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The world of webcams is a large one and features tons of different options for people to choose from. When it comes to picking the best webcam for streaming, broadcasters might be looking at a few different criteria, and with so many webcams to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down the choices.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite webcams for streaming on Mixer.

Due to current world events, item listings may come and go, depending on stock levels.

Best overall:Logitech StreamCam

Staff favorite

Logitech’s StreamCam is the top of the line webcam option for those looking to start streaming. With a 1080p/60 FPS resolution and excellent low-light quality, it’s hard to find a better option. Not only does the camera sport some excellent quality, but it’s also easy to use, and comes with the ability to rotate from Portrait to Landscape mode by just turning the camera, which could be incredibly useful for streamers.View at AmazonView at Tomtop WWView at

A close second:Logitech C922 HD Pro

The Logitech C922 HD Pro is probably the second-best option when it comes to streaming webcams. It’s a more enhanced version of the C922, and sports a 1080p/30 FPS recording resolution while also equipped with dual microphones. At just $100, it also represents likely one of the best value options you’ll find on the market.$100 at Dell

The highest standard:Logitech BRIO

The world may not be ready for universal 4K applications just yet, but that hasn’t stopped Logitech from giving folks an option. The Logitech BRIO is going to deliver the best looks by far, as it packs a 4K display resolution and also supports 4K recording resolutions at 30 FPS. The only thing keeping it from being the best is its price, as it is very much a premium product.View at AmazonView at Logitech EMEAView at Conrad Electronic

A bright light:Razer Kiyo

The Kiyo is part of Razer’s streamer certified range, and it has one essential feature: a big ring light on the front. If you don’t have a huge studio or place to record, the Kiyo can solve the issue of being seen while you’re broadcasting, with a simple twist adjusting the brightness. This key feature boosts the Kiyo above some of its competition, and with its support of 1080p resolution at either 30 FPS or 60 FPS, this could be an excellent fit for any streamer.View at AmazonView at Tomtop WWView at Novatech Ltd

A budget buy:Logitech C615

When cutting costs without hugely compromising features, Logitech’s C615 is a popular well-rounded choice for both streams and video calls. Though its live video capabilities are capped at 720p, the differences aren’t hugely noticeable for the savings made.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Bare minimum:Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 may not be the best webcam in terms of quality or function, but it gets the job done. By far the cheapest of any camera on this list, the LifeCam HD-3000 has just a 720p resolution, but that could be a great starting point for any streamer looking to break into the world of broadcasting.View at Microsoft USView at AmazonView at Conrad Electronic

Which should you choose?

Thankfully for streamers looking to pick up some quality cameras, there’s a lot to choose from. Our best pick, the Logitech StreamCam, is perfect for people who want to broadcast games, as it’s high-quality image and ability to swap between Portrait and Landscape offer an easy for streamers to manage their look on the fly. It also supports up to 1080p, as well as both 30 FPS and 60 FPS, so you’ll look crystal clear for all your followers.

If you’re looking for a more premium product, the Logitech BRIO is hard to deny. Not only does it support 4K in both recording and display resolution, but it offers some incredible performance in the low-light and white balance departments. It might be the best webcam out right now, but it does come at a price, which might drive away some. On the more affordable side, the Razer Kiyo is built with streamers in mind, as it comes with a built-in lighting ring that users can adjust easily. If you don’t have a huge studio or place to record, this could be just the thing for you.

No matter what you end up picking up in the webcam department, just knowing there are so many options is a great tool. Whether you’re ready to pounce on the most premium camera or just looking for something to get you started, there’s a ton of options.

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