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Finding the best hand tool set and best mechanic tool set for the money can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top mechanic tool sets in the category.

Benefits of Hand Tools

  • Time. Using the right tools for the task is going to be much more efficient. If you’re a mechanic, that means they’ll make you more money. Even if it’s just DIY projects, saving time is always the best way to go.
  • More control. Today, we have automatic tools that can take on almost any job. The key part of that being “almost.” Hand tools give you far more control of the work you’re doing, are less likely to break or strip something, and can be easier to use, especially in tight spaces.
  • It’s an investment. Buying automotive hand tools isn’t just for getting work done, it’s a great investment. Even if you don’t use them right away, they aren’t going to go bad. There’s a lot of crossover between automotive tools and tools you need inside your home, so having the basics can be incredibly helpful.

Types of Hand Tools


These might end up being your most-used tools in an entire set. While the actual “ratchet” part of a ratchet set was originally the key feature, now they’re fairly common, and needing these tools for nuts and bolts on your vehicle is practically a guarantee for every project. A good ratchet set can include not just regular sockets, but also Philips head, hex keys, and Allen keys that will give you the ability to take apart anything you need. 


A humble yet crucial tool in your mechanic’s arsenal is the screwdriver. Not only do we need them for the plethora of screws you’ll find in a car, but screwdrivers can also be a versatile asset when you’re working on a big project. Different tool sets can come with various types of screwdrivers and features like ergonomic handles, magnetic types, universal screwdrivers, and specialty screwdrivers. 


There is an endless supply of electrical problems you can have in your car or even just extra features that need to be wired in. A good set of wire cutters can make your job much easier and shave precious time off of electrical work inside your vehicle. Pliers are not only good for wiring but can also be incredibly useful when you least expect it. 


An OBD2 sensor can make all the difference when you’re trying to diagnose your vehicle. These devices are a mechanic’s secret weapon, and it can be yours as well. An OBD2 sensor can read the check engine light in your car and tell you what is throwing the code. This saves plenty of time trying to figure out your problem. To learn more about OBD2 sensors, check them out here.


There are plenty of unusual tools that are required for automotive work. Your headlights can be adjusted with a headlight adjustment tool or a headlamp spring tool. Did you know car batteries have their own special tool? A battery carrier has large jaws that are made to slide into the tightest spaces and have a handle on top so you can easily carry out a car battery. Spark plug pliers are specialty pliers that are padded at the end so you don’t damage your spark plugs when trying to remove them. There is also a vehicle-specific fork tool that is made to slide under the clips that hold your vehicle’s interior together. 

complete mechanics tool set with box


This brand is easily one of the most recognized names in tools. For the past 90 years, Craftsman tools have delivered superior quality and technologically-advanced products. The company is possibly best known for its lifetime warranty that it has offered since its inception. They offer great hand toolsets like the 450-piece and 230-Piece mechanics toolsets. 


One of the most popular ratchet sets is the DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set. Raymond DeWalt made his first machine, an improvement on a woodworking machine, in 1922. Two years later, he formed his own company to sell the “Wonder Worker.” In its nearly 100 year-long history, the company has expanded its production line and produced wildly popular products. 


Launched in 1998 to compete with Craftsman and Husky, Kobalt is an American mechanics’ tool brand owned by Lowe’s. Within its 20 years, the company has focused on the hardware and home improvement fields. The brand’s sponsorship of a NASCAR race car has helped boost its automotive toolsales. 

Hand Tool Pricing

  • Under $25: Depending on the job, you can find good, quality hand tools for under $25. This can include singular tools for a specific task or smaller ratchet and screwdriver sets. 
  • $25 to $50: At this price point, you start to see more popular hand tool manufacturers and their smaller tool kits. There are also pneumatic and electric tools starting in this price range. 
  • $50 to 75: As the price goes up, so does the number of items included in your tool kit. Reliable and name-brand toolsets with around 100 pieces can be found in this price range, as well as high-end singular hand tools. 
  • Over $100: It’s no surprise that some of the best hand tools in the world can cost over $100. Some giant toolsets can reach over $500, and often these tools include features like lifetime warranties. 

Key Features


The best hand tool manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products. It’s a win-win; the brand gains trust from their customers, and you don’t have to worry about babying your favorite tools. Even the most well-constructed tools can break or wear out over time. So having a lifetime warranty takes out the worry.


A toolset isn’t going to do you any good if there are only one or two pieces that you use in it. Even simple measures—like finding out if your vehicle uses SAE or metrics—can save you from spending more than you need when searching for tools. Consider what types of jobs and projects you’ll be doing the most, and start getting appropriate tools from there.


Most of the time, brand names aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are. While some companies get popular with flashy marketing or one standout feature, hardware and tool companies must win over their audience with each product they put out. If they start slacking when it comes to quality, they could risk losing their entire customer base. That’s why a brand-named tool actually is an important feature when shopping.

Other Considerations

  • Pneumatic and Automic Tools: Air-powered and electric tools can make your job a lot easier. Many of the types of tools mentioned above have powered versions that might be better equipped for certain tasks. The most important part is if you’re going to use both hand tools and automatic tools, then buying sockets and other attachments that are safe for both can save you money in the long run. 
  • Variety: Working on cars requires many different types of tools. Finding a toolset that covers all your bases is going to make your life easier when working on your vehicle.
  • Case: One of the best features that a toolset can come with is a case or toolbox. A high-quality toolbox can keep your tools safe, make it easy to store them, and save you the hassle of finding a place to put them.

Best Hand Tools Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Hand Tool Set Reviews

The next thing is to buy the best hand tool sets. That is why we made this list just for you.

1. Amazon Basics 65-Piece Home Repair Kit

Walmart Hand Tool Sets
Amazon Basics 65-Piece Home Repair Kit –  Get it via Amazon

Amazon Basics 65-Piece Home Repair Kit is our top choice. It includes all the essentials with an excellent price. This small package contains 65 tools which are perfect for any typical home repairs and enhancements.

This kit consists of a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, Allen wrenches, a utility knife, and so much more. Its Allen wrenches are the best. All the tools are properly organized in a carrying case.

There are other kits out there that offer lesser tools and costs more. You may also find other kits that cost less but do not match the quality of Amazon Basics.

Pros: The Amazon Basics incorporates the basic items that are always used.

Cons: This kit may not last long on construction sites but it can last for years on simple home repairs and renovations.

2. WorkPro 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit

Sears Hand Tool Sets
WorkPro 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit –  Get it via Amazon

WorkPro 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit has the same quality with HDX, however, the selection of tools is not that good. All the tools are organized in a zippered case. It also comes with straps to further secure the tools.

Pros: It contains high-quality tools.

Cons: This kit only includes metric hex wrenches and it doesn’t have any wide jaw pliers. This means that its capability of holding a nut and a bolt at the same time is restricted.

3. WorkPro 156-piece Home Repairing Tool Set

Workpro Lowes Hand Tool Sets
WorkPro 156-piece Home Repairing Tool Set –  Get it via Amazon

If you are looking for a larger set of tools then WorkPro 156-piece Home Repairing Tool Set is the best choice. It also offers a higher level of durability. This kit includes a bigger hammer, an adjustable wrench, a hacksaw, locking pliers, and a lot more. All of these tools are very advantageous for more advanced projects.

Pros: This kit has a bigger selection of tools.

Cons: It costs thrice as much as the HDX set.

4. HDX 137-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Set

Cheap Hand Tool Sets
HDX 137-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Set – Get it via Amazon

The HDX 137-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Set contains more good selections. For instance, the tape measure reaches 25 feet long. It also has a large adjustable wrench. This is one of the most comprehensive hand tool sets.

It contains dozens of tools that can help you in finishing simple projects on your house. It consists of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, sockets hammer, level, and tape measure. If you need to make quick repairs then this is the way to go.

Pros: This tool set contains more high-quality tools.

Cons: It is a bit expensive. This kit does not include a utility knife. All the tools are stored in a plastic case which is quite bulky.

5. Apollo Tools 53-Piece Household Tool Kit

Dewalt Hand Tool Sets
Apollo Tools 53-Piece Household Tool Kit –  Get it via Amazon

One of the greatest features of Apollo Tools 53-Piece hand tool sets is that it includes a voltage tester. All the tools are made of excellent quality. This is the right toolkit for carrying out the different tasks at home.

Whether you are attempting to fix the leaky faucet, assembling a furniture, hanging pictures on the wall, this kit contains most of the hand tools that are needed in tackling these jobs.

Pros: This is much cheaper than buying each tool individually. The tool handles are very comfortable and give you a secure grip. The tool case is sturdy since it is made of heavy-duty materials.

Cons: It has a lesser selection of tools. It does not have a utility knife.

6. Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Best Hand Tool Sets
Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit –  Get it via Amazon

Stanley 65-Piece hand tool sets are a product from one of the most reputable brand names in tools. This toolkit that consists of 65 tools will surely meet the needs of your family. With 30 various types of screwdriver heads, a level, a hammer, a tape measure, needlenose and standard pliers, you can definitely complete any simple projects.

Pros: It includes a complete set of SAE and metric-sized sockets. The ratchet handles are very comfortable and easy to use.

Cons: The slip-joint pliers are not effective for the nut-and-bolt situation.

7. Stanley 210 Piece Mixed Tool Set

Garden Hand Tool Sets
Stanley 210 Piece Mixed Tool Set –  Get it via Amazon

Stanley 210 Piece Mixed Tool Set is one of the best tool sets. Every tool is strong and sturdy since its body is forged in chrome vanadium. The tools are completely polished with a chrome finish to prevent any corrosion to ensure that it can still look good for many years. Moreover, these tools meet and even exceeds ANSI standards so you can be sure that they are safe to use.

Pros: It comes with a durable carrying case that permits you to organize all the tools properly so you can easily retrieve them whenever you need them.

8. Crescent 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Mechanic Hand Tool Sets
Crescent 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Set –  Get it via Amazon

Crescent 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is one of the top hand tool sets for every mechanic. All the tools are carefully selected, making it essential for every industrial, mechanical and simple home projects. This toolkit meets the strict ANSI and ASME specifications.

Pros: It includes a full satisfaction guarantee which means that these tools are covered no matter what happens to them. All the tools are properly stored in a durable case so it won’t be lying around.

9. Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman Hand Tool Sets
Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set – Get it via Amazon

The Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is the ideal choice for every craftsman. This set contains all the tools that you’ll possibly need. All the tools are placed in a black storage case for excellent organization and portability. You can never find a toolset that is well priced and incorporates many tools such as this one.

Pros: It has all the tools that you’ll ever need for a lifetime.

10. Great Neck 205-Piece Home Tool Chest Set

Affordable Hand Tool Sets
Great Neck 205-Piece Home Tool Chest Set –  Get it via Amazon

The Great Neck 205-Piece hand tool sets are perfect for your garage. It contains a total of 205 tools which are capable of fixing just about anything. These high-quality hand tools can be used by professionals as well as for your DIY projects. All the tools are heat treated to ensure sturdiness, strength, and longevity so you won’t have to buy a new set.

Pros: This set includes a sturdy 3 drawer storage case that permits you to organize all the tools so you can easily find the one that you’re looking for.

Before You Shop

Don’t feel like you need to buy everything at once. Invest in a few essential tools or a basic set, and then purchase additional tools as you need them for projects.

Think about how often you will use your tools when deciding what quality to purchase. For example, if you only need to pound in the occasional nail, a cost-effective hammer will meet your needs while leaving room in your budget to purchase other tools. However, if you know that a big home renovation project is in your future, consider investing in something more durable.

If you’re looking for an easy and economical way to stock your tool box without the hassle of buying all the components separately, consider purchasing a tool set. These sets contain the most essential tools and often include a convenient storage case.

Essential Tools

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

A durable claw hammer is useful for a variety of different projects. The head is used to drive nails, while the claw back can be used to pull them out. These hammers are available in a variety of sizes. A 16-ounce claw hammer is the right size for many household tasks while a 7- to 8-ounce claw hammer is best for work in small, confined areas.



Your toolbox should include two different types of screwdrivers: a Philips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. A Philips-head screwdriver features two blades in the shape of a cross, while a flat-head screwdriver has one flat blade. Certain screw heads are designed to work with Philips-head screwdrivers, while others are designed for flat-head screwdrivers, so it’s good to have both options in your toolbox. You should also have them in several different sizes for different jobs.



A set of pliers is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. A standard set of adjustable pliers can be used for gripping and adjusting nuts and bolts. A set of long-nose pliers is also a useful tool to have. The long nose allows you to grip small items and reach awkward places. A standard 5-10W size set of pliers will work for most household tasks.

Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Getting accurate measurements is important for any project. A tape measure can be used to measure windows, furniture, lumber, pipe, and much more. Most tape measures are spring loaded, so the tape will retract after you release it. They are available in several different sizes, but a 3/4″ wide by 16′ long tape measure can be used for most household tasks.



A level is used to determine if a surface is straight. Torpedo levels feature a glass tube filled with liquid. A bubble is formed inside the liquid and will appear in the center of the tube if the surface is level.


Laser Level

Laser levels are also available. These levels use a laser to project a straight line, making them especially useful for hanging pictures and shelves or mounting TVs.

Sockets, Wrenches & Ratchets

SocketsWrenches & Ratchets

There are several types of wrenches that you should have in your toolbox. A socket wrench can be used to quickly tighten or loosen bolts. Most socket wrenches have a 90° handle. Another type of wrench that should be included in your tool box is an adjustable wrench. In addition to tightening or loosening bolts, an adjustable wrench can be used for a variety of plumbing tasks. This wrench features an adjustable jaw, so it can fit a variety of different fastener sizes.


Utility Knife

A utility knife allows you to cut through a variety of objects, including corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. Consider purchasing a replacement blade pack so you never have to attempt cuts with a dull knife.



Including a headlamp in your tool box can help you work in situations without a lot of light. Whether the power’s gone out or you’re working in a naturally dark space, having a headlamp allows you to keep your hands free and your workspace illuminated.

Cordless Drills and Bits

Cordless Drill and Bits

Not only do cordless drills provide you with additional strength to drive screws, but they also allow you freedom of movement without being limited by an electrical cord, allowing you to take your cordless drill virtually anywhere! Cordless drills can be used to drive screws and drill holes. They can also be used for a variety of tasks with drywall and concrete.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Having the proper personal protective equipment will help keep you safe during any task. You can protect your eyes and face from flying debris with eye and face protection like safety glasses or safety goggles. Work gloves can keep your hands safe and protected during tough jobs.

Tool Bag

Tool Bag or Tool Box

As your tool collection grows, investing in storage can help you stay organized. Having a tool bag or tool box is a great way to keep your tools readily available and easily accessible in one place. Check out our tool storage buying guide to learn more about the different options available.

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