best pressure washing mixture

Mix up a simple blend of common cleaning products to clean the mold and mildew from your home. You may either apply with an long wand and soft bristle brush or with a pressure washer.

Step 1

Take 5 Gallon bucket and fill 1/2 with warm water. Stir water and while water is still circulating add 1 gallon liquid bleach. Keep stirring and while water is still circulating add 2 cups TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). You can usually get this at your pool store or at your local hardware store in the paint section. Stir Water and while water is still circulating add 1 cup borax.

Step 2

Blend this mixture very well and for the last step add 1/4 cup liquid dish washing soap and finish filling bucket with water. If you find that you need more soap add to desired effect. The soap is used to thicken the mixture and allow greater dwell time on vertical surfaces.

Step 3

This Blend makes 5 Gallons of exterior house wash.

Take preventative measure when applying such as pre-watering and/or covering plants and foliage in the work area. After finishing project always rinse with straight water and as a final step wet down any plants one final time.

Step 4


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