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Here is a detailed post about the Best Heel Grips For Shoes Too Big. Suppose you are looking for heel grips for shoes that slip and heel grips for loose shoes. Then reading this article may help. It also includes shoe filler for shoes that are too big.

Simple mobility issues like moving one foot after the other become too difficult with large shoes. Traveling for long or short distances with larger shoes lands you in a hospital with blisters on your limbs (feet). Losing balance when walking and falling resulting in an injury using larger shoes is not unusual.

Once you find yourself in a position with ill-fitted sneakers or heels especially if too big, then the best option is to get proper heel inserts.When you select a heel insert, ensure it matches your select outfit, and fits your personality is stylish and fashionable. You may need to take it off. Make sure it works within a set budget without compromising on the worth.

heel grips for loose shoes

Best Heel Grips For Shoes Too Big

1. Pedag STOP – Suede Leather from Germany – Highly Versatile

Pedag STOP review

One single fitting solves your heel needs and supports your foot. Such versatility is crucial in offering customer assurances of fitting your favorite pair.

Using simple markings to indicate the size on a pair of heels, fit the Pedag Stop. Slide your feet into the pair and be on your way.

The heel insert anchors your feet firmly. An adhesive, water-based further anchors you to the ground. Also, it offers environmental preservation in adhesive production. The leather material is not only fashionable but also classy and stylish.Remarkable heel grip recommendable to all. From versatility to style to sleek material, Pedag STOP has it all.


  • Environment-friendly adhesive
  • Prevents the foot from slipping through flat shoes
  • Adjustable padding for comfort
  • Fits every shoe size
  • Durable


  • Design is unisex – one is for all (lacks in consumer choices)

2. Dr. Scholl’s Gel HEEL LINERS – Best Option

Dr. Scholl's Gel HEEL LINERS  review

What is more important than a firm grip and use in all of your footwear!  A soft cushion prevents friction between feet and the shoes. If engaging in a vigorous routine or activity, Dr. Scholl’s liners protect from possible irritation.

Heel liner comes with step by step instructions on how to place the liner in the shoe and wear it.

Also, you can only wear liners for 6 months. Replace if any tears appear


  • Sticky that stays firmly in a designated position
  • Fits different types of shoes and makes
  • Discreet in their design and style
  • Step by step advice works for many consumers
  • Pocket friendly


  • water resistance is low, thus prone to sweat, thus slipping

3. Ballotte Reusable Inserts – Most Recommended

Ballotte Reusable Inserts review

Most fashionable wrapping design and fabric. The Ballotte reusable inserts come in four different colors for four pairs. With a sleek design that not only cushions but also protects against friction, the heel liner or insert is the right choice.

Armed with an adhesive and gel base material and a sticky footing, the insert remains in place and holds tightly onto your foot. Recycling the heel makes it more practical and versatile for you.

Besides, whether you are wearing your boots for the outdoors, going to the beach in flats or office in heels, the heel fits them all.Pros

  • Comes in different colors in a single package offering variety and match style
  • Suits different makes or design including pumps or flats and boot
  • Recyclable and thus longer lasting
  • The adhesive on the underside holding inflexibly onto the shoe


  • Difficult to put in as they hold on to any surface

4. Superior Leather Pads – Best Quality Available

Superior Leather Pads review

Durable and stylish leather-based heel cushions for every creative design. The insertion has three pairs in every package delivered. The smooth texture maintains balance and absorbs any shocks while walking preventing foot injuries.

The creatively designed self-adhesive product once inserted holds on. Abrasions are minimal and silicone gel is comfy and soft protecting from further damage while relieving the pain.Reuse the inserts after a thorough wash. Otherwise enjoy the cashback assurance amounting to 100%.Pros

  • The high-quality leather material
  • Three pairs in each package save time
  • Reusable
  • Prevents harm occurring while walking


  • Same colors limiting the variety

5. Women’s Foot Health and Prevention Heel Inserts – Medically Apt for Swellings and Supplementary Foot Bumps

Women’s Foot Health review

Never had heels, or love dressing up in major events, keeping your heels on might require support. Shoe pads save you from going in your flats and make your heels a perfect fit regardless of their huge size.

The heels inserts come with medical considerations said to help relieve pain caused by foot calluses. It follows a sticky base and an adhesive backing that holds the insert in place.A remarkable feature is the many times you can use it with a simple wash afterward. Lastly, is the fact that it comes with five pairs of heel inserts useful to both men and women and fit different shoe sizes.Pros

  • Adjustable even though sticky
  • Comes with a plastic backing to keep the insert stickiness at par
  • Suitable for use by people with foot blisters
  • Keeps foot in place absorbing shocks


  • If shoes are not half big, then the insert is inadvisable for you

6. 7 Élite Pairs by EAONE Cushion and Heel Inserts – Best exclusive Design

7 Élite Pairs by EAONE review

The heel grip is one that every woman should get. Not only does it offer comfort and elasticity in insert design, but it also comes with different makes to suit personal preferences. Different colors indicate different designs.

The nude color indicates the material is soft or fluffy for comfort and shock absorption. Transparent inserts have no fluff and are a bit slippery and cool to the touch. Besides, they are all recyclable.A single purchase earns you 7 different insert pairs. Each color has a pair or two or three depending on personal preference.Pros

  • Recycle the inserts without having to replace them for a long period
  • Flexible material that is also soft to the touch
  • Different designs and makes offering exclusive comforts


  • Longevity is debatable

7. Silicone flexible Heel Pads – highly flexible for individuals who love small movement in their shoes

Silicone flexible Heel Pads review

Discomforts especially with blisters can be damning especially if you are to wear the same shoes. Some inserts limit movement completely keeping your tightly confined. These silicone shoe pads are elastic. You can stretch them to make room for movement.

Impact reduction through a soft cushion with thick gel pads saves you from shock after hitting the ground.

The feature is what saves from pain in case you have blisters. Adhesive base material prevents further movement and provides further protection.The insert design and creation mimics a cylinder offering space to move while remaining firmly in your shoe. They also adjust to fit your movement.Pros

  • quality brand of shoe inserts (Armova)
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Adhesive form-fitting for different shoe sizes
  • Comfortably elastic
  • Reusable thus long-lasting


  • Level of insert adhesion is debatable

8. Multiple Pads, and Inserts for High Heels – best for multiple uses both as an insert and a heel pad

Multiple Pads review

The heels pad comes with 16 pieces of heel pads upon delivery. Heel material is self-adhesive with a stickiness allowing it to hold onto the surface.  Whether inside the shoe, you do not slide or outside on the heel pad, the shoes gain traction and do not slip on the floor.

The unisex overall design increases the practical use of this. Also, you can reuse making them last longer. The pad is adhesive made, with extra holds, preventing slips of any kind.Removing it is easy and does not leave marks or stains behind. Also, clip and adjust the size to fit your size and increase traction while on the move.Pros

  • Useful both inside the shoe and outside for better hold to the surface
  • Sticky for firm grip but leaves no marks upon removal
  • Comfortable when in use with a fitting hold
  • Adjustable by making essential cuts to fit the space you need


  • Requires time to dry after placing the inserts and before using the shoe

9. Suede Cushion Inserts by Chiroplax for High Heels – best practical shoe insert

Suede Cushion Inserts review

The variety in different insert designs makes this package very unique and desirable. The twelve different pieces range in form and shape. You can make different uses of each improving the fit of your shoes in different forms.

The leather material with a strong suede surface is firm on the ground. An easy process to fit the inserts following the available instruction parchment accompanying the product.Reuse the inserts by removing and washing them to remove any stains on the sticky padding. Reuse or replace once worn out.


  • Reusable through washing as it retains its sticky capability
  • Several practical shapes in insert designs for your personal use
  • Choose your preferable color between black and the esteemed beige
  • Adjust the insert to your size space in the shoe


  • Fairly new product on amazon with no reviews thus no complaints from customers

10. Form Fitting High Absorption Heel Inserts – best dry insert for sweaty feet

Form Fitting High Absorption review

Having an insert in the shoe is a cozy affair. However, people with sweaty fit tend to experience slips even with the best brands of heel inserts or shoe pads. This specific brand keeps feet dry by absorbing any moisture in the shoe.

Versatile as it fits every shoe design, from pumps to flats and high heels. The heel inserts are also sticky and firmly fit the surface holding it in a grip.However, if dirty, you can always wash, let it dry and stick it once more in your favorite big shoes.Pros

  • Suitable for individuals suffering from sore feet and other foot injuries
  • Reuse the insert or replaceable once it wears off
  • Keeps feet dry by absorbing moisture
  • Gel cups that


  • The price is a bit high in comparison to the other heel inserts or inserts

Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too Big – Buyer’s Guide

Inserts pose a challenging choice with the right one rendering benefits while the wrong one delivers more discomfort than before. The variety at one’s disposal makes the choice even more difficult.

Here is how you should endeavor to select an insert.

Brand and reputation

These are hard to build and good ones indicate quality products with deliverables based upon consumer expectations. Go for prominent titles and brands in the market before selecting or making any purchase decisions.

Review of product

Fellow consumers going through the same experience offer advice and tips on arriving at the best insert. Limit your search to other users and not manufacturers whose interests are in making sales.


The budget you set aside for the purchase matters. Keeping quality and great features in mind, it is crucial to keep your purchase within the confines of your price range.


Every type of insert has a specific functionality. Some designs are to offer support to areas that are in contact with the shoe surface ranging from the heel to the front pads or shoe pads. Any friction prone areas have a specific insert to alleviate the pain or prevent it. Get insert packages offering different designs to match your needs!

Insert Features

Can you adjust the insert to fit your shoe, foot, or fit the insert itself? Some inserts come with clipping capability to match your shoe. Others are invisible, have fluff, a specific drying capability such as fabric that absorbs water, and many more.


Fabric type in use dictates class, and style, comfort and suitability, and free airflow. Whether the material is flexible for use in other shoe types, elastic for small movements, or breathable to relieve stiffness. Each material has a specific characteristic that makes it attractive ranging from leather, suede to polyurethane.


  1. What is a heel grip or an insert?
  2. Every product you place inside your shoes as a way to improve comfort when wearing them is an insert. Heel inserts are products that keep your heel in the shoe without the shoe slipping off.
  3. how do I know that the insert fits?
  4. Many inserts come with a size indicator. Brands design one insert that fits all shoe sizes and you can clip to adjust the size.
  5. Is every insert reusable?
  6. No, not every insert can is useful to you more than once.
  7. Do I need different heel inserts for every shoe pair I have?
  8. No, regardless of your shoe design, a single heel grip can work for either saving you on costs.
  9. Who can wear heel inserts or inserts?
  10. Anyone who owns a pair of big shoes and would like them to fit.

heel grips for shoes that slip

Do your research on the different brands and available heel grip products on the market. Assess your needs in a shoe insert and use identified elements to make up your mind. Remember to check the material, know the brand, price, and understand the features at your disposal. Keep checking the reviews for any updates on heel inserts and the most recent developments.

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