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The best stick vacuum is easy to move and store, light to push around, is multi-use (converts to a hand vac for car-and-more cleaning) and makes short work of pesky mess, including pet hair. Here are the Best Stick Vacuum Australia models, which we’ve chosen from hundreds of hours of research, including real consumer feedback.

The Best Stick Vacuum in Australia [2020 Buying guide]

The best stick vacuums in Australia

Best for most -> Dyson V8 Animal Extra

Loved by Aussies, the Dyson V8 Animal Extra is a great stick vacuum. It’s packing powerful suction, which includes 2 power modes. It’s 2-in-1, which means it easily converts into a handheld. It comes with 5 cleaning tools, a 40-minute runtime and a 5-hour charge time. Not bad for RRP $799.

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The people have spoken. The most popular stick vacuum in Australia right now is the Dyson V8 Animal Extra. Well, according to anyway where it gets almost 4.5 stars from well over 300 reviews. It’s also an award winner 2017, 2018 and 2019. Phew.

Look, this is technically for the Animal not the Animal Extra. But having dug into them, they’re basically the same machine just with a different name.

Still with us? Good. Let’s dive into why Aussies love the Dyson V8 Animal Extra.

For starters, there’s the powerful motor that spins at up to 110,000rpm to create great suction. Loads of reviewers rave about its power. They even talk about it in all caps, so you know it must be good. It also boasts 2 power modes. The MAX mode gives you extra power for cleaning up those stubborn messes. 

It has a pretty decent runtime, up to 40 minutes, and converts easily into a handheld. Which means you can use it in the car / on the stairs / sofa, etc. It comes with 5 tools: a combo tool (to switch between surfaces), a crevice tool, a mini motorised brush, a soft dusting brush (finally clean your computer keyboard!) and a low reach adapter. This clever tool changes the wand angle up to 90 degrees so it can bend low but you don’t have to. 

When it’s time to empty it, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Pull the button and it releases the dirt into the bin. 

It comes with a docking station that hangs on the wall so you can show the world you own a Dyson. It takes 5 hours to change and weighs just 2.61kg.

It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and comes in around $799. It also has a 2-year warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee (only if you buy direct from Dyson). 

Why buy the Dyson V8 Animal Extra


With up to 40 minutes of power, you should be able to whizz around all your floors.


It converts easily into a handheld so you can clean your car / stairs / sofa / whatever.

No-touch emptying

No more dusty, dirty hands. Just pull the button over your bin and watch the dirt fall out.

2 power modes

Need a bit of extra grunt? No problem, use MAX mode.

5 tools included

Crevices, carpets, hard floors, sofas, under the sofa, your keyboard… you can do it all.


At 2.61kg, it’s lightweight and easy to handle.

Wall hung docking station

So you don’t have to shove it behind a door. This might not be a pro if you’d rather not display your vacuum on the wall…

Replaceable battery

As it gets older, like all stick vacuums, you might notice the battery life getting shorter. With this model, you can buy a replacement battery. This means you don’t have to throw the vacuum out and buy a brand new one. 

45-day money back guarantee

Buy through Dyson and they offer a 45-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you can send it back for free.

Loved by Aussies

It’s a award winner 3 years in a row.

The not-so-good bits

The 2-year warranty, although pretty standard for small appliances, seems short for the price. The charging time (5 hours) is ok but not brilliant. 

In summary

Choose the Dyson V8 Animal Extra and you’ll be in great company. Over 300 Aussies on rave about it. That’s thanks to its powerful suction, which includes 2 power modes. We love that it’s a 2-in-1 stick vacuum that easily converts to a handheld so you have maximum cleaning flexibility. It comes with 5 cleaning tools, a 40-minute runtime and a 5-hour charge time. Not bad for RRP $799.

Best for runtime -> Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4 V

Got a large home or really love vacuuming? A long runtime might help. Enter the Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4 V with its 75-minute runtime. Although it doesn’t convert to a handheld, it does come with a strap so you can wear it on your back like a Ghostbuster.Check price

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4 V prides itself on a long runtime – up to 75 minutes. This is the second longest runtime of any stick vacuum we reviewed. Although this does normally depend on what tool you’re using. Floor brushes tend to suck more power than nozzles and crevice tools. But we can all agree that 75 minutes is more than enough time to clean your home’s floors. It takes 6 hours to fully charge.

As well as a great runtime, it has a smart sensor which shows you when the cleaning performance is dropping. This is usually when the filter needs a clean. It’s easily removable and washable to help extend its life. 

Unlike the Dyson V8 Animal Extra, it doesn’t convert into a handheld. But it does come with a strap so you can wear it on your back, Ghostbusters-style. Unlike most stick vacuums, it stands up on its own. Which means if you need to take a break or move something when you’re cleaning, it’ll stand patiently waiting for you. It comes with a hose and an upholstery and crevice nozzle to help get into tight corners, like your car or sofa.

It weighs 3.7kg so over 1kg more than the Dyson V8 Animal Extra but still lightweight. The dust container is a generous 0.9L so you shouldn’t be constantly emptying it.

It’s been reviewed and recommended by CHOICE and Bosch Athlet gets 4 stars from well over 200 reviews on 

It has a RRP of $899, which is $100 more than the Dyson V8 Animal Extra. But if you need the extra long runtime, it might be a worthwhile upgrade.

Why buy the Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4 V

Long runtime

At 75 minutes, it has an impressively long runtime.

Smart sensor

Suction dropping? The smart sensor will let you know when it’s time to clean the filter to help boost its performance.

Removable and washable filter

Which helps to extend the life of this vacuum.

Stands up on its own

For easy storage and charging. Also handy if you need to take a break mid-cleaning.

Extra cleaning tools

It comes with a hose and an upholstery and crevice nozzle, so you can easily use it in the car / on the sofa, etc.

Generous dust container

It’s 0.9L so you shouldn’t need to empty it constantly. 

Recommended by CHOICE

If it’s good enough for the pros in their lab, it’s good enough for us.

The not-so-good bits

Charge time

The payoff for the 75-minute runtime is a long charge time – around 6 hours.

Non-replaceable battery

Unlike the Dyson V8 Animal Extra, once this battery stops working you can’t replace it. Instead you need to chuck out the machine and buy a new one. Which isn’t great.

Doesn’t convert

You can’t change this into a handheld. But you can use the strap and wear it on your back for Ghostbusters vibes.

In summary

If you’ve got a large home or you’re really into vacuuming, a long runtime might be a big plus. If so, meet the Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4 V. It’s got an impressively long runtime – 75 minutes. It’s also got a smart sensor to monitor its cleaning performance. The sensor lets you know when it’s time to remove and wash the filter. Unlike most stick vacuums, it can stand up by itself. Although it doesn’t convert to a handheld, it does come with a strap so you can wear it on your back. Recommended by CHOICE, it’s a great option.

The competition

The biggest thing we found with stick vacuums is how you intend to use them. If it’s going to be your main vacuum, you’re probably best to go for a higher price point. You’ll get better cleaning and more tools. But if you’re using a stick vacuum as a buddy to your main vacuum, you can get away with a more affordable option. 

These are the stick vacuums that didn’t make the cut but could be right for you. 

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate

Sometimes, vacuuming just doesn’t cut it. You need a mop too. Enter the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate which includes a ‘power drive mop’ so you can vacuum and mop at the same time. Three step water control (low, high or stop) gives you control over your mopping. 

If the mop feature isn’t doing it for you, there’s bound to be a tool that does. Because this thing is packing. It comes with 5 other tools. This includes 2 brush heads (multi-surface and hard floor), a bedding ‘power punch’ (nope, no idea what that is), a mattress tool and a combination and crevice tool. Phew. It also converts to a handheld.

To make it easy to use, it has one touch thumb control to choose the power level (there are 3 – normal, power and turbo), an ergonomic design and an extendable pipe. It also has a dual power pack to give you up to 80 minutes’ runtime. 

If that’s not enough, it’s quick charge. It takes just 3.5 hours to charge each battery, the joint lowest time we’ve found. You have 3 different charging and storage options, including wall-mount and floor-standing. The filters are removable and washable, to help extend the life of the machine. It weighs 2.7kg, which is basically the same as the Dyson V8 Animal Extra.

As you’d expect with all this functionality, you pay for it. It’s RRP $1,349 – the most expensive we reviewed. It’s been reviewed and recommended by CHOICE and the LG CordZero A9 racks up an impressive almost 4 stars from over 100 reviews on

Choose this if…

You want a stick vacuum with all the bells and whistles, including a mop, dual power pack, up to 80 minutes’ runtime and quick charge – and you’re happy to pay around $1,300 for it.

Bosch Athlet Zoo’o ProAnimal

The Bosch Athlet Zoo’o ProAnimal’s bizarre name reflects its intended use: picking up pet hair. Because it’s specially designed for this purpose, it’s got great suction on a range of floor types. With a RRP of $699, it’s a more affordable stick vacuum. But it still has everything you need for a thorough floor clean, including an upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a ProAnimal specialised brush which helps you brush hair off upholstery. 

It has 3 speed modes, including a turbo function for ingrained dirt. The battery is the same as the battery used in Bosch power tools. This means you’ll get up to 60 minutes of runtime. The pay off? Six hours charging time.

It has a LED indicator which alerts you when the filter needs cleaning. For extra convenience, this filter is washable. A freestanding design, it doesn’t have a charging dock or wall mount. It also doesn’t convert to a handheld so you’ll need to lug it around with the included shoulder strap.

It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and gets over 3.5 stars on The biggest complaints are around the battery life. 

Choose this if…

You want an affordable stick vacuum for picking up pet hair that has a good runtime and a wide range of attachment tools but doesn’t convert to a handheld.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Platinum 

If you’re all about building a smart home, you might like the Tineco Pure ONE S12 Platinum. It’s all about being smart. Let’s start with the futuristic LED display that shows you everything you need to know about the vacuum. This includes the battery level, power indicator, whether the brush roller is tangled or if anything has gone wrong.

It offers 2 modes of clean – auto or manual. Auto uses the iLoop dust sensor to detect hidden dust and automatically adapts the suction power. Which basically means, it does the hard work for you. It also has a touch screen that allows you to swipe between different power levels.

A 2-in-1, it converts to a handheld and comes with a range of tools to help you clean everything in your home. This includes 2 power brushes (1 for carpets and rugs, 1 for hard floors), a dusting brush, crevice tool and soft dusting brush (for things like keyboards). If you’re an insomniac and like vacuuming in the dark, you’ll appreciate the LED lights on the power brushes.

It has 2 batteries to give you an 80-minute runtime, the joint longest we found. The smartest bit of it is the app connectivity. The app lets you know the status of the vacuum, including the filter health and battery life and any malfunctions. 

All this smart tech comes at a price. It’ll set you back over $1,000. It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and racks up an impressive 4.5 stars from a limited number of reviews on

Choose this if…

You want a smart stick vacuum that boasts app connectivity, a LED display and an auto cleaning mode that adjusts the suction for best results.

Kmart 2-in-1 corded stick vacuum 

The Kmart 2-in-1 corded stick vacuum has an absolute rock bottom price of $29. Which is kind of impressive considering it’s a 2-in-1. It includes a crevice tool and reckons it has a HEPA filter. Given a genuine HEPA filter usually comes with a far higher price point, we’re a bit dubious about this claim.

It’s also corded which means although it transforms into a hand vac, it doesn’t have the convenience of cordless stick vacuums. It does have a 5m long cable though.

But if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful spot cleaning tool, go nuts with this one. Aussies agree – it’s well-reviewed on

Choose this if…

You want to spend the bare minimum on a corded stick vacuum for quick cleans.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal+

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal+ is an upgrade to our Dyson V8 Animal Extra pick. RRP $999, it’s around $200 more. For that, you’re getting 20% more suction power than the Dyson V8 (according to Dyson). You’re also getting a larger bin (0.76L, to the V8 Animal Extra’s 0.54L) and up to 60 minutes’ runtime (to the V8 Animal Extra’s 40 minutes). You’re also getting 1 extra tool, the stubborn dirt brush. Oh, and it has 3 power modes, rather than the V8 Animal Extra’s 2. 

Its charge time is much quicker (3.5 hours, to V8 Animal Extra’s 5 hours) and it’s slightly heavier (2.67kg to 2.61kg).

Unlike the V8 Animal Extra it’s not been reviewed by CHOICE and it’s not as popular on It still gets over 4 stars though.

Choose this if…

You want a quick-charging, 2-in-1 stick vacuum with a decent run time that comes with a great range of tools and you’re happy with a higher price.

Important features to consider

These are the features we think you should be looking for in a stick vacuum.

Low profile

Non-stick vacuums tend to be bulky, especially the carpet brush heads. This, combined with the weight of lugging it around on its cord, makes it hard to reach places like under furniture and in tight corners. Choose a low-profile stick vacuum to reach further into these difficult spots. 

Easy steering

Swivel steering makes a stick vacuum easier to manoeuvre around furniture. This helps you get into tight areas and makes a more pleasant user experience – you won’t be exerting much effort to push it around. 


You want your stick vacuum to work just as hard as a traditional vacuum, if not harder. So, look for one that offers more. Perhaps it converts into a hand vacuum which is handy for cars, windowsills, shelves, stairs and more. Or it comes with multiple attachment tools, like crevice or upholstery ones. This will allow you to complete all your cleaning tasks with one machine.

Battery and runtime

Look for a minimum 20-volt battery – this should deliver some decent suction. Runtime is tricky with cordless stick vacuums. Because they run on batteries, you need to consider the recharge time and how long it’ll run before it needs to recharge. 

Some manufacturers claim their model can run over 1 hour before needing a charge – we’ve found very few models that deliver this. Most last around 20 minutes, some even less than 10. Consider how large your home is and whether this is intended to be your main vacuum. That should guide your ideal runtime.

The optimum balance is short charge time (sub 4 hours), long runtime (around 20 minutes, which we felt would be enough to clean a larger home rather than just a small apartment).


A stick vacuum is supposed to be convenient. This includes storing it. If you’re limited on space, or don’t want to make a feature of it on your wall, ensure you choose a thin, lightweight unit that can easily fit in your storage space.

Good for all surfaces

A cordless stick vacuum allows you to move around your home quickly and easily. This probably means you’ll be going through a variety of floor surfaces, from carpet to tiles to floorboards and more. Ensure it’s suitable for all surfaces and won’t scratch more delicate flooring, like lino.

Easy waste removal

Again, it’s all about convenience. Go for a bin that easily releases and empties, without covering you in dust. Bonus points for a washable filter – or no filter at all. Extra bonus points for a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter that reduces dust mite allergens, making them an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.


You can get corded stick vacuums. To us, this reduces the convenience factor massively. Yes, it’ll probably be lighter than non-stick vacuums, but you’re still limited by the reach of the cord. In return for the convenience of cordless, you’ll get a less powerful vacuum with a shorter life span that may lose its effective battery charging ability over time. 

To guide your cordless / corded decision, you should consider how large your cleaning area is and whether you’re happy to wait for the battery to recharge. Large home and want instant cleaning power? Consider corded. Or better yet, leave it to a robot vacuum.

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