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The thing about finding the perfect pair of jeans isn’t that it’s impossible. Sure, it can often feel that way when you’re bouncing back and forth between the brawny, selvage denim pair that looks good now but will look absolutely amazing in a couple years and the comfortable, stretch option that’s pretty damn great from day one. Both are solid options. Both might even be perfect! Who’s to say? And therein lies the rub: With so many options—light wash or dark? slim? skinny? straight? bootcut?!?!—it’s almost impossible to choose just one pair.

Thankfully, a little knowledge goes a long way. And right now, in the midst of your incipient denim debacle, some of the most useful knowledge you can get your hands on has as much to do with the product as the players. In other words: If you start by figuring out what jeans brands are best suited to your needs, you’re starting out right. Are you a designer denim guy, or would you rather opt for one of the old reliable brands? Do you care if your denim comes from a shuttle loom or a projectile loom? How do you feel about Japan’s jean output? Are you looking for “performance” denim you can wear on a bike commute, or high-end artisanal stuff that’s so rarified it (almost) sounds like it’s better suited to collector’s vault than your day-to-day life. How do you feel about warp and weft and fabric weight? (That 11-ounce denim is a very different best than 14-ounce denim, after all.) Does this all sound a little too specialized?


c’mon, man! Nothing’s too specialized when we’re talking about jeans! Denim is one of the greatest ways in the world to nerd out on menswear. But who has the time? So, instead of sending you down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, we’ve instead pulled together a list of the 30 best jeans brands out there, ranging from your mass-market standbys to your hyper-niche specialists, with a little of everything in between for good measure. So whether you’re in the market for Carhartt or Levi’s, Visvim or Fear of God—and by the way, have you heard of Glenn’s Denim, because you should have—we’ve got you covered. Happy hunting.

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If authentic Western jeans is what you’re after, the buck stops at Wrangler. For more than a century, the brand has been offering denim to ranchers, workmen, rodeo stars—basically, cowboys and wannabes. The brand has certainly branched into categories beyond denim, but it’s the rugged, boot-ready Cowboy Cut jean that continues to reign supreme.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWCarhartt

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Workwear is always having “a bit of a moment” in some way or another, so it’s always a good time to get yourself a pair of Carhartt’s famous double-knee pants. Even better if they’re jeans.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWLevi’s

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The original jeans-maker is still turning out the hits. If you’re not sure where to start, go for the can’t-fail 501 in the rigid, shrink-to-fit wash. It doesn’t get much more classic.

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Uniqlo does a lot of things well, and jeans are no exception. The Japanese mega-retailers offers up selvage denim, for less than $50 per pair, with just a little bit of stretch for comfort (but not so much that your jeans feel weird and rubbery). What’s not to love? ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWCalvin Klein

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What comes between you and your Calvins? Nothing. This famous sentiment was first cooed by Brooke Shields in a commercial for Calvin Klein jeans in the early ’80s, reputedly ushering in designer denim. It’s a category that is commonplace now, yes, but back then, the thought of spending coin on something that was perceived as utilitarian was controversial (and the sexually suggestive ads starring a 15-year-old didn’t help matters). Several decades later, the brand is still going strong, offering an assortment of denim that upholds the sleeks cuts and smart details that first put the label on the map. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWEverlane

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Should it really come as a surprise that Everlane—a brand predicated on making well-priced, well-made, and easy-to-wear iterations of all your favorite wardrobe staples—also makes some very good jeans? No, probably not. 

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The brand that started out selling old Levi’s from a single store in San Francisco has slowly turned itself into a denim powerhouse, and another favorite around the Esquire office.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWPolo Ralph Lauren

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The entire world of Ralph Lauren is built on an idealized, incredibly stylish version of America. So, yeah, of course Polo makes a pair of perfectly executed distressed jeans that look like you’ve loved them for years.

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Mott & Bow makes a mean pair of slightly more formal denim for everyday wear, including these slim-but-not-skinny dark wash beauties. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWMadewell

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J.Crew’s sister brand entered the men’s denim market strategically— the label’s selection of jeans avoids overwhelming while still offering an option perfect for every occasion. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWOuterknown

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Kelly Slater’s label has been based on sustainability and ethical production from the jump, so it’s not a shocker that the brand’s very good jeans are made in a Fair Trade-certified facility from organic (Italian!) cotton. Not a shocker—but still very well appreciated.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWTodd Snyder

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Todd Snyder, the NYC-based designer behind every other expertly elevated basic in your closet, is equally adept when it comes to denim. Go figure. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWNaked & Famous Denim

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The brand name, however it may read to you, is actually a reference to the overall focus on fabric. Naked & Famous’s jeans aren’t going to arrive pre-distressed, because the folks who designed them are denim nerds, and they want you to nerd out on the material, too. Plus, the minimal processing brings the price down. That’s value, baby.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING

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Adriano Goldschmied built his entire career on selling pair after pair of perfectly cut jeans. (The Graduate, seen here, is something of a calling card for the brand.) They don’t just start calling you “The Godfather of Denim” for nothing.  ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWPaige

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Paige’s Transcend fabric disrupted what the denim world thought a pair of pants could feel like. These are soft (so very, very soft) and, crucially, won’t dig into your stomach whatsoever when you’re sitting. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWRag & Bone

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If you’re looking to level up your denim game, you can’t beat a black pair of Rag & Bone jeans. They’ll fit just right straight out of the packaging. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWFrame

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In less than a decade, Frame, a brand founded by creative agency The Saturday Group (the boys behind Mr Porter), has become the go-to label for megawatt musicians, ballers, and other celeb folk. It started out by making the perfect skinny jean, one that was constructed so comfortably that even cling critics became fans.  ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWAcne Studios

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One of the OG players in the Scandinavian denim movement (it’s real, and it’s spectacular), Acne Studios got its start making really good denim before expanding into a full-fledged fashion brand. The options are on the pricier side, but thanks to their high-end construction and materials, they’ll last you for years. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWCitizens of Humanity

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The early aughts saw a boom of denim labels springing forth from Los Angeles. It was definitely a moment, one that saw burgeoning labels reach the highest heights in business. Regrettably, over the last few years, many have filed for Chapter 11. This, however, does not apply to Citizens of Humanity. Since 2003, the brand has kept its operations relatively small, creating timeless styles out of quality materials, avoiding anything flash-in-the-pan. Perhaps that’s the secret for staying in the game. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWA.P.C.


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Skinny jeans might have seemed like a fad at first, but now they’re here to stay. If you want to enjoy this trend, there are many tips and tricks to effectively pull off skinny jeans. First, pick a quality pair of skinny jeans in the right color and style. Then, pair your jeans with an attractive top. Lastly, accessorize. Things like scarves, sunglasses, and the right shoes can sharpen your look.


Picking Your Skinny Jeans Style

  1. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 11Choose your color. Bright jeans and loud patterns will bring more attention to your legs and outfit for a fun night out. Dark colors, on the other hand, can work for more formal occasions or a more played down look.[1]
    • Skinny jeans often come in bright colors, like yellows and pinks, or include patterns like paisley or plaid. These styles can work for a more casual affair.
    • If you’re wearing skinny jeans in a more formal setting, opt for darker colors like blacks or blues.
  2. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 22Pick a standard style for a versatile look. If you want jeans for a variety of occasions, stick with standard styles. Standard skinny jeans are generally 100% cotton with less tapering near the leg. They look similar to typical blue jeans and therefore can be worn for a variety of occasions. Standard styles tend to place attention on the outfit as a whole rather than just your jeans.[2]
  3. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 33Invest in dark jeans for an alternative look. If you want something with a rocker feel, look for darker varieties of skinny jeans. Both super skinny and standard cuts come in dark shades like black. In addition to giving off an alternative vibe, dark jeans tend to pair well with a variety of colors. These are great if you have a brighter wardrobe.[3]EXPERT TIP”Darker jeans tend to be more slimming than light-colored denim.”Kalee HewlettKalee Hewlett
    Image Consultant
  4. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 44Look for detailed pockets. Some skinny jeans are styled with things like embroidered pockets or other stitched on designs like beads. If you want something a little more informal and fun, detailed pockets can be a great choice. These also work if have a thinner figure, as bulky pockets can create the illusion of bigger hips.[4]


Choosing The Right Fit

  1. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 51Find jeans that flatter your waist. Skinny jeans fall at different points at the waist. Depending on your figure, choose a cut that flatters your body.[5]
    • For the most part, finding a pair of skinny jeans that works with your waist is a matter of experimentation. It may take trying on a few pairs to see which waist line is most comfortable and flattering for you.
    • High-waisted jeans work best for apple figures, as they sit most comfortably on the waist to smooth out your figure.EXPERT TIPKalee HewlettKALEE HEWLETT
      Image ConsultantWear high-waisted jeans to make your legs look longer. Fashion and lifestyle expert Kalee Hewlett says: “I think high-waisted jeans are generally more flattering than low-rise. I especially recommend them if you have short legs, because high-waisted styles elongate your legs. Low-waisted jeans, on the other hand, look great on a slender frame, especially if you pair them with a crop top.”
  2. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 62Look for variety in size if you’re pear shape. If you’re pear sized, one big challenge is finding jeans that fit both your bottom and your legs. Jeans may be big enough for your lower body, but bunch up near the legs. With pear figures, find brands with varying length options, such as short, regular, and long. This way, the legs will be catered to a variety of different heights.[6]
  3. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 73Opt for super skinny jeans to show off your figure. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that’s a little revealing, opt for tighter varieties. Often called spray-on skinny jeans in the store, super skinny jeans look similar to leggings. These work great to highlight your lower body, showing off your butt, legs, and thighs.[7]
    • Super skinny jeans pair well with baggier tops, so this is also a good option if you wear a lot of bulky sweaters and t-shirts.
  4. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 84Find a pair with more stretch if you have curves. If you have a curvier, hourglass figure, skinny jeans can be constrictive. Pick skinny jeans that have more stretch. Certain materials are more elastic than others, and stretchier jeans will better hug your curves.[8]


Selecting An Accompanying Top

  1. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 91Account for the color of your jeans. When choosing your top, pick a top that goes great with the color of your jeans. Neutral-colored jeans tend to pair well with a variety of colors. If you’re wearing jeans in bright shades, opt for a similar colored top or a neutral top.
    • For example, if you’re wearing a yellow top, pair it with neutral jeans. Pair yellow jeans with a neutral top in a color like white or black.
    • You can make your legs look longer with the help of color. Wearing shoes the same color as your jeans, or in a nude shade, can help create the illusion of long legs.[9]
  2. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 102Add a light t-shirt or sweater. For a simple look, go for a wardrobe staple. A light sweater or t-shirt can easily be paired with skinny jeans for a warmer day or more casual setting. Lighter tops pair well with skinnier jeans as the cut and style are similar.
    • Have fun with color. Create a light, spring-like look by wearing a pastel shade, such as pink, with a pair of standard skinny jeans.

  3. 3Opt for bold prints for a statement outfit. A statement outfit can be a great daytime look that you can wear to both the office or a causal lunch date with friends. Things like stripes, paisley, plaid, and other noticeable patterns make for a bold look when combined with a flattering pair of skinny jeans.
    • It can be fun to pair patterns with colorful jeans. If you’re wearing purple skinny jeans, for example, pair them with a purple plaid top or a floral blouse with purple flowers.
    • If you want something more formal, darker jeans or blue jeans work great with semi-casual patterns like stripes and plaid.

  4. 4Pair skinny jeans with a lightweight sweatshirt for a sporty feel. If you want to rock the athleisure look, pair your skinny jeans with a casual, lightweight sweatshirt. A sweatshirt in a neutral shade, like gray, gives off a sporty feel and can pair well with a variety of types of skinny jeans.[10]
    • As leggings are a big part of the athleisure look, a light sweatshirt works well with super skinny jeans.
    • To give an even more casual vibe, try tying a denim jacket or plaid shirt around your waist.

  5. 5Balance out something bulky with skinny jeans. If you love loose sweaters and t-shirts, skinny jeans can help balance out the bulky top with a tighter bottom. Things like loose tunic t-shirts and big knit sweaters always look great when worn with your favorite pair of skinny jeans.[11]
    • Account for color. For example, pair a red and yellow striped sweater with a pair of red skinny jeans.
    • For a dramatic contrast, pair super skinny jeans with a very loose top. An oversized, flowing t-shirt, for example, can be paired with a pair of skinny jeans that resemble leggings.


Adding Accessories

  1. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 141Pick appropriate shoes for the situation. Skinny jeans can work with a variety of types of shoes. Sneakers, heels, and flats all pair well with skinny jeans depending on the situation.[12]
    • For a very casual look, pair skinny jeans with sneakers or flip-flops.
    • For a night out, go for heels, stilettos, dress shoes, or desert boots.
    • For something semi-casual, like an office setting, go for dress shoes or attractive flats.
  2. Image titled Wear Skinny Jeans Step 152Add a vest. A vest can add a little formal flare to an otherwise casual outfit. A loose t-shirt worn with blue skinny jeans, for example, can look great with a vest. Longer vests tend to pair well with skinny jeans.[13]
    • If your outfit doesn’t have a lot of color or pattern, add some with your vest. For example, wear a striped or polkadot vest over a plain shirt paired with neutral colored skinny jeans.


  3. 3Throw on a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a versatile accessory that can be thrown on over a variety of tops to add a little something extra to your outfit. If you want a combination of casual and formal, throw a leather jacket over a more formal top, like a button-down shirt or fancy blouse. [14]
    • This can go great with darker jeans so you can give off a rocker vibe. For an added alternative style, go for a studded jacket in a darker shade.

  4. 4Try a hat. Any type of hat can pair well with skinny jeans. Pair a hat that gives off your desired vibe with an attractive pair of skinny jeans and a nice top.[15]
    • For example, if you’re going for the sporty look, wear a baseball cap or knit hat with your skinny jeans.
    • If you’re looking for a hat for a night out, go for something more formal like a fedora.

  5. 5Wear a scarf. A large, clunky scarf can be paired with tighter tops to add some variation to your outfit. A colorful or patterned scarf can brighten up an outfit dominated by neutral shades. Scarves tend to be accessories that can be matched with most outfits, so a scarf can easily be paired with a variety of skinny jean styles.[16]
    • Scarves make great accessories for the cooler months as they add flare to your outfit while keeping you warm.

  • QuestionHow can I wear skinny jeans if I am a large size?Community Answer
    Community AnswerIf you have the confidence, people of any size can rock skinny jeans! Be sure you buy the right size, though. Many brands carry plus sizes and stores such as Torrid have specially designed plus-size jeans. Darker colors can also slim your legs, and a high waist can support your tummy.Thanks!Yes NoNot Helpful 1 Helpful 6

  • QuestionI’ve got a parents evening coming up (I’m the student) and I don’t know what to wear. My parents are looking formal, what should I wear?

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