best piano keyboard under 2000

What is the best piano keyboard under 2000? The process of finding a good digital piano can be tasking sometimes. Given the enormous amount of options available to you, this is easy to understand.

Various brands have their own various products, however, the general consensus is that digital pianos should be a whole lot better now.

In recent times, piano keyboards sound very realistic and boast of great technological features and a significant connectivity level. These are the major benefits of these pianos over their rival acoustic models.

We are creating this review to help you with your purchase decision. We have listed products which range from between $1000 and $2000. These are high-end piano keyboards that would definitely change your playing experience.

best piano keyboards under 2000

1. Best Overall -Yamaha YDP184R Digital Piano

best yamaha digital piano under 2000


Yamaha YDP184 Digital Piano is one of the best digital pianos for advanced pianists. The CFX sound engine is Yahama’s flagship that regenerates its tone and power from the premium CFX grand voice piano. GH3 weighted action contains an ivory key end, which is synthetic.

With an addition of a surface that is of tactile to its white keys to majorly prevent slipping and to also absorb moistures from your fingers. It has an LCD display full dot to enable it to navigate the equipment function and features.

Furthermore, it comes as a package since it includes the music stand, music sheet book, power supply as well as a padded bench with a total number of 128 polyphony. It has the real feel of a piano since it has 88 key keyboard piano action. The graded hammer action generates a touch which is heavier at the minimal end as well as a lighter touch at the maximum end similar to the acoustic piano.

Plus, thanks to these fantastic features for making this product outstanding, you can always opt for it at any given time.

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2. Best Sounding -Yamaha P515 Digital Piano Under 2000

best sounding digital piano under 2000


Yamaha P515 is one of the best sounding digital pianos on the market. The Bosendorfer Imperial and Yahama CFX piano samples can convey 2 of the best prominent world’s grand concert pianos to your understanding. Additionally, it gives you a humble time to select different acoustic and piano settings to produce a piano environment that is personal.

It generates a similar feel and response for a keyboard of a grand piano, which is generated by the keyboard’s natural wood action in conjunction with ivory keys ends that are synthetic and escarpment.

Through more advanced digital technology, it enables you to enjoy a natural sound, which is realistic, mainly when you use the headphones. It comes with a powerful speaker system that is enough to give you an exciting piano experience that will make you yawn playing your piano all the time. Plus, it’s very compact and portable for moving around.

Thanks to these generous features of this product, they have made this product well known in the industry. Therefore, you can always opt for it in case it meets your demands effectively.

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3. Best Weighted Key Action -Yamaha YDP163B Digital Piano

best weighted digital piano under 2000


The Yamaha YDP163B Digital Piano has a weighted Graded Hammer 3 action that generates increasingly a touch, which is heavier from its maximum keys to minimal keys. It comes with a response style of a grand piano plus an extraordinary dynamic range.

Furthermore, it contains 50 classic piano songs in its in-built memory and also in the music book. The iOS device controller app increases the user interface graphical enhancing easy and quick configuration as well as navigation.

Its two-song track recorder enables players to exercise with one hand at ago plus it only has a3 pedals. It produces a quality sound similar to the acoustic piano, and it was first by the international Chopin prestigious winner in the year 2010.

Moreover, it has a panel at the front for the headphones to enable quiet learning and listening to your music. This product also has the potential to capture your performance and will allow you to listen to it later.

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4. Best for Learning -The ONE Smart Piano

best digital piano for learning


The ONE Smart Piano is great for beginners to learn how to play the piano. It comes with free apps of games, tutorials, 100 and above music videos, as well as 4000+ sheets. It has the potential of supporting android and iOS, tablets, and phones.

Therefore, you need to note that a piano of a high grade has 88 keys, which are weighted, three piano pedals, professional stereo sound, as well as a classic wooden body.

This piano is made for the purpose of beginners but it is valued by teachers and musicians. Moreover, it supports recording and MIDI output as well, for proper settings make a reference to your manual script or consult the experts. It contains three operated foot levers at the base of the piano, which entitles you to a complete range of management of the instruments sound. It promotes good learning of the piano with its sophisticated appearance as well as a hammer keyboard action that is excellent with extraordinary performance.

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5. Best Casio -Casio PX560BE Digital Piano Under $2000

best stage piano under 2000


The Casio PX560BE Digital Piano is a stage piano that has a Tri-Sensor Action II scaled hammer keyboard which regenerates the response and touch of a grand concert piano. It has the potential of delivering the perfect sounds of a piano that you have never heard.

This model of a digital piano is more advanced compared to the traditional piano. Additionally, it has 550 tones, which can reach a good number of genres and musical instruments.

This model of a digital piano is beneficial for live performances as well as music studios. It also has two mounted jacks at the front to plug in headphones. With this, you can practice your piano silently without interfering with your colleagues. Furthermore, it gives both the teacher and the students ample time while learning. Therefore, these features are super awesome since they make this product to work effectively and efficiently.

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6. Best Kawai -Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

best digital piano for home


The product has a black keyboard with 88 numbers of keys; these keys are automatic full-sized. Moreover, it contains a graded hammer action. Its features sound, as well as feel, makes it the most lovable digital piano in the industry. This model of a piano is portable; hence it is effective at any given venue as much as occasion despite the fact of whether you are playing it in church classroom or on stage.

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano is powerful and versatile; moreover, it is elegant, compact, and a maximum digital piano. ou can decide to play it at any given time and enjoy your music to your maximum level. It comes with a harmonic XL imaging sound technology with 88 keynotes piano sampling and an in-built speaker system, which is so powerful and draws your attention on listening to your music more often. All gratitude to these excellent features of this digital piano for making it look extraordinary in the market.

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7. Best Roland -Roland RP501R Digital Piano Under 2000

best roland digital piano


This piano is very much affordable and attractive designed as well as designated for home use by your family. Furthermore, it is a SuperNATURAL piano that provides a tone that is authentic similar to a grand acoustic piano. It contains a standard keyboard of PHA-4 features maximum-resolution sense touch for particularly a responsive and expressive touch.

Roland RP501R Digital Piano generates a sound that is multi-dimensional for better experience using your headphones through a 3D headphone ambiance effect. With this product, you can be able to connect to several exciting apps to support piano practicing and learning fun. Plus, when it comes up with some issues, its maintenance is not as costly as you would have imagined.

The digital piano has a quality sound with 72 styles of backing, educational features, and 305 tones to enhance faster learning of the piano. Thanks to these perfect features, which have made this product more familiar in the industry, so, if you are looking for a piano that can best suit your demands, you can opt for it.

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8. Best for Stage -Roland FP-60 Digital Piano

best roland digital piano under 2000


The Roland FP-60 Digital Piano has a sound engine of SuperNATURAL piano with a polyphony voice of 288 for an exact feel of an acoustic piano response and sound as well. Moreover, it inspires the touch of a grand piano through the keyboard PHA-4 with ivory keys feel and the escarpment.

It also enables you to connect your computer, tablet, and smartphone via Bluetooth as you play your favorite kind of music through the speaker system of your piano.

This digital piano has an advanced onboard system of a speaker that offers a rich quality powerful sound suitable for playing at home and for live stage performances. It also contains strings, synth sounds as well as electric pianos. This product is attractive and elegant in each setting. Therefore, you should be grateful to these excellent features which have made this product outstanding. In case you are looking for one, you can opt for it with an assurance that it can serve you best.

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9. Best Compact -Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Under $2000

best compact digital piano


This product has a stylish, slim, and compact design with 88-keys with dynamic acoustic piano sounds interesting to play on a maximum-output section amp, which creates a lot of volume RH3.

LP-380 typically provides an excellent piano sound of a slim design and a minimal profile. Its flat cabinet top has a stylish look with cover keys closed plus its maximum output speakers, and amplifiers correctly recreate a realistic piano sound. As the keybed of RH3, Korg’s flagship enhances an expressive performance.

Its design style is similar to the interior decor. Additionally, it is available in 5 color choices; it has also reduced weight, package size, and chassis. This product also comes with a 3 petal design that has damp half support. It has a similar feel to the acoustic grand piano with a response that is heavier at the minimal register to enable it to be lightweight during the upward play.

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10. Best for Beginners -Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

best casio digital piano under 2000


Yamaha PX-870 comes with everything you need and powerful educational tools, which makes it a great digital piano for beginners. This model of a digital piano comes with 88 scaled keys, weighted hammer action with simulated ivory textures, and ebony. It contains a detailed resonance with the beautiful sound of a new piano plus 18 tones. Additionally, it has a four-speaker system for the powerful projection of a new sound.

On the other hand, it is versatile for practice, and recording. It comes with a stylish wooden cabinet that is modern with a key cover that is sliding. These features make it suitable for lessons in the studio, for use at home and anywhere else you would wish to play your digital piano.

It has a panel at the front for headphones connection I deal for silent practice. Therefore, thanks to these fantastic features for making this product earn remarkable feedback in the entertainment industry.

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