Best Perfume Brands for Females

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There are a lot of perfume brands and designers on the market. However, you should always choose a perfume from a recognized brand, designer, or celebrity. That said, here is a look at the 20 best women’s perfumes you should consider buying;

Best perfume brands for females

best perfume brands for ladies


1La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle is a very subtle perfume that delivers a romantic scent. That is why it is perfect for a romantic and intimate setting.

It offers a strong scent that is blended with floral, spicy, and sweet notes. You will notice the appealing smell of Iris when you spray the perfume, which then settles for patchouli and gourmand notes. Ideally, wear this perfume if you are going out on a romantic evening. However, you can still wear it when going to work.


  • Romantic
  • Aromatic
  • Great Longevity
  • Great Projection


  • Not Ideal For Daytime Use

2Black Opium by YSL

Image result for 2Black Opium by YSL

The Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the best perfumes for women. It has a warm and seductive scent that will give you some extra level of self-confidence around men.

It starts with top notes of coffee accord and sweet vanilla, which are then harmonized by the soothing white flower notes. The base notes include cedarwood and patchouli essence.

You’ll enjoy wearing this perfume if you prefer a warm fragrance. Typically, it would be a perfect perfume to wear in the winter season.


  • Exotic, Complex Fragrance
  • Deep & Dark
  • Great Projection
  • Great Longevity


  • Patchouli Notes Too Pronounced

3Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey

This perfume comes with an irresistibly sweet fragrance, which is a blend of clear spring water and some floral notes. The refreshing fragrance of the perfume is one thing that makes it among the best perfumes. You’d love wearing this perfume since it lasts for about 12 hours. Obviously, it will take you through the day without the need for respraying it.

Even though it was introduced in the 90s, L’Eau d’Issey has proved to be a top performer over the years. It comes with a blend of lotus, juice lemon, cyclamen, and freesia notes. The top notes are harmonized with middle notes of carnation, lily, and peony. The base notes of cedar, amber, musk, and sandalwood deliver a relaxing woody scent.

You can wear this perfume on your regular days to work.


  • Great Aquatic Top Notes
  • Great Longevity
  • Very Fresh


  • Too Cool For Winter Wear

4Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

This perfume delivers a unique fragrance that is appealing to men. It comes with a glamorous gold cap that is topped with a set of six pink daisies. You’ll enjoy the top fruity notes of pear, raspberry, and grapefruit. The middle notes of jasmine, apple blossom, violet, and rose balance the fragrance perfectly.

This is a great perfume to wear on your regular days to work, or even if you are going out on the weekends. It doesn’t last for a long time, so you should spray it twice daily for perfect results.


  • Feminine Floral Scent
  • Very Sweet


  • Doesn’t Last Long

5Paris Hilton’s Can Can

Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities that have ventured into the perfume making business. The Can Can for women by Paris Hilton is a perfume that has been designed with a touch of fruity notes and a blend of woodsy scent.

The main ingredients include orange blossom, nectarine, cassis, wild orchid, amber, clementine flower, and woods.

It is a good choice for the young and energetic ladies. For that, this perfume should be worn by the teenage girls, as well as ladies under 25. You can wear it on your regular days or when attending any event.


  • Ideal For Young Women
  • Has an Energetic Vibe
  • Very Bubbly Scent


  • Too Immature For Most Women

6Christian Dior J’adore


The J’adore for women by Christian Dior is one perfume that will make you feel sexy and classy as well. It comes with a unique floral scent from rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. J’adore by Dior is one of the oldest fragrances, which was introduced in 99. Regardless of that, it is a favorite perfume of many women in the current age.

If you want a perfume that delivers a sweet floral fragrance, J’adore will suit you perfectly. You can wear the fragrance any time of the day, but it would be perfect to wear if you are going for a night out.


  • Ideal for Evening Use
  • Sexy Fragrance Profile
  • Sweet Floral Scent
  • Long Lasting


  • Not A Very Complex Scent Profile

7Chloe New

This is a great perfume that offers an incredibly fresh fragrance. Even though the scent is light, it can last for about 8 hours. That is long enough to take you through your regular working hours.

You’d enjoy the well-balanced notes of musk, marigold, narcissus, orange blossom, vanilla, and Plumeria. If you are a romantic lady, this perfume will suit you perfectly. You will love this perfume if you prefer a seductive perfume that lasts for long enough.

Even though it is best suited for a romantic setting, you can also wear it if you are attending any special evening event.


  • Long Lasting
  • Moderate Sillage
  • Well Balanced Romantic Blend


  • May Be Overly Floral

8Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

This is a perfect definition of a perfume designed for a woman that loves night parties and clubs. It delivers an appealing floral scent that is fruity and charming as well. The designer wanted to create a perfume that will offer a playful fragrance to the wearer while still maintaining its femininity. It comes in an appealing clear glass bottle that has a nice pink ribbon on the neck.

If you need a perfume that leaves a remarkable seductive fragrance, Viva La Juicy should be the right choice for you. It is well-blended with notes of amber, creamy vanilla, berries, mandarin, and sweet honeysuckle.

You can still wear it when you are going to work or on your regular weekend getaways.


  • Fruity Floral Scent
  • Moderate Longevity
  • Moderate Sillage


  • Bottom Notes End Flat
  • May Be Too Sweet To Some People

9Thierry Mugler’s Angel

The Angel for women by Thierry Mugler is one perfume that offers an appealing fragrance that is perfectly feminine. You’ll love the fact that this perfume is long-lasting and has a sweet blend of vanilla and creamy hints.

It was introduced in 1992, and it has been a top performer ever since. The fragrance has some aromatic notes of vanilla, fresh citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, plums, peaches, and melons. Ideally, this perfume should be worn during the day when going to work or if you are going out on the weekends.


  • Sweet Vanilla Notes
  • Long Lasting
  • Ideal for Daytime Use


  • Scent Profile Isn’t Complex
  • Citrus Notes Aren’t Pronounced Enough

10Jimmy Choo Women’s Perfume

Image result for Jimmy Choo Women’s Perfume

Jimmy Choo women’s perfume was introduced in 2011, and it is created by the famous designer Jimmy Choo. What makes it many women’s favorite is because it comes with a unique woodsy fragrance that is suitable for any environment.

It also delivers a slight effervescent scent that is strong and relaxing as well. You’d love the warm and sensual fruity notes that have been blended smoothly.

You can wear the perfume on your regular work days, or if you are going out on your first date.


  • Good Projection
  • Good Longevity
  • Subtle Gourmet Fragrance


  • Woodsy Notes Too Prominent

11Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Image result for 11Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

With this perfume, you will experience a unique floral fragrance that is seductive and remarkable. The aroma is strong enough, and it can last throughout the day. And yes, the fragrance is perfectly feminine.

It comes with hints of patchouli, centifolia rose, sambac jasmine, and osmanthus. This combination assures you of a strong floral fragrance that is both seductive and refreshing.

Wear it if you are going out on a romantic evening, or if you are attending any social event.


  • Strong Floral Scents
  • Truly Feminine Scent Profile
  • Seductive
  • Long Lasting

new fragrances 2020 for her

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs Eau de Parfum – Check The Price Here

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs Eau de Parfum

Fruity and floral, but warm.  Pear blends with a floral bouquet, landing on woody, musky accord.

Buy Here

Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Tree – Check The Price Here

Maison Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees

Perfect for citrus scent lover, this features top notes of lime accord, petitgrain essence, and cardamom essence with middle notes of coriander essence, mate absolute, and green tea – followed by a base of cedarwood essence, cistus absolute, and white musk.

Buy Here

Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau de Parfum – Check The Price Here

Perfect for rose lovers, this fragrance blends notes of Bulgarian rose, turmeric extract, Indonesian patchouli, Sichuan pepper, roasted tonka, and tolu balsam. 

Buy Here

Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum – Check The Price Here

Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

A unisex fragrance featuring violet, iris, and a base of cedarwood, leather, and sandalwood.

Buy Here

Chanel ‘Chance’ Spray Perfume – Check The Price Here

Chanel "Chance" Perfume for Women - New Perfume Fall 2017 - 2018

Fresh, light, fruity, and intoxicating.  One of the best coming from Chanel in recent time and one of the best perfumes when transitioning your scent from winter to spring.

Buy Here

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum – Check The Price Here

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum

A fresh, green-oriental blend of lush fruits, sweet nutty essences, soothing amber, vanilla, and Tonka bean.

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Hermes ’24 Faubourg’ Perfume for Women – Check The Price Here

Top notes of white flowers, with plentiful woods, warm vanilla & ambergris.  A classy, earthy scent with great staying power.

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Flowerbomb Fragrance by ViktorRolf – Check the Price Here

This popular mainstay still remains a winner.  Light notes of jasmine, rose, cattleya orchid and patchouli.

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Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume – Check The Price Here

Best Women's Perfume 2016: Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt Fragrance 2017

Perfect for almost any time of year, this perfume has wonderful notes of bergamot, sea salt, white musk, sage, and driftwood.

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Test Out Almost Any Scent:  Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription Box – Check It Out Here

Scent Bird Gifts for Sister: Monthly Perfume Subscription Box 2016 - 2017

Who wouldn’t love a new perfume  to try every month!?  Choose from over 450 perfume brands and test-drive it for the entire month based on 4 sprays per day.  #Math  #Perfume #YesPlease.

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Yves Saint Laurent ‘Black Opium’ Perfume – Check The Price Here

Best Women's Perfume 2016: Black Opium Fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent 2017

One of the best-sellers at Sephora, Black Opium has tantalizing scents and notes of mandarin, spicy pink pepper, vanilla, coffee and cedarwood.

Buy Here

Versace ‘Bright Crystal’ Perfume – Check The Price Here


We’re obsessed with the bottle as much as we are the scent.  A bit on the lighter side, which makes it great for those spring days when it’s beautiful outside, this one has notes of: peony, magnolia, lotus flower, and iced accord.

Buy Here

Creed Silver Mountain Water Fragrance – Check The Price Here

Creed Silver Mountain Water

Green and clean, this is one of Creed’s best sellers.  A fresh blend of sweet blackcurrants, green tea, bergamot and sandalwood.

Buy Here

Chanel ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ Perfume – Check The Price Here

Best Women's Perfume 2016: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfumes 2017

A warm floral, with notes of orange, patchouli, and Turkish Rose.

Buy Here

Tom Ford Private Blend Santal Blush Eau de Parfum – Check The Price Here

Tom Ford Santal Blush Eau de Parfum

Characterized as a spicy wood oriental, this scent has notes of cinnamon bark oil, Australian sandalwood, cumin seed oil, and ylang-ylang.

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Tom Ford ‘Black Orchid’ Perfume – Check The Price Here


Another from Tom Ford that made our list this season as it seamlessly mixes delicious notes of bergamot, citrus accord, gardenia, vanilla, and orchid spicy floral accord.

Buy Here

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne – Check The Price Here

A wonderful mix of peonies, red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower, all mingling with blush suede. This perfume is on the softer side of our favorite seasonal scents, but still a perfect addition to your collection of scents.  It’s also one of their best sellers.

long lasting perfume for female

Find your new signature scent with the best perfumes for women

best perfume for women

It’s easy to find the one with our guide to the best perfume on the market right now

With millions of perfumes to choose from it can be a daunting, almost impossible, task to find the best perfume for women – let alone ‘the ‘one’ you’ll use as your signature scent’.

You can endlessly spray yourself at perfume counters, but it’’s more likely to leave you with a headache rather than your ultimate scent. So how do you discover the scent that almost seems like its been made for you?

‘You should always be looking for the notes that resonate with you, and only you’’, says fragrance supremo, and founder of the Fragrance Society, Lorna McKay.

‘For instance, if you enjoy the smell of freshly cut flowers, you should look for notes of white flowers. If you prefer something warm, that almost hugs you, try something with amber.’

So before you even start misting fragrances around the room, take time to reflect on the things you enjoy. What have you smelled in the past and loved? What memories resonate with particular aromas?

Once you’’ve got that down, then you can spray – but take your time. Don’t spray several fragrances within close distance to each other. Scents have the ability to travel and so will mix together, resulting in an aroma that’s not even close t’o what you’ll take away when you spray your fragrance on its own. Fragrance combining is a whole different ball game altogether.

The Marie Claire Perfume Directory


Essentially, you have to take your time before heading to a different fragrance counter. But, perfume is all about appreciation. After all, there’s a few surprising facts about perfume and the ingredients contained in them that everyone should know.

Latest Stories

Once you think you’’ve found the one, spray it on a blotter. If it’’s still appealing, spray it on your skin. If it’’s still appealing (and not just something that will ‘do’), you’’ve found the one. It might seem like a long process, but it’’s worth it. Here’s what your go-to fragrance says about your personality.

And don’t worry about being without your favourite fragrance when you’re off on your travels, these best travel fragrance kits will see you through.

To get you started, we’’ve pulled together the best perfume for women on the market right now, along with everything you need to know about them.

Consider the hard work done for you.

best perfumes for women 2019 malin + goetz

This is an image1 of20

Malin + Goetz Stem EDP, £75, Space NK

This is the anti-floral scent. Not because it isn’t inspired by flowers, but because the fragrance comes from the stem, soil and earth that create the fragrance. This is a fresh, spring day in a bottle. Divine.

Top notes: Mandarin leaves, wild freesia greens and hyacinth
Middle notes: Muguet flower stalk, rose centifolia stems and jasmine bud
Base notes: White cedar, vetiver, ambrox and muskBUY IT NOW!

best perfumes for women 2019 gucci

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Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori EDT, £88 for 100ml, John Lewis

This is a floral explosion. Rather than your typical top, middle and base notes, this fragrance opens all at once with three punchy, highly-concentrated flowery notes: jasmine bud extract, tuberose and Rangoon Creeper. From the moment you spray, you’re hit with the strength of these three flowers and even though it’s an EDT it lasts really well.BUY IT NOW!

best perfumes for women 2019 hermes

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Hermès Un Jardin Sur La Lagune EDT, from £43, John Lewis

Inspired by a lost garden in the middle of the water city, Venice, this fragrance encompasses everything the perfumer smelt as she stepped through the gate into the garden. So much of what makes this fragrance beautiful is its story, but the scent itself is just as enthralling. It’s white floral, meets damp woodiness.

Top notes: Madonna lily
Middle note: Pittosporum
Base note: MagnoliaBUY IT NOW!

best perfmue for women 2019 Glossier You

This is an image4 of20

Glossier You, £45 for 50ml,

Everyone’s favourite Instabrand Glossier made much noise when it announced a fragrance was coming. We waited with anticipation and when we finally got our hands on this, we fell-in-love. On me, the juice smells soapy clean and warm thanks to the ambrette, and on a colleague it was the perfect blend of musky and powdery with sparkling pink pepper.

Whilst it may be hard to pin down exactly how this smells, there’s no doubt that the intoxicating quality will leave you smelling great and everyone asking what you’re wearing.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Iris Root
Base notes: Musk, Ambrox and AmbretteBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Louis Vuitton

This is an image5 of20

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Léve, £185 for 100ml

Admittedly fruity fragrances have somewhat of a bad rep, but Louis Vuitton has come up trumps with, in our humble opinion, the most sophisticated way to wear fruit in a scent. It’s a real triumph; from the first spritz where zesty orange peel comes to life, followed by the-right-side-of-creamy magnolia and that satisfying lift that you can expect from Iso E Super.

Le Jour Se Léve not only smells expensive but it looks and feels it too. This is, quite possibly, the best orange perfume ever.

Top notes: Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Grapefruit
Middle notes: Magnolia, Jasmine Sambac
Base notes: Iso E Super, Vanilla, White MuskBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women Jimmy Choo, Fever Eau de Parfum

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Jimmy Choo Fever EDP, £52 for 60ml, John Lewis

For those that like their florals (Vanilla Orchid and Jasmine) with a sweet edge (Black Plum Nectar), Jimmy Choo Fever is the perfect signature scent.

Top notes: Black Plum Nectar, Lychee, Grapefruit
Middle notes: Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine
Base notes: Tonka Bean, Benzoin, SandalwoodBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Private Blend Fucking Fabulous EDP, £210 for 50ml, John Lewis

You’ve probably heard about this scent already and everything is true, it’s rather fabulous. With notes of Orris Root (think grown up and super posh Parma Violets), creamy but bitter almond and smooth leather this is a real head turner.

Top notes: Clary Sage, Lavender
Middle notes: Leather, Vanilla, Bitter Almond
Base notes: Tonka Bean, AmberBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Ghost

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Ghost Dream EDP, £27 for 30ml, Boots

Full of fresh florals notes in full bloom but a classic Aquatic scent at the heart.

Top notes: Rose,
Middle notes: Violet, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Patchouli, MuskBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women Jo Malone London

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Jo Malone London Jasmine Sambac and Marigold Cologne Intense, £75 for 50ml, Net-A-Porter

Freshly plucked buds of Jasmine float above warm, rich and spicy notes of benzoin, Jo Malone’s Jasmine Sambac and Marigold is s seductive scent with seriously impressive silage.

Top notes: Jasmine
Middle notes: Vanilla
Base notes: Amber, BenzoinBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Chanel

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Chanel Les Eaux De Chanel Paris Venise, £97 for 125ml John Lewis

One of three new launches from the house of Chanel. Paris Venise was inspired by the seaside town in which was home to the first Chanel couture house. The warmth and sensuality of tonka bean and vanilla with a fresh burst of neroli makes Paris Venise a modern take on the classic Oriental fragrance and perfect for the warmer months.

Top notes: Citrus, Neroli.
Middle notes: Red Berry, Iris, Geranium
Base notes: Cedar, AmberBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Elie Saab

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Elie Saab Girl of Now, from £35.50, John Lewis

A sexy fragrance packed full of personality. The creaminess of almonds are given a injection of energy with the addition of orange blossom, which atop a base of patchouli and tonka bean feels fresh. A real game-changer.

Top notes: Mandarin, pear and pistachio
Middle notes:
Orange blossom, magnolia and almond
Base notes:
Patchouli, cashmeran, tonka bean, almond milkBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Byredo

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Byredo Super Cedar EDP, from £105, Space NK

This is pretty much Scandinavian style, bottled. It’s initially quite sheer, but once it settles smells more of cedar than before, giving you a nice kick of scent when you least expect it.

Top note: Rose
Middle notes: Virginian cedar
Base notes: Musk, Hatian vetiverBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua EDT, from £82, Lookfantatstic

Think of this as the subtle sister of cult classic, Neroli Portofino. The androgynous fragrance is said to have been inspired by the endless skies of the Italian Riviera, but we mainly noticed the delicious aromas of Amber and citrus fruits.

Top note: Citrus
Middle note: Neroli
Base note: AmberBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 L’Artisan Perfumeur

Image credit: Packshot4This is an image14 of20

L’Artisan Perfumeur Histoire d’Orangers, £118

Be transported to the depths of an orange grove in Morocco with this rich citrus scent, crafted by perfumer Marie Salamagne. Lifted from her travel experiences and bottled in sleek black glass, take a whiff, close your eyes and you’ll be somewhere sunnier.

Top note: Orange blossom and White Tea
Middle notes: Musk and Ambrox Overdose
Base notes: Tonka BeanBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Burberry

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Burberry My Burberry Black EDP, from £50, Fabled

Joining the collection of My Burberry fragrances is the latest, Black – floral oriental reinterpretation of the original.
Top note: jasmine
Middle notes: rose and peach
Base notes: patchouli and amber stickBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP, £59, Feelunique

This light and floral fragrance is the perfect sweet addition to your fragrance library.

Top notes: Strawberry, grapefruit and violet leaf
Middle notes: Violet, gardenia and jasmine
Base notes: Musk, white woods and vanillaBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Diptyque

This is an image17 of20

Diptyque Eau Des Sens EDT, from £70, Space NK

This citrus aromatic fragrance is so fresh and clean, it can be worn by both men and women. It’s quite sheer but lingers on your skin to just give a hint of orange blossoms – perfect for entry-level.

Top notes: Orange blossom and bitter orange
Middle note: Juniper berries
Base notes: Patchouli and angelicaBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 The Chapel Mellifera

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The Chapel Mellifera Pulse Point Eau de Toilette, £15

Crafted by Amanda Dicker, founder of The Chapel hairdressing salons, this delicate scent brings to mind a sunny day lounging in a flowery back garden. Drawing on the rich scent of wild roses, this travel-sized roll on is the perfect pick me up before dashing off on a romantic date.

Top notes: Lavender, berries
Middle notes: tuberose, patchouli leaves
Base note: vanillaBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Aerin

This is an image19 of20

Aerin Mediterannean Honeysuckle EDP, £98, Selfridges

Escape to the sun-drenched, azure Mediterranean with this summer perfume by AERIN Beauty. Sweet honeysuckle and sparkling grapefruit are accompanied by warm Italian bergamot and an intoxicating sweet floral bouquet, to awaken all of your senses. It’s like every smell of summer in one bottle.

Top notes: Sweet honeysuckle, sparkling grapefruit, Italian bergamot
Middle notes: Mandarin oil, lily of the valley, gardenia,
Base note: Jasmine sambac absoluteBUY IT NOW!

best perfume for women 2019 Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney POP EDP, £68, Lookfantastic

This scent is composed of two main notes, the synthetic molecules of tuberose and sandalwood, giving it a floral woody aroma – great for anyone who likes light and airy fragrances that linger.

Top notes: tomato leaf, violet leaf and mandarin
Middle notes: frangipani, tuberose, violet
Base notes: musk, cedar, sandalwoodBUY IT NOW!

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