Best hand blender

From making smooth soups and pasta sauces to simple smoothies and lump-free gravies, a hand blender is a must-have in the kitchen. In fact, it’s hard to know what we did without these clever hand-held tools, which save significant time and washing up compared to jug blenders and processors by allowing you to bring the blender straight to the pan. So what is the Best hand blender to buy?

And it’s not just about liquids, either. While blending is at the heart of what they do, many models have gone far beyond what it says on the tin and now come with a whole plethora of bells and whistles, from whisking and chopping to grinding, slicing, crushing and mincing. The right hand blender means you can do away with plenty of other kitchen kit.

As such, there’s a whole lot of choice out there: from the cheap and cheerful to the ergonomic and elaborate. Which one to go for will depend on your budget as well as your requirements, with each of the below tested to see how they compete at their different price points.

Best hand blender

Sage by Heston hand mixer set on white background

Sage by Heston Blumenthal Control grip all-in-one

Best multi-tasking hand blender

Top features: Works as a comprehensive food processor as well as a blender. 

This set allows you to grate, chop, whisk and mash using the attachments and most of them fit neatly on a stand, although you’ll need a reasonable amount of shelf height for this. The sheer number of pieces is a little overwhelming at first but they proved very straightforward to attach and use, and everything had a practical use. The food processor was surprisingly effective and it was great to dispense with the usual heavy motor unit base. The hand blender with basic blade attached is heavier than many, so worth noting if you’re not able to work with heavier appliances.

Kenwood hand mixer on white background

Kenwood Triblade HDP406WH hand blender

Best hand blender for accessories

Top features: Handy bowl and beaker for storage, plus plenty of attachments.

Paying slightly more proves worth it when it comes to this particular blender. The standard blade slots on easily, blends well, is smooth and fairly quiet. The soup attachment created super-smooth soup quickly, and there are also attachments for chopping, whisking and mashing. The non-slip rubber bases on the chopping bowl and blending beaker felt secure, and both have plastic lids too which is a nice touch if you want to pop whatever you’re preparing in the fridge. It’s worth noting that the speed control on the top was a little stiff but gave good speed variation when we took it for a test drive. 

Red hand blender

KitchenAid Artisan cordless hand blender

Best cordless hand blender

Top features: A multi-tasker, plus you’re free to move around the kitchen when using it. 

While this is undoubtedly an investment purchase, its cordless functionality is worth the money alone – meaning no more dangling cords near your chopping device. The visible LED display means you can clearly see which one of the five speed settings you’re on, and it tackled everything thrown at it, from thick curry pastes to iced smoothies. It comes with 20cm and 33cm stainless steel arms and has a guard to protect your pan bases while blending. With a large toolbox of attachments plus a mini chopper, jug and battery charger, its versatility does require some storage space. The design is unique and the weight of the handle is well balanced, but for some, the length may be a little unwieldy. On the plus side, it’s easy to clean with a number of dishwasher safe parts.

Buy from John Lewis (£229.95)

Dualit 700W hand blender

Best hand blender for practicality

Top features: Ergonomic hooked handle and minimal suction

This high-gloss silver blender is hooked at the top so it rests on your hand, making it feel more secure during use. At low and medium speeds there is very little suction to the saucepan base making it easy to move the blender around. It comes with a solidly-built 1-litre jug with helpful volume markings on the side. The mini chopper is efficient and has a useful feeding spout, but it does slip around a bit so needs to be held during use. The whisk attachment feels sturdy and makes gently whipped cream on the low speed. It comes with a detailed manual with helpful troubleshooting tips. The attachments are dishwasher safe too – a bonus. 

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