Best pressure washer for car

We combed the far reaches of the internet to find you the best options for various different levels of need and budget, and dive into what you need to look for when shopping for a pressure washer. If you want to know more about the best pressure washer for car options use the table of contents to navigate, but first, here are a few of the best pressure washers for car washing and using around the yard.

Are you tired of always taking your car down to the car wash? Then you should consider pressure washing to get rid of all the dirt, dust, grime, and other stains that are keeping you from showing off your sweet ride on the roads. A pressure washer only takes minutes to clean your car, and you can use it for other cleaning needs like cleaning your driveway or garage. If you haven’t already grabbed your pressure washer, consider going for some of the top-rated pressure washers in our buying guide.

Some people are perfectly happy lovingly washing their car by hand with a bucket of mild soapy water and soft wash mitts, some only have the time to run it through a drive-thru wash after a fill-up, and others can’t be bothered to wash their car at all. However, keeping your car clean will keep your vehicle in better condition in the long run – especially in areas that use salt over the winter months—and one tool that can make cleaning it quicker, easier, and more affordable in the long run is a pressure washer. Sure you can use one at a local coin wash, but then you have to go out of your way to get there instead of just doing it your driveway, and a pressure has many other uses around the house and yard that make it a worthwhile investment.

There are many types of pressure washers, from gas to electric and portable to industrial strength, and what works for one household might be overkill for another. So how do you find the right pressure washer?

Best pressure washer for car



The Sun Joe SPX3000 is our best car power washer for a number of reasons. First off, it has a 1,800-watt electric motor that delivers a pressure of 2,030 PSI and a steady water flow rate of 1.76 gallons per minute. In addition, the manufacturer included a safety feature in the form of a Total Stop System (TSS) trigger, which automatically shuts off the pump when your finger isn’t on the trigger. 

The fun doesn’t end there, as the washer also comes with five spray tips featuring Quick-Connect technology. This makes it easy to change the spray tips when you want to switch between light-, medium-, and heavy-duty work. This Sun Joe model is also equipped with two 0.9-liter onboard detergent tanks for maximum cleaning power. The rear wheels make it easy to move around the washer.

Despite the fact that this washer is CSA-approved, it would be better if it had a stronger hose connector that’s not prone to leaking. That could pose a safety issue if you are using it when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet. The nozzle also gets rusty after prolonged use. Moreover, the manual doesn’t come with the best instructions to help a newbie set up the device.BEST VALUEGreenworks 1500 PSI


The Greenworks 1500 PSI is not just thebest affordable pressure washer on the market, but it also boasts premium features like 25- and 40-degree quick connects nozzles. You can easily change from light- to medium-duty cleaning tasks with 1,500 PSI of water pressure delivered at 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM). It’s capable of getting rid of oil stains, heavy mildew stains, mud, and grime.

This 17.5-pound machine comes with multiple tips for connectivity, and you can change the spray tips to control the water pressure. The soap applicator supplies you with soap as you clean any surface. It draws its power from an electric outlet and features a long 35-foot power cord and a 13-amp universal motor. You will find it convenient that the washer can be used either vertically or horizontally.

The flipside to its greatness is that it has no wheels, which makes it hard to clean multiple vehicles. In addition, this model wasn’t made for heavy-duty cleaning. The spray pressure could be better. It also feels cheap with some of the parts starting to fall apart after about two years of extended use.HONORABLE MENTIONBriggs & Stratton 020681


This electric pressure washer is for anyone who wants a reliable unit that runs quietly. It’s powered with a durable brushless induction motor that can push out a maximum pressure of 2,000 psi at a rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. It’s designed with a military-grade steel frame that can survive accidental drops, and includes an onboard detergent tank. 

The unit comes with four quick-connect nozzles that allow you to increase the water pressure or adjust the angle of water flow by about zero to 20 degrees. It also features a foldable handle that folds the unit almost in half so that it can fit in smaller spaces such as your trunk. You can rely on this unit to get rid of any kind of dirt or grime lodged on your car. 

However, the fact that the hose doesn’t store well on the unit is the most significant nagging issue. It tends to unravel easily. In addition, some of the spray tips might not click in place and can shoot out once the washer is activated.HONORABLE MENTIONWestinghouse WPX2700 gas Powered Pressure Washer


As the name suggests, the WPX2700 provides a maximum pressure of 2,700 psi at a rate of 2.3 gallons per minute. It’s a deep-cleaning power washer that is not only good for removing the grime from your tires, but can also be used to wash garage floors, sidewalks, fences, and walls. The unit has a heavy-duty steel construction equipped with an onboard one-gallon gas tank and a ½-gallon soap tank. It relies on the maintenance-free axial cam pump to facilitate air-free pumping when it’s running at maximum pressure. 

Connected right at the soap tank is a 25-foot, abrasion-resistant hose with a spray gun. You get four quick-connect nozzles to attach on the spray gun, which can spray at an angle of 0, 25, and 40 degrees. The fourth one is designed for exclusively dispensing soap. What’s more, the unit has 12-inch wheels for easy maneuverability when you are cleaning around your car.

What you might not like about it is the poor quality hose that may kink easily or leak at the connector. Also, the pump can run hot when operating under maximum pressure, and it can melt the hose if you forget to move it from the pump.HONORABLE MENTIONChampion 3200-PSI Gas Pressure Washer


You can’t go wrong if you decide to buy a pressure washer that delivers a little more pressure to get rid of the tougher debris and grease stains on your vehicle. This is why we included this gas pressure washer from Champion. It delivers a maximum pressure of 3,200 psi at 2.4 gallons per minute from its 25-foot high-pressure hose. 

All this pressure will feel comfortable on your hand thanks to the ergonomic wand with a fatigue-free trigger. For a little versatility, the manufacturer provides five nozzles that allow you to shoot out the liquid at an angle of 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees. The last nozzle is specifically designed for releasing soap. For safety, the unit will automatically shut off when it’s low on oil. You will find it easy to move around the unit since it has dolly-style wheels. 

Champion is an apex manufacturer of automotive products, so expect to pay a little extra for this pressure washer. Besides that, it may come with some faulty spray tips that don’t click in place.HONORABLE MENTIONStanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer


The Stanley SHP2150 is an electric power washer with a powerful, noise-free motor that delivers a maximum pressure of 2,150 psi. The detergent bottle is the main special feature on the unit since it doubles as a foam cannon to allow for deeper cleaning of tough stains. The detergent bottle can hold a maximum of 28 ounces. 

Attachments on the unit include a pressure washer gun with onboard storage for about four quick-connect nozzles. It also includes a 25-foot, high-pressure hose that’s designed with professional-grade brass connectors to prevent leaks. For easy transporting, the unit comes with two never-go-flat wheels and a telescopic handle that you can push in or out. 

The main downside of this unit is that it doesn’t come with a built-in detergent tank. Also, it has a plastic body and wheels, which can crack easily if mishandled. Another issue is that it doesn’t produce the best water flow, at only 1.4 gallons per minute.

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