best quality purses for the money

Worried about getting the Best Quality Purses For The Money? This is a detailed research on the top designer handbags every woman should own. If your preference is the best affordable handbags 2021, then this article is perfect for you.

Choosing the right discount purse should not be so difficult. Replica handbags are slightly more affordable than their real counterparts, but are they worth it? There are other cheaper breeds of stylish purses available in the market which you could go for.

top designer handbags every woman should own

best quality purses for the money




1. This Rebecca Minkoff convertible cross-body that’ll add a pop of color to any outfit.


Promising Review: “Awesome bag! Leather is very soft and in rich black. Plenty of pockets to put everything I need to carry with me. The chain is so beautiful and nicely coated in a metal-ish black tone, the same as the four decorative feet at the bottom. This bag is a classic, yet with a touch of rock style. It goes with everything and is truly good for both day and night. Adorable!” —California heart

Get it on Amazon for $104+. (Available in a variety of colors.)



2. This Longchamp shoulder tote that folds up for easy storage and transport.



Promising Review: “I take this tote with me when I go shopping in the city. I can carry it closed, and then throw all my packages in when I buy things. I also take it with me when I travel. It’s easy to store at my feet. At the resort, I can carry things to the pool or beach. I love these totes!” —Luvtoshop520

Get it from Bloomingdale’s for $125. (Available in a variety of colors.)



3. This weekender bag perfect for all those getaways you’re planning.

Get it from ModCloth for $85.








4. This Matt & Nat satchel with three main compartments to hold your laptop, smart phone, and basically anything else you want.


Promising Review: “I LOVE this bag. It looks so much like leather and has the same feel. No plastic, cheap feel to the bag at all. Love the size, It can even fit my iPad Pro inside it. I just got the bag today and four people have commented on how pretty it is. When I told them it is a Matt & Nat cruelty-free vegan handbag, they couldn’t believe it! I am so pleased with this purchase. I give it two thumbs way up!!!” —AZ Tammy

Get it from Amazon for $145+. (Available in a variety of colors.)



5. This suede tote for when you need a little pop of color and total functionality.

Promising Review: "It really has a fancy hobo feel! The deconstructed suede is soft and looks great. This is definitely more of a tote than it is a mere purse. There is a lot of room for just about anything you'd want to carry. Well made." —Michael KearGet it from Amazon for $119. (Available in three color options.)




Promising Review: “It really has a fancy hobo feel! The deconstructed suede is soft and looks great. This is definitely more of a tote than it is a mere purse. There is a lot of room for just about anything you’d want to carry. Well made.” —Michael Kear

Get it from Amazon for $119. (Available in three color options.)



6. This convertible bag you can wear as a backpack or shoulder bag and hold as a handbag.


Promising Review: “This bag is amazing! I do wish it was a smidgen bigger but it works perfectly! Everything I need for my day fits inside — computer, water bottle, purse, etc. I do put my laptop sideways to fit it better, but it still closes. The bag smushes flat or it expands to hold more than you’d think it would. Overall, it’s an awesome bag and I’m so happy I bought it!” —alyssaopiela

Get it from ModCloth for $70. (Available in tan or black.)



7. This Nasty Gal trunk cross-body with the cutest floral embroidery and coolest rock ‘n’ roll studs.


Promising Review: “No wallet, no period bag, no cosmetics bag. Just a phone and some carefully curated essentials are all that’s going to fit in there, but every girl notices it.” —AfroAsianGeekGirl

Get it from Bloomingdale’s for $45.




8. This Rebecca Minkoff micro satchel that’ll become your everyday bag before you even realize it.


Promising Review: “I love my bag! So cute, and the perfect size. I can fit a full-size wallet, glasses pouch, lip balm, etc. Perfect to dress up and down, and I love the tassels.” —*Peace*

Get it from Amazon for $84+. (Available in a variety of colors.)



9. This vegan leather backpack you’ll have to convince people isn’t real leather.

Promising Review: "Stylish, chic, functional — used it on a trip to Europe and will continue to use it as an everyday purse now that I am home." —alimericGet it from Nordstrom for $155. (Available in black or tan.)


Promising Review: “Stylish, chic, functional — used it on a trip to Europe and will continue to use it as an everyday purse now that I am home.” —alimeric

Get it from Nordstrom for $155. (Available in black or tan.)



10. This accordion-style leather cross-body that’ll stay tough — even when you throw it around.


Promising Review: “Absolutely perfect and sensible design! I love the zippered pocket, soft leather, minimalist detail, functionality, and simplicity of this bag. I have owned many crossbody bags — this one is the best. Not one detail I would change.” —smzacker

Get it from Nordstrom for $395. (Available in a variety of colors.)



11. This Lacoste tote so you always have the perfect bag for travel.



Promising Review: “I love, love, love this bag. It’s huge so it holds everything! Perfect for commuters, it fits my flats, water bottle, planner, Kindle, etc. Very durable! I have had it for a year and am very rough on my bags, and it still looks great! It’s perfect. I love it.” —Jose Barnes

Get it from Amazon for $75+. (Available in red, navy, and black.)



12. This Ted Baker shoulder bag that’s quilted to perfection.

Promising Review: "This is my new favorite bag. I have another one Ted Baker bag, but this one is very classy. I love that it is a shoulder bag too. I think it's a beauty!!!" —lavenderloverGet it from Nordstrom for $369.




Promising Review: “This is my new favorite bag. I have another one Ted Baker bag, but this one is very classy. I love that it is a shoulder bag too. I think it’s a beauty!!!” —lavenderlover

Get it from Nordstrom for $369.



13. This Kayu beach bag you can take on your next tropical getaway.




14. This Kate Spade New York tote that’s almost too pretty to function, but it does function…in fact, it’s a totally functional tote.

Promising Review: "I absolutely love this purse. Everywhere I seem to go, I have been stopped by other ladies to tell me how much they love the bright and fun print. Perfect purse!" —SusanGet it from Amazon for $129+.


Promising Review: “I absolutely love this purse. Everywhere I seem to go, I have been stopped by other ladies to tell me how much they love the bright and fun print. Perfect purse!” —Susan

Get it from Amazon for $129+.



15. This leather crossbody because you totally need a practical AF everyday bag.

Promising Review: “I had never bought this brand before and I have to say I’m impressed with the quality. It comes with a second strap. It has the black guitar strap (as shown) but also comes with a thinner ALL LEATHER strap, which was a very pleasant surprise. I almost didn’t buy this bag because it had a fabric guitar strap, which to my opinion made it more casual. But with the second leather strap for a dressier vibe, I’ll get a lot more use out of this.” —KTbelle


Get it from Nordstrom for $198. (Available in two colors.)



16. A Marc Jacobs canvas tote perfect for your commute to work, or for the gym, or for travel, or for anything!


Promising Review: “Fantastic size and great for cross-body wear. I get lots of compliments about how attractive it is, as well.” —Chris

Get it from Amazon for $240. (Also available in cream.)



17. This sparkling Michael Michael Kors convertible leather clutch for your next night out on the town.


Get it from Nordstrom for $168.



18. This ZAC Zac Posen accordion bag with adorable leather floral details.


Promising Review: “I love my purse and the stylish look. Only problem might be the accordion sides letting small items falling out.” —Chris

Get it from Amazon for $178.



19. This camera bag guaranteed to look great in all your photos.


Promising Review: “Love the vintage style of this handbag! I had to get this bag because It’s got great details. I feel quite glamorous while carrying it. It’s really small though, can only fit a small flat wallet, two lipsticks, and a phone.”

Get it from ModCloth for $50.




20. This leather cross-body you can convert into a shoulder bag.



Promising Review: “This bag is well constructed. It is small but well designed. Everything fits inside with room to spare. It’s also very light to carry, which is a big plus for me. This will be a great everyday and travel purse.”

Get it from Nordstrom for $132.



21. This Madewell leather bag made of the richest, softest leather the world will ever know.

Promising Review: “This bag is seriously so great! Super functional and spacious, but not too big or bulky (enough to fit a wallet, cell phone, and several other accessories). The adjustable straps are also awesome! I will definitely be using this bag for the next several years!!” —hs248709


Get it from Nordstrom for $130. (Available in tan or black.)



22. This Tory Burch nylon bag you’ll wear for a lifetime.



Promising Review: “This is a very lightweight bag. Cute and great for travel and shopping.” —carole t

Get it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $195+. (Available in black, navy, gray.)



23. This MZ Wallace quilted backpack that’s so incredibly comfortable.



Promising Review: “Love this backpack. Very light, lots of pockets, and zippers are smooth. The size is perfect on me. Didn’t want something small or huge. Very comfortable, even when loaded with things inside. Backpack is versatile, you can dress it up or down. It’s not as shiny as the picture, which is great.” —Scarlette22

Get it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $245.



24. This floral suede tote you can use for school or work without having to compromise style.

Get it from ModCloth for $90.




Get it from ModCloth for $90.



25. This cross-body built with just the right amount of compartments to fit everything you need for a day out.



Promising Review: “I am very happy I ordered this bag before it sold out. It’s great looking, just the right size to hold all of my things, and will be a great bag to use for the summer.” —dotdot1

Get it from Bloomingdale’s for $75. (Available in silver or rose gold.)



26. This Rebecca Minkoff chevron purse that’s both incredibly chic and sophisticated.



Promising Review: “When I first walked past this bag at Nordstrom, I literally stopped and gasped! I am so happy I’ve finally found ‘the one.’ For those who own other Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bags, this weighs and feels the same. It can be worn as a cross-body, or as a shoulder bag. Functional and practical. The tassle is also detachable. You just have to be very careful and not wear this with dark denim. It WILL rub.” —CD10

Get it from Nordstrom for $195. (Available in a variety of colors.)



27. And this Longchamp backpack perfect for taking on the go.



Promising Review: “I purchased this backpack specifically to take on vacation. The size was perfect for the walking tours, not too big and heavy, but big enough to carry everything I wanted. Also, the collapsible feature is great to pack in the suitcase and take it out when I arrived at my destination. The zipper gave extra security so I never felt that I would lose anything if I put the pack down. It’s also great for commuting to work.” —stregganonna

Get it from Bloomingdale’s for $125 (Available in a variety of colors.)

best affordable handbags 2021

Luxury Handbags In The World

Luxury Handbags

Luxury handbags have a way of sprucing up a lady’s elegance. But instead of waltzing with a one-season wonder, why not add an excellent collection of handbags that will stand the test of time? Below is a list of top luxury handbags that renowned fashion brands have to offer you.


Luxury Handbags

Coming at number one in our list of top luxury handbags: the LV Speedy. There’s a style that’s stayed fashionable for 90 years. Debuting in 1930 as the Express, a name meant to convey convenience, this bag represented a radical departure for a company then best-known for steamer trunks and hard-sided suitcases. Made of LV monogram canvas, what’s now known as the Speedy was a soft-sided, 30-centimetre satchel with a silhouette that looked like a cross between a doctor’s bag and a duffle.

Then and now, it sported a top zip closure, two rolled handles, piping, and a zipper pull made from vachetta, the untreated Italian leather that’s an LV design signature. Variations came later, as women looked for excuses to own more than one Speedy or to have their favourite style personalized. Add a three-piece, adjustable, detachable strap to the Speedy, something that LV has been doing since 2011, and it becomes a Speedy Bandoulière that can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag.


Luxury Handbags

Long before there was the Hermès Birkin (see below), there was the Hermès Kelly. Designed in 1935 by Robert Dumas, a member of the family that still owns Hermès, the bag was based on the Sac à Courroies, which Hermès sold to carry saddles.  Transforming it into a proper purse, Dumas used a trapezoid shape, added a rigid handle, kept the flap with pull straps, and closed it with a turn-lock that came with a tiny padlock and key.

In 1954, movie star Grace Kelly picked up one while filming To Catch a Thief. In 1956, when she’d become Princess Grace of Monaco, she began using it to hide her baby bump from the paparazzi, leading women to call Hermès requesting the much-photographed “Kelly bag.” Today, the Kelly remains Hermès’ most complex model and is produced only in France, where each is made by a single artisan who spends between 20 and 25 hours hand-sewing, clamping, glueing, gumming, and buff its 36 pieces of leather.


Luxury Handbags

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed this handbag to be hands-free—an idea that was revolutionary when the Classic Flap debuted in February of 1955. Using the quilted leather that would become a design signature, she suspended the bag from a long metal chain so it could be worn either over a woman’s shoulder or, with the chain doubled, in the crook of her arm.

Then and now, its other elements included an open pocket on the back, a turn-lock closure, a burgundy lining, and a zippered inside pocket—although it wasn’t until the 1980s that Karl Lagerfeld had the inspiration to turn that turnlock into a branding opportunity by adding Chanel’s double-C logo. (The name 2.55, an allusion to the style’s debut date, refers to a Classic Flap without that double-C turn-lock.)


Luxury Handbags

Once upon a time, English actress Jane Birkin, famed in France for her years with musician and writer Serge Gainsbourg, happened to be sitting next to Hermès owner Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight from Paris to London.

At the time, Birkin lugged a wicker basket everywhere, claiming she couldn’t find a weekend bag she liked. When her wicker wouldn’t fit in an overhead bin and its contents spilt, she and her seatmate spent the rest of the flight discussing purses and sketching their ideas on the back of an airsick bag.

In 1986, Dumas presented her with the results of their collaboration, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that Birkin fever began to rage, leading to five-year waiting lists, countless counterfeits, and a secondary market where Birkins appreciate more than blue-chip stocks. Today, when phones and inboxes are flooded with special offers and influencer images, Hermès manages to maintain its mystique and remains one of the top luxury handbags with zero promotion.


Luxury Handbags

When the tote Luxury Handbags debuted in 2007, it already looked like they had been around forever. Larger and lighter than the Speedy, the Neverfull used a classic trapezoid shape and was made in the monogram canvas that LV had been using since 1896.

Aptly named, the Neverfull GM size (which has a 15.7-inch opening) is popular as both gym tote and diaper bag, but to cultivate the collecting impulse, LV currently offers dozens of Neverfull options including personalization with Goyard-style stripes and monograms, stickers, and coloured canvas or leather.


Top 10 Luxury Handbags

Call it part of the Nineties comeback. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have both been photographed with a Re-Edition on their arm, weren’t even born when Prada’s Saffiano-trimmed nylon became the stuff of chic. Now that sturdy luggage-grade nylon is back in this “It Bag,” which looks so much like earlier Prada styles that it’s impossible to tell old from new—even in a side by side comparison. Luxury Handbags.

That means that if you’ve got one of the Prada originals hiding under a dust bag in the back of your closet, you’re already good to go. And if you missed out the first time around, you can catch up with either a vintage model bought on the secondary market or one directly from Prada, which is making them in enough colours to inspire match-my-outfit collecting sprees—all priced under $800.


Another trend that shows no signs of slowing: the tote with a designer name spelt out in big capital letters, as seen at Celine, Chanel, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and practically everyplace else that puts out an accessories collection.

Currently, though, Dior’s Book Tote heads the list because of a range that includes animal prints, exotics, camouflage, and logo fabrics—plus patterns that are witty references to the house’s heritage, like cannage (a version of quilting that looks like chair caning) and houndstooth (the favourite of founder Christian Dior).


Bottega Veneta

Think of this luxury handbag as a drawstring bag without the drawstring. Or a clutch that’s oversized, floppy, and hard to hold. No one picks up the Pouch for practical reasons, yet its puckery, soft shape is seen everywhere on social media and is de rigueur gear for fashion editors.

The first big hit from Bottega Veneta’s British-born design director Daniel Lee, the Pouch was introduced in the spring of 2019 and is 40 centimetres wide, has a single-compartment interior, a top that snaps shut with a magnetic closure, and no handle or strap—which turns finding anything in your purse into a two-handed operation. (Cue to Coco Chanel spinning in her grave.)

Still, the Pouch is utterly irresistible, particularly since Bottega Veneta makes it in so many colours, including a wacky blue metallic and something called Sponge, a loopy, hand-knit Nappa that produces a purse that looks like a lap dog.

9. THE DIOR SADDLE BAG – Luxury Handbags

Dior Saddle Bag

Proving that a great handbag doesn’t seem to stay out of fashion for very long, the Saddle Bag is back—bigger than ever—after becoming a cult favourite in the early 2000s when Sarah Jessica Parker carried one as Carrie Bradshaw during Season Three of Sex and the City. Then, no longer available from Dior, it languished in obscurity for a decade or so—until Beyoncé pulled one out of her closet and started carrying it everywhere.

Cut to the second half of 2018, when Dior was officially re-introduced the style with loans to influencers and celebs backed up by a huge push on social media.


Luxury Handbags

Don’t even think about trying to buy these luxury handbags on the website, where you’ll read: “This highly-coveted style has very limited availability. Please check back at a later time.” Yet everyone who’s anyone somehow seems to own a Pochette Metis, a 10-inch wide flap bag with three interior pockets and a gold-tone lock that looks like the locks on classic LV steamer trunks.

Usually done in LV monogram canvas with vachetta trim and gold-tone hardware, the Pochette Metis has an optional strap that allows it to be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

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