Best pressure washer for small business

What is the best pressure washer for small business? A pressure washer (also known as a power washer) is essentially a really powerful hose. It’s extremely high pressure and is used to wash off mold, dust, mud, and dirt from the sides of a house, decks, boats, cars, lawn equipment, and driveways. It can also remove loose paint and clean out livestock stables, construction sites, and big commercial spaces, like warehouses.

The power on commercial or industrial pressure washers are most commonly measured in horsepower or volts and amps, if the engine is electric. The bigger the cleaning task, the more power is recommended. You should be careful about getting a pressure washer that’s too powerful, because the high-pressure water can actually damage cars and other items. You should also never spray a person with the hose. If you are cleaning a large commercial or industrial space, 10-12HP is a more than acceptable range.

Best pressure washer for small business

Best DIRECT DRIVE GAS Commercial Pressure Washer

Simpson PowerShot 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM With Honda GX390 Engine

Simpson PS3228-S 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The best direct drive gas powered commercial pressure washer is the Simpson Powershot with the Honda GX390 commercial series engine and the AAA by Comet industrial triplex plunger pump with forged brass head and ceramic pistons. (See graphic of engine and pump details here).

As you can see from the image the unit has a wheelbarrow stance to make it easy to push or pull. It also has never flat pneumatic tires to make moving over uneven surfaces and around a job site a cinch.

The price hover around the high $900 mark and comes with free shipping for that cost. For the quality, cleaning power and price you will not find a better value direct drive gas commercial power washer.

BELT DRIVE GAS Commercial Pressure Washer 

Mi-T-M CW3004-4MGH 3000 PSI 3.5 GPM With Honda GX390 Engine

Mi-T-M Heavy Duty Commercial Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M is an abbreviation for “mighty 1000” in reference to the first pressure washer they made in 1971 being 1000 PSI (M = 1000 in roman numerals). Now they sell all types of different pressure washers, generators, air compressors, industrial vacuums, heaters and pumps.

Their belt drive gas commercial pressure washer is best in class and comes with the same GX390 engine as the direct drive Simpson above. It has a belt drive General Pump with a 10-year warranty attached to it.

You can add-on a roll cage to the machine that acts as protection (and a secure chain up point) as well as a lifting frame to lift it to height. If you pressure wash all day every day or run a pressure washer rental company then this is a great option to buy.

Best DIRECT DRIVE ELECTRIC Commercial Pressure Washer 

Pressure Pro 3000 PSI 3.5 GPM With 35 Amp 230 Volt Motor and General Pump

Pressure Pro EE3530G Direct Drive Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

This heavy-duty Pressure Pro is great value for the money. It is constructed on a lifetime warranty aluminium frame, and the whole machine only weights 150 pounds.

It has a 7.5 horsepower induction motor that draws 35A at 230V. If you’re working indoors and sound and fumes are the buying criteria this is your best option.

BELT DRIVE ELECTRIC Commercial Pressure Washer

Pressure Pro Eagle Series

Pressure Pro Eagle Series Belt Drive Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Out of all the commercial pressure washers, finding a belt drive electric is the hardest. They are basically only made by Pressure Pro in their Eagle Series. I guess the demand isn’t high?

The Pressure Pro belt drive electric has 3000 PSI and 4 GPM at max. This is huge for an electric. It has a Baldor 7.5 hp motor and General Pump. Both are what you want in a commercial electric machine!

If you’re in the market for this machine then look to pay upwards of $5000.

Best HOT WATER Commercial Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen 4000 PSI 3.5 GPM With Kohler Engine

Easy Kleen Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer

If you want a hot water power washer this one by Easy-Kleen should be the first one you look at. Why? Because it hits all the sweet spots: It has a direct drive General Pump with 5 year warranty, a 14 HP Kohler engine with 3 year warranty and a diesel burner for the schedule 80 coils with stainless shell for the hot water “tank”.

When you add hot water to this kind of cleaning power you get a machine that clean anything. Graffiti is now easy to remove, caked on grease at restaurants now easy and tough to clean semi-trucks now easy to clean.

You can see the pressure washer comes on a 4-wheel frame to make moving its 400-pound-self around not too hard. All this comes at a cost though. It varies in price between the high $3000s to the mid $4000s.

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