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Getting the best robot vacuum and mop, and other robotic vacuum cleaners, can save you a lot of time, allowing you to perform other tasks while it cleans your floors. Both the software and hardware continue to improve with time. For instance, you can find robotic vacuums with self-emptying dust bins and smart maps. This detailed review will help you find the best Irobot Roomba and other robotic vacuums in the market.

Keeping your house clean and vacuumed without lifting a finger sounds like a fantasy. However, with today’s inventions, you can get the best Roomba or robotic vacuum that will clean better and faster, transforming your imagination into a reality. A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically moves around your home without requiring your effort.

iRobot Corporation invented Roomba, and the company has sold over 30 million robots globally. The device features a removable filter, onboard NiMH rechargeable battery, and a navigation system. The Roomba can maneuver spaces such as under the beds because of its disk-shaped design.

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best irobot roomba

#1: iRobot Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum (best overall)

iRobot Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum

If you have a budget built for cleaning your home, or you just want to splurge on a the best robot vacuum on the market today, the Roomba s9+ is going to be your choice. It doesn’t come cheap; the average retail price is about $1,400! However, if you can afford it, you’re in for a treat.

Here are some of it’s features:

It’s Self-Cleaning

With most Roomba models, you have to clean it out yourself. Emptying the dust, dirt, hair, and other pollutants can be a hassle. You have to snap off its waste disposal, empty it out, and sometimes, it spills! Then you have to clean it up all over again.

The s9+ has its own disposal in the charging station, which the Roomba empties into. The dirt goes into bags that trap everything, keeping your home clean.

It’s a Deep Clean

Do you have some deep carpets? Many Roombas aren’t meant for deep carpets, and you’ll have to have a regular vacuum. However, the s9+ has some amazing suction. It cleans over 40 times deeper than the 600 models, which is quite amazing.

Also, they don’t clean corners well. This Roomba? It doesn’t cut corners… literally! It has some powerful side brushes to make sure your corners are nice and clean.

It Adapts

Cheaper Roombas go in random directions, and while that does work, they don’t learn your house. This Roomba does. Not only can it see obstacles far ahead, but it will map out your house. In addition, you can control which rooms it goes into, and which obstacles to stay away from.

Good Battery

The battery lasts about 2 hours, which should cover most homes quite well. It takes about four hours to charge, which is a tad long, but a small price to pay.


The Deepest Clean

Some people write off Roombas as a novelty item that cleans up your floor a bit, but it isn’t a replacement for an actual vacuum. The S9+ offers an amazing clean that competes with the top vacuum cleaners. It’s actually quite impressive.


No more having to empty out your Roomba. It does all the cleaning for you, and you just have to take the bag out of its charging station and empty it. No having to worry about the Roomba stopping because it’s full of debris. The s9+ does all the work for you.

Smart Mapping

The s9+ can map out your house to give you the best clean and make sure it avoids obstacles, or rooms it shouldn’t enter. Few Roombas have this technology yet. Since the software is always updating, you’ll be able to have even smarter capabilities in the future.


It’s Pricey

Perhaps the biggest con of the s9+ is the price tag. Few people, unless they’re rich, can justify over a grand for a vacuum cleaner. If you want the best the Roomba world has to offer, it should be worth it, but those on a budget should be satisfied with the more affordable models out there.

With that said, you can always look for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, or see if you can find a good refurbished model for cheaper. Just make sure you have protection.

Also, remember that with time, this will go down. Soon, a Roomba that has all of these features may be on the budget side.

Long Charge Time

Four hours to charge can turn some users off. Cheaper Roombas tend to have less of a charging time, but because the s9+ is so powerful, you’ll have to expect longer charge times. Luckily, the battery life is long. As long as you keep it charged, and don’t leave it off its deck overnight, you should be good.

There have been some complaints

Most people love their s9+, but on Amazon, it has a bit more of a mixed reception. Some users have complained about the unit not mapping out their house, getting stuck, and being too noisy. Of course, this may just be a vocal minority. It would be wise to make sure you can return the Roomba if you’re not satisfied, because it’s a huge investment.

Standout Feature

For the S9+, the standout feature is that it’s self-cleaning. Roombas do not have the biggest dust storage bins, so always having to empty it out can be a hassle. The S9+’s ability to dump its waste into a bigger storage bin will save you some trips in regards to emptying the bin.

In addition, it has deep cleaning that tops the other models. Robot vacuums are known for not cleaning deep enough, but the S9 and S9+’s cleaning manages to go deeper, almost making it the perfect substitution for  a vacuum.

#2. iRobot Roomba 675 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot (best for budget)

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

If you can’t afford the S9+, I recommend you check out the Roomba 675.

Robot vacuums used to be a luxury item, particularly the Roomba line. However, there’s a Roomba for every budget, and the 675 is no different. It’s cheaper, but it does get the job done. Depending on where you look, it can go for about $219-$199, making it a good entry for those who are entering the world of vacuums. Here are some of its features.

Dirt Detection

One neat little trick that Roombas have is that they know if an area has more dirt than usual. When the Roomba spots a location in your home that has a high concentration of dirt, it goes into overdrive and works harder than usual. This helps to clean up the higher traffic areas of your home much better. For example, your Roomba will work harder in your living room than it would in a guest room.

App Usage

When smartphones were newer, a robot vacuum that had app compatibility was found in the higher budgeted units. Nowadays, any Roomba has connectivity to an app, even the cheapies. While not as advanced as the more expensive units, this Roomba allows you to schedule cleanings from anywhere, and you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to voice command it. In addition, you can monitor the cleanings while they’re going on.

Decent Battery Life

With some budget robot vacuums, you are lucky to get an hour. However, this one goes up to 90 minutes. When it’s low on power, it will automatically return to its dock, a feature that’s important for any Roomba. Who wants to find a dead Roomba and bring it back to its cradle? No one.

3 Stage Cleaning

This is your typical Roomba cleaning cycle, and it works well enough. It loosens the dirt from the ground, lifts it, and sucks it up. It cleans both hardwood and carpeted surfaces using its dual multi surface brushes. These brushes grab the debris with ease, and its cleaning head will adjust in height to clean surfaces better. We recognize not all surfaces are entirely flat.


These sensors help clean underneath couches, tables, and other areas that may be a bit problematic for some robot vacuums.

Optional Virtual Barriers

You do have to pay extra, but you can buy this Roomba with virtual barriers. If there’s a part of the house that you don’t want your Roomba entering, simply use these virtual barriers and they will prevent the robot from going in. No having to close any doors or move around chairs to block the Roomba. You can pick between one and two barriers. You can also buy the 675 with other accessories too, such as more brushes.


Intuitive Smart Features

Downloading the app, connecting the Roomba through Wifi, and using the app are all quite easy. Few people should have any problems with scheduling the Roomba and using voice control. As we said, some of the more expensive Roombas have more advanced smartphone features, such as floor mapping, but the 675 is useful too.

Great for General Use

If your house doesn’t have a special need, this Roomba is for you. Great for houses with small pets, somewhat messy kids, or for general maintenance of your floor. If your house is dirtier than most, or you have a specific need, then you may need to purchase a more expensive unit. However, we do think this one does suffice.


As we said, this Roomba is cheap. It only goes for a couple hundred bucks. Even if you buy the extra features, such as the barriers, it’s still relatively inexpensive. This is before any sales, such as Black Friday, too. You don’t need to wait until the holidays to get a cheap Roomba.


The Direction It Moves in Isn’t Intelligent

With robot vacuums, you have two options in regards to how it cleans. More expensive units use room mapping. The vacuum learns the layout of your house and moves around using its knowledge.

However, older and more budget Roombas use random directions. It moves in a straight direction until it collides with an object, then it changes directions. While it can prioritize dirtier spots, the Roomba still has problems with missing some areas. This can especially happen if you have a wider room.

You Have to Do Some Prep Work

One disadvantage of a cheaper Roomba is the fact that they can get stuck or suck up cords. You may have to move around furniture, clean some cords, and prepare the house in order for the Roomba to have its best session possible.

For some, this kills the convenience aspect. The goal of a Roomba is to automate the vacuuming process, but if you have to do so much preparation, is it really that automated? Now, depending on your house, you may need little preparation, but if you have a lot of stuff in your house, it may be confused. Sometimes, that prep work can involve putting the Roomba back in its dock because it forgot where it is.

Also, because it can get stuck, this also defeats the purpose of an app that lets you schedule cleanings when you’re not home. Someone has to get that Roomba unstuck!

Maybe Not the Best for Super Dirty Homes

If your house is prone to messes (especially if you have toddlers or super hairy dogs,) the 675 may not be the best one for the job. You may need something a little more powerful.

The 675 is a little lacking, but it’s great for those on a budget. For those new to the Roomba world, it may be a good first unit to try. If you’re satisfied with it, then great. If you wish it could be a little smarter with how it maps the house, you may want to upgrade.

Standout Feature

So, what does this product have that the others don’t? Since it’s a cheaper model, nothing really. Its most standout feature is the price. It goes for much less than other Roomba models. If you want a Roomba but you don’t have much money to burn, you should try this one out.

#3. iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum (best for pet hair)

iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum

We all love our loyal dogs and our cuddly kitties, but unless you have a hairless pet, those animals shed. Hair, pet dander, litter tracking, the list goes on. You have to clean up daily to keep up, and you need to have a Roomba that can handle pet hair and play nice with your pets.

Every Roomba is decent at cleaning pet hair, but some models work better for others. The 675, for example, is good for short-haired animals, but shaggy dogs and long-haired cats need not apply. Also, every Roomba may freak out your pet at first, but they’ll get used to it.

Any of the expensive Roomba models will work for pets, but if you want a good model that’s well-priced, we think the E5 will work for you. This model goes for around $350, and it’s great for pets. Let’s look at some of the features.

Good Suction

While not the deepest clean around, the E5 has some powerful suction with a 3-stage Cleaning System attached to it. Pet hair and dander is no match for this Roomba’s cleaning. It’s great for pet hair and pollutants on both hardwood and carpets, making it great for a wandering pet.

A Filter Meant for Pets

It has a nice filter, which eliminates 99 percent of allergens from pets. If you have someone in your home who is allergic, that person and your pets may be able to exist in perfect harmony. Or at least, somewhat harmonious.

Good for Under Furniture

This Roomba also uses some sensors to move underneath furniture, allowing for an even deeper clean. If you have cats or small dogs who love to get under your couch, this Roomba has you covered.

Decent Battery Life

This Roomba can last for up to 90 minutes. Once again, this is perfect for most households.


It’s Great for Pets

As mentioned before, its powerful brushes, access to the tight spots in your home, and its ability to suck up pet hair from both hardwood and carpets make this Roomba awesome for pet hair and dander.


This isn’t the best value around, but the e5 is still quite affordable. It goes for around $300, making it quite cheap.


It Does Lack Some Features

Being a cheaper Roomba, it has some nice features, such as smartphone connectivity, but it doesn’t map out your room like the more expensive models do, and it can’t resume cleaning when it has to charge.

Standout Feature

The standout feature of the E5 is that is has all the cleaning features needed for a home with a pet. These features are typically found by default in more expensive models, but the budget-friendly E5 manages to have them all. These include power lifting suction, which can clean messes much better than the 600 lineup, as well as a high-efficiency filter.

The high-efficiency filter traps even the smallest allergens. If you have someone in your house whose eyes water when exposed to pet hair and dander, the E5 works hard to clean it up.

#4. iRobot Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Connected (best for hardwood floors)

iRobot Roomba 890

Many people are switching to hardwood floors. While a shaggy carpet is nice to sit on, the dirt and pet hair that gets stuck in it has made some people switch over. A hardwood floor can be much easier to maintain, but it still requires a special vacuum. Dirt and debris can slide around on a hardwood floor, making it much more annoying to clean.

One Roomba that works well for hardwood floors is the 890 model. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Picks Up Well

If you’re the owner of a hardwood floor, you want something that picks up the debris with ease. The 890 may be your ticket to success, as it picks up incredibly well. The 890 uses Power-Lifting Suction, a feature that cleans hardwood floors even better. It can take dirt on the ground, loosen it up, and then pick it up with ease. In addition, it has a cleaning head designed to work with hardwood as well as carpets.

It’s Smart Compatible

Just like all the Roombas on this list, this model is compatible with your smart devices. Being able to control your Roomba through your smart device is so convenient, we’re going to mention it quite a few times.

Average Battery Life

Just like most Roombas on this list, it has a battery life of about 90 minutes. Again, that does work for most homes, and if you have a bigger home, you can probably afford a higher end model.


It’s Good With Objects

Many Roombas have a hard time with objects on the ground. When a lower-end Roomba detects an object, for example, it ends up bumping into it and possibly causing a spill. The 890 isn’t like that. While it doesn’t have the smart mapping system other Roombas have, it does have some object detection so that if you’re moving some furniture, it will notice.

Decent Price

The price of this Roomba can vary depending on where you get it from, but we’ve seen models floating for around $300-$400, depending on where you look. It’s overall a mid-range Roomba. It isn’t extremely expensive, but it’s not the most budget-friendly model, either.

It’s Just Decent at Cleaning

While the 890 works best for hardwood floors, if you have some carpet, it cleans that well enough as well. It’s best for a hardwood-dominant floor, however. Floors that have more carpet may need another Roomba.


Dustbin Could Use Some Work

With that said, its dustbin isn’t the best one out there. If you try to remove it, it may spill. It’s a little bit annoying trying to remove the dustbin. Plus, said dustbin is a bit small. You may need to empty it out at least once if your house is particularly dirty, or if you have a bigger house.

It Could Transition from Hardwood to Carpet a Little Better

As we said, this Roomba is primarily meant for hardwood floors. However, if you have a bit of carpet, this Roomba cleans decently, but it doesn’t detect any carpet. That means you won’t get as much suction as you would with some better models.

Standout Feature

The standout feature of this model is its dirt detection. Certain models, especially more expensive Roombas, have it. If you have hardwood floors, you know not all messes are created equal. A few crumbs on the ground is a little different from a dirty shoe print, for example. That’s why the 890 puts more effort in one and not the other, saving you battery life and helping you to clean your hardwood floors.Click here to see today’s price for the Roomba 890 on Amazon

#5: iRobot Roomba 960 (best for carpets)

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum: Best for Carpets

Vacuuming carpets with a robot vacuum can be a little tricky. While the cheaper models can clean the carpets a little bit, they only go surface deep and are best for low pile carpets. If you want a deep cleaning, which you should expect from a vacuum, you usually need something more powerful. Most people will suck it up and go with a traditional vacuum, but there are some robot vacuums that clean the carpet.

Meet the 960. Here are the features.

Power Lifting Suction

This is perhaps the most standout feature of the 960. It’s about five times as powerful as the 600 lineup.  This means that it’s more efficient with cleaning dirty spots, or deeper carpets.

Mapping and Smartphone Features

This Roomba has intelligent mapping. While some models go in a random direction, this one maps out a floor of your home and cleans it according to how your house is laid out. This means fewer chances of a spot missed.

High-Efficiency Filter

When you’re purchasing Roombas, you need to pay attention to the filters. Some are more efficient than others. A high-efficiency filter can catch pollutants in the air as tiny as 10 microns. A micron is one-millionth of a meter. That’s pretty tiny. If someone in your home has allergies, this filter can help out a lot.

Adjustable Brushes

Not all brushes are created equal, either. Some of them can adjust according to the shape of the floor. The 960’s rubber brushes are easily adjustable in that regard. Not much to say besides that.

Continues the Job if It Needs Charging

All Roomba models have the ability to return to its charging station when they’re low on battery. However, the cheaper models will not continue to the job, and instead start from square one. You will probably have to move the Roomba to an uncleaned area. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that the Roomba is fully charged before a job, but sometimes you have a big space, or the Roomba has to put more energy in to clean the mess.

Units like the 960 will continue from where they left off, automating the cleaning process even more.


A Much Deeper Clean

While it’s not going to be as powerful as a vacuum of that price, this Roomba is still quite a good clean, putting in equal effort between carpets and hardwood floors.

Mapping Can Save You Plenty of Grief

A Roomba that moves around in random directions is frustrating. While there is a little method to the madness of random directions, it can still miss a few spots. Having a device that can map out your home is always convenient.

Great for Shaggy Pets

Most Roomba models are good if you have a couple short-haired cats or dogs of small to medium build, but if you have a bigger, shaggier pet, then this Roomba can clean up its messes much better than your average unit.

Decent Price

Currently, this model is going for about $399. It used to be that if you wanted a Roomba that had mapping and all of the other advanced features, you’d usually have to pay double that price.


Battery Could Be Better

With Roombas, you usually expect up to 90 or 120 minutes on them. This one is a little less, going for up to 75 minutes. For some, those 15 minutes won’t matter, but there you may have a household where 15 minutes is the difference between fully clean and the Roomba having to take a break.

It Could Be More Powerful

While it’s a stronger model, it’s not going to be a full replacement for a regular carpet vacuum. Robot vacuums have gone along way in the past couple decades, but they’re not quite there yet in regards to replacing traditional vacuums. These work great for general maintenance of your carpets, but you will still need more vacuums ready for deeper cleanings.

Standout Feature

This Roomba stands out because it has some more advanced features for a mid-ranged price. A couple years ago, there was no way you’d find a Roomba under $400 that mapped out your home, resumed the job after recharge, and offered deeper carpet clean. Now, it’s a lot easier to find one, and the 960 offers that in spades.

#6: iRobot Braava M6 Advanced Robot Mop (best for mopping)

iRobot Braava M6 Robot Mop
iRobot Braava M6 Robot Mop: Best for Mopping

For hardwood floor owners, you also have to mop them in addition to vacuuming. No matter how good your mop is, it can be a hassle to clean it yourself. Don’t you wish you had something like a Roomba, but for mops?

Well, iRobot’s Braava lineup does just that. Some robot vacuums can mop, which we’ll talk about later, but for iRobot, you need to purchase the Braava. There are a few models available, but we believe that the M6 is the best choice for your mopping needs. Let’s explain.


Precise With Cleaning

If you’ve mopped the house, you know there are a few problem spots that can take a little more work. Every time your child throws some food on the ground, that food doesn’t want to leave its new home. The Braava has Pecision Jet Spray, which can clean off most stubborn messes caused by grease, grime, or sticky foods.

Also, the Braava dry sweeps as well, cleaning up any messes that your Roomba may have missed. This is a convenient little feature that most people will love.

Smart Features

With messes, the more immediately you clean them, the easier they are to remove. The Braava will listen to your voice, using Alexa or Google Assistant, to clean up a mess should you need it.

Also, it can map out your home. Cheaper robo-mops will clean in a random direction, which can have its share of problems. You don’t want the robo-mop to avoid certain stains while putting others in a higher priority. That’s why the Braava is so useful in that regard.

Edged Out to Clean

One feature of the Braava is the Maximized Edge Design, which can clean up corners and edges better. Some models have a harder time cleaning up edges, so you may see a spotless floor until you look at the corners! Also, it goes under furniture as well.

It Can Work in Harmony With Your Roomba

One feature this Braava has is Imprint Link Technology. This is when you can sync it up to a Roomba that has it, and both machines can work together. The Roomba will vacuum first, then the Braava will do some floor mopping. We can’t stress how useful this feature can be!


You Don’t Have to Use Their Floor Cleaner

While the Braava comes with its own unique floor cleaner, you can use other cleaners as well. With that said, you can’t use every floor cleaner. Visit iRobot’s website to see which cleaners are approved for use on the Braava.

Great for Various Surfaces

The Braava works well for stone, tile, and of course, hardwood. Obviously, it’s not meant for carpets, so if you have a home that’s all or mostly carpets, avoid buying this.

Strong Battery Life

The Braava goes up to 160 minutes, which is quite impressive. With almost three hours to play with, the M6 should satisfy most households.

Smart Features Are Convenient

While we don’t have robo-maids like in the Jetsons yet, the Braava comes close. You can call it when you make a mess, and it will clean it up. Quite convenient, huh? Also, it being able to map out your house or you being able to tell the Braava where to clean and where to avoid is always convenient.


Not a Total Substitution

Just like the Roomba, this won’t make you throw away your traditional mop just yet. There are times where you may have an extreme stain that you’ll have to do yourself, or you’ll want to deep clean certain areas on your own. The Braava is just good for normal maintenance.

Some People Have Reported it Leaves Tire Marks

This is something that many reviewers have been divided on. Obviously, a cleaning machine that leaves tire tracks is counterproductive. Some people say it left marks, while others say it doesn’t and it may have been an early defect. We say to try it out and see what it does. If it leaves marks, return it and see if you can get a better one.

Standout Feature

The standout feature of the Braava M6 is obviously the fact that it can mop your house. The M6’s feature, in particular, is that is has mapping, making the mopping process even more automated than ever.

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