best laptop for watching movies and listening to music

We love laptops for their versatility. They come packed with sophisticated hardware that makes them really capable machines. You can carry your laptop with you throughout the day as you go about your work. And then after an entire day of helping you stay productive, the same laptop can provide you with entertainment. We are going to be focusing on the entertainment part for today. We will talk about the best laptop for watching movies and listening to music and the best laptop for watching movies and internet. We’ll be reviewing a few great picks and then we’ll finish off with a concise buyer’s guide.

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Best Laptop For Watching Movies And Listening To Music

#1 DELL XPS 15

This sleek and modern looking laptop packs a decent amount of power under its hood. It is powered by a 6th generation 17-6700HQ processor. The quadcore processor gives you 3.5 GHz of computational power. The laptop also has a GTX 960M graphics card as well. This gives the laptop dedicated graphical processing power and 2GB of dedicated graphics memory.

You get 16 GB of RAM, which you can upgrade later on and a 512 GB SSD. The SSD, which is also upgradable, comes with Windows 10’s Home edition already installed on it. This effectively makes the laptop usable right out of the box. The laptop’s touchscreen features minute bezels and has a 4K resolution. Whether its for work or entertainment, this laptop’s 15.6-inch HD display will not leave you wanting for more screen space. The laptop is also quite lightweight at 3.9KG, making it a good portable workstation.


  • The laptop offers good computational power. It can be used for demanding work such as graphic designing. You can even play a few games on it.
  • The overall build quality of the laptop is impressive. It feels solid yet lightweight.
  • The sleek touchscreen makes the laptop easier to use. Its minute bezels also allow for a bigger screen without having to make the laptop bulkier.
  • The laptop offers a nice variety of ports for connecting various appliances.
  • The laptop has built-in Bluetooth.
  • The laptop is designed with easy upgradability. This future proof the machine quite well.


  • The laptop does not have a full-sized keyboard.
  • Some of its I/O ports aren’t well arranged. They get in each other’s way when you connect multiple devices.
  • The keyboard feels tacky at times.

#2 HP Envy x360

This convertible touchscreen laptop has a great sleek look to it. Its touchscreen has small bezels and is connected to the laptop with 360-degree hinges. The screen can be flipped back to turn the laptop into a tablet whenever you want. The 15.6-inch screen has a 1080p resolution and offers decent image quality. The laptop is powered by a decent ​intel core i7-8550U CPU and boasts 16 GB of RAM. This makes the laptop great for a variety of tasks. The I/O doesn’t give you too much variety, but it packs all the latest and essential ports. You get a headphone jack and a type-C USB port as well. On the inside, the laptop has a 1TB HDD for storage.

The laptop’s keyboard feels good to use despite the fact that it can be loud at times. Overall, this laptop provides a decent amount of power and functionality at a decent price point.


  • The laptop is versatile and powerful.
  • Its sleek build makes it look and feel good. The laptop weighs 4.7 KG, making it easy to carry around as well.
  • It offers great specs at a decent price point.
  • The built-in speakers have a solid sound quality.


  • The laptop’s 360-degree hinge isn’t stable. The screen wobbles a lot every time you touch it.
  • The screen’s brightness isn’t great. This makes the laptop hard to use in bright surroundings.
  • The laptop’s battery doesn’t last long.

#3 Lenovo Yoga 920

The Lenovo Yoga series is known for power, sleek design, and convertibility. This laptop packs all three in a very attractive looking body. The laptop is powered by a capable ​intel core i7-8550U. Not only is this CPU really powerful, it is also very power efficient. For storage, the laptop has a 256 GB SSD and 8 GBs of RAM. All of this makes the laptop fast, powerful, and guarantees smooth performance under moderate to heavy workloads.

The laptop’s 13.9-inch touchscreen has 1080p resolution and LED backlighting for a bright and crisp display. The screen is connected to the laptop with an innovative 360-degree design hinge. You can smoothly convert the laptop from tablet to laptop, or even leave it somewhere in between. You even get a stylus for making the most out of the laptop’s touchscreen.

The I/O ports in this laptop give you two USB Type-C ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, and everything else that you would expect to find on a laptop. A great thing about this laptop is that it weighs very little. It is a staggering 0.5” thin and weighs 1.37 KG.


  • The laptop offers power and speed that makes it ideal for all kinds of work. You can use it for intensive graphic designing as well.
  • Its 0.5” thin body looks amazing. It also makes the laptop really lightweight.
  • The laptop’s battery lasts pretty long thanks to its power efficient design.
  • The screen is bright and offers crisp image quality.


  • The laptop does not have a HDMI port.
  • Its 13.9-inch screen may feel small to some.

#4 Dell Inspiron 5000

While it is a bit dated, this laptop is a great budget buy for anyone who is in need of some power. Its 25 GHz 17-6500U packs enough power to get the laptop through most moderate tasks. The CPU can be boosted up to 3.10 GHz thanks to Turbo Boost technology. The laptop has as 1 TB HDD and 8 GB of RAM as well. its 15.6” LED touchscreen has 1080p resolution. This makes the laptop great for work and for entertainment as well.

The laptop’s keyboard is backlit, making working in dark spaces more than easy. The laptop has 4.0 Bluetooth as well. Its I/O port doesn’t offer the latest, but it certainly gives you all the essentials. Overall, this laptop is a great choice for someone who wants power on a budget. It is also quite hardy.


  • The laptop has a capable processor that is compatible with Turbo Boost.
  • The screen offers touchscreen controls and has a 1080p resolution.
  • The laptop’s keyboard is backlit.
  • It is quite well-built.


  • The laptop is a bit dated.
  • The built-in speakers don’t have the best quality.

#5 Acer Aspire E 15

Powered by an 8th generation 15-8250U, this laptop is a great work machine. It boasts 3.4 GHz of processing power. What makes the laptop even faster is its 256 GB SSD. This, coupled with 8 GBs of dual channel RAM make a very powerful combination. The laptop can breeze through a variety of tasks and can even handle a bit of graphically intensive work thanks to its MX 150 onboard GPU.

The laptop’s 15.6” screen is 1080p HD display. Its IPS technology makes the screen very vibrant. The added backlighting ensures that you don’t have to worry about your screen’s visibility being compromised in well-lit areas. The laptop has a very impressive battery life as well. It can last for as long as 15 hours on a single charge.


  • The SSD lets you get the most out of the laptop’s performance. It makes the laptop feels very fast.
  • The screen has decent brightness and great picture quality.
  • Its keyboard is backlit.
  • You get Windows 10 Home edition pre-installed.
  • The laptop’s RAM can be upgraded later on.


  • The laptop has a very bad trackpad.
  • The keyboard’s backlighting brightness cannot be adjusted.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with a few great laptops for entertainment purposes, let’s quickly go through a few features that we should be concerned about. All of these features play an important role in determining a laptop’s entertaining ability.

What to Look For

Now, a laptop is made of a variety of different pieces of hardware. All of these pieces work together and make a laptop more functional. Laptops that are designed for heavy lifting come with beefy CPUs and ample amounts of RAM. However, these two aren’t that important today. Of course, a decent CPU is a must have nowadays. One shouldn’t aim for lower than a quad core i5 from Intel (or any other equivalent alternative). A laptop’s RAM shouldn’t be below 4GB either.


It goes without saying that you will need a good screen for pleasurable movie watching. Nowadays, laptops pack some really amazing screens. There are even laptops out there that come with 4K resolution screens nowadays. Unfortunately, not all of us have the kind of money needed to afford these laptops.

When you’re looking for a laptop ​to watch movies, you would want its screen to have the following; a resolution of at least 1080p. 1080p is the bear minimum standard for watching anything nowadays. You would also want to make sure that the screen has decent color production. The brightness of a screen is equally important as well. A bright, well-lit screen is ideal ​to watch movies since you won’t have to confine yourself to dark rooms when watching movies. The screen should also be wide. A 15.6 inches wide laptop should offer more than enough screen size. Modern laptops with thinner bezels manage to provide even more screen real estate without making the laptop any bigger.


The speakers of a laptop are going to be important for watching movies and for listening to music. Normally, laptop speakers aren’t the best. They lack quality sound production abilities due to their small size. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for unbearably bad speakers. You can find certain laptops that have made an effort to improve their audio output.

The audio capabilities of a laptop aren’t determined by its speakers alone. Some laptops come with sound cards that improve their audio processing capabilities. If you own a wireless speaker then you can always connect it with your laptop via an aux cable.

A headphone jack is a must have feature in any laptop. Luckily, all laptops come with headphone jacks. It’s a good thing that the trend for taking out essential hardware from devices and making them less practical died out. People who have wireless speakers or earphones might find a Bluetooth feature useful as well.


If your laptop’s primary usage is going to be to watch movies then you probably want beefy storage. While many people have switched over to watching stuff on Netflix now, having a selection of movies stored on your laptop is a good idea. Whether you download movies through legal channels or by other means, you’d want somewhere to store what you download. A 1TB hard drive should be your bear minimum storage requirement.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor for all laptops. Regardless of whether you want a laptop for work or for play, you’d want a battery that can last. The worst possible thing that you can experience is having your laptop die on you in the middle of a movie. Look for a laptop whose battery can last at least 4 hours while handling medium loads. Some of the more beefy laptops can even last for 6 hours while being used.


Last but not the least, is your budget. Laptop prices know no limits. You can easily find laptops that are worth thousands of dollars. You need to set a budget for yourself before you head out into the market. A budget will help narrow down the options available to you.

What Else?

Like we mentioned before, laptops are known for being versatile. This is their most notable strength and it should be kept in mind when you are about to purchase a laptop. If you’re buying a laptop for entertainment purposes, you shouldn’t confine yourself to this criteria completely. If you’re going to own a laptop, you are most definitely going to end up using it for other purposes as well. This is why you should broaden your criteria a bit while shopping for a laptop. Sure, a nice screen, and quality speakers will matter, but so will other things as well.

People who are into music may want to make their own mixes. If you use audio software then you may want a laptop that is slightly more powerful. Remember, a laptop is a personal device. It should have all the features needed to fulfil every user’s needs.


Laptops make for great entertainment stations. Especially if you are someone who travels a lot and favors portability. When looking for a laptop that can provide a decent movie and music experience, you should keep a few factors in mind. Laptops are personal devices that are designed with practicality and versatility kept in mind. You can buy a laptop that can easily fulfil your work and entertainment needs simultaneously.

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