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Simple freestanding microwaves are super-convenient for cooking, heating and defrosting food and can quickly become the most hard-working appliance in your kitchen. Ideal for renters, you can simply plug them in and get dinner on the go, whether you’re reheating yesterday’s left-overs, defrosting a portion of that stew you prepped on the weekend, or cooking yourself a delicious baked potato. But which Best solo microwave is right for you? Check out our top picks for the best solo microwave under £100 and best solo microwave brands.

best solo microwave brands

What can be cooked in a solo microwave?

Solo microwaves are the ultimate for simple tasks – they should be able to both heat and cook food – but make sure you do your homework before buying: high price and high wattage does not necessarily equate to high quality.

Solos tend to be cheap, compact, easy to use and less bulky than their combi cousins, meaning you shouldn’t need much space on your kitchen worktop. On the downside, they generally have a smaller capacity and limited functionality, although with many of the latest models you should find an array of auto-cook programmes as well as the standard heating and defrosting settings.

You will also find they don’t crisp or brown your food as well as a regular oven, so are better suited as a speedy alternative to heating or cooking than an overall oven replacement. That said, there are plenty meals you can cook in a microwave, including steamed puddings, French toast, and cakes.

What is the difference between solo and grill microwaves?

Put simply, solo microwaves are basic models that can defrost, heat and cook food, while grill microwaves have an additional internal grill element. There are also combination microwaves which, in the case of some of the more advanced models, can even claim to take the place of a standard oven. Many of these combination models can be used for grilling, baking and roasting, and some have even more specialised functions too, such as steaming and yogurt-making.

Things to consider when buying a solo microwave

Auto-cook programs – Some solo microwaves offer auto-cook programs that adjust the power and time based on the type and weight of the food. Examples of common standard programs include pizza, popcorn and frozen vegetables.

Wattage – The difference in wattage can affect the cooking times you use when referring to packaging. This implies that the higher the wattage, the faster you can cook. Having said that, we’ve seen an array of wattages perform brilliantly, with one as low as 700w appearing in our top 10 solos. As a result, we recommend not judging on this alone.

Power levels – On most solo microwaves, you can adjust the power level to suit different foods – not everything should be microwaved on full! The highest setting should be used to microwave dishes that have a high liquid content, such as soups, drinks or vegetables. Medium should be selected for everyday jobs, like reheating ready meals. Low should be used to warm foods and for precise tasks, such as softening butter or melting chocolate.

Heating categories – The heating category simply reflects the wattage, with A being the least powerful and E being the most powerful. As a result, you can assume that the more powerful categories further down the alphabet means the faster your food will cook.

Flatbed vs turntable – Flatbed microwaves do not feature a rotating turntable. It gives you more space to microwave your food because of this and is typically easier to clean, while still heating your food evenly. These tend to be more costly though.

Built-in vs freestanding – Microwaves can take up a fair amount of kitchen counter space, particularly if they’re combination. If you’re lacking room, you can always opt for an integrated model which is embedded in your cabinets/wall – a bit like an oven. You would need to have this professionally fitted to be sure that it has the required space around it for ventilation.

Clear view door – You would be surprised by how many microwave doors are tricky to see through. Be sure to invest in one in which you can see the interior during cooking. This will save you from opening the door repeatedly to check on the progress.

Child lock – Some microwaves also come with a child lock option to give you peace of mind. This setting prevents a child from operating the microwave unsupervised as the control panel is locked.

Best Solo Microwaves

best solo microwave1) Russell Hobbs RHM2563 – Best Value

If you’re in the market for the best solo microwave with all the bells and whistles then I suggest you consider this model. Why I say this is because, the RHM2563 has over 9 auto cook programs, which gives you the convenience to make your families most favourite dishes very quickly and easily. Plus, because of its price, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One of my most favourite features of this solo microwave is the auto defrost setting. All that is required, you put the contents in, input the weight and the microwave will choose the best amount of time to have it ready for you. It’s such a simple and convenient function that many other standard models do not posses.

There is a lot more to the RHM2563 however. Take a look at its other qualities:

  • You can fit the largest of plates inside as it has a 25L internal capacity, which is big for a solo microwave
  • With the size you also get power. This model is 900W, ensuring cooking gets done quicker and more thorough
  • Stainless steel design makes it very easy on the eye. This model would look great in your kitchen
  • Built with looks in mind, it has a mirror reflective door, so you can even catch a glance of yourself!
  • Tailor your cooking to you with 5 different microwave power levels
  • Digital clock and countdown timer
  • Childproof door

It looks fantastic, has many superb features, does not cost a fortune and has size and power. Its obvious to see why this solo microwave reviews are generally great on Amazon. Why don’t you take a look for yourself using the link below.


Samsung MS23H3125AK solo microwave reviews2) Samsung MS23H3125AK – Best Black Microwave

Do you want a black solo microwave that does more than the basic model, with basic and special features but does not cost a fortune? Well, you should probably consider the Samsung MS23H3125AK. The reason I say it does more than the standard solo type, is because incredible extra functions like Smart Humidity. It makes your life a lot easier, by adjusting the cooking times to make sure your food is cooked perfectly.

However, my most favourite feature is definitely the triple distribution system. A common problem with solo microwaves is, you can often find food has been cooked uneven, leaving cold spots in your meal. However, this technology ensures anything you put inside will be cooked evenly, eliminating any cold spots for good!

There’s a heck more great things about the Samsung MS23H3125AK here they are:

  • With extra features is does the basics better than most solo microwaves
  • Not only is it great for ready meals, it has 28 cooking programs so you can do, vegetables, baked foods and poultry, with the defrost and convection modes
  • 23L capacity which is good for small household tasks.
  • 800W output, but it also comes with an Eco mode which saves 40% energy

It’s obvious that this microwave has many impressive features not seen on most solo models. The versatility, is extremely helpful if you like getting busy in the kitchen, because it offers you more options with what you want to do. Having said that, it is a more expensive model, but as far as quality goes it cannot be doubted. This microwave has a lot of good reviews on Amazon and the majority are overwhelmingly positive. Why don’t you check them out for yourself?


Russell Hobbs RHM2076B Best selling microwave3) Russell Hobbs RHM2076B – Best Selling Microwave

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076B is a basic model that will do the simple things, very well. The attractive design makes this model very popular with consumers. For its size and price, it’s a really nice looking product. The sleek and stylish finish, with its alluring mirror door, will make any kitchen a better place to be.

As well as is pleasant finish, this solo microwave boasts a good range of capabilities. With 800 watts of cooking power, simple tasks like defrosting, reheating, and cooking, become quick and convenient. The RHM2076B is a 20-litre capacity microwave, which will comfortably fit a standard size dinner plate. Also, this model owns a dishwasher friendly glass turn-table for easy cleaning.

Although the RHM2076B from Russell Hobbs is a fairly standard model, it still has handy features. A digital clock and pre-set function allowing you to keep track of your food’s cooking time. What’s more, the model has pre-programmed cooking menus for pizza, fish and popcorn, allowing you to make your favourite meals with one push of a button.

Overview of features:

  • 20L capacity
  • Auto cook menus
  • Digital clock & timer
  • 25.5cm Glass turn-table
  • 5 Microwave power levels
  • 800 Watts power

There are hundreds of good reviews about this solo microwave. Many consumers are happy with their purchase and they say how great it looks on the countertop. What’s more, the quality is brilliant and overall the RHM2076B is very reliable and great value for money.


Russell Hobbs RHM2362S best silver microwave4) Russell Hobbs RHM2362S

If you’re looking for a solo microwave that is, not only stunning, but very reliable then you might want to consider this one. The reason I say this is that this Russell Hobbs, looks absolutely fantastic in silver with many cool features. Also, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

I really like the cool features this model has. A childproof lock is ideal for those with toddlers in the house, as you will not have to worry about them having an accident. My most favourite feature is the auto-defrost setting. It’s very easy and convenient, all you have to do is put in the weight of the food, and the microwave will decide how long it needs to defrost. This helps you a ton. There are only a few things more frustrating than keep having to check on food.

If that isn’t enough, then this is what else comes with:

  • Auto cook menus for foods like popcorn and reheating a pizza
  • The turntable is dishwasher friendly, making maintenance easy
  • 800W is the power which is good for its price
  • 23L interior capacity, plenty of room for most basic tasks
  • Displays the time with its digital clock
  • Always know how long your food will take, with the digital countdown timer

It’s very clear to see, this solo microwave has many functions and features. Not only that, many people who own this, have great things to say. With over one thousand reviews on Amazon, the Russell Hobbs RHM2362S is one of the most popular basic microwaves out there.

Do you like what you’ve just read? Why don’t you check the reviews on Amazon for yourself?


Best solo microwaves5) Samsung MS23F301EAK

You should check out this Samsung microwave if you’re looking for elegance but pure simplicity. Although you will be paying premium due to its wonder aesthetics, its definitely worth your money if you want to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Why I say its pure simple, is down to the control system. It’s absolutely straightforward to use and does not have 10 buttons, giving you headaches and confusion.

With a class brand like Samsung comes excellence. Just like their other solo microwaves, this one has the triple distribution system. That aims to cook all contents evenly, minimising the risk of cold spots on your food, so you do not need to worry about under cooking things. What I truly love most is the little details Samsung added to make this all the pleasing on the eye, which is the ice blue digital display. Its beautiful and this model, not only does your basic tasks in style but also looks stunning in your home.

Now there are more features to this model that what has been explained so far:

  • 23L capacity which is a good amount of room
  • 800W output of power. Although that is not the most for a solo microwave, with the triple distribution system it is more than enough to see great results
  • Anti bacterial and scratch proof interior, proves its high quality build
  • Made easy to operate by ‘Easytronics dial control’
  • Countdown timer makes it easy to know when your food is ready
  • Digital clock displays current time in the ice blue display
  • 2 year manufacturer warranties for piece of mind

As stated before, it is a basic solo microwave, but it does what its suppose to do better than any other model of similar qualities. It’s for no reason the Samsung MS23F301EAK has lots of great reviews from its owners. Why don’t you head over Amazon with the link below and check it out for yourself.


Russell Hobbs RHM2017 solo microwave oven6) Russell Hobbs RHM2017

This Russell Hobbs is an incredibly beautiful, but large solo microwave. If you’re browsing for a model that can hold larger foods, and has more power than most, then you should definitely read this review. The reason this microwave probably suits you, is that it has a capacity of 25L which is considered large for a solo, and a power output of 900W, also considered great for a “standard microwave”.

Now, although it does posses a high power level and a large capacity, it does have many more benefits. My favourite point about this microwave is, it boasts 9 different auto cook menus. That makes it very easy to whip up your favourite meals in just a few minutes without needing Gordon Ramsey hang on your shoulder!

You can fit your largest plates inside, 900W power output, plus you get 9 auto cook menus.

That’s not all though, here are other reasons why you should consider it:

  • Beautiful design with a mirror door, so not only will it look good in your kitchen, it will also complement you!
  • A digital display including; Countdown Timer & Clock
  • 5 different microwave power levels, so you can tailor your cooking how you would like
  • An automatic defrost setting, which all you have to do is enter the weight of the food and the microwave will defrost for the correct amount of time
  • Comes with a child lock door, so the kids in your home cannot open it and have a potential accident with hot contents
  • Dishwasher friendly turntable for easy cleaning

It’s clear to see there’s a lot to love about this solo model. What’s more, there are hundreds of reviews for customers on Amazon. If you want to check those reviews out click below:


Russell Hobbs RHMM701R best red microwave7) Russell Hobbs RHMM701R – Best Small Microwave

If you want to purchase a stylish, compact, red solo microwave that comes with some handy features, but you don’t want to fork out for one, then take a look at this Russell Hobbs. Other than the colour change, the overall design is similar to their RHM2563 model, which means it is perfectly simple to use. However, it does come with fewer features, but the price tag resembles that, with this red model being a bit cheaper.

What’s great about this model, its compact size makes it ideal if you have a small kitchen. With an interior of 17L, it holds a tag of being one of the smallest solo microwaves available. If you do not need a large capacity then this is a perfect choice (Assuming you like red!). To go with the small size, the power outage is 700W. But although generally, this is not a lot, its perfect for a 17-litre model.

Here’s more functions and reasons why you should choose this one:

  • Ring alert tells you when the food is done. Don’t worry it doesn’t sound like a smoke alarm!
  • 5 Power levels to choose from making it easy to cook to your preference
  • Easy to use interface, with buttons and dials. Using this microwave is very straightforward, so if tech stuff isn’t your thing, then this is a great option
  • Small and compact, meaning it can fit in the smallest of areas

It’s fair to say, the red Russell Hobbs definitely doesn’t tick all the boxes most would want when choosing a solo microwave. However, if you need a model similar to this, then it’s perfect for you. Want to know more, and see what others are saying? Check out the reviews from buyers below.


Samsung MS23F301EAS8) Samsung MS23F301EAS

Are you in the market for a basic microwave oven, that hosts cutting-edge cooking technology, whilst also having a sleek and stylish design? Well take a good look at this one. What makes me say this, is the beautiful silver design, that will compliment any kitchen it’s put into. Also, the incredible technology allows you to cook faster and more evenly, by specific distribution of heat. Plus it gives it that crispiness without leaving cold spots.

One of the things I like about it is the inside is an anti bacterial ceramic lining. Microwaves get dirty very quickly, especially if contents explode… We have all done it! But due to the lining, maintenance is made very easy and much more of a convenience compared to cleaning a different type.

Let’s take more of a look at what else it has to offer:

  • The ice blue digital display gives it more style although it’s subtle
  • You can remove the turntable so cleaning is made even easier
  • Has plenty of room inside for most items, with its 23L capacity
  • 800W power, mixed with the triple distribution system, your food will cook a lot quicker and more evenly than some higher powered models.
  • One year manufacturer warranty keeps you at ease
  • Very cheap for its build and design quality

You can see, the Samsung MS23F301EAS is a standard model. Other than the amazing cooking technology it has, it does not really boast many cool features. It looks incredible, and so are the reviews people who have bought it on Amazon. There are hundreds of them, and many all share a common theme. Go check them out below.


best sharp microwave9) Sharp Solo Microwave R272SLM – Best By Sharp

If a high powered, compact solo microwave is what you’re after, then this is just right. Why that is because it has a capacity of 20L and a power output of 800W. Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to stand over a hob and cook, but with this, you will get what you want very quickly.

What really makes this compact model standout among the rest, is it has 11 power levels. You won’t have to worry about choosing specific microwave meals, because with the number of power options you can pretty much cook anything within the capabilities of a basic one. What’s more, you get 24 auto menu programs, so if you’re unsure how long to cook that pizza, this Sharp will give you a hand.

More reasons to love this compact sharp is:

  • Auto defrost settings makes light-work of the timing contents will take to completely defrost,
  • For a quick reheat, there is an auto minute start button, which is very handy and another reason to love it.
  • Useful kitchen timer, allows you to be busy with other tasks and it will alert you once finished.
  • Safety is paramount in the kitchen and the Sharp has a child lock door, so it’s safe around young people who like to play with things!
  • The whole design and interface are made to be easy. The operation is uncomplicated and practical for anyone. Just one more box ticked for loving it.

By a way, the Sharp R272SLM is the best compact solo microwave. The features, functionality, and looks are all outstanding, and this is a must-have. For even more proof of how good it is, there is a ton of reviews on Amazon. Go look through them below and you will see for yourself.


Daewoo best microwave10) Daewoo KOR6A0R – Best Daewoo Solo Microwave

If you want an affordable, yet good solo microwave, that boasts an Eco mode, which helps on your bills then take a moment to check out the Daewoo KOR6A0R. In fact, this model is one of the first microwave ovens to feature an Eco mode. What you can do is set it to standby mode and it won’t consume any energy. Great, if you want to keep gaz and leccy under control.

My favourite feature about this one, is the dual wave power system. You won’t have to worry about your food not being fully cooked as the system is designed to evenly cook any contents. What’s also good, is you won’t have to put up with any cold parts. The end result is almost the same as a full oven cooker.

Clearly, there are multiple good things, regarding the Daewoo, but here’s a few more to check out:

  • Concave reflective system evenly distributes the waves internally for perfect results.
  • 4 auto cook menus allow you to make your favourite meals with a push of a button.
  • 10 power level settings give you the freedom to cook exactly how you like your food.
  • The auto defrost setting makes your life easier. Just input the weight of the contents and let the microwave choose the time it will take.
  • The capacity is 20L. It’s perfect for small house holds, or families that won’t rely on it too much.
  • Power output is 800W.
  • This microwave is very safe, with its childproof door lock.

As you can see, the Daewoo KOR6A0R is great and has a lot to like. 98% of the reviews on Amazon are mainly positive, I recommend you check them out below.


Best mini microwave11) Hotpoint Curve MWH 1331 – Best Mini Microwave

 I thought I’d move away from the standard solo microwaves, and show you this unique design. Only take a look if you’re limited for space and have a decent budget. Now a great thing is for you is, it’s only a 13L capacity which is a very small microwave. That’s why if you don’t rely on one much but do need it for simple tasks than this is ideal.

Why this Hotpoint intrigued me to research and review is because of the shape. Its called a curve, as it can fit into corner spaces like a glove. It’s perfect if your tabletop does not have much room, as it will be tucked away in the corner, ready to use.

While it offers a great solution, it still has to be good right? Here are all the other functions of it:

  • Although it is only a 13L and considered a small microwave, it does not do it justice. Inside there is plenty of room, and you can easily get a standard dinner plate in. The turntable is 28cm.
  • Cooking quality is not lost, the 700W power combined with dual wave technology allows items to be cooked evenly and to a high standard.
  • Five power levels allow you the versatility to cook with a personal touch.
  • It boasts a digital display with a countdown timer and a clock.
  • Great design means it looks awesome in your kitchen
  • 2-year manufacturer warranties with 10 years parts. Good customer service from Hotpoint!
  • Has child safety features
  • Has defrost function

Looks great, sounds great right? But the only real way to find out how good it is for yourself is to check the previous buyer’s reviews on Amazon. Take a look with the link below.

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