best push up bra for b cup

What is the best push up bra for a b cup? Today, we discuss the best push up bra for b cup, best strapless push up bra for b cup, and best push up bra for a b cup. Push-up bras have been reliable assets for women looking for a quick way to perk up their assets for a long time now. However, finding the best push up bra is a lot easier said than done. With a little bit of guidance and a push in the right direction, finding that perfect bra that is reliable and comfortable can actually be done.

Our Top Push-Up Bra Reviews

We went out and researched the best push-up bras, and here is our list of the top rated bras that push up on the market. We’ve segmented it by cup size and body type, since there are different features that should be considered for various sizes.

Best Push Up Bra For B Cup

Best Push Up Bra: B.tempt’d by Wacoal’d Bra

When we’re talking about enhancing our assets, there’s only one slot for the overall best. We’re talking about the bra that makes women feel like their sexiest and most confident selves.

b.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's B.Wow'D Push Up Bra,...Now there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which option tops the list, but we’ve narrowed it down to a single product and we’ll give you its rundown right here.

Introducing Wacoal’s very own, ​b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s B. Wow’D Push-Up Bra. This demi bra’s smooth and seamless finish provides you with the utmost comfort.

This is balanced with the perfect amount of underwire push for a natural yet sexy lift, making it our vote for the overall best push up bra that you’ll love.

It’s plunging, scalloped-edge cups sets it apart from the rest, plus it’s practically invisible underneath clothing due to its beautiful and classic seamless design. This means you can wear it underneath any sort of type of material whether thick or thin, opaque or translucent.

Built with high-quality Nylon and Spandex, this bra is lined with a contrast satin trim for extra coverage and design. These two materials together create the softest and most flexible fabric that can support you.

​Meanwhile, the satin trim provides you with utmost comfort for a smooth and silky touch when worn, and also prevents any unwanted peek throughs through your clothing. The overall material is thin and lightweight, making it feel almost as if you’re not wearing a bra at all.

At the back, it has two layers of closures. Similar to the DOOSINKI and Fallsweet bras mentioned below, this one also has straps that are completely removable, giving you the option to turn it into a strapless bra with some oomph.

Along with making this a strapless bra when needed, you can convert the straps into a racerback or bring one around the neck for a halter.

​This bra by Wacoal is also great for ladies with wide set breasts, as it brings them together for a natural yet full, lifted look that enhances a woman’s natural curves and body shape, yet is a comfortable fit.

This comes in 5 different colors, all on the more neutral and darker side, and sizes come in A-DD, and the band size ranges from 30-38. Between those two measurements, there is a fairly large range of bra sizes that this model comes in. Small, large, plus size, and saggy boobs can all have the option to try out this bra.

This bra’s versatility, effortlessness, and innovation won’t be going out of style anytime soon. It’s super soft yet supportive, comfortable cups aren’t seen very often in the industry, and it is also one of the primary reasons that this bra stands out. You’ll love its versatility and comfort.

Product Specs
  • Demi plunge cup style
  • ​30 – 38 band, A – DD sizes
  • Subtle, sensuous lift
  • Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • Seamless scalloped-edge cups
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • 5 different colors

b.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's B.Wow'D Push Up Bra,...

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s B.Wow’D Push Up Bra,…

  • Seamless demi-cup plunge bra featuring scalloped and contrast satin trim
  • Convertible and adjustable straps
  • Back hook-and-eye closure

Best for Small Boobs: FallSweet Women’s Brassiere

Finding push-up bras for smaller boobs can be a challenge. For those with small breasts, the most difficult aspect of buying a great bra that pushes up is finding one that doesn’t look like you’re stuffing your undergarments. The goal here is to find the most fitting pushup bra that makes your assets look natural, while also flattering your body shape in the process.

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women...

The FallSweet Add Two Cups Push Up Brassiere is ideal for small breasted women. This bra will increase your bust by 2 sizes when wearing it, taking you from an A to C cup in seconds (or a B to a D cup). Girls, we love this!

What’s unique about this bra is the adjustable tie in the front of the bra. This allows you to customize the amount of cleavage by bringing your breasts closer or further apart, depending on you and what you need it for.

This is a great option for those with small breasts, as you might not typically have an option for cleavage with other bras!

Overall, this adjustable cleavage bra is designed with creating the perfect lift while still being comfortable as a top priority. The cotton and spandex material is great for its super soft and stretchy qualities, making your bra comfy and flexible while still holding your boobs up and in place.

There’s also no underwire, meaning you won’t have to worry about any wiring poking and prodding at you throughout the day, providing for a more comfortable fit.

It also has a wide, thick bust band for support along with 3 closures in the back and 8 different colors to pick from. While women with A or B cups might not necessarily need this thick band to support their boobs like larger sizes do, it adds an extra layer of stability while wearing the bra.

Plus, these wider wings at the back can also help smooth out any back fat created while wearing the bra.

Additionally, the straps are convertible straps and fully removable, allowing you to wear this as a racerback, a halter bra, or even a strapless bra. Because this can become a strapless bra, having a thicker band will help to make sure your bra stays in place.

Small chested women have several options when it comes to finding a bra that pushes up but is also comfortable. To see our favorites for women with A and B boobs, read our in-depth review on the top push up bra for A cup breasts.

Product Specs
  • Plunge brassiere style
  • 32 – 38 band, A – C sizes
  • Adds up two sizes
  • Adjustable straps, option for strapless bra
  • Unlined, wire-free cups with adjustable cleavage
  • Closure at the back
  • 8 different colors / designs
FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women...

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women…

  • Cup Size: A B cup/ Padded/Push Up Bra Cup
  • You can adjust the cleavage you want by loosen or tighten the rope in middle
  • Hook and Eyes: Three

Best for Average Boobs: Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Lace Bra

Ladies with C cup boobs fall under the middle to average sized breasts. Luckily enough, almost every brand out there caters to them, so when it comes to options, there are numerous! However, finding the best push up bra for C cup boobs still can be a challenge.

Maidenform Women's Ultimate Emblellished Push Up ...We love this Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Lace Push-up Bra for ladies with C’s.

This plunge cup bra was created with luxury and comfort in mind, while still enhancing the breasts for a natural cleavage and a sensual plunging neckline.

Unlike the FallSweet Bra mentioned above, this one does include an underwire, providing ample support to your boobs.

Even though this bra contains wiring, it’s still a very comfortable fit because of the extra plush padding that surrounds the wire and the cup itself.

There is also sueded-touch fabric that lines it, making it feel super smooth and silky on the breasts when worn.

The Maidenform features a super soft yet sexy lift and increases your breast appearance by about 1 cup size. The bra can take you from a C to a D cup instantly. It gives the look of fuller breasts while still looking natural.

The plunging design on this makes this the perfect bra to wear with low cut tops and dresses where you want to show a bit of cleavage. Since this is a great push up bra for a C, your breasts will be gently pressed together, giving you that “kissed cleavage” look!

All 20 designs and 17 colors of this bra feature a soft lace lining on the cups for the added factor of that sultry sex appeal in addition to your already kissing cleavage. A beautiful, elegant lace design covers the outside of the lingerie for added sex appeal.

Product Specs
  • Half cup plunge style
  • 32 – 38 band, A – D sizes
  • Soft, natural lift with good neckline
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight plush padded cups
  • Back closure
  • 17 different colors
Maidenform Women's Ultimate Emblellished Push Up ...

Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Emblellished Push Up …

  • Lace demi cup push-up bra featuring lined foam cups and underwire
  • Adjustable straps
  • Smoothing wing and leotard back with hook-and-eye closure

Best for Large Boobs: Calvin Klein Women’s Seductive Comfort Caress Customized Bra

When it comes to finding a good D or DD cup push up bra, it’s important to find a bra that props your girls up well and still provides support and comfort.

Calvin Klein Women's Seductive Comfort Caress...With that, we give you the​ Calvin Klein Women’s Seductive Comfort Caress Customized Bra.

We love that this one also has a more plunging-type neckline that provides a seductive gentle boost balanced with a comfortable fit.

The engineered wings on the sides are wide enough to provide extra support and help conceal any bulging. In the back, the band narrows out and sits flat against your skin, making it feel like it isn’t there. This is different from many other bras for larger breasts, as other bras tend to keep the strap thicker and wider all the way around.

Even though the band does thin out at the back, women with D+ breasts will still find this lingerie piece to be quite supportive. This is due to the engineered wing mentioned above, as it wraps around and creates a ballet back for better support and stability overall. 4 different colors are featured with this model.

The padded push up design is where this bra really stands out. The contoured cups vary in the amount of lift they provide, based on your size. This means that a D cup will have less padding than an A. Similarly, a DDD will have less padding than a D. This feature makes this undergarment the best padded push up bra for larger women.

This type of attention to wearability and practicality is why the Customized Lift Bra is the one we love for larger boobs. It considers women’s different sizes and needs and then caters to that. This does not typically happen with bra designs, which is why this bra gets our vote.

This bra has a soft yet sultry push up, making your larger boobs feel as if they are sitting against little pillows. The wiring and back that sit below the cups provide a good amount of extra support, making this a comfortable bra that can be worn all day.

Adding to the comfort, it’s made with mostly Polyamide and Elastane, which are 2 stretchy, super soft materials that go well on bras. It gives an ample amount of stretch that makes your bra flexible while supporting your breasts all the way.

It can be difficult for women with larger breasts to find a supportive bra that pushes up. To see our top selections for women with D and larger boobs, read our in-depth review on the top push up bra for D cup breasts.

Product Specs
  • Demi style plunge cups
  • 30 – 36 band, D – DD sizes
  • Natural lift
  • Adjustable bra straps
  • Soft padded push up cups
  • Hook fastening at the back
  • 4 different colors (blue, baby blue, black, beige)
Calvin Klein Women's Seductive Comfort Caress...

Calvin Klein Women’s Seductive Comfort Caress…

  • Padded push-up bra
  • Hook-and-eye back closure
  • Calvin Klein logo adjustable shoulder straps

Best for Plus Size: DOOSINKI Women Plus Size Sexy Lace Bra Underwire Bra

Just as much as smaller breasted women can have difficulties in finding the perfect fit, ladies with plus size breasts undergo the same dilemma, if not a bigger one, since not all brands carry sizes for women in the plus region.

DOOSINKI Women Plus Size Bra Elegant Floral Lace...For women in this category, it’s important to find the balance between support and comfort, without looking like their boobs are busting from the seams.

For this reason, we love the DOOSINKI Women’s Plus Size Lace Minimizer Underwire Bra for plus sized women. This bra gives a light push up through the underwire comfortably without over exaggerating your assets.

In comparison to the other bras we’ve featured here, this one has a smoothing, wide U-back shape. This helps diminish unflattering body rolls on your back, compress the torso, and create a sexy, plunging cleavage without excess. This bra’s special feature also gives the added effect of a slimmer body.

This bra uses a soft and breathable nylon fabric as well as light breast padding for extra coverage. It’s thick bust band with 4 rows of hook closure were created for ultimate support, as well as it’s wide, adjustable straps for added stability. 7 different colors give you some options to pick from.

Another thing that stands out about this bra is that along with being a bra that pushes up, it is also a minimizer bra! That might sound contradictory, but hear us out (and why its a feature we love).

While the bra works to push your boobs upwards, it’s also slightly compressing them inwards. So rather than your boobs going up and outwards, this one goes up and inwards to still provide you with look of full breasts without the excess spillage.

Product Specs
  • Full coverage push up and minimizer brassiere
  • 34 – 46 band, C – DD sizes
  • Comfortable lift with smoothing
  • Adjustable, detachable straps
  • Breathable and softly lined cups
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • 7 various colors
DOOSINKI Women Plus Size Bra Elegant Floral Lace...

DOOSINKI Women Plus Size Bra Elegant Floral Lace…

  • Breathable and soft fabric, comfortable lining.
  • Push Up: This Sexy Lace bra with lightly padding and side gathering band give lift and cleavage
  • Widen and smoothing U-shaped back is helpful to ease constriction, comfortable to wear all day

Best for Sagging Boobs: Maidenform Women’s Love the Lift Bra

It’s a given fact that our breasts won’t eventually be as perky as they were when we were younger. Besides gravity, aging and inadequate support can lead to the sagging of breasts. When this happens, it’s hard to feel confident and sexy because our boobs don’t seem to cooperate!

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up, Black...

To solve this problem, saggy boobs need a special kind of lifting bra. They need one that accentuates the cleavage while pushing up and bringing it together, to bring back that youthful look.

This ​Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up is perfect push up bra for sagging breasts. We love how it quickly lifts saggy breasts to become perky again. ​What sets this bra apart is it’s design. It’s demi-cup style and underwire brings the breasts together and pushes them up for a classy yet booming, sexy cleavage that highlights your silhouette and curves.

As far as materials go, the bra is made of comfy blend of spandex, nylon, and lace that line the cups. Not only will this bra smooth out any other unwanted rolls and bulges, it also gives you the appropriate amount support for the lift you want! And, with 28 various colors to pick from, you’ll find a color you love!

As you get older, sagging breasts is a thing all of us ladies have to deal with. If you’re looking to learn more about all of the different bras you need to tackle this problem, make sure to jump over to our large, sagging breast bra review article.

Product Specs
  • Demi plunge style
  • 32 – 38 band, A – D sizes
  • Adds one full cup size
  • Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • Lightly lined cups with side and back smoothing
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • 28 different colors

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up, Black...

Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up, Black…

  • Push-up bra with crisscross straps at center bust featuring lace panels at sides and back
  • Fully-adjustable convertible straps
  • Smoothing side wings

​Best Cheap Push Up Bra: Elaver ​Padded Lace Underwire Demi Plunge Bra

Being on a budget doesn’t have to stop you from looking at your best. While there are several expensive options in the market with attractive bonus features (think Victoria’s Secret…), purchasing a cheaper push up bra doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

Elaver Womens Lace Padded Push Up Bra 32C,Gray,32CIf you’re searching for that perfect bra that gives you the lift and support you want without needing to spend what feels like a fortune, then the Elaver Padded Lace Push Up Bra is the one you will love.

This bra is made up of a soft, flexible, and breathable blend of lace and elastane, and it is supported by two rows of hook and eye closures at the back.

The style takes after the demi-cup cut, which allows it to be considered a plunge bra. This creates prominent cleavage that boosts the overall sex appeal, which you’ll come to love from a cheaper choice.

On top of having a sexy design, this bra also works to smoothen out your back and reduce back fat and rolls. The shoulder straps and band slightly taper at the hook and eye closure, which helps in sucking you in and minimizing the appearance of fat.

When it comes to comfort, this bra boasts of its super soft memory foam cups. This provides you with adequate padding to give off the look of youthful and perky breasts. The cups also work to naturally add 1 full cup size to your breasts. Pick from 3 different colors for this highly affordable bra!

Product Specs
  • Demi plunge cup style
  • ​32 – 38 band, B – E sizes
  • ​A sultry and boosted lift
  • ​Soft memory cups for comfort
  • ​U-shaped beauty back for smoothing
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • 3 different colors

Elaver Womens Lace Padded Push Up Bra 32C,Gray,32C

Elaver Womens Lace Padded Push Up Bra 32C,Gray,32C

  • Soft fabric: Lace: 88% Polyamide+12% Elastane; Mesh:82%Polyamide+18% Elastane; Cup lining:100%…
  • Design Concept: Soft Flower Lace with hollow-carved design, set off soft and sexy on the chest,…
  • Demi Plunge underwire push-up bra featuring lace overlay foam cups, contrast bow accents, and mesh…

Push Up Bra Before and After Pictures

Women of any size, whether they have small or larger breasts, can wear push-up bras. In our push up bra review above, we cover different bras that work best for certain sizes. However, there is some key information to know regarding each different category and sizing of breasts. You don’t need to go to Victoria’s Secret to learn what you need in this type of bra.

Small Sized Breast Review

It can be difficult to look for ​a good bra for smaller boobs that pushes up. ​You don’t really need a bra that focuses on extra support because, well… there isn’t much to support! But, on the flip side, you don’t want a bra with a ton of padding – that just ends up looking like you stuffed your bra.

​Insider Review: ​We gave Bridget a FallSweet push-up bra to wear, and asked her to see if she could fall in love with it. She’s a 32B, and had this to say about the experience:

Before and after pictures of a smaller chested women wearing  push-up bras

Average Sized Breast Review

When it comes to boob size, being in the middle can be pretty great. You seem to have the perfect amount of cleavage to rock most outfits, and you’re not carrying too much to have back pain and sagging challenges. But, this can make finding an appealing bra hard to love.

​Insider Review: ​We ​handed Jess an ​Elaver push-up bra to wear, and asked her ​to try it on side by side to her regular bras. ​Jess wears a 32C and gave us this feedback:

Before and after pictures of a C cup women, showing the positive effects from push-up bras

Large Sized Breast Review

Ladies with larger breasts know first hand just how difficult regular bra shopping can be – there’s a lot not to love. Shopping for bras that push your boobs up is another nightmare in itself. ​​​Often, lifting bras for those with larger breasts are just uncomfortable, plain and simple. How do you find an option you love?

​Insider Review: ​​We asked Alicia to wear a Deyllo Push Up Bra and compare it up against one of her standard t-shirt bras. ​At 34DD, we were really interested to see how it played out:

A large breasted women shows before and after pictures in a bra that pushes boobs up

Various Types of Push-Up Bras

Several types of bras with padding have been created since the Wonderbra. Thanks in large part to the evolution of technology and the fashion industry’s forward-thinking inventions, we love how these bras are now made with so much more comfort and style.

Even though these types of bras have one main purpose, it’s still important to distinguish the different types available. Each one serves specific purposes depending on your size, preference, and need.

Molded​ and Contour

Molded or contour bras are the most standard type of padded bra available. This gives women a typical, rounded shape through machine-sculpted cups that form over your breasts. They also simultaneously create more volume from the bottom up.

Woman standing in a blue lingerie, showing the effect from push-up bras

Non-molded​ Options

Non-molded options are the complete opposite as molded. Unlike the molded cups that created a round shape over your breasts, this type of bra does not have that sculpted shape.

Without the structured shape, this type of bra is better for larger breasts. D cup and above will be better suited for this because you need less help with forming a breast shape.

Adjustable Cleavage​ with Drawstring

A lace drawstring, much like the ones you find in sneakers, join the two cups together in the middle. When you wear this style, the cups should fit snugly on your breasts so that when you pull the strings, the cups are pulled together. This will bring your breasts closer to one another and create cleavage.

Woman in pink push-up bra

Self-adhesive​ and Sticky

Self-adhesive bras, also known as sticky bras, were created to give you an undergarment option without straps and a backing. This type of bra sticks to your skin and is meant to not budge while wearing it.

In sticky bras that also lift, the lower portion of the cup includes extra padding (or extra silicon if the bra is made of silicon). It’s then meant to boost your assets upwards and inwards. Wear this with your more revealing tops and dresses.

Full Coverage Cups

Full coverage bras simply mean they have full cups that cover the breasts entirely. If you prefer wearing a full coverage bra on a daily basis, the full cover option for a bra that lifts will give you the same coverage with a little more “oomph.”

 A small chested woman on the bed showing the affects of push-up bras

T-Shirt​ Style

A t-shirt bra can be manufactured differently depending on brands, but one of its distinguishing features is smooth cups. This type of bra is the option for when you don’t want any lumps or bumps from the seams, material, or design to show through. Wear this style when you have tight-fitting t-shirts or opaque tops.

Wire-free Options

While most bras that boost your breasts have structured cups and underwires, wire-free push-up bras lack these basic features on purpose. Similar to the non-molded bra, this one typically has less structure. This provides a good fit for those who get discomfort or intolerable pain from underwires.


In a strapless push up bra, the cups are amped with padding to amplify the breasts, giving you a full look on top. Since this type of strapless bra is working to support and boost up your assets, wear this option with a smaller chest (A-C cup).

Sports and Athleisure

Sports push up bras are best for smaller breasts or sagging breasts, whether for exercise or normal everyday life. By combining the main purposes of a boosting and sports bra, your breasts will be lifted up but kept in place at the same time for a snug fit.

A large busted woman wears a black Deyllo pushup bra

Features and Qualities to Look for in a Push-Up Bra

There are certain qualities you should look for when looking for a bra of this type. While everyone is different – and every bra fits every women’s body differently – there are a few things that are universal and should always be kept in the back of your mind when looking for this type of bra.

Underwire for Most Sizes

First of all, underwiring is key. For both small chested women and those with larger chests, underwiring can really make or break how comfortable a bra is. Overall, look for underwiring that helps raise your boobs without digging into your skin and making you feel uncomfortable.

For plus size women and those with sagging breasts, underwiring really is everything when it comes to extra support. You don’t want to have a bra that digs into your skin. You want one that supports you and helps keep your chest looking natural and uplifted.

Perfect Comfort

Being comfortable when wearing a bra isn’t easily found – especially for plus size women or those with larger breasts. Having padding pressed up and against your chest all day can be difficult, and you need to make sure you find a good fit.

Try looking for ones with lighter padding on the underside, as this won’t make your boobs feel like they are suffocating in your bra.

Amazing Support

For better support, look at both the underwiring of the bra (or lack of wire) and the straps. A lot of people disregard the straps of the bra, but the straps could change the whole support level (for example, if they need to be tightened or loosened).

Make sure the fit is close to perfect, as many ill fitted bras won’t give you the support you need (and sometimes, the only change you’ll need to make is to wear a bra that actually fits).

Good, Natural Lift

There are a lot of different bras with varying lift amounts, from a light raise to raising your breasts a 1-2 cup sizes. A light raise push up bra simply (as the name suggests) lightly raises and pushes your breasts up and is perfect for those who feel like they just need a little pushing up effect.

If you are looking to really enhance your assets by a whole cup size (or 2!), there are bras for that! For the most part, the more you want your breasts pushed up (in regards to cup size) the more padding you’re going to have.

Woman in pink bra lays down on the bed

Material, Print, and Style

Is the bra made of cotton, silk, or polyester (to name a few materials)? Be sure to select a material that you’re comfortable in, since it will be directly on your skin and typically snug to fit.

Also, take note of the design and print options you might have. While getting a bra that is black or nude is the more traditional way to go, there are countless patterns and designs available today!


​At the end of the day, regardless of whether you have large or small breasts, you should always make sure you purchase a one that is comfortable, gives you the support that you need, and your correct size for the best results! The better the fit, the more you will wear it.

Best Push Up Bra for Small Chests in 2020

It’s always hard to find a bra that fits correctly – it’s even harder to find a great push-up bra that is comfortable and correct in size. And while it’s difficult for women of all bra sizes to find one that fits, it can be particularly challenging for those with smaller breasts.

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​Reviews of the Top Push Up Bras for Small Breasts

We did research and found the best push up bra for women with flatter chests. From there, we compiled a list of the top rated push up bras that work well for women who need that extra push. Below is a table highlighting each of the bras and some of their specs.

Get one with too little padding and it does nothing to enhance your small breasts; get one with too much padding and suddenly you look 3 cup sizes larger. However, finding the best push-up bra for A cup ladies can be very easy, once you know what to look for.

​Extremely versatile for all types of ​breasts, the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Bra gets our vote for the best push up bra for ​small breasts.

Best Overall

Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear
Best for the Money

Lily of France Ego Boost Push Up Bra
Best Cheap Pick

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bra
Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra
Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up...
Lily Of France Women's Extreme Ego Boost Push Up...
Push up Amount
2 cups
1 cup
2 cups
Size Range
Band: 32-36, Cup: A-D
Band: 32-38, Cup: A-D
Band: 32-38, Cup: A-C

OnGossamer Women’s Bump it Up Bra

For women who need volume more than support, it is much easier to get away with a minimum support bra that enhances the look of your chest. If you’re searching for an everyday bra that is comfy, yet doesn’t miss out on aesthetics, then we’ve got the bra for you.

OnGossamer Women's Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra,...We recommend this OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra!

This premium comfort bra is made out of 100% Nylon making it super stretchy and flexible. It also features a demi cup style that was designed to be worn with low-neck tops and outfits.

As for the padding, the bra contains enough to enhance your breasts by one additional size. So, being an A or B will boost you to a B or C cup when wearing this.

It’s also considered an underwire bra, which helps to lift up the boobs for the look of a natural, yet fuller chest. Underneath clothing, the bra’s shoulder straps are invisible and adjustable for a customized lift.

​The side wings are made out of thin mesh material, making them flexible and breathable at the same time.

At the back, the bra tapers in the middle for support, where there is a single row of hook and eye closures. Since this is best for smaller breasts, there is less need for multiple fastenings.

Compared to all the other bras we’ve reviewed in this article, this one offers the least amount of support. Whereas all the other bras focused on enhancing the look of the breasts, this one is the only one that truly embraces the features of small breasted women, and catered to their practical needs for daily use.

From the materials used, to the band design, straps, cup shape, and it’s unique single row closure, the level of comfortability achieved with minimal restriction made us select this as one of our top picks.

The OnGossamer bra comes in a whopping total of 45 designs, varying in different colors so you’re bound to find one fit for every occasion.

Its sizes range from a band size of 30 to 36, and cups from an A to a DD. Most bras tend to start at a size 32, so the fact that this one begins at 30A makes it a great option for those with the smallest of breasts. This bra is true to size so you can order your usual size and get the perfect fit.

Why buy this bra, you ask? Because it is a practical push up bra that actually gets the job done for those who don’t have much breasts to work with. It’s a comfortable and flexi hybrid that’s suited for the everyday hustle, while still giving your chest area a little boost.

It’s still very supportive, and offers a great lift with all the added benefits of a comfy t-shirt bra. At the end of the day, there’s no reason for you to compromise on comfort just so you can add more volume to your chest.

Casual, comfortable, and sensual appeal are three words that embody this Bump it Up bra from OnGossamer, making it a great addition to your lingerie closet.

  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​30 – 36 band, A – DD cup
  • ​Natural lift
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Comfort contour cups for rounded shape
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
OnGossamer Women's Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra,...

OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra,…

  • ON GOSSAMER BUMP IT UP BRA: Designed for the ultimate lift. Our best selling Bump It Up bra enhanced…
  • LIGHT AS AIR MESH: This mesh is light weight, breathable and quick drying, making it great for…
  • GOSSAMER MESH COLLECTION: The ultra fine Gossamer Mesh gives the perfect mix of comfort and sexy….

Lily of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Tailored Bra

When you’re looking to greatly enhance your assets, you need to get a bra that’s made with great support and underwiring to carry you up and out throughout the day. For this, we recommend the Lily Of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra!

Lily Of France Women's Extreme Ego Boost Push Up...Made out of mostly Nylon and part Spandex, this bra is the perfect mix of comfortable and stretchy. It’s full coverage contour cups give off an appearance of fuller breasts while giving you the support you need.

Like the OnGossamer bra, this one is also lined with adequate padding to add to the voluminous effect and give the illusion of bigger breasts, while preventing any nip slips or unwanted peek throughs.

A cushioned underwire bra also have support at the base of the cups for added push up and stability. It’s shoulder straps on the other hand, are not only adjustable, but are also convertible. This allows you to wear this bra with more outfits and you can quickly switch the straps into a racerback.

The bands of this bra are seamless and smooth, meaning they aren’t visible even when worn with the tightest of outfits. This soft to the touch feel also adds to the comfort, so you won’t feel any pain even when wearing it for extended periods of time. On the back, the bra has two fastenings that taper in the middle.

What sets this bra apart from all the other bras is the perfect balance of support and push up. While it does give a great, enhanced lift for small chested women, it also provides a good amount of coverage and sturdiness through its features.

The full, contour cups and it’s cushioned underwire are just the tip of the iceberg of what this bra has to offer, which is why we selected it.

Coming in a total of 25 different colors and patterns, this bra has tons of options for you to select from. Ranging from various lace details, stripe patterns, and colors, anyone can definitely choose their pick and find the one that best suits them and their lifestyle.

As for the size, the band ranges from a 32 to 38 while the cups range from an A to a D. This bra is also very true to size so ordering your usual won’t be a problem.

The Lily of France bra gives you great confidence and security, which is why we chose it. Because of the full coverage cups, it provides a great sculpted look minus the overspill that some push up bras have. It is great to fill you up, allowing you to look great in that outfit of yours without the worries of accidents since it does have superior coverage.

When you’re looking for the perfect hybrid of comfort and support, the Extreme Ego Boost Push Up from Lily of France is a great choice.

  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​32 – 38 band, A – D cup
  • Adds one cup size
  • Customizable shoulder straps
  • Soft fabric for smooth touch feel
  • Back closure
Lily Of France Women's Extreme Ego Boost Push Up...

Lily Of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Push Up…

  • Push up bra adds up to one full cup size
  • Soft fabric provides ultra comfort and is smooth under clothes
  • Straps convert three ways for wardrobe versatility: regular, no slip, or crisscross

FallSweet Women’s Brasserie

It can be challenging to find a good outfit that shows off a sultry and sexy cleavage without going overboard. This is especially true for women with flatter boobs who struggle with having anything be seen at all! It will feel infinitely good to have a bra that can create the illusion of larger breasts to fill in the places where you’re lacking.

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women...For that, we found the perfect, breast enhancing bra – the​ FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere!

Overall, this bra differs the most from the others we recommend on this list, both in features and visual appearance. But, don’t let your first glance at this piece of lingerie turn you off, because this bra was made for those in the itty bitty titty committee!

This bra is a special Cotton and Spandex blend that is seamless, soft and flexible when worn. The cups are unlined demi-cups that are contoured and offer the best lift and cleavage possible.

When it comes to the push up amount, this one takes the cake by increasing your bust size by 2 full cups. For A and B cups, that increases you to a C and D in seconds!

Unlike the other 3 bras recommended, this one does not have underwire, making it incredibly comfortable! Because this bra caters to women on the smaller side, the inclusion of underwire is not a necessity.

So, what makes this a push up bra you ask? The secret is found in the bra’s adjustable ribboned center gore that allows you to bring your breasts together for a barely touching full look, or separated breasts that are propped up nicely.

For women who have A or B cups, this is a fantastic feature and really allows you to customize the bra to give you a full cleavage look, especially when you look 2 sizes bigger.

It’s shoulder straps are adjustable and wide so you can pull them up for the lift you want, while providing you with ample support.

It’s side wings are are also seamless and wide, to give you the back smoothing effect that prevents the appearances of back rolls commonly seen in bust bands that are on too tight.

While not really necessary for B cups and smaller, this has three hook and eye closures in the back. Even though it’s not needed, it still provides a good, supportive, snug fit while it’s inverted U-back shape continues to prevent the look of excess skin.

Among all the other bras we’ve mentioned here, this is the only bra that can officially be called a plunge bra, as its shape and contoured cups, as well as adjustable ribbon gore, can be utilized to give you the ultimate cleavage.

This FallSweet bra comes in 9 different designs, with basic colors such as white, beige, pink, and purple, as well as various fun patterns such as leopard print, pink stripes, white stripes, and blue stripes.

As for the sizes, the band ranges from a 32 to a 38 and the cup ranges from an A to a C. Sizing does run a little small so consider sizing up when you order this one.

We chose this bra because of it’s amazing abilities to (dramatically) increase the appearance of your breast size. It is the only bra that can really be customized to achieve the look you want in an instant.

If all you want is to create the look of a stunning cleavage, then it doesn’t get better than this bra from FallSweet.

  • ​Plunge cup brassiere
  • ​32 – 38 band, A – C cup
  • ​Adds two cup sizes
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Unlined cups with adjustable cleavage
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women...

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere for Women…

  • Cup Size: A B cup/ Padded/Push Up Bra Cup
  • You can adjust the cleavage you want by loosen or tighten the rope in middle
  • Hook and Eyes: Three

Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Bra

When finding the perfect bra, it is important to look for one that is comfortable and pushes you up with just the right amount of lining. For all day support and lift of the breasts, we recommend Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra!

Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up BraThis bra is made of part Nylon and part Spandex that creates the softest stretchy fabric when combined. The cups cover 3/4ths of the breast making it suitable to wear with low neck tops and outfits.

They are also lined with padding that provides ample coverage to avoid nip slips or peek throughs while boosting the appearance of your breasts. Overall, this bra will increase your breast size by about one cup.

The cups are also supported by a lined underwire that helps carry the weight and add to the bra’s overall stability.

​Meanwhile, the shoulder straps are also wide and adjustable for great support and a customized lift suited to your liking. They are also convertible so you can wear them regularly or as a racerback for those tops that need it.

The bra’s side wings are wide, soft, and smoothing, meaning they prevent the appearance of excess skin pooling at the sides of the bands. It’s seamless design also means that it is practically invisible even beneath tight outfits and thin fabrics. At the back, the bra has two hook closures that are sturdy and secure.

What makes this bra stand out is that it’s a demi cup bra that offers great lift and security, especially for A and B cups.

In comparison to the OnGossamer bra we’ve mentioned, this one’s cut makes it more applicable to wear with low neck outfits, while still giving the appearance of natural, fuller breasts.

The bra is sold in 9 different designs, ranging in different plain colors such as white, black, buff, and dark ruby. The sizes range from a 32 to a 36 in band while it is offered in an A to a DD cup.

The bra fits just as expected so you don’t need to size up or size down when ordering this one.

Now it’s time to ask the question – why would you buy this bra if you’re an A cup? We prefer this bra because of its sturdy comfort factor that doesn’t compromise on sex appeal. It gently pushes your breasts up, giving you a fuller look, especially when wearing low neck tops.

Looking for a fuller yet natural look? This bra from Victoria’s Secret has got you covered!

  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​32 – 36 band, A – DD cup
  • ​Natural
  • Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • ​Smooth, padded cups for fuller look
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

  • Most push. Super soft pad and smooth no-show cups. Fully adjustable straps­–wear it classic or…
  • Structured, underwire cups. Hook-and-eye closure
  • Imported nylon/spandex

​The Verdict: Before and After Pictures and Interviews

​For all this talk of push up bra reviews, we thought we need to put things to the test. So, we worked with Bridget and Carmen to help us out. Bridget, who typically wears 32B, put the FallSweet Add Two Cups Brassiere to the test. Carmen, who usually wears a 32A, grabbed a Lily France pushup bra to try out.

An interview with Bridget (B Cup)

​We gave Bridget a​ FallSweet Add Two Cups Brassiere to try on and compare to her regular bra:

What would you want out of a push up bra?

​”I would definitely want some lift, but its also really important to me that it would look natural.. you know, no gaps or anything.

I would also love for it to be adjustable and washable, along with a strapless push up option (​good news – the FallSweet converts to strapless).

In the end, I would want a bra that provides natural looking cleavage while still being comfortable to wear.

How does the bra feel?

“Wow, overall I’m excited about this bra! I’ve never seen my boobs like this before. This bra/brassiere definitely pulls everything in a lot closer.”

​So, you notice a​ difference?

“YES, oh my goodness yes. My boobs are closer together and have cleavage… good cleavage!

I’m pretty stoked to discover this option. It can be a little unnatural in a tank top, so I’d want to be careful how I wore it, that’s just a personal preference. But I love the shape and boost it gives me!”

A B cup girl side by side comparison picture of a regular bra vs push bra
​Bridget’s Feedback
  • ​Designed to allow for low cut shirts
  • ​Thick comfortable straps
  • ​Feels like Victoria Secret
  • Has a natural feel
  • ​Front tie feature helpful
Don’t Love
  • ​A little deceiving… I literally went from a B cup to D cup
  • ​Couldn’t wear it every day as it does compress a bit

An interview with ​Carmen (A Cup)

​We gave ​Carmen a​ Lily Of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra, and asked her for feedback up against her normal bras:

What ​are your expectations for a good push up bra? 

​”I would ​need to see a pushup bra that brought my boobs closer together. I would want good tight straps, and I think I’d prefer for it to be wireless.  

​I’m just trying to think of a bra that would both make my cleavage look good but not be God-awful to wear all day. 

​In the end, I would want some cleavage boost, but also some more shape up top.

How does the bra feel?

“​I notice a slight difference in the Lily of France… I think its mostly due to the padding. This one has more padding than other push up bras I’ve worn, and I like that.”

​When would you wear this bra? 

“​I would definitely wear this for a night out or to a party, depending on the dress or attire I was wearing. I can see myself wearing it to business meetings as well, this would look good in work clothing.”

An A cup girl side by side comparison picture of a push up bra vs a regular bra
​​Carmen’s Feedback
  • ​Soft Material
  • ​Really comfortable to wear
  • ​More padding than other push up bras
Don’t Love
  • ​Stiff wiring
  • ​Padding isn’t perfectly squared to the bra

Why Wear a Push Up Bra for Small Breasts 

The purpose of a padded bra is to lift and raise your breasts, while also helping to boost your cleavage and overall breast size. This goal is the same for all push-up bras. If you’re looking for a good bra for a small chest, then chances are a pushup version is the one to look at.

For those with less volume on the breasts, bras that push-up can actually have more impact (when talking about the increase of breast volume) than on women with larger breasts.

Because there are now bras that can raise your cup level by one or two sizes, women who usually look flat can go from an A cup to a C cup just by wearing the correct breast enhancing bra.

Finding a Bra that Pushes Up Small Boobs

A B cup woman fastens straps from a FallSweet brassiere

Breast enhancement bras for women who need the extra volume can be easy to find, but finding one that actually fits is another story. You should never wear a bra that doesn’t fit correctly – always find one that fits you right!

Often, these bras can leave a gap between your breasts and the bra, simply because the bra is too big. But when this is the lowest that the bra comes in, what are you to do? Keep reading, and we’ll explain below!

Much like women with larger breasts and their search for bras that fit comfortably, for women who struggle with the opposite, having A cup breasts come up with issues as well. The goal is to find a one that fits you accurately and to not settle for anything less.

How to Find the Right Size

Finding the right size bra is vital to finding good push-up bras that actually fit a small bust. As mentioned earlier, finding a bra that doesn’t leave a gap between your breasts and your bra is a huge, yet common, problem – and one that you should deal with immediately.

When a gap occurs and you’re already using the smallest bra (typically A), try sizing down with the band. This can help to reduce any gaps from the cups and help the bra to fit better.

Other size issues you should look out for include if the straps of your bras continue to fall from your shoulders. Make sure they are adjusted correctly; if they keep falling, the bra is not your size.

Even if you discover a seemingly perfect bra that satisfies these two aspects, finding one that fits all around is difficult. Try different brands and styles to find ones that actually, comfortably, fit. Also, it might help you to get fitted at an undergarment store so you know exactly what your size is!

What to Wear with a Push Up Bra

These bras enhance your overall assets by pushing up your breasts, increasing your cleavage, and potentially raising your breasts one or two sizes bigger (depending on the bra).

Because of this, wearing low cut gowns or tops, strapless tops or dresses, or anything with a low neckline is best to wear with a padded strapless bra so you can show off your assets.

However, you can wear anything with your push-up bras. A lot of women like to wear them because it helps enhance their whole silhouette – not just because they want to increase their overall cleavage.

So, while it’s great to wear these bras with low cut outfits, you can literally wear them with anything that you would like.

Qualities to Look for in Push Up Bras for Small ​Chests

There are certain key features you need to pay attention as you search for the best push-up bra for flat chests. These features are the most important aspects of these bras (when talking about those who have smaller boobs).

By recognizing these key features, and making sure these features meet your standards and are high-quality, it can become easier to find a one that actually fits your size.

Bra Straps

​​As we mentioned briefly above when talking about finding the right size bra for you, one of the first steps to discovering a bra doesn’t fit right is by checking out the bra straps.

Woman stands against a white wall in a white bra

Often times, this issue affects women more just for being smaller on the breasts. They keep on falling down, they never adjust right, they never offer the support that they’re supposed to. Make sure your straps offer ample support and stability.

A lot of straps are adjustable and can be changed to tighten and/or loosen. If, after adjusting the straps many times, you still find them falling down your shoulder and not helping you with support, you may have an either low-quality material bra or the wrong size bra. This is why paying attention to this small yet impactful feature is so important!

Contoured Shape

For women that require smaller size, finding a bra that contours to their shape is a godsend. The main issue they face is 100% the gap that many find themselves having in their bra. A contouring bra eliminates this possibility.

Basically, a contouring bra contours itself to your body and stays where it is once it determines and is used to your shape. This also helps with stability and support – and lots of strapless bras have contouring push-up features attached to them.

If you’ve had horrible luck and can’t find one that doesn’t leave you with the gap between your boobs and your bra, try finding a contouring shape bra. This is one of the only efficient (and easily found) ways to stop this problem, and it’s a key feature to always look out for.

Push Up Lift

Woman stands in a black bra

The push up lift amount differs on each bra, so make sure you know just what you’re purchasing before you officially buy a bra. The push up lift amount tends to go from half a cup raise, to a full cup raise, to two cup raises. Therefore, an A cup size could go to a C cup size with a bra that promises two cup raises.

For women who normally wear the smallest bra size, a two cup raise can be done naturally and comfortably, once they find a bra that fits. These bras tend to come with extra padding. Make sure the padding, on you, looks natural and doesn’t make your assets seem to be unnaturally enhanced.

There are really great bra brands and undergarment companies that can raise your cup size by one or two sizes efficiently – and all naturally! Just remember, when looking for bras that promise to make your boobs look bigger, always make sure that the final finish makes you look as natural as possible.

Padding Amount

Padding is very important, as too much padding on what is initially already small boobs can instantly make her silhouette seem unnatural. Therefore, always go for padding that accentuates your breasts. This padding tends to be focused underneath the boobs where it then lifts – “pushes” – your boobs up.

However, women with smaller boobs do have a few leeways here with padding. There are some bras that actually come with removable pads to help with your overall comfort level, as well as your preference.

There are also push-up bras for A cup ladies that have a little extra padding than normal. These tend to be bras that promise to up your boobs by one or two sizes (as we talked about above). If you’re just looking for a modest bra, steer clear of this tendency of excessive padding.

Seamless Structure

For the most part, you’re going to want to look for a seamless bra, as these can be worn with almost anything and not show up underneath your shirt, unlike an underwire bra.

Again, for those with smaller breasts, this can seem almost impossible to find. If you use a bra that is just slightly bigger than your normal size, you will be able to see this underneath your shirt, regardless of whether the bra is seamless or not.

For the best silhouette look possible, find a seamless bra that actually fits and is not too large!

An A cup woman sits on a bed in a black Lily of France bra that pushes small breasts up

​Final Thoughts

Women can experience struggles when trying to find the best bra​ for small ​boobs. However, by taking into consideration the key features to look for, you can find a comfortable yet durable push-up bra, regardless of what your bra size is.

Best push up bra for b cup

Alright, ladies, it’s time to listen up—and perk up. We at Faveable are bringing you the best push up bra available to pair with that nice new

underwear you’ve recently purchased, and we’ve got a little something for everyone here.

So here’s the deal:

No two breasts are the same, but that doesn’t mean they don’t all deserve a little extra support and lift from time to time.

Think of your “sisters” like they were your actual sisters. Sometimes they look a little down. Sometimes they aren’t up to the challenge. And sometimes all they really want is to reach for the stars and achieve their full potential.

Enter: the push up bra.

Also known as every woman’s best friend when she wants to:

  • Provide extra support and lift to low-hanging fruit
  • Look (and feel) sexy for a date
  • Wear strapless formalwear
  • Show off the sisters in a low-cut top
  • Give her cup size and cleavage a natural enhancement

Or maybe you wear push up bras because you like how they feel. Kudos to you. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to pay attention to each bra’s individual specs. Speaking from experience, it’s not always enough to know what size you are in Victoria’s Secret Pink bras… because, like your breasts, no two bras are the same.


We’ve taken the time to do the research—and do some testing of these ourselves—so you won’t have to.

You may be surprised by some of the picks on here. Like why doesn’t Frederick’s of Hollywood, the creator of the push up bra, get a spot? (Because their bras just don’t perform that well.) Does Calvin Klein really deserve best-in-show? (Yep, we’ll explain later.) Why are there so many Victoria’s Secret bras? (Because they do sexy and lift really well.)

Large, small, real, fake, saggy, uneven, pointing in different directions – it doesn’t matter. We’ve got the best-of-the-best push up bras here to give your breasts all the support and lift they need.

And, if for some reason, you’ve found yourself here in error because all you really wanted was something simple and not so in-your-face, then be sure to pop over to our other bra guides. We’ve covered the best bra brands as well as the best in sports bras and nursing bras. You’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for there!

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