Best small 1000 watt microwave

There are a number of things to look out for when buying the best small 1000 watt microwave. An understanding of these important features will help you make a better decision.

We’ve listed these criteria for you:


The internal capacity should be a fit for your regular needs. The external dimensions should also be checked so it fits in the available space you have.

A few models offer you a different shape. You might pick that over the conventional if you intend to use your compact oven in a corner or some other tricky spots.


The power of a microwave is expressed in watts. It allows you to evaluate its cooking performance.

It goes without saying that the greater the power of the microwave, the quicker it will cook your food, reliably and homogeneously. In any case, we strongly recommend that you have a device with a minimum power of 750 watts.

The more cooking options the oven has, the higher its performance index will be. Thus, in the case of a microwave oven with grill, the recommended power will be 1000 watts.

To save you from overall costs though, choose an oven that has a low-power standby mode.

Microwave Programming

There are three main categories of programming for microwave ovens. First, there is the mechanical programming: this basic system is based on a more or less precise timer, a simple power selector and another dedicated to various cooking functions.

More advanced than that, there is the electromechanical programming mode, which combines simplicity and precision.

Finally, the last mode of programming, which is also the most effective of the three, is the electronic programming mode. The options are numerous here and complex and can vary from simple defrost mode to even cooking on its grill. Not to mention the modes of memorizing a cooking program or presetting the power.

Better programming options offer flexibility and more versatility of the use of your oven.

Ease Of Use

Some compact ovens have one-touch buttons and a display. Others approach their operation in analog form, choose whichever you will find simpler to understand and use.

Ease Of Cleaning

Stain resistant interiors are much better. A simple wipe thus removes any stains from splashing that may occur. Having one with a scratch resistant exterior is also a good idea so it keeps up its finish after cleaning over time.

Best small 1000 watt microwave

Our Top Pick: Panasonic NE-1025F Silver 1000W Commercial Microwave Oven

With an internal capacity of 0.8 cubic feet and external dimensions of approximately 20 inches long by 16 inches deep by 12 inches high, the Panasonic NE-1025F Silver 1000W Commercial Microwave Oven isn’t the smallest microwave on our list, but it’s still a lot more compact than many of its competitors, especially other commercial grade microwaves.

If you’re looking for something that’s simple to use, look no further. This small microwave features a single timer knob—no push-buttons, preset programs, or variable power settings—so you simply turn it to the desired cooking time and away you go. While this level of simplicity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, many users find it refreshing. It also means there’s less that can break or go wrong.

One of the main things that set commercial microwaves apart from consumer models is their rugged build. The Panasonic NE-1025F is built to last! What’s more, it features a hidden rotating antenna rather than a rotating turntable and the rest of the inside is completely smooth, making it extremely easy to clean.

With a fairly hefty price tag of around $280 (though Amazon Prime members can buy it for somewhere close to the $220 mark), this is likely to cost too much for occasional microwave-users. However, this product has exceptional reviews, so if you use you microwave a lot, or simply want a sturdy model that will last for many years, this one comes highly recommended.

Panasonic NE-1025F Silver 1000W Commercial Microwave Oven Key Features: 

  • 1,000 watt power
  • Smooth interior is extremely easy to clean
  • Simple dial controls

Our Runner Up Pick: Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Runner Up

This high-tech microwave features a range of programmed settings and much more

If you’re looking for a high quality small microwave but don’t quite have the budget for our top pick, consider the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven. Retailing at roughly $90, it’s much more affordable, but is still an excellent choice. It might not be quite a rugged as a commercial model, but makes up for it by sporting a wide range of handy features.

If you’re not sure how long to cook various foods for, the six preset programs will make your life easier. For anything that’s not in one of the presets, you can easily set your own times with the one-touch system, and even program your own multi-stage cooking instructions.

While it has a maximum power of 900 watts, you can choose between eight different power settings, which is useful when cooking foods that don’t require full power. The overall external measurements are 19.2 inches long by 15.9 inches deep by 11.5 inches high, which is small enough for most kitchens. The internal capacity is 0.9 cubic feet—slightly larger than our top pick.

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven Key Features: 

  • All beeps can be muted
  • Can defrost items by weight
  • Kitchen timer function

Best Budget Pick: Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven

Best for Budget

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Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven

Basic, compact, and affordable—the perfect small microwave for anyone on a budget

It might be a basic model, but the Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven is a great choice if you don’t do a lot of microwave cooking or you simply don’t want to spend a lot. At roughly $55, this compact microwave certainly won’t break the bank. Despite its low price, users have generally found it reliable, though it might not hold up to heavy duty use.

Just because you don’t want to spend much on a microwave, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a highly functional model. This microwave offers six programmed settings, plus the ability to set your own time, if you know how long you need to nuke your food for. With a choice of 10 power settings, you can make use of the full 700 watts or opt for a lower setting.

With dimensions of approximately 20 inches long by 16 inches deep by 13 inches high, we’d certainly class this as a compact microwave, although it is slightly larger than some other 0.7 cubic foot models.

Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven Key Features: 

  • Child lockout feature for safety
  • Weight and time defrost
  • Easily add 30 seconds to cook time by pressing ‘start’

Best Small Countertop Microwave: Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

Best Countertop

This specially designed microwave sits nicely on countertops and can event fit in corners

If you’re looking for a small microwave that’s not too long, but you don’t mind a bit of extra height, the Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave is what you need. It measures approximately 15 inches wide by 14 inches deep by 14 inches tall, with an internal capacity of just 0.5 cubic feet, making it one of the most compact options on the market.

The turntable inside has an 11-inch diameter, so you can still easily heat a plate of food or pop a large bowl of popcorn. We love the unusual rounded back, which means this microwave can fit neatly into corners, making it a real space-saver.

The Whirlpool WMC20005YB has an all-important preset popcorn setting, but apart from that you’ll need to manually enter your desired cook time. You can select between a range of power settings, up to a maximum power of 750 watts.

While we’re a huge fan of this microwave, it does come with a fairly high price tag of around $150, so you might prefer a slightly less costly model, unless you’re dead set on having a microwave that fits in the corner.

Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave Key Features: 

  • Control lockout for safety
  • 10 power settings
  • Fits in corners

Best Small Convection Microwave: Farberware Gourmet FMO10AHSBKA Microwave Oven

Best Convection

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Farberware Gourmet FMO10AHSBKA Microwave Oven

The convection function makes this an extremely versatile microwave that can rival a conventional oven

Want a microwave that can also broil, air fry, and bake? Check out the Farberware Gourmet FMO10AHSBKA Microwave Oven! The convection feature means it cooks food on the outside, rather than just heating it from the inside, like a regular microwave. Effectively, this means it can bake and brown food—you can even bake cookies and pies. In addition to its convection function, this model also offers a broil/grill and an air fry function.

With external dimensions of 20 inches long by 20 inches deep by 12 inches high, and an internal volume of 1 cubic foot, this is the largest option in our top five, but it’s still one of the smallest convection microwaves available. Due to its compact size and versatility in the cooking arena, it’s the perfect choice for dorm rooms, RVs, and other places where you might not have a full kitchen with a stove and oven.

The intuitive controls allow you to select between the different cooking functions, set the cook time, or select from various preset programs. Although it’s not cheap, at roughly $200, its wealth of features definitely make it well worth the cost!

Farberware Gourmet FMO10AHSBKA Microwave Oven Key Features:

  • Multi-stage cooking option
  • 10 power settings
  • 1,000-watt max power

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