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riving relies largely on sight. If you can’t see, you can’t drive, at least not safely. But when the sun is low in the sky on the way home from work, many people have trouble seeing where they’re going. Luckily, driving sunglasses can help combat this problem so you can drive safely. Of course, not all driving sunglasses are the same. When your safety depends on it, it is essential that you get the best of the best. To help you choose the right sunglasses, we’ve put together this guide featuring some of the best driving sunglasses available. Best Overall

Maui Jim Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses

Maui Jim Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses Check Latest Price   Summary These sunglasses by Maui Jim stood out for their comfortable fit, polarized lenses, and quality craftsmanship. Pros Well-made, thin lenses, polarized, high glare reduction, rubber inserts in nose pads, springs inside the frame improve fit, and very durable. Cons Not completely scratch- and dust-resistant. They do not fit everyone’s face correctly. Best Value

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Check Latest Price   Summary These sunglasses are inexpensive but still deliver a good performance. They are suitable for daily driving, hold up nicely, and are comfortable. Pros Inexpensive, classic design, fit on most people, comfortable, and flexible. Cons Made of cheaper materials, susceptible to wear-and-tear, do not come with a warranty. Honorable Mention

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Polarized Sunglasses Check Latest Price   Summary Copy Tom Cruise’s look from Top Gun with these Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. They’re made in Italy and have polarized lenses that are scratch-resistant and provide 100 percent UV protection. Pros You can choose from a variety of different frames, lens colors, and lens widths. They are stylish, sturdy, lightweight, and very comfortable. Cons The blue may not be the exact shade you expect. They may also look too large on some people, even with the different size options.

Benefits of Sunglasses for Driving 

  • See properly. Sunglasses for driving around have one main job: They help us see in the daylight. While you won’t always need sunglasses to drive, they’re definitely a must-have on those sunny, early morning drives. No matter how resistant your eyes are to the sun, sunglasses can improve driving viewability. 
  • Drive in comfort. No one likes looking directly into the sun. Sadly, depending on the time of the day, looking at the road might just mean looking at the sun! A pair of sunglasses designed for driving can help your eyes stay comfortable. 
  • Protect your eyes. Just like our skin, our eyes also need to be protected from the sun. Sunglasses can help reduce eye strain and protect the eyes when facing the sun while driving. 

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Types of Sunglasses for Driving 


Wayfarers were first introduced by Ray-Ban in the 1950s. This type of sunglasses features a trapezoidal frame, which is unique to this style. Because they are usually made out of plastic, these sunglasses are often very lightweight. 


This popular type of sunglasses was first given to military pilots to help protect their eyes from the sun. Since then, they have become increasingly popular and are one of the most common types of sunglasses today. The teardrop shape of the lenses prevents light from entering at all angles, which can be helpful while driving. Many variants of this type also exist with slightly different lens shapes. 

Cat Eye 

The cat eye sunglasses are almost exclusively worn by women, though there are some styles out there for men as well. These sunglasses feature lenses that are pointed along the outside edge, much like a cat eye. 


This is a very common style that is utilized by many for practical reasons. They are most common among the military, bodyguards, and other outdoor professions. The clean and minimal lines are also very stylish and are becoming increasingly popular. 


Round sunglasses are a vintage style that is making a comeback. While these sunglasses usually don’t help block the sun much, they are chosen by many due to their style. In some cases, you will find driving sunglasses in this design, though it is rare. 


Shield sunglasses wrap around the wearers head. This feature makes them popular for outdoor sports and other activities where normal sunglasses might fall off. The goggle-like design helps provide maximum coverage from the sun, making them very useful as driving glasses. 


Rimless sunglasses are a relatively new style that is very minimalistic. The frame is mostly hidden or non-existent. This design is smaller and thinner than most, however, so they don’t do much to help your vision. 

Top Brands

Maui Jim 

This sunglasses manufacturer was founded in 1980 in Hawaii; it is currently based in Illinois, however. In 2015, it was the largest sunglasses manufacturer in the world. It sells over 135 different pairs of sunglasses and has its own polarization technology called PolarizedPlus2. Its Makaha unisex glasses are particularly popular. 

Serengeti Eyewear 

This company primarily produces eyewear and is currently owned by the Bushnell Corporation. It was originally founded in 1984 and was bought by the Bushnell Corporation in 2000. It produces and develops a number of technologies related to eye protection, including polarized lenses. People seem to particularly like its Aviators sunglasses. 


Oakley is owned by the Luxottica Group and is currently based in California. It produces a variety of different products, including sunglasses, backpacks, and even shoes. Currently, it holds over 600 patents. Originally, it was founded by James Jannard in 1975 and started by producing a special type of motorcycle grip. The name “Oakley” was also the name of Jannard’s dog. Oakley is specifically known for its Holbrook Iridium Sport Sunglasses.

Sunglasses for Driving Pricing

  • Under $50: Any pair of sunglasses under $50 are typical “knock-offs.” They are not produced by a major brand and are usually only designed for style purposes. They are rarely polarized or designed for UV protection. They are also normally made of plastic, lenses included. 
  • $50 – $150: In this range, sunglasses often come with tinted or even polarized lenses, which is nearly impossible to find with cheaper sunglasses. They are also made of high-quality materials, such as acetate.
  • Over $150: These sunglasses typically have all the features of the moderately-priced options with a few more add-ons. They might be made with new, more effective polarization technology, or they might just be bigger. The more material a pair of sunglasses has, the more expensive they will be.

Key Features


It is essential to purchasing a pair of sunglasses that are made with high-quality material. For driving, your average plastic glasses just aren’t going to cut it. Instead, choose sunglasses that are made of a suitable metal or high-quality plastic. 

UV Protection

Sunglasses should protect your eyes, plain and simple. Preferably, a pair of sunglasses should have a UV-protection rating of 100 percent. Otherwise, they aren’t protecting your eyes properly. You should also ensure that the pair of sunglasses you purchase protects from UVB and UVA rays. Just because a pair of glasses says “100-percent UV protection” doesn’t mean they protect from both kinds of UV rays. 

Lens Size 

The bigger the lenses, the more light they will block. Lenses that don’t cover your whole eye area aren’t going to block all the light coming in. For this reason, we recommend choosing sunglasses with larger lenses for driving. 


Polarized sunglasses are designed to eliminate glare caused by bright, shiny surfaces. A lot of car accidents are caused by glare, so this is an important feature for most driving sunglasses. Still, not everyone benefits from polarized lenses. Some car displays are difficult to read through polarized lenses.

Other Considerations

  • Comfort: Some sunglasses are more comfortable than others. The material, fit, and weight all factor into how comfortable the sunglasses are. While comfort might not be a huge deal if you only commute ten minutes to work every day, it can be essential if you plan on wearing these sunglasses a lot. 
  • Durability: Much like comfort, how durable a pair of sunglasses depends on a variety of factors. The materials are perhaps the biggest factor. However, weight and craftsmanship can play a large role as well. 

The primary benefit of polarized lenses is glare reduction. Polarized sunglasses cut down on the percentage of light that gets reflected horizontally through lenses. This special laminated film can increase visual acuity, reduce eye fatigue and make it easier to see clearly through the lenses of women’s prescription sunglasses on the road.SHOP WOMENS PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES

woman wearing prescription sunglasses

Wear Women’s Polarized Sunglasses On the Road

Lenses laminated with polarized film are ideal for wearing behind the wheel. When sunlight glints off of other vehicles, reflective road paint and roadside signs, it can momentarily blind a driver who is not wearing eye protection. Tinted lenses can increase contrast and depth perception, but do nothing to block bright flashes of reflected light.

Whether you are on a short excursion or a long road trip, polarized lenses reduce the amount of bright light that strikes your eyes. Over time, this may limit eye fatigue and keep your vision sharp. Wearing sunglasses while driving on a sunny day is an obvious choice, but polarized lenses can also reduce glare from wet road surfaces after a storm.

Select Prescription Sunglasses for Driving

If you require a prescription in order to drive safely, consider having corrective lenses treated with a polarized coating. Driving glasses may be single vision or bifocal to allow you to focus on the dash, other vehicles on the road and important signage.

One of the main advantages of getting driving glasses with polarized lenses is that the reduction in glare contributes toward sharper visual acuity. The difference these lenses make may be immediately apparent when you hit the road on a bright, sunny day, but also add up over the long haul.

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The Leading Driving Sunglasses Styles

A number of the most popular styles of women’s sunglasses for driving have rectangular-shaped lenses. While rectangular frames are most flattering for curved oval or round face shapes, the main benefit of wide frames for driving is the area of view.

Whether you choose driving glasses that have lenses that are rectangular or any other shape, lenses that are slightly larger and provide more lateral coverage can be helpful for blocking glare from more angles, such as reflections caught inside mirrors. Taller lenses may also be useful for bifocal or multifocal prescription driving sunglasses.

women wearing prescription sunglasses


How do I order womens prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses?

Start by picking your favorite frames. Select the right size of frames to fit your face and check the compatibility of a style with your prescription. Based on the brand and design, frames may accommodate single vision or multifocal lenses with a choice of brown, gray or green polarized tints.

What are the benefits of polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses reduce glare on the road and other reflective surfaces such as snow or water. A laminated filter over lenses keeps most horizontally reflected light from reaching eyes. Lenses that are polarized can enhance visual acuity, precision and comfort while reducing strain, even in bright and highly reflective surroundings.

Which polarized lens tints are available?

Gray, green and brown are three popular tints for polarized lenses. Gray lenses are the most versatile tint for cutting glare during everyday wear. Green polarized lenses boost low-light contrast, while brown shades enhance contrast and depth and can be an ideal choice to wear while driving on sunny days.

Why are polarized lenses good for driving?

The coating on polarized lenses makes a significant reduction in the amount of horizontally reflected light that passes through lenses and makes contact with wearers eyes. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are helpful for reducing eye strain and fatigue during periods of prolonged focus by limiting the brightness of reflected light.

Can I wear polarized sunglasses during other activities?

The features of polarized lenses are obvious in bright environments with significant glare. In addition to roads, open water and snow reflect light horizontally, diminishing acuity and causing premature eye fatigue. Frame design and a choice of non-prescription, single vision or multifocal prescription lenses may determine when glasses are worn.

Polarized sunglasses are a good choice for womens prescription sunglasses or sunglasses with non-prescription tinted lenses. Some brands offer proprietary polarization technology for plano or prescription lenses. Glasses customization options may include a choice of polarized lens shades for corrective driving glasses, including single vision and multifocal lenses.

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The Importance of UV Protection

From an early age, almost everyone is taught that spending too much time in the sun can be bad for your eyes. While that’s somewhat true, that single broad statement has become a kind of scientific boogie man. Everyone’s wary about the sun, but fewer people know about the importance of UV protection and how it can help you negate its effects. Your polarized sunglass lenses will also come with a separate UV protective coating, as standard.

Did you know? Prolonged exposure to the sun without UV protection can cause rapid macular degeneration (blurring of the eyesight.). Believe it or not, this phenomenon can occur at any time of the year, since UV rays reflect extremely well off of cloudy skies, snow, and even water. Polarized sunglasses can help your eyes filter out these dangerous rays and maintain your vision’s health.

The Benefits of Polarization

Sunglasses with this special coating have unique features that make them a great choice for active people, drivers, and more. Here’s just a couple special examples: Reduced glare: Polarized sunglasses take in vertical light, but filter out horizontal light. This effectively blocks out the blurry hazes and glares associated with bright reflections during sunny days and overly bright car headlights during night time driving. Improved comfort and reduced eye strain: Polarized sunglasses naturally lessen the amount that you need to squint in bright light conditions, drastically reducing eye strain and improving comfort.

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