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Sticky bras are basically a necessary evil: painful to take off, not friendly to sensitive skin, and sometimes make your ’fit look worse than if you just went braless. That said, if you want to wear stuff with cool necklines but don’t want your nips to pop out or your chest to feel totally unsupported in thin or semi-sheer fabric, things your boobs have to get sticky. Wardrobe malfunctions are le worst, which means we’re forever in search of the perfect sticky bra.

With so many options out there—and such varied results depending on boob size—12 Cosmo staffers sacrificed their nips at the adhesive altar of the highest-rated stickies on Amazon and Nordstrom so you don’t have to. Scroll on to find out what they thought.This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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A note on our review process and parameters:

Cosmo employees self-identified their chest sizes (small = A and B cups; medium = B, C, and smaller D cups; and large = larger D cups and higher). Then they each tried on around four sticky bras, wearing them for a full night’s or day’s worth of activities unless they were too complicated to figure out, caused skin irritation, or fell off. If styles were re-wearable, they’d do a day-two retest on the power of the adhesive.

The Ultimate Nipple Covers

The Ultimate$25.00SHOP NOW

You’ve probably tried nipple covers before, but these ones are backed by more than 2,000 stellar reviews on Amazon and have a smooth, silicone feel. They come in three different matte skin tones in a finish that doesn’t reflect light (unlike the fabric petals you often see out there), so you don’t have to worry about the flash from that group dinner pic accidentally highlighting your choice of ~underthing~.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

Because they’re basically pasties, you can pretty much wear them with any type of complicated outfit, from totally sheer styles to strapless, low-cut, and backless ones. See what our reviewers had to say below!

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These are my favorite little guys ever. I wore them under a bodysuit to get a haircut (where the AC was BROKEN!) and then to a friend’s place for drinks, and thennnnn to karaoke. These lasted the entire 80+-degree day, from 1 pm, to 1 am and they didn’t even need to be pressed back on. I basically forgot I was wearing them. I have A cups, so the smallest size almost covered my entire boob, which was actually really nice because it rounded them out. These are definitely my new go-tos for any dress or top with a deep V. I’ve worn them at least three times (without washing them because I’m a monster) and they still stick.” —Ashley, 32AAFootwear, Leg, Shoulder, Joint, Costume, Beige, Shoe, Neck, Art,


“These were totally lovely nipple covers that feel like actual fabric. They come super highly-rated on Amazon (79 percent five-star reviews!). I wore them with a maxi dress that has built-in underwire and was super pumped about the look (support from boning + nipple covers = A+). I could barely feel ’em at the end of the night, and they came right off without leaving my chest red or irritated. If you’re not looking for support and you just want to cover your nipples, this is definitely the way to go.” —Jessica, 34DOrange, Blond, Clothing, Peach, Beauty, Skin, Pink, Shoulder, Dress, Joint,


These were my favorite of all the sticky bras I tried. I really like that they came in two sizes in case you wanted more or less coverage on any given day. I like to wear these under tops I would normally not wear a bra with, to avoid a nip-slip. When I’ve tried other nip covers, they’ve folded or fallen off, but I didn’t have any problems with these. I’d definitely buy these again because they’re reliable and affordable (especially given how many wears you get per pair)! —Shannon, 36DADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

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Bunny-Shaped Push-Up Pasties

Bunny-Shaped Push-Up PastiesMIMEIMIAIamazon.comSHOP NOW

Awww, aren’t these sweet? Guessing these lil rabbit-shaped guys have blessed your Instagram feed with their adorable design and their promise of gravity-defying “ear” tabs. In case you’re like, Huh, but why? here’s the thought behind ’em: Stick the circle portion on your nipple and use the ears to lift your boob a little, then stick them flat, closer to your collarbone.

Because their lift process requires sticking so close to the clavicle, they’re not great for strapless pieces. Instead, use them with deep-V designs or something backless with plenty of coverage in the front. Bonus: If you don’t need the sag prevention, you could theoretically cut off the upper tabs and just wear them as nipple covers.

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“These were confusing and I didn’t know at first if the ‘bunny ears’ were supposed to go to the side, or up. Eventually I figured out they were supposed to go upwards, to lift the chest a bit. I guess I like where the idea of these are going, but this particular version seems to have some design flaws. It is not sticky along the edge, so it shows the silhouette of the thing through your shirt, and it comes up along the seam throughout the day. I wore this out with a blazer and no shirt and I’d say that’s the only combo I’d ever try it with because you’d want a thicker material to hide the shape.” —Katie, 34BJheri curl, Hairstyle, Sleeve, Collar, Style, Ringlet, Coat, Blazer, Fashion, Jewellery,


I did not like the texture on these. They didn’t stick well on my boobs and I didn’t trust them enough to actually leave the house with them on. I felt if I lifted my arms up over my head, they would fall off. Didn’t wear!” —Taylor, 36BWhite, Sitting, Blond, Skin, Beauty, Leg, Photo shoot, Model, Dress, Photography,


“I attempted to wear these to work, but they were like oversized pasties that did not form to boob shape. The edges all the way around did not lay flat. I only wore them for about two minutes. As soon as I started putting the second one on, the elongated strip up near my collarbone on the first one started peeling off. The stick didn’t have enough stick. Thumbs down for me.” —Kara, 34DADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

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Invisible Breast-Lifting Silicone Pasties

Invisible Breast-Lifting Silicone$28.00 $15.88 (43% off)SHOP NOW

Like the bunnies above, these also cover nips and lift the breasts—and they do it a bit better, according to Cosmo staffers. They reported that these teardrop-esque adhesives really helped give them a nice shape in plunging styles, like blazers worn without tops underneath.

They’re relatively see-through, but calling them ~invisible~ is a stretch for anyone with a darker skin tone, for whom these would absolutely show up as lighter than the rest of the chest. Last thing: These also only come in one size fits all, so if you have significant cups, these may not work as well.

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“These are nice! I like that the upward tabs give me a little extra lift. The one downside is that it doesn’t really work with strapless necklines, because the top tabs would show, but it stayed in place for hours. I re-wore it a couple times and it was easy to wash and maintained its stickiness nicely.” —Katie, 34BWhite, Clothing, Blue, Shoulder, Beauty, Fashion, Photo shoot, Pattern, Design, Dress,


This puppy is a one-size-fits-all situation, which isn’t necessarily amazing if you’ve got a full C or larger cups (ahem, hi). Sure, it was sorta comfy (as in, I wore it with a linen dress and after an hour, didn’t think much about it), but lift, it did not. If you’re naturally perky this would be an ideal option, but if you’re looking for a lot of lift, not sure about these guys.” —Jessica, 34DClothing, Blond, Black, Dress, Shoulder, Fashion, Beauty, Long hair, Cocktail dress, Joint,


“This was the first sticky bra I tested out and I am OBSESSED with it. I’ve never actually successfully worn a sticky bra before (I have tried plenty) and I wore this out to a party and it stayed on all night, even though it was a million degrees outside. It fit really well and comfortably, and didn’t make my boobs feel even heavier. It stayed VERY sticky. Like, to the point that I didn’t even know how to store it because it just sticks to everything immediately. Still stayed sticky after a wash, too! Gonna wear this forevs.” —Hannah, 32DDDADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

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Adhesive Silicone Petal Breast Lifts

Adhesive Silicone Petal Breast LiftsMITALOOamazon.comSHOP NOW

Why are so many sticky bras petal-shaped? Ain’t nothing natural about flower-outlined nipples, but I digress. This design has been reviewed by more than 300 Amazon users and has a solid 4-star rating. They have a definite pink color to them, so don’t expect that to blend in with the rest of the skin on your mammaries.

These work well with anything that isn’t sheer or strapless, due to that blush shade and tab situation. So, stick with backless pieces and low-cut necklines for this one unless you want to cut off the tabs.

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