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In this article, we’ll highlight our picks for the best rolex watch to own on the market today, then go over the main points a potential buyer will want to consider in choosing a best rolex to buy for investment .Keep reading to find the best rolex to invest in 2020 options for you.

Best Rolex Watches To Buy In 2020

I am not a watch expert. The world of fine timepieces is something I am just starting to dip my toes into. And I’m doing so with humility and a reverence for those who truly are bona fide authorities, connoisseurs and aficionados.

Why? Because serious watch culture can be a seriously intimidating place. If you’re frightened by the menswear world, you’ll get a whole other world of vibes from watch geeks online – a tribe that ranges from rich dudes who smoke $500 cigars and have Wheels Up memberships to aging hipsters who have an encyclopedic knowledge of Patek Philippe and Rolex reference numbers and want you to know that they do.

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It reminds me of when I was a bike racer and I would go into a bike shop for the first time where nobody knew me. The macho posturing and sizing up was not so different than what you’d see in an episode of “Wild Kingdom.” You had to check your ego at the door and let your legs do the talking.

In other words, it’s a club – an exclusive club – that grants membership through demonstrated knowledge, understanding and appreciation.

I’ve been thinking about posting about this topic for a while now because I actually purchased my first Rolex not too long ago. And while I certainly didn’t become an all-knowing expert in the process, I did a lot of thinking about what it means to buy your first Rolex, a lot of research, a lot of reflecting and a lot of back and forth on what my first Rolex would be.

first rolex watch to buy

azy person when it comes to learning all I can about something I’ve deemed worthy of my time and energy and a Libra.)
(To all of those points, I’m a perfectionist, a crazy person when it comes to learning all I can about something I’ve deemed worthy of my time and energy and a Libra.)

As a result, I feel as though I’ve picked up a decent amount knowledge and experience when it comes to taking the plunge to make that investment.

And since I’ll wager that anyone reading this post is in the same boat as I was before buying the watch – a non- (or budding) watch geek, normal guy who wants to make the best and most prudent choice for himself – you can rest assured that wherever you are in that journey, you’re not going to be judged.

I tried to think of the entire process I went through – which took about five months, by the way – to guide you through it in a logical way. Also included: my advice, obviously. Enjoy.

Due to Rolex’s impressive marketing over the years, as well as the sheer popularity of their products, they have become the archetype of the “nice watch.” And everyone certainly knows about them. My younger self was simply looking for something a bit more fresh. It was not a right time to get my first Rolex.

The 13 Best Rolex Watches For Men 2020 | Esquire

Over the years my relationship with Rolex evolved. It is now one of admiration, appreciation, and certainly understanding.

I know what Rolex watches are good at, I know what to expect from the brand, and I certainly know how seriously other people take them. And that goes equally for new and vintage Rolex watches that attract very distinct fan.

Well, there are plenty places, both physical, geographical and online, where you can find and buy a Rolex – it is one of the most bought and sold watch brands in the world.

As I do not know where you are residing, I do not know where you could find the cheapest. So, I would reformulate the question as “the cheapest that you can find”. Also, beware: as it is famous and sought after, it is also one of the most imitated, copied and faked.

So, I would suggest you to act with a grain of salt. What I am suggesting you implies some plain common sense, and of course, something that tries to reduce the aspects of risk for you and your wallet, and applies to different parts of the world.

Incidentally, those tips are right if you are buying any other high-end and luxury watch, of course.

  1. If you exclude the traditional way – that is, buying it from a licensed Rolex retailer – one of the safest and most direct ways to get a Rolex cheaply is through auction houses and websites, especially expert-moderated ones (that is, NOT Ebay). So. it would be through websites like Catawiki (which is Europe-centric) and similar. The auctions on Catawiki are moderated by experts, which should be professionals in one field, and are there to act as auctioneers, to give evaluations of the different pieces. If you find a watch that strikes your fancy there, you can be fairly sure it is verified that it is an original (not 100% sure, but with a good degree of confidence). You choose the model, and try to grab it for less. Of course, as auctions go, you could be beaten by someone else shooting an offer during the final moments, but I mean – this is what auctions are for.
  2. Another way to buy it would be through respected marketplaces like Chrono24 – which offer both shops and private accounts for selling. They have ratings for the sellers, and also, they can act as escrow accounts – that is, you pay them, and they release the payment to the seller only if everything is ok from your part. You can find some good vintage there, at reasonable prices, if you know what to search for, and what to spend. Some of the listings also have a “suggest price” box – so you can bargain with the seller to have a discount on the listed price.
  3. A third way would be to pass through a grey-market website selling watches, like Jomashop – which is one of the most known worldwide. What is grey market? It is a market where a company, which is not affiliated officially with a manufacturer, sells those products independently. As those websites depend on their good standing and credibility by customers worldwide, you can trust that what you would be getting is the original thing and not a copy.
  4. A fourth way would be to frequent a forum of watch lovers. Many of those forums have a marketplace where people belonging to the forum can sell their watches. If the user is a regular (and you can see it from the number of its posts), you would be fairly safe that the watch he’s selling would be legit. Even if you do not get the maximum discount, you would be fairly safe that the watch you are buying deserves its cost, and it is properly serviced.
  5. The fifth and last way would be to frequent the judiciary auctions where they sell seized property and stolen but unclaimed property. It is a risky business – you are not really sure about what you would really get (you may get a very good copy instead of an original – for your hard-earned cash) – but still, you could find some huge bargains there. If you like the thrill of the hunt, this is it.
  6. It is a combination of modern and vintage Rolex, which also always remain the discussion among enthusiasts. There are pros and cons on either side and in our articles, we try to give you a couple of our thoughts on both accounts. We have a slight preference for vintage models ourselves, at least most of the Fratello editors, but the modern Rolex watches (if available) are simply HOT as well. The Top 10 Rolex watches overview below, has been generated using the interest in our Rolex articles in the past 12 months. Without further ado, here you go.

1. Rolex Submariner 116610LV ‘The Hulk’

Top 10 Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk

The Rolex Submariner 116610LV (also known as ‘The Hulk’ for obvious reasons) was introduced in 2010 and a winner since the first moment. The demand for The Hulk is incredible and prices are going through the roof. A worthy successor of the former green Submariner (The Kermit), that was actually introduced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner. In this article, we compare the green Submariner with that other green version of an iconic diver. 

2. Rolex Submariner 116610

Perhaps one of the most classic Rolex models, or best recognizable at least, is the Rolex Submariner (Date). Most of our team members have one (or two) of these, be it an early 5513 or a modern Submariner 116610 as shown above. This is a classic, and whether you pick this one or the one without a date (114060), you can’t go wrong. We did a Submariner overview here, and we also did a comparison with the Omega Seamaster

3. Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’

Top 10 Rolex GMT-Master

A Rolex GMT-Master II is hot, and perhaps hotter than it ever was before since the new Pepsi and Batman models. Since we look back 12 months for this overview, it was still the Pepsi that got the most interest. But the new Batman with Jubilee is a runner up for sure. We did an overview of all Rolex GMT-Master watches in this article, from the very first reference to today’s available models. Did you know that starting this year, the GMT-Master II in steel will only be available with a Jubilee bracelet?

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