs.L.E.D light: Now the dark work area will be illuminated with the L.E.D light feature.Makita 18v battery: The Makita lithium-ion battery of 18v offers the fastest charging time. This feature makes your battery run for a long time and less charging needs. Driver drill: The driver-drill of 1/2″ inch compact size offers RPM of 0-600 & 0-1900. It also offers the Max torque of 480 in.lbs.
The star protection technology supports the maximum work with twofold capacity. It offers within 30 days of replacement. 3 years of assured warranty.2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery with 18v delivers 50% extra performance with every charge, takes 25 to less than minutes for complete charging, and highly compatible with LXT tools of 18v.Lightweight with 5.67 pounds.No brushless technique.

Final verdict: This is the best drill and impact set at affordable prices. Makita CT225R is offering you enhanced performance and high torque with star protection technology.


2. Bosch CLPK22 best cordless drill impact driver combo

Now you can carry your perfect tool with the convenience in the carry case provided. Bosch CLPK22 best cordless drill impact driver combo operates with a voltage of 12 volts. You can easily carry and handle this appliance even in narrow or tight space. 

The speed flexibility comes with 1st gear designed with RPM of 0-350 and 2nd gear is designed with the RPM of 0-1300. The model PS41 is highly compact in design and holds the head length of 5.4 inches.

The appliance is commendable with power fastening and drilling tasks. Complete professional tool for plumbers, electricians, technicians and also supports DIY projects.

 Unique Features:L.E.D light: The 3 L.E.D light is built-in for a better view and accurate work.Drill driver of 3/8″ inch: The drill driver of 12-volt fits the tight spaces easily. It includes a head length of 7.0 inches.Lightweight appliance: The lightweight appliance of 2.99 pounds is comfortable to carry.Impact driver: The PS41 impact driver delivers the max torque 930 In.lbs and RPM of 2600.20+1 clutch settings: The feature of the 20+1 clutch position offers better adjustment for torque.Head length of 7″ inch: 7″ inch head length supports maneuverability.
It offers 1 year of warranty.The kit includes PS31 drill driver, PS41 model impact driver, and 2 lithium-ion battery with 12 volts, charger, and carry case.Compact but a high-performance best drill and impact driver combo.Adjustable torque with 20+1 clutch position settings.The quick-release of the bit is possible with 1/4″ inch hex drive.No star protection technology.

Final verdict:  You can easily afford this appliance with less amount. Quality applications of drilling, screw driving will offer great relief to professionals. Tight space comfort with drill driver and variable speed comfort with impact driver is assured.


3. BLACK+DECKER BD2KITCDDI drill impact driver combo

BLACK+DECKER BD2KITCDDI best drill impact driver combo is an appliance with a combination of lightweight and compact design. The compact design supports the tool in reaching the tight space easily. 

The performance is extremely high with 1375 in.lbs. of Max Torque. A clutch with 11 positions assists in preventing the stripping and extra control for screw over driving. During the usage of the impact driver, the productivity can be enhanced with fast-changing of the bit with hex chuck of 1/4″ inch. 

This appliance operates with a voltage of 20 volts. Now, do up your garden and lawns perfectly with this best drill and impact set.

 Unique Features:L.E.D light: The drilling work in the dark will be quite easy with the L.E.D light feature.Clutch with 11 positions: The clutch with 11 positions resist stripping and overdriving of screws. Lightweight and compact design: The appliance is light in weight with 5 pounds.Hex chuck of 1/4″ inch: The hex chuck of 1/4″ inch supports the quick release of bits for enhanced productivity.RPM: This appliance offers the RPM of 0-650.
Highly compatible with BLACK+DECKER tools of 20volt.Clear drilling view in dark with L.E.D light feature.High-level performance with a torque of 1375 in.lbs.Offers 0-3000 of RPM and 3900 of IPM.It offers 2 years of warranty.The kit does not include a carry case.

Final verdict: This impact drill is supportive for wood drilling, plastic and metal drilling, and also screw-driving tasks. You can get this efficiency at your doorstep in a very small amount. The best drill impact driver combo kit includes LDX120 driver, BDCI20 of the impact driver, lithium-ion battery with 20v, driver bits, and charger. 


4. CRAFTSMAN CMCK200C2 best cordless drill and impact driver combo 

CRAFTSMAN CMCK200C2 best cordless drill and impact driver combo holds the efficiency in tasks with a voltage of 20 volts and wattage of 20 watts for quality fastening and drilling. The drill driver designed with 2 speed consists of the chuck with 1/2 inch for adjusting with a variety of tasks with various drill bits.

The powerful motor with 280 UWO for tough fastening and drilling tasks. Next comes the gearbox with 2-speed with a range of 0350 and 01,500 RPM for enhanced speed. The impact driver designed with 1/4″ inch of 20v Max with a torque of 1450 in.lbs. RPM of 800 and BPM of 3100 supports tough tasks.

 Unique Features:Impact driver: The impact driver of 1/4″ inch offers the maximum torque of 1450 lbs for supporting fastening applications.Easy bits changing: The changing of bits is quick and easy with bit insert of one-hand operation.User-friendly: The best drill and impact set is compact and light in weight, and user-friendly with grip design with reduced fatigue.L.E.D light feature: The view will be better in dark with L.E.D light installed.Smooth shaped handle: The over-molded handle with smooth shape and design makes easy access for tight space.Lithium-ion battery: The lithium-ion battery of 20v assures long term performance and long runtime.
Enhanced performance with a torque of 1450 in.lbs.LE.D light installation for a clear view.Kit includes battery, charger, and carry bag.Hammer drill is not included.

Final verdict: The lithium-ion technique supports long runtime with improved performance and less time investment in charging. The appliance reduces fatigue and enhances productivity at amazing prices. 


5. Milwaukee 2997 best combo drill and impact driver set

Milwaukee 2997 best combo drill and impact driver set with the power of the brushless motor offers enhanced power by 60%. Highly compact design with 6.9 of length. This appliance offers improved performance twofold. 

The driving speed is quite faster with a brushless motor with a 30% speed enhancement. The high torque of 2000 in.lbs assure enhanced performance. This impact drill holds the weight of 14.9 pounds. This cordless appliance is designed with quality plastic material. 

This best hammer drill and impact driver combo with redlink plus technology adjusts performance to the optimum level and supports protection against overloading effectively.

 Unique Features:L.E.D light feature: The L.E.D light featured installed works 4 times longer.Brushless motor: The brushless motor delivers faster speed with 30% extra enhanced performance.Redlink plus technology: The redlink plus technology provides protection against overloading and manages compatibility of the tool and battery.Red lithium battery: The red lithium XC5.0 battery needs less charging and delivers more work.
Long-running capacity holder red lithium battery.Carriage case for appliance carriage. Clear dark area view with L.E.D light feature. Enhanced performance and power with a brushless motor.Redlink plus technology is designed for overload protection.Expensive appliance.

Final verdict: Enhanced performance with brushless motor and less time investment in charging with red lithium batteries is promised by Milwaukee.


6. WORKPRO best combo drill and impact driver set

WORKPRO is promising you quality and dependable tools with enhanced performance. WORKPRO best combo drill and impact driver set task effectiveness with 20 voltage of power. The lithium-ion battery of 1.5Ah is highly strong and performing. 

This appliance can be controlled easily and quickly with the control button for rotating forward and in reverse direction. Also, the speed can be adjusted with gear control with a 2-speed design. The belt clip is designed to assist you in carrying the tool at a high-level place.

The lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery and a combination of 20to  strengtheneth and power with long-running capacity.

 Unique Features:Drill driver: The drill driver is cordless and designed with lithium-ion technique. Supports quality driving, screw loosening, and metal, plastic or wood drilling. Impact driver: The cordless impact driver with lithium-ion technology promises quick loosening and fastening of bolts and nuts.Mechanism of quick-change: The bits can be changed quickly. Once the bit is inserted in the chuck the collet locking sleeve will be released for a quick change.User-friendly handle: Working for long hours will be comfortable with user-friendly handle design.Lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery: The appliance will hold amazing power and speed with lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery. The batteries can be charged and changed quickly and easily. Easy carriage: The tool bag will support the carriage of an appliance. Next, it can also be carried at a high place with a belt clip.L.E.D light: Dark area view will be clear with L.E.D light feature.Variable speed: The 2-speed settings offer speed flexibility with RPM of 0-400 and 0-1500 for various tasks.Torque adjustment with 21+1 settings: The torque of 203 in.lbs. The torque adjustment with 21+1 settings offers better and precise work. 
It offers 2 years of warranty.Retention of bits is quick with a keyless chuck of 3/8″ inch.The carriage bag will support appliance carriage wherever you go.Speed flexibility for various applications.Ligh in weight.Not marked with cons.

Final verdict: The best drill and impact set of WORKPRO supports screw removing and screw driving without efforts. Plastic, metal, and wood drilling, threaded fasteners tasks, and nuts and bolts loosening and fastening.


7. Meterk best drill driver combo 

Meterk best drill driver combo consists of the cordless drill driver and set of the impact driver. The clutch with a 21+1 position helps in serving your various applications as per the screw size. The impact driver of 1/4″ inch offers the torque of 150nm. The RPM offered is 0-2, 200 and BPM 0-3000. 

This appliance supports tasks on glass, metal, glazed brick, wood. The motor shows improved performance with 20 volts for various applications. The lithium-ion batteries with 2 pieces are interchangeable. The batteries are very simple to charge and also the indicator is designed for displaying battery status.

 Unique Features:20V drill driver with Max chuck of 1/2″ inch: The sleeve chuck of 1/2″ inch with single design supports quick and easy lock. The drill chuck serves high performance for screw-on bits and drill bits tightening.Lithium-ion 1500mAh battery: This battery offers quick charging in 1 hour and long run work. The display is also designed to state the battery power status. Red indicates charging and green indicates charging completion. Powered motor: The powered motor offers a power of 150 nm. The RPM of 0-2200 and BPM of 0-3000.20v impact driver hex chuck of 1/4″ inch: The hex chuck of 1/4″ inch assist in quick release with a quick change of bits with one hand.L.E.D light: The dark work area will be clear with L.E.D light feature.Ergonomic design: The trip design of the handle makes usage easy and comfortable. Also, the vibration is minimized.Settings of 21 torque: The appliance is featured with an adjustable 21 torque position. 
Changing a battery is easy with a quick-release button.Trigger switch helps in starting tasks with one button push.Forward/reverse switch will help in direction adjustment.The best cordless drill driver combo kit includes 2 lithium-ion battery of 1500mAh, 1 impact driver of 20v, 1 drill driver of 20v, user manual.It offers 2 years of assured warranty.Amazing appliance with no cons.

Final verdict: The drill driver and impact driver combination in tasks of glazed brick, wood metal drilling, twisting the screws, installing furniture, disassembling of the tools. Amazing price, amazing ratings, and long-run lithium-ion technology with a quick charge have impressed numerous users.


8. TECCPO best hammer drill and impact driver combo

TECCPO’s best hammer drill and impact driver combo guarantees powered performance with 18v motor for adjusting various applications well. 180nm power with RPM of 0-2900 and BPM of 0-4000.

The lithium-ion battery of 2000mAh with 2 pcs included gives complete charge in just 30 minutes. This tool is quite accustomed to the assembling of furniture, repairing tasks, construction tasks, and also an amazing hand working tool.

The best drill impact driver combo kit includes 2pcs lithium-ion batteries of 2.0Ah, 1-hour quick charger, accessories with 32pcs and carries bag. The 4.0A charger offers quick charging with a 25% charge in 5 minutes and a 100% charge in 30 minutes.

 Unique Features:180nm torque: The torque of 180 nm(530in.lbs)  is extremely powerful for quality tasks.2-speed adjustment: The speed can be adjusted with RPM of 0-4500 and 0-1700.21+3 torque settings: The torque is adjustable with 21 position setting and includes hammer+driver+drill.Power indicator: The power indicator is designed for displaying battery power.L.E.D work light: Now have a clear dark area view with L.E.D light feature.Variable speed transmission: The speed can be adjusted and controlled with one button push.1/4″ inch hex chuck: The hex chuck with 1/4″ inch supports quick bit change with one hand.1/2″ inch keyless metal chuck: The bit hold is quite firm with 1/2″ inch keyless metal chuck.
You will experience an extremely high performance with 1600 in.lbs of torque and BPM of 4000.The appliance is highly durable with variable speed adjustment with 0-2900 of RPM which makes fastening and tightening tasks easy.Lithium-ion battery with 2.0 Ah work long and charges faster.Comfortable with L.E.D light, reduced vibration, and ergonomic handle design.The appliance comes 2 years of assured warranty.Not marked with cons.

Final verdict: The fastening, drilling, loosening, and installation tasks will be easy in affordable amounts. An amazing tool with a user manual will guide in achieving efficiency in tasks. 


9. Ridgid R9600 X4 best drill impact driver combo

Are you looking for high graded quality in drilling and driving tasks?? The Ridgid R9600 tool should be a must-have tool in your hands. Ridgid R9600 X4 best drill impact driver combo operates with a voltage of 18 volts. The tool holds a weight of 11 pounds

Hyper lithium Technology has powered the appliance to perform high-level performance. The compact drill with 18 volts and impact driver offers high torque for quality applications. 

The best cordless drill driver combo kit includes drill, impact driver, charger and 2 pcs lithium-ion battery with 1.5 Ah and carry bag. Easy reach to the appliance with belt design.

 Unique Features:L.E.D light: Grip L.E.D light illuminates dark work area for ongoing work.Hex grip: The technology of Hex GripTM with innovatory for a comfortable grip and enhanced comfort for users.Belt hook: The belt hook is removable to support users to reach the appliance easily.HyperTM Lithium technology: The technology of Hyper TM lithium is designed for enhanced battery performance. 
The L.E.D light feature with Grip light technology makes the dark view clear.Comfortable ergonomic design with Hex GripTM technology.Easy appliance reach with belt hook.Enhanced battery performance with HyperTM Lithium technology.Heavyweight appliance.

Final verdict: This appliance is a high leveled combination of advanced technology. You can carry on your tasks with high powered torque and motor power.


10. Kobalt best cordless drill and impact driver combo

The Kobalt best cordless drill and impact driver combo with impact driver of 1/4″ inch is effective with a brushless motor that offers 1800 in.lbs of high torque. The speed adjustment is quite quick and flexible with a setting of 3 speeds. Speed flexibility offered is RPM of 0-850, 0-2000, 0-2700.

The drill of 1/2″ inch performs longer with a brushless motor that offers the torque of 650 in.lbs. The gearbox with 2-speed is designed for enhanced accuracy and speed. The speed trigger with flexibility adjusts speed and a keyless chunk of metal is designed. The lightweight appliance with 6.61 pounds is light in weight.

 Unique Features:1/4″ inch collet: The collet with 1/4″ inch offers quick-release assures bit change quickly.L.E.D light feature: The L.E.D light feature illuminates the dark work area.Lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery: The lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery with 24 volt offers 50% extra power and 3.6 times extra runtime.3-speed settings: The 3-speed settings with 0-850, 0-2000 and 0-2700 of RPM offers speed flexibility for various tasks.1/4″ inch collet: The bits can be changed quickly with 1/4″ inch collet quick release
Lightweight appliance for easy carriage.Quick bit change with 1/4″ inch collect for quick release.Variable speed for various applications support.More power with lithium-ion 2.0Ah battery.Not marked with cons.

Final verdict: The kit includes drill of 1/2″ inch, impact driver of 1/4″ inch, 24-volt litigation battery and charger. Extra power and user comfort are tool specialty. Bits can be changed quickly and speed can be adjusted with ease too.



The best drill and impact driver set is a must-have tool. Nuts and bolts fastening, loosening, drilling, and installation tasks have an amazing operator in hand. Lithium-ion technology, high torque, L.E.D light feature, variable speed are remarkable features. Advanced technology is heavy on your tasks and lightweight on your hands at the best prices. 

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