Best pressure washer under 200

For homeowners, there is a never-ending list of reasons to get a power washer. The simple truth of the matter is there are few tools out there that can deliver the chemical-free clean that the pressure washer can. So what is the Best pressure washer under 200?

So, you know that you need a good pressure washer, but you don’t know which one you should get. Does that sound like your situation?

If so, then there is plenty that we can do to help. Today we have assembled a power washer buying guide. Not only have we taken an in-depth look at a bunch of premium options, but we have also put together some considerations that should help make the process a whole lot easier for you.

You want to get the best pressure washer possible, don’t you? Well then sit back relax and enjoy as we take a look at our


best pressure washer 2020

Best Electric Pressure Washer Under 200

Searching for the Best Electric Pressure Washer Under 200 Dollars? So, your searching is over now, because you landed the best place, here you can explore the complete world of the best electric pressure washers along with their detailed reviews.

And today, we are gonna share some of the best picks under 200 dollars. So we made this list of Best Electric Pressure Washer Under 200 Dollars, in which you will get some of the best electric power washer 2020 editions under $200.

Well, before going to share these top picks of Best Electric Pressure Washer Under 200 Dollars, let me know you one thing that, I never prefer the brand name or the expensive products, even I always prefer the decent quality at the affordable price.

So, below you will get only genuine and decent products under 200 dollars. I made this decent and best list in which I am gonna review some of the Best Electric Pressure Washer Under 200 Dollars, orBest Electric Power Washer Under 200 Dollars.

So, without wasting the much time of yours as well as mine, let me start reviews these best devices of 2020, so you will get the complete and best possible information about every device that I will share below.

Best pressure washer under 200

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer – Top Pick

Sun Joe SPX3000

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Let’s start with the very best of the best, shall we? The Sun Joe SPX3000 is both powerful and full of utility, featuring five different tips that will allow you to incorporate loads of different approaches to your cleaning technique.

It’s also efficient, featuring a function that stops the pump when water is not filtering through it to prolong the life of the unit, and it is very powerful, featuring a 14.5-amp electric motor that delivers 1.74 gallons per minute.

Finally, it also features two different tanks for detergents so that you can utilize different cleaning chemicals simultaneously if the need arises.

All really great features, right? That said it isn’t perfect.

One of the main cons associated with this washer that you will have to be wary of is that the tips are prone to clogging after relatively mild use, which can prove very irritating if you don’t stay on top of it.

This aside it is a great washer that most users will be very glad to have.Pros

  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Two Detergent Tanks


  • Clogs easily

2. PowRyte Elite 5001750 Power Washer – The Runner-up

PowRyte Elite 5001750

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Coming in second, we have the PowRyte Elite. This electric option provides a combination of features that should do very well to address the needs of most shoppers that need their washer for residential use.

One of our favorite things about this option is the adjustable nozzle, which serves as an excellent way to take a number of different approaches to your pressure washing jobs. The adjustable nozzle enables you to adjust the degree of water flow to specifically suit whatever task you have on your hands.

It also features a total stop function (just like the last option that we looked at) which stops the pump whenever water is not running through it in order to extend the lifespan.

Last but certainly not least, it is also powerful, generating 2100PSI pressure at 1.80GPM—more than enough to take care of any cleaning job that you might encounter.

Of course, it’s not perfect. The biggest problem that we were able to detect with this option comes in the department of value.
It’s a great option, but it also doesn’t deliver anything that our top choice does not provide, despite the fact that it is more expensive.

Shoppers looking to get the maximum value (probably everyone) will most likely be better served by that option.Pros

  • Smart Stop Pump
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable Nozzle


  • Lacks the value of our top pick

3. Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure-Washer – Best for the Money

Sun Joe SPX1000

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Coming in third and in our best for the money slot, the Sun Joe SPX1000. Though this comes from the same manufacturer as our number one pick, this option is a little bit simpler, and a lot more affordable.

The first thing that most people will notice about this option is, indeed, the affordable price but that is definitely not all that the SPX1000 has going for it.

It also features a powerful 1400-watt motor that is going to be perfect for taking care of the majority of your pressure cleaning needs and a long-reaching wand with an adjustable nozzle that will allow you to apply an individualized approach to your work.

The biggest problem attached to this option is simply that it isn’t made to be very durable.

A lot of the components are made with a cheaper plastic that may not stand up to wear and tear. Given the price, this is not extremely surprising, but it also can have a significant impact on your user experience.

This aside, it’s a good option at a really great price.Pros

  • Best for the Money
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable Nozzle


  • Not very durable

4. Greenworks 1600 Power Washer

Greenworks 1600

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Coming in second to last, we have the Greenworks. On the surface, this unit looks like a pretty good option. It features dual chemical tanks that empower you to utilize multiple cleaning solutions, a compact design that will make it easy to transport, and adjustable nozzle tips that add versatility to your work.

The problem is in performance. The Greenworks is prone to overheating very quickly. It also suffers from an inconsistent distribution of pressure, and a hose that is very susceptible to leaks.

In short, while this option shows promise, there are some serious concerns to work out before it could be considered a highly desirable option.Pros

  • Chemical Tanks
  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • Easy to Transport


  • Uneven pressure
  • Hose prone to leaks
  • Overheats quickly

5. POTEK 14811 Budget Pressure Washer

POTEK 14811

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This is what we would call an option that is both last and least. While the Potek does manage to be a fairly affordable option on this list, that is essentially all that it manages to accomplish.

This option is substantially less powerful than the other units that we have looked at today, it lacks many of the features you will have by now probably come to expect, and perhaps worst of all, it suffers from a very short lifespan (which really challenges the economic value of it as well).

In short, this is a very basic option. On its own right, it is not necessarily a bad pressure washer, but compared to other similar options, like the ones that we looked at on this list, it just falls well short of what you would hope for.

If money is your top concern this is something to consider, but if you can manage it, we highly recommend you consider our best for the money pick instead.Pros

  • Affordable


  • Short lifespan
  • Not very powerful
  • Very basic

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