best makeup for black women

In this post, we will review the best makeup for black women, best makeup for dark skin, best makeup for african american dry skin, best makeup for african american sensitive skin, and the best makeup for african american light skin choices.  When you’re looking for a foundation, you want a formula with a flattering finish that combats your [insert frustrating skin type here] while providing you with a certain level of coverage for as long as possible. Often, women with darker skin tones have the added hurdle of finding a shade that won’t turn them into an extra from the “Thriller” video. But these 14 brands have made it their mission to provide women of color with shades spanning from Zendaya to Lupita. Now your foundation can be as personalized as your Starbucks order.

Finding the right foundation for darker skin tones is one of the biggest beauty challenges when it comes to makeup — especially because so many companies only offer a handful of shades, and their deepest options often don’t match the darkest skin tones. Thankfully, that’s slowly (but surely!) changing, now that more brands are expanding their ranges there are foundations that make you matte and some that make you glow, but this one makes your skin look like, well, like skin. And the range of 40 shades provides a perfect match for nearly all skin tones.

Best makeup for black women

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