best skin products on aliexpress

Here for the Best Skin Products On Aliexpress? “Chinese cosmetics” is usually associated with distrust. We think it can harm the skin and health. But not all products from China are bad. In recent years their quality have improved. And some Chinese brands will become international leaders soon. These manufacturers can be found on Aliexpress. I have prepared this compilation to help you with the search. Check out our aliexpress beauty products and best aliexpress makeup finds list.

Most of the stores sell only caring products, but other stores sell for make up. Almost everyone has the status of a “Trusted Brand”. Their rating speak for themselves. No one hasn’t crossed the line of 50,000 sales but it will happen soon. Many people write positive feedback to their cosmetics.

In this list there are both cheap brands and expensive ones. You will be able to choose that is the best for yourself.

This TOP was made depending of the number of sales and estimates. These stores that has sold more than 2 000 items and they have estimates above 98% participate in this compilation.

If you need standart cosmetics only I have a list with best makeup sellers on aliexpress. There is a slightly more modest choice, but there are also some good products. 

best skin products on aliexpress

10. LAIKOU Official Store


It sells good of the same manufacturer. That is the one of the few stores that has on sale caring cosmetics for men. Otherwise, cosmetics is generally for women. There are different high quality creams with snail mucus and sulfur with hyaluronic acid.


9. BuBuGao Store


The choice is small, but the rating is high and the volume of sales is high too. The shop specializes on the sale of fabric masks. There are a lot of different model. Everyone will find the one they want to buy. Here you can purchase masks of popular Chinese brands.


8. LeMon Style


This is a very popular seller on AliExpress. There are more than 400 items of goods. You can find cosmetics of such brands as Bioaqua, Lanbena, Aichun. The most popular goods are fabric masks, which sells in large quantities. Their assortment is huge. So, you can find fruit, vegetable with hyaluronic acid, retinol, and other models.




That is one of my favorite stores. I often buy cheap serums here. The best I’ve tried are retinol serum and tea tree oil serum. The company focuses on the production of serums and extracts. So, there is no wonder of their popularity. The assortment is huge, the prices are average.


6. BIOAQUA Franchised Store


This is the first cosmetic skincare brand I have seen on Ali. Designers of the packages have tried to attract attention. The prices are affordable. The best-selling is the mask against black spots.


5. SOPURE Online Store


This is the most popular brand store on Aliexpress. I have seen a lot of interesting items here, for example: hydrogel eye patches, face creams with red ginseng and rejuvenating whey with rose extract. All this things realy help very much. Many customers come to buy once even more. Prices are rather exprencive, but it’s worth it.


4. YUNIFANG Official Store


They sell cosmetics by company Unifon. Their creams and masks are based on minerals, vitamins and herbs. The choice is not very large but there is enough to gain confidence. Masks are sold both individually and in jars. This brand has received many awards for its achievements.


3. MEIKING Official Store


There are 50% caring and 50% decorative cosmetics. Many people trust them because these are good products. One of the most popular products is a skincare mask with an extract of ginseng. People say that it wonderful. I hope to use it somewhen.


2. MillionStyle Store


One of the best cosmetics stores at the moment on AliExpress. Here you can purchase goods of famous brands and little-known manufacturers. The rating of the store is really high, despite of a fact that it is working for two years only. The bestselling goods are eye patches from the company “Images”. Here you can also find a lot of fabric masks.


1. Sanfree Store


The shop could become the leader of the list due to the really high rating. It means that service and products are great. Here you can buy such brands as OneSpring, Eixue, BEOTUA and others. The store proposes more than 1000 items. Really huge assortment and attractive prices make the seller popular on AliExpress. One of the bestselling goods is bio aqua effervescent mask.


Not all manufacturers of cosmetics make their products qualitatively. So it is very difficult for a buyer to understand what Aliexpress offers us. I will be glad if my TOP Brands of Chinese Caring Cosmetics will help you to make this difficult choice. Good luck with your purchases. Always your Milkshake.

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