Best selling microwave

There are literally HUNDREDS of different, countertop microwave ovens to choose from.  These are the top 5 best selling microwave Models to buy today. In this post, we will review the best over the range microwaves, and best microwave oven 2020.

Microwave ovens have rapidly become more of a need rather than a treat these days. Gone are the times when microwave ovens were simply used to warm up and cook meals. Microwaving today has become the typical approach of preparing meals. But, there are several vital aspects worthy of taking notes before you pick microwave oven of your choice.

best microwave 2020

Best selling microwave

5 – Panasonic NN-SN966S Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft. , Stainless

1250 watts high power

Unlike traditional microwaves that rely on pulse-on, pulse-off cooking at lower temperatures, patented Inverter Technology generates a steady stream of power at all temperature settings. The result? Consistent, evenly prepared food — edges to center — across a wide range of cooking techniques.

Poach, Braise and Steam to Perfection

Inverter Technology delivers microwave energy in a way that allows delicate foods to simmer without overcooking.

4 – Farberware Professional FMO13AHTBKE 1.3 Cubic Foot 1000-Watt Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

1.3 Cubic Feet, 1000 Watts

Give your family’s busiest appliance an upgrade with the Farberware Professional 1.3 Cubic. Feet. Microwave. Sleek stainless style delivers 1000 watts of cooking power with a combination of 1-touch and custom control to handle any task. Sized to feed a family–and fit on your counter, the Farberware Professional follows the Farberware tradition of over 100 years of value, quality and durability.

3 – Westinghouse WCM11100SS 1000 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven

Spacious, Versatile, Efficient.

This countertop microwave delivers 1000 watts of power and the quality that the Westinghouse name is known for. 10 power levels let you cook or reheat a variety of foods until just right. The keypad controls give you the option of inputting precise cooking times, and the LED display lets you clearly see exactly how much time is left.

6 one-touch quick cook buttons for items like popcorn and frozen dinners add to the convenience.

2 – Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD Countertop Microwave, 0.7 cu.ft.

700 watts of cooking power

Danby’s Countertop Microwave is not only practical and economical it’s stylish too Available with a variety of today’s most popular features this handy microwave is well suited for the dorm room office cottage or kitchen.

1 – Westinghouse WM009 900 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven

900 Watts of power

All The Right Features

This counter-top microwave delivers 900 Watts of power and the quality that the Westinghouse name is known for. Match other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, or simply add an eye-catching piece with this stylish unit.

Top 10 Large Microwave Oven Options

ShareNeed a large microwave oven? We did extensive research and put together this list of the 10 best large microwaves across a variety of types. Check it out.

Can you believe a microwave cost $579.99 in 1980?  With inflation, that’s $1,639 today.

Now you can buy a cheap small microwave for less than $50. If you want a good large microwave, it’ll cost more than $50, but you surely don’t have to spend $1,639.

That’s pretty typical with appliances and technology. New inventions cost a fortune and soon as they hit critical mass, the price drops dramatically.

If you’re looking for a large microwave that accommodate larger vessels and containers, we got you covered here. Check out these big microwaves that have rave customer reviews.

FYI, the pros and cons are a result of scouring customer feedback.

1. Big Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

This stainless steel has pretty design. It has button operations that can be easily operated to get to your perfect cooking temperature desires. The interior is wide enough to accommodate large amount of food. It’s easy to clean too.

Large stainless microwave oven with counter top and child lock features along with sensor cooking technology.


  • Has child-lock safety feature.
  • Humidity detection and turntable allows even cooking.
  • Large curved interior enables you to cook large food.
  • Simple operation.
  • Easy defrost mechanism.


  • Quality and durability needs improvement.
  • Hardware quality issues.

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2. Large Button

Larger buttons makes it more convenient to cook and operate microwaves ovens. It prevents accidents and mistakes during half-awake moments when trying to get a quick meal in the early morning or during midnight snacks. The buttons on this microwaves are also hard to miss with the contrasting black and white color combination.

White cubic feet microwave with soft-touch control panel and kitchen timer.


  • Turntable allows even cooking, and is dishwasher safe.
  • Digital display allows accurate thermoregulation of the cooking process.
  • 6 pre-set functions allows you to cook quickly and conveniently.
  • Viewing door allows you to check what’s inside without interrupting the cooking process.
  • Beeps to remind you of food left inside.
  • Doesn’t take much space.


  • Button labels fade and wear in the long run.
  • Some are bothered with the loud beep.
  • Quality and hardware issues.

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3. Countertop

The thing with countertop microwave oven is that it doesn’t occupy so much space as a full size oven does. Since it sits on the countertop, it keeps the kitchen roomy, tidy and not crowded.This oven from Panasonic is a great example. With its gorgeous design, it sits beautifully on the counter as you easily heat, defrost and cook your meals.

Inverter counter-top microwave oven with advanced turbo defrost and automatic sensor system.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Cooks fast with powerful power and inverter technology.
  • Automatic sensor adjusts time and temperature to cook different types of food.
  • Even cooking to perfection.
  • Large interior.


  • The main button to open and close the door occasionally sticks.
  • Can potentially leak radiation.
  • May not last very long.

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4. Solo

This solo microwave looks so cool. It is beautifully attached and installed like a drawer and you’ll love it! The touch operation in the front is also very modern and futuristic! What’s more convenient than pulling a drawer and placing your food inside to cook or heat? It makes the task look so easy and cool!

Stainless steel mircrowave drawer oven with front-mounted control touch controls and digital LCD display.



  • Beautiful and innovative engineering.
  • It is built-in so it is not practically occupying any space in the floor or the countertop.
  • Easy touch operation.
  • Automatically opens when done.
  • Modern LCD display.
  • Features a wide viewing window and internal lighting for a good look of what’s inside.


  • Costly to own and install.
  • Since it’s highly technical and automatic, technical concerns should be expected in the long run.
  • Snappy closing may catch your fingers in between the door.

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5. Combination

Combination Microwaves are type of microwave oven that can also function as a convection oven. It’s a great value because it combines the function of the two most popular appliances in the kitchen. It doesn’t just heat and defrost food. It can roast, cook pizza, cook muffins and other similar convection microwave ovens. This Combi microwave below does all of those mentioned functionalities in a modern and elegant design.

Black combi counter-top microwave oven with quick-touch pizza cooker and popcorn maker.


  • Beautiful design and engineering.
  • Functions both as a microwave oven and convection oven.
  • Affordable, given its features and design.
  • Easy operation with soft touch buttons and pre-set settings.
  • Comes with a turntable and interior lighting.
  • Digital displays allows easy control of temperature and time, thus accurate cooking.


  • Questionable quality of materials.
  • Some reported screeching after several months of use.
  • May emit chemical or burnt smell.

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