Best nail polish kit

Most of the girls prefer getting a glossy salon finish on their nails. But the fact is that not all of them have the time to go to a beauty salon for nail art, nail care or to put on glossy gel nail polish in a perfect way. To assist each and every girl, there should be the best at home gel nail kit or Best nail polish kit that enables them to get the salon-like effect on nails with the gel nail polish. That is why we have sorted some of the best available kits and best at home gel nail extension kit that will help you get glossy, mirror-like finish on your nails without leaving your home.

Best nail polish kit

1. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 

A gel nail kit is surely a perfect solution for the ladies who are always looking for a full-fledged treatment for their nails at home. This Gellen Gel nail polish kit has all the necessary accessories that you would need to perfectly finish your nails with a gel nail polish. It includes the supportive equipment, as well as the quality, proved gel nail polish along with its components so that you never feel in trouble and get things handled professionally with the required details. This is a kit with 32 splendid items for a complete nail art tryout.

The soak of Gel polish makes sure to stay on for 2 weeks and keeps it smooth and silky, mirror finish and is like a perfect gel application.

The package consists of a 24W LED lamp, 4 Gel nail polish, 1 base coat, 1 top coat, nail remover pads 10, French stickers, rhinestones, oil pen for nail and cuticles, nail separator, cuticle pusher, nail dotting, buffer, nail brush, nail file and nail file. Hence you don’t need to look further for anything else when you have this starter kit.

2. Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

The kit offers all primary essential you might need as a gel polish user. The kit includes gel cleanser, primer, Color gel nail polish, base and top coat nail polish, wipes, nail buffer, LED lamp and all the detailed instructions.

The gel nail polish is easy to apply, coats the nail smoothly and completely leaving no ridges and lines. The nail polish dries out quickly in no time. To prepare and finish the nail the LED lamps work perfectly for curing the layers. The preparation phase and base and top coat it needs a 15-second cure, lacquer needs a 30-second cure and sealing with Gel coat needs a 15-second cure. It is a perfect starter kit that comes with essentials for preparing nails and curing for a perfect finish.

3. Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Gel Nail Polish Led Kit

Gelish pro starter kit includes all the essentials that let starters get a salon finish on their nails in no time. The gel nail polish stays on nails for around 21 days without leaving out the shine and sustains the smooth shiny look without getting damaged.

The nail polish is easy to soak off so you don’t have to wait for long for getting a perfect finish on nails. The gel nail polish cures quickly taking approximately 30 seconds under an LED lamp and 2 minutes using a UV lamp.

So, with this kit at home, you don’t need to get an appointment from a salon and you can treat your nails with perfect glossy, silky smooth and mirror-like gel polish finishing on your own.

It consists of nail remover, LED light lamp, cleanser, 6 nail colors. The gel nail polish is sufficient enough to stay on nails for up to 3 weeks and there are no-chipping or peeling issues.

4. Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit with UV LED 24W Nail lamp

If you are looking for a complete set of tools for perfect Gel nail polish finish, this starter kits offer the maximum accessories you would need. It makes sure you get all the necessary tools that help in performing a manicure, application of Gel nail polish like a pro and removing the nails polish without damaging the nails.

The nail curing lamp consists of UV and LED dual light function for a perfect cured finish on the nails with a glossy touch. The nail polish is smooth and easy to apply with no smudges and ridgelines. No matter if you are a starter or a professional, this starter kit lets you complete the shiny, mirror-like finish within minutes without going to a salon.

5. Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Nail Starter Kit

Sally Hansen Salon pro comes with a LED light for curing gel nail polish and the base and top coats, nail cleansing pads, nail remover, cuticle stick, buffer, base and top coat and three color polishes. The nail polishes are easy to apply and offer no hassles for the beginners. It lasts up to 14 days and makes sure you don’t have to struggle with chipping issues.

The kit offers about 10 gel manicures with easy three-step application and salon finish without visiting a salon. The end finish offers mirror gloss and long-lasting shine that may not wear off easily. To make sure you get perfect results, try using the Sally Hansen Gel nail polish for perfect looking nails.

6. Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit, with 6W UV LED Nail Dryer

This Gel polish starter kit includes the nail UV LED curing lamp, USB charger, gel nail polish, 6 color changing nail polishes, base coat and top coat, and nail manicure tools for a professional touch and finish on your nails.

This starter kit enables the sure to play with the wonderful color changing gel nail polish while using all the essential manicure tools you need. The color changes with temperature and gives the shades you like.

The base and top coat along with the gel nail polish gives a perfectly finishes look that maintains for a longer period of time. The ultimate shiny gloss on the nails stays longer and better for days.

This kit is perfect for the beginners who need to cut off their salon expenses and switch to their own creative ideas on their nails.

 7. Azure Beauty Gel Polish Starter Kit

From manicure preparation to the salon finish nail polish look, this Gel nail polish starter kit is perfect for the beginners who need to cut their cost of going to the salon for their perfect nails. It combines the use of all important manicure and nail care tools for the best looks on your nails.

The nail dryer lamp consists of UV and LED lights making sure that you will get cured nails with a smooth, silky and shiny finish that lasts for days without getting cracked or damaged.

The kit consists of all the accessories like nail cutter, buffer, file, cuticle pusher, nail brush, cuticle removing the fork, nail separator, cutting plier, cuticle oil and nail remover pads.

So, if you are looking for great nails without going to your salon, this starter kit will assist you in all the tasks while enabling you for a complete nail care without any problems at home.

8. Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella LED 5 Color Gel Nail Kit

This starter kit is for gel nail polish application and salon finish on the nails and comes with all the necessary accessories to perform the nail manicure and apply the gel nail polish with a professional finish on them at home.

It includes LED light lamp, travel bag for keeping all essentials in one place, nail primer, base coat, top coat, nail and cuticle oil, nail cleanser, nail polish remover, 2 nail colors, shining block, nail file.

The kit enables you to get no-chipping, no peeling finish for weeks and make sure the nails stay glossy and shiny without getting damaged.

It also offers a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer so that if you have any issues you can claim that.

9. Modelones Gel nail Manicure Tool Kit

Modelones Gel nail kit is also one of the reliable starter kits where you need professional tools and gel nail polish for giving the salon like nails at home. With this gel nail manicure kit, you get 4 glitter gel nail polishes, base coat, top coat, 24 W nail dryer, and the nail care accessories to help you take care of your nails that you usually get in a salon.

The UV LED nail dryer make sure you get perfectly cured nails with gloss and shine without any smudge. The base and top coat make sure the nail gel lasts longer and may not get chipped or scaled off easily.

The kit is suitable for a starter who needs to get the mirror-like nail polish finish without going to a salon at all.

10. CLAVUZ Gel Nail Polish Set

CLAVUZ gel nail polish kit also comes with the LED nail lamp along with the gel nail polish manicure tool kit. The kit also includes top coat and base coat, 5 gel nail polishes and 10 nail remover wraps.

The kit includes easy to wear gel nail polish that lasts longer and stays on nails for up to 2 to 3 weeks. All you get is great looking nails with mirror-like shine and consistent nail color that feels smooth and shiny with no chipping and breaking issues. So, you can get salon shine at home effortlessly.

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