Best site to buy watches online in usa

When shopping for a watch, there are many ways to go about it. You can go to stores or shop online. Well, online shopping starts right here! At not only do we offer online shopping, but we also appreciate it, as well as our counterparts. This is why we wanted to provide you with our Top 10 Best site to buy watches online in usa. On this list, you will find many website options to get to the watch of your dreams, some you know very well and some you might discover. Check these amazing websites out and let’s get watch shopping!

Best site to buy watches online in usa

1. Amazon


How could we discuss online watch shopping without mentioning Not only can we find pretty much anything on Amazon, but also a great selection of amazing watches including numerous brands and price points. Not only is the watch selection almost infinite, Amazon makes it very easy to search for watches. Just click departments, head to the Men’s or Women’s fashion category and boom, watches appear! Not easy enough? Well than, you can narrow your search by choosing customer reviews – by number of stars, brands you like, price point you are comfortable with, style you are looking for and a lot more. All of these features are just a little click away!SHOP NOW

2. Jomashop

Jomashop is a great, extended, online retailer. The company has been around for over 25 years and also excels in wholesaling. You can find, on this website, a lot of fabulous fashion staples like : jewelry, handbags, sunglasses and of course watches. With a fulfilment center based in New York City, you can count on easy international shipping. The watch selection on Jomashop is pretty impressive, and so are the discounts they offer on their watches. There is even a diverse range of pre-owned high-end watches, like Rolex and Cartier, if this is of interest for you. What we also like about Jomashop is that there is a live chat available for any questions you might have on your favorite watch!SHOP NOW

3. Ebay


Alright, let’s not pretend we don’t all know and love! Just like Amazon, this massive online retailer offers endless possibilities. Go straight to the Watches category, select the brands and styles you like and get ready to see countless options appear on your screen. Scroll down the page to have access to a short detailed guide on how to choose your watch and what choices are offered to you when shopping for a watch. A little extra help to make sure you choose the right watch for you! What is also great about Ebay is that not only can you buy stunning watches, but you can also sell the ones you do not want anymore, all at the same place!SHOP NOW

4. is definitely a cool spot to check out when looking for a watch. They feature over 60 brands of watches, that you can shop by color, brand, style, etc. making it really easy to narrow down your options and fit your specific requirements. They offer a very wide variety of style ranging from classic to super funky. What is also really nice about is that they offer free shipping on all orders over 199$. As well, they have a Sale section where you can find amazing deals starting as low as 25$. Finally, stay up to date with news on your favorite watches and brands in the Blog section.SHOP NOW

5. Bob’s Watches

Bobs Watches Buy Watches Online

Founded in the mid 1990’s, Bob’s Watches set out to do something different : creating a website where customers can not only buy, but also sell and trade Pre-Owned Rolex watches. Since the last three years, Bob’s Watches is one of the largest watch reselling websites in the USA. 

If you are looking for a Rolex watch and don’t mind it being pre-owned, this is the place to shop. In addition to their own guarantee, all Rolex watches sold on Bob’s Watches are “certified pre-owned”. Established in California, Bob’s Watches does research all of their watches and takes the time to properly evaluate them, makes sure they are authentic, compares them with current market value, etc. so that you get the best timepiece at the best price. 

In order to make sure you do get the Rolex watch you wish to buy, Bob’s Watches carries a large inventory of watches. Everything for sale on their website is authentic and is actually physically in their inventory already. Therefore, no disappointment! This online marketplace is the place for buyers and sellers to meet and make business together.SHOP NOW

6. The Watch Hut

The Watch Hut

Calling all of our UK and International friends! Don’t worry, North Americans are not left out either, as The Watch Hut ships internationally. The Watch Hut is a very beautifully designed, easy to navigate website for watch shopping. It was launched in 2005, in the United Kingdom. It promotes efficient shipping, free returns, price matching (see details), etc. Also, any watch you buy on this website will come with its manufacture warranty as The Watch Hut is partners with all of the brands they sell. Plus, you can sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off selected models on your first buy! How can we say, this website is bloody brilliant!SHOP NOW

7. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a really nice choice as well when it comes to website that provide lots of watch options. Under their Jewelry section, you will find all the available watch brands Of course, Neiman Marcus provides lots of designer brands when it comes to watches. Their website is easy to navigate and it does give out lots of information on the watches, which will help you make a clear choice. It also covers all of North America in terms of shipping, including both the USA and Canada. What’s also fun about Neiman Marcus is that you can click the little heart next to the watches you like to create your own favorites list. Then, once your options are narrowed, it makes it easier for you to choose the one for you. Check it out to have access to beautiful and extravagant designer watches.SHOP NOW

8. Macy’s


Macy’ is also a great website to visit when shopping online for a watch. It’s website has an entire section dedicated to watches. Macy’s offers smart watches, luxury watches and everything in between. It also provides information about certain watches through guides and videos, now that’s helpful! A great advantage also is that Macy’s now ships to Canada, covering not only the USA, but all of North America. Don’t forget to check out the sales clearance section for surprising deals.SHOP NOW

9. Ashford

Ashford is an American online retailer, with headquarters based in New York City, on its famous Fifth Avenue. This website mostly offers watches, but also a selection of sunglasses and fashion accessories. The company was created in 1997 and bought by a parent company in 2007. Since they opened, over 20 years ago, they proudly have acquired over 1 million customers. Ashford proposes a large variety of watches, all at a discounted price All of the watches they sell come with their two-year extensive warranty. This website also provides pre-owned options, at discounted prices, if this is what you are looking for. A great point about Ashford is that it is easy to look for a watch as their are many filters to choose from, so that you can narrow your search and get right to the watch of your dreams!SHOP NOW

10. Nordstrom


Who doesn’t love Nordstrom? This upscale retailer reunites a bunch of amazing designers to offer a very wide spectrum of styles and trends. This is no different when it comes to watches. On, you will find all of your favorite designer watches, easily findable by brand, color, case shape, price, etc. Not only that, but also exclusive designer collections await you on this website. What’s also fun about Nordstrom is that they don’t only offer fancy designer watches, they also have sports watches and much more.

Now, who doesn’t love a good deal? Because if everything you love on Nordstrom is out of reach at the moment, check out Nordstrom Rack : the discounter version of Nordstrom. The same goodness, at much more affordable prices!

How to buy clothes online (Guide on shopping for clothes online)

Shopping for clothes can be fun but it could also be confusing and sometimes intimidating. When we talk of buying clothes from online stores it can even be more complicated and intimidating than shopping from physical stores. Today I’ll be giving you 5 tips that will make your shopping experience better so you can enjoy the full convenience of buying clothes online.

Tips on buying clothes online

  • Know your measurements and sizes
  • Check the description and reviews
  • Reference the sizing chart of the item
  • Consider your wardrobe
  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission when you make purchases through the links. Which supports me and keeps the blog running (free for you)

  • Know your measurements and sizes

This is very important and will greatly affect how often you return clothes. Knowing your measurements is not that difficult, you can ask your local tailor to do it or you can get a measuring tape and do it yourself. Take measurements of your chest, back, arm width, arm length, pants length and more (let me know if you’d like me to write on measurements).

measuring tape

You should know if you wear S, M, XL etc. Know your shoe size and your pants size. Have it in mind that different countries/regions have different sizing systems, so know the one you use in your country/region and compare/convert it to that of the clothing you want to purchase.

  • Check the description and reviews

Every piece of clothing should have a description section where you will find things like the materials used, the sizing chart and some additional information. Take the information you find here into consideration before making your purchase.

Unfortunately, some descriptions are not always true and can be misleading. This is why you also need to check the reviews, this is where you’ll find unfiltered information about the clothing, that can be more accurate than the description.

In my opinion, reviews are more important and factual than the description.

  • Reference the sizing chart of the item

If you have taken your measurements and have checked the description, this is when you apply both. Reference the sizing chart in the description with your measurements and figure out what size of the item you should purchase. Different stores can have different sizing systems so, doing this will reduce your chances of buying the wrong size.

  • Consider your wardrobe

When you want to purchase clothing, make sure it’s something you can and will use. Consider the other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and how well that item can be matched with other items you already own. This will make sure you’re getting value for your money.

 Although if you are buying clothing to experiment with a new style or trend then this may not be applicable.

  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

A lot of people don’t do this and may regret it later. Take note of the shipping options and information so you’ll have an idea of how quickly it ships, this might make you rethink if you want to go through with the purchase or not. (You should note that the shipping period may not always be accurate).

package box

The return policies will determine how easy or difficult returning an item will be. You won’t always keep what you buy and so understanding the return policies of the store will make things easier.

When you have bought clothes a couple of times online, it becomes easier as you get used to stores you shop at often and understand their sizing, shipping and other information.

You should understand that you may not be able to buy everything you want online so always check physical stores once in a while. This can even help with the sizing of clothes from online stores if they have physical outlets because they’ll likely sell the same items.

How to shop for clothes online (without having to send everything back)

As the summer sales start, the Guardian’s stylist gives her tips for buying clothes online – from measuring heel heights to working out what size bag you actually need

Is this what you were expecting? Online sales shopping needs careful planning.

The summer sales start this week, but shopping online – and not being able to try on clothes before you buy them – can feel like one of modern life’s annoyances. Dresses are too short, trousers are too long, and fabric is so sheer that you can see your underwear through it; seconds after your package hits the doormat you realise you’ll be spending your next lunch break elbow-to-elbow with other serial returners in the post office queue.

But it doesn’t have to be that way: here is everything I’ve learned over nine years professionally trawling the internet for clothes to help you score some bargains – and reclaim your lunch breaks.

Stella McCartney at Harvey Nichols - Marianna striped cotton midi skirt - WAS £395 NOW £197.50
How long can you go? … Marianna striped cotton midi skirt, was £395, now £197.50, Stella McCartney at Harvey Nichols. Sale ongoing.


  • Check the measurements

Check the height measurement of the model in any picture and note whether they’re wearing heels or flats – that will help you gauge the length of skirts, trousers and dresses. A skirt that sits above the knee on someone who is almost 6ft could end up around your ankles if you’re smaller. On the flip side, if you’re after a pair of cropped trousers this season and you’re petite, then a pair that look calf-length on a model might be full-length on you – it’s worth checking them out.

  • Watch the videos

If there is a video of a model wearing the item you want to buy, always watch it. You’ll get a good idea of the weight and quality of the fabric as they walk. Asos, for example, have catwalk videos of almost everything. Thin material wafting around legs won’t be what you want come October.

  • Size yourself up

If you’re shopping at Zara, try the “what’s my size?” function. It lets you enter your height and weight, as well as whether you prefer your clothes “tighter” or “looser”. For many items on the website it will then tell you what size garment people of similar dimensions to you tended to buy, and what percentage of those sales were successfully kept, not returned.

  • Go for classics
Keep it classic … Bernice satin blouse, was £69, now £51, Kitri.
Keep it classic … Bernice Satin Blouse, was £69, will be £51, Kitri. Sale starts 25 June.

Think classic rather than fashion-forward pieces that won’t date easily when you’re sale-shopping: minimal jackets, tailored trousers, light knitwear and silk shirts are perfect. Remember, there is often a reason that items are in the sale in the first place: often, buyers are betting that certain trends won’t be hot by the time the next season starts.

  • Laundry labels


Check to see if the washing instructions are on the site. That 75% off “bargain” could set you back a lot more over the course of a year when you see that it’s dry clean only.


Striped shirt, was £295, now £180 from
Check the label … striped shirt, was £295, now £180 from Sale ongoing.
  • How high?

Before you buy heels online, measure the height of the highest shoes you currently own that you can comfortably wear, and don’t be tempted to buy anything higher. There are always loads of super high heels in the sales that might look like the perfect party shoe, but they are still there for the very good reason that they are completely useless to walk in.

  • Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions

Accessories may seem like a safe bet, but always make sure you check their dimensions. Bags can be much smaller IRL than they look online, and if they are made from stiffer leather than you expect, they might not have any give. Depth is the most important measurement of all. Cross-body bags often look pretty substantial on a screen, but in reality they might not have room for your keys, purse, phone and Tamagotchi.

And if you do have to take things back…

Pink dress, was £49, now £36.75 from
No regrets … pink dress, was £49, now £36.75 from Sale ongoing.
  • Buy once, in bulk

Most sites offer free returns, so it may be cheaper, less annoying and kinder to the environment in the long term to do one big shop, rather than lots of little ones, and try on everything you want in a range of sizes. If you’re sales shopping, do this early so the best bits don’t sell out – you can sign up for prompt emails to tell you when your favourite shops’ sales have started. But check the site’s returns policy carefully before you load up your basket.

  • Better deliveries and returns

Some returns are more annoying than others. Using Doddle makes things slightly less painful. The dedicated returns service is super quick – none of the gargantuan lines you come across in the post office – and you don’t even need to reseal your package, just drop your parcel in and they will email a tracking receipt to you. They currently work with Asos, Boohoo, Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, Warehouse and Boden; if you don’t know it yet, Google it to find out where your nearest branch is.

Another good service is CollectPlus, which gives you a list of shops that provide delivery and collection of parcels in your local area. If you’re a last minute shopper you can also sign up to services such as Asos’s top-level delivery service Premier, which gives you next day delivery for £9.95 for a year.

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