Best screwdriver set for pc building

It does not take specialized technical equipment in assembling a PC. The most crucial tool for PC building is a screwdriver set. There are many types of screwdriver corresponding to handle different parts of the PC, such as Phillips-head screwdriver, flat-bladed screwdriver, or hex screwdriver. This article shall give you five choices for the Best screwdriver set for pc building. The products are picked up from reputable brands from walks of life. Let’s check it out!

The 5 Best Screwdrivers for PC Building in 2020



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GEARWRENCH has always had an outstanding reputation when it comes to manufacturing power tools, and the 80066 is no different.

One of the most unique things and probably the 80066’s best feature is the fact that each bit’s size is laser etched into the blade. This saves you a lot of time when trying to find the right size, as you will no longer be baffled.

There are 20 different screwdrivers in this set, where of course, each screwdriver has its bit with the size laser etched onto it. The bits are both metric and imperial, meaning that you will be very efficient when dealing with PCs. Each tip is created from a magnetic black oxide. Not only does it increase their durability, but it also magnetizes them. Meaning that no longer will you lose your screws inside your PC case and have a tough time retrieving them.

The handles are made from a combination of plastic and rubber. This combination provides you with a strong handle that can easily withstand the pressure and force that you will apply on it while also making you feel comfortable when holding it. Also, the handles are non-slip as it is solvent and oil resistant. Moreover, they are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort when using them. Finally, the handles are speed zones integrated for tasks that require a lower torque.

Finally, all this comes in a hard plastic box that is easy to store and move around. It weighs 4.5 pounds. It is still relatively lightweight, despite being the heaviest product on this list. It still remains portable and extremely easy to move around and store.

What We Like:

  • Durable
  • Magnetic bits

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heaviest on this list

Final Verdict

The 80066 is an amazing magnetic screwdriver for pc building. It has a lot of screwdrivers that will help you build your pc freely and with efficiency. It is also very easy to move around and store. The handles are ergonomically designed and can withstand pressure. Finally, however, some people might dislike it due to its weight as it is the heaviest screwdriver on this set.

2. Bosch Go 3.6V

Bosch Go 3.6V

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The Bosch Go 3.6V is a cordless screwdriver. This means that it is electrically operated.

It operates on a 3.6V lithium-ion battery. The battery is integrated within the screwdriver itself. You can charge the battery with the USB charger. Also, there is a battery charge display on the screwdriver’s topside that will enable you to see how much battery life you have remaining.

This screwdriver set comes with 33 bits that are incredibly durable and versatile and capable of tackling all small to intermediate tasks. Especially the tasks concerned with building a PC as the bits are perfect for small and long screws, which are the general type of screws inside a PC.

The Bosch Go has a 360 RPM (rotations per minute). This is considered high for such a small and compact cordless screwdriver.

There is a button on the screwdriver’s top that enables you to either go left or light. This means that it can screw and unscrew, depending on what you would like. Also, if you leave the button in the middle, then you will be able to use it as a regular screwdriver.

The handle is coated in a non-slip rubber layer that will provide you with maximum comfort and prevent your hands from slipping even if they are slippery after long hours of use.

The Bosch Go weighs 2.35 pounds, making it the second heaviest screwdriver on this list. However, it is still considered fairly light. It is also easy to move around and store.

Finally, however, its only drawback product is that it is not suitable for tackling large tasks. So if you want to use it for anything other than building your pc or finishing small household tasks. It will not be able to do it.

What We Like:

  • High RPM
  • Compact
  • Button to go left or right

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for large tasks

Final Verdict

The Bosch Go 3.6V is an excellent set if you want to build your PC. Being cordless means that it will save you both a lot of time and energy. You can use it screw or unscrew any screw you want. Also, The bits are perfect for use in pc, especially for those long and small screws.

3. Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1

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Variety and versatility are what this set is all about.

When you have a set that comes with 115 pieces included and 98 of them are bits (largest number of bits on this list). Then you really have struck a gold mine. Besides the 98 bits, there are pieces that will definitely prove handy in other applications, like the tweezers, the extension shafts, and so much more.

The handle has a hands-free design and is covered with smooth plastic. It is durable, comfortable, and balances really well in your hand. Also, there are two extension shafts that you can add to the handle. One of them is a soft extension shaft for those hard to reach screws. While the other is a hard extension shaft for those screws that need more torque and power.

Also, there is a magnetizer inside the set that you can use to magnetize any bit that you want.

Moreover, all this comes in a plastic case that is easy to move around and store. It only weighs 1.2 pounds, making it one of the lighter models on this list.

Finally, this is your best option if you are on a budget. You will be getting a lot of options and bits for a very good price. You will definitely be getting amazing value for your money with this one.

However, the only downside to this product is its bit. Not their different types or versatility but their quality. The bits don’t seem to last for long times and just tend to break after long usage.

What We Like:

  • Versatile
  • Largest number of included bits

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bits are not durable

Final Verdict

The Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1 is an overall amazing screwdriver for building a PC. You will have all the pieces that you need to reach the inside of a PC, along with a few more additional options that will make your purchase worth its while. However, the bits’ durability seems to be on the downside as they don’t tend to last as much as the other sets on this list.

4. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit 60 in 1

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit 60 in 1

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Suitable for all types of electronics, not just building PCs.

The ORIA is made with use for electronics in mind. All of its bits are perfect for the screws inside any electronic. Whether a PC, laptop, gaming console, or even a watch.

There are 60 pieces inside this set, 56 of them are bits. The bits are also magnetized, which makes retrieving screws and not losing them a lot easier.

The handle is very comfortable to hold and use, and there are two extensions that you can add. A gooseneck style extension for those hard to screw screws within computers. And a flexible axis extension to reach the deep parts of PCs.

This set is the lightest on the list as it only weighs 12.6 ounces. It is extremely easy to move around and store. You can even put it in your car’s glove compartment.

It is also a great set for those who are on a budget as you will have to pay much less than what you will pay for all the other sets.

Finally, however, some users complain about the durability of both the bits and the case. As they state that even though they last for long times, the duration is not as long as they hoped it would be.

What We Like:

  • 56 Bits
  • Magnetized bits

What We Do not Like:

  • Not made from high-quality material

Final Verdict

The ORIA 60 in 1 is a great set that will prove very handy and useful for any user when they use it to build their PC. The two extendable shafts make it idle for PC building and for electronics as well. Also, its pricing is one of its shining points as you get amazing value for your money with this set. Finally, however, the durability of the bits and the case itself is questionable.

5. DEWALT DW2166


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DEWALT is a living testament to hardware perfection. They make various hardware tools from screwdrivers to drills and everything else. Therefore we definitely had to include one of their products.

One of the DW2166’s most amazing features is its case. It comes in a very strong case that is almost impossible to break or damage. Nonetheless, it is still small and can be stored anywhere from your workbench to your car. It will not bother you. It weighs 1.28 pounds. Making it not heavy and easy to transport.

There are 45 bits inside this set, making you capable of easily using it to build a PC. Also, the bits are Titanium torsion bits, this means that they are much stronger and durable. The bits range from hexagon bits to triangle bits, flat bits, two-holed bits, Philips, spline, and many more. The set includes the most commonly used bits. There are also longer bits that you will definitely need when operating on PCs for those hard to reach screws.

The screw head is made of vanadium, chrome, and alloy steel to boost its durability and capability of withstanding pressure.

Finally, there is an extension bit holder that you can use with the set’s smaller bits.

What We Like:

  • Hard case
  • 45 Bits

What We Don’t Like

  • None

Final Verdict

The DW2166 may be the overall winner and best product on this list. It is a perfect screwdriver for PC building. It is very functional and has all the bits that you will need. It is extremely durable and comes in a formidable case. You will not regret buying it.

What Is the Best Screwdriver Size for Building a PC?

Luckily most of the screwdriver inside a PC are Phillips screws. Therefore you would need a #2 Phillips screwdriver to optimally build your PC. Your best option would be to choose a screwdriver that has a long blade or shaft. So that you can stick it inside the PC’s deep places without having to worry about the handle.

Also, you might need to have a #2 Phillips screwdriver with a short blade so you can apply extra force and torque on it without having to worry about the blade shattering. So all in all a two #2
Philips heads one with a long blade, and another with a short one will get the job done.

Which Screwdriver’s Head Is Needed for PC Building?

When building a PC, you will most definitely need two screwdrivers’ heads. The first and most important one is a Phillips head. As all of the screws inside a PC are Phillips screws, and if you do not have a Phillips screwdriver, then you are done for. And to be honest, a Phillips screwdriver and a Phillips screw are the most common types of screwdrivers and screws out there. So you most definitely need to have it.

The second type of a screwdriver’s head needed is a Flathead. And it will not be used to screw or unscrew and screws. Rather to pry something or places. However, you need to be extremely cautious and accurate when doing this as all the parts inside a PC are extremely fragile and can be easily damaged or broken. Also if you can afford to not do this, it would be much better, as you would be keeping yourself and your PC much safer.

What Is the Best Kind of Screwdriver for Building a PC?

There are multiple types of screwdrivers that you can use to build a PC. However, all of them must share one important trait, which is that they must be magnetic. Having a magnetic screwdriver when building a PC is extremely essential, and its importance cannot be stressed enough.

As many times when we are loosening or tightening a screw, it tends to fall off the screwdriver’s tip. We cannot afford this luxury when building a PC. As if a screw falls inside a PC, it will be difficult to retrieve that screw as the inside of a PC is not large enough for our hands to fit inside and get the screw back.

So when a screwdriver is magnetic, the screw will stay connected to it, and it will not fall and thus saving us a lot of time and effort.

Also, having a cordless or a ratcheting screwdriver is great. As both of them decrease the amount of strain that you put on your wrist while they do all the hard work. They are remarkably faster than a normal screwdriver and will prove more efficient and functional when building a pc.

Before You Shop

Don’t feel like you need to buy everything at once. Invest in a few essential tools or a basic set, and then purchase additional tools as you need them for projects.

Think about how often you will use your tools when deciding what quality to purchase. For example, if you only need to pound in the occasional nail, a cost-effective hammer will meet your needs while leaving room in your budget to purchase other tools. However, if you know that a big home renovation project is in your future, consider investing in something more durable.

If you’re looking for an easy and economical way to stock your tool box without the hassle of buying all the components separately, consider purchasing a tool set. These sets contain the most essential tools and often include a convenient storage case.

Essential Tools

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

A durable claw hammer is useful for a variety of different projects. The head is used to drive nails, while the claw back can be used to pull them out. These hammers are available in a variety of sizes. A 16-ounce claw hammer is the right size for many household tasks while a 7- to 8-ounce claw hammer is best for work in small, confined areas.



Your toolbox should include two different types of screwdrivers: a Philips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. A Philips-head screwdriver features two blades in the shape of a cross, while a flat-head screwdriver has one flat blade. Certain screw heads are designed to work with Philips-head screwdrivers, while others are designed for flat-head screwdrivers, so it’s good to have both options in your toolbox. You should also have them in several different sizes for different jobs.



A set of pliers is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. A standard set of adjustable pliers can be used for gripping and adjusting nuts and bolts. A set of long-nose pliers is also a useful tool to have. The long nose allows you to grip small items and reach awkward places. A standard 5-10W size set of pliers will work for most household tasks.

Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Getting accurate measurements is important for any project. A tape measure can be used to measure windows, furniture, lumber, pipe, and much more. Most tape measures are spring loaded, so the tape will retract after you release it. They are available in several different sizes, but a 3/4″ wide by 16′ long tape measure can be used for most household tasks.



A level is used to determine if a surface is straight. Torpedo levels feature a glass tube filled with liquid. A bubble is formed inside the liquid and will appear in the center of the tube if the surface is level.


Laser Level

Laser levels are also available. These levels use a laser to project a straight line, making them especially useful for hanging pictures and shelves or mounting TVs.

Sockets, Wrenches & Ratchets

SocketsWrenches & Ratchets

There are several types of wrenches that you should have in your toolbox. A socket wrench can be used to quickly tighten or loosen bolts. Most socket wrenches have a 90° handle. Another type of wrench that should be included in your tool box is an adjustable wrench. In addition to tightening or loosening bolts, an adjustable wrench can be used for a variety of plumbing tasks. This wrench features an adjustable jaw, so it can fit a variety of different fastener sizes.


Utility Knife

A utility knife allows you to cut through a variety of objects, including corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. Consider purchasing a replacement blade pack so you never have to attempt cuts with a dull knife.



Including a headlamp in your tool box can help you work in situations without a lot of light. Whether the power’s gone out or you’re working in a naturally dark space, having a headlamp allows you to keep your hands free and your workspace illuminated.

Cordless Drills and Bits

Cordless Drill and Bits

Not only do cordless drills provide you with additional strength to drive screws, but they also allow you freedom of movement without being limited by an electrical cord, allowing you to take your cordless drill virtually anywhere! Cordless drills can be used to drive screws and drill holes. They can also be used for a variety of tasks with drywall and concrete.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Having the proper personal protective equipment will help keep you safe during any task. You can protect your eyes and face from flying debris with eye and face protection like safety glasses or safety goggles. Work gloves can keep your hands safe and protected during tough jobs.

Tool Bag

Tool Bag or Tool Box

As your tool collection grows, investing in storage can help you stay organized. Having a tool bag or tool box is a great way to keep your tools readily available and easily accessible in one place. Check out our tool storage buying guide to learn more about the different options available.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have reviewed these 5 screwdrivers for building a PC. And we have gotten to know them inside out and became very familiar with them. So now, let’s get down to some recommendations.

The overall best screwdriver for PC building that has everything that you will need, and will even help you in other tasks is the DEWALT DW2166. It is incredibly durable, has multiple bits, and comes in a tough case. You cannot go wrong with this one.

If you are on a budget and need some budget-friendly choices, while still retaining some fantastic features, then you must definitely go for the Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1 and the ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit 60 in 1.

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