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10 Best Sunglasses for Reading — 2021 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

June 20, 2020 by Susannah Hutcheson

10 Best Sunglasses for Reading

Whether you’re laying by the lake with your favorite book in hand or simply reading riding shotgun in the car, you need a pair of the best reading sunglasses that make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Reading Sunglasses

We’ve done the research and rounded up our 10 favorite pairs of reading sunglasses, and now your choice is much easier to make.

From the best reading sunglasses for men to the best reading sunglasses that are also bifocals, we have you covered!

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OUR TOP PICKThe Drama Bifocal Reading Sunglasses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionScratch-Resistant LensesVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Alex Reading Sunglasses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionAspheric LensesVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Conrad Reading SunglassesMetal FrameFully Magnified LensesVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Rush Polarized Bifocal Reading SunglassesPlastic Frame99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Roster Bifocal Reading SunglassesFlat Top Bifocal Lenses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Azalea Reading Sunglasses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionPlastic FrameVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Key West Reading SunglassesFully Magnified Lenses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Avenue Reading Sunglasses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionSpring HingesVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Reading SunglassesFlat Top Bifocal Lenses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →
The Teagan Multifocal Reading SunglassesMultifocal Lenses99% UVA/UVB Sun ProtectionVIEW ON AMAZON →READ REVIEWS →

How do I pick the perfect pair of reading sunglasses?

There are lots of factors when it comes to picking a great pair of reading sunglasses, from the glare protection that you desire to the style factor you’re looking for.   best ereadersPlay Video

Our picks for best reading sunglasses really cover it all — from bifocal lenses and multifocal lenses to polarized options and trendy frames!

Truly, you can’t go wrong. With our picks, you’ll be able to decide which ones are for you. From style to comfort level, we’ve got you covered.

Best Bifocal Reading Sunglasses: The Drama Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

Best Bifocal Reading Sunglasses: The Drama Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

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With The Drama sunglasses on your eyes, you’ll be reading with bifocal support and in extra style. These round, tortoise-shell bifocal reading sunglasses are tinted for reading outside in the bright sun, and they’re perfect for outdoor use.

With 99% UVA/UVB sun protection and aspheric lenses, these reading sunglasses also include flat-top bifocal lenses, a plastic frame, and spring hinges. They’re scratch-resistant as well, and the price is hard to beat.

Most Stylish Reading Sunglasses: The Alex Reading Sunglasses

Most Stylish Reading Sunglasses: The Alex Reading Sunglasses

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These trendy and mirrored lens readers are so cute, you won’t want to take them off! Fashionable blue lenses add an extra step to the sunglasses — the colorful mirroring adds extra UV protection to the lenses themselves.

These scratch-resistant lenses look even better with a good book at their side, and the trendy frames are a great addition to your summer and spring reading wardrobe.

Best Aviator Reading Sunglasses: The Conrad Reading Sunglasses

Best Aviator Reading Sunglasses: The Conrad Reading Sunglasses

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No one would ever guess that these hip, stylish reading sunglasses really had readers in the lenses! With a classic, timeless aviator frame and fully magnified lenses, these reading sunglasses add a touch of cool to every outdoors reading session.

The lenses are a little wider in true aviator-style fashion, and include a metal frame and nose pads to round out the typical aviator style we all know and love. The glasses include a gradient tint and are a great way to protect your eyes while they consume words.

The Best Polarized Reading Sunglasses: The Rush Polarized Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

The Best Polarized Reading Sunglasses: The Rush Polarized Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

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These sporty reading sunglasses are comfortable for your temples and for your eyes, with a wrap-around shape that hugs your head and supports your vision.

The polarized lenses push away lens glare, and the flat-top bifocal lenses make them that much better.

If you’re looking for something a little extra, these polarized lenses are a perfect choice. With 99% UVA/UVB protection included, as well as nose pads and a comfy fit and frame, these reading glasses will have you reading without frustration.

The price is elevated from non-polarized lenses, but they make for a great experience.

The Best Reading Sunglasses for Men: The Roster Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

The Best Reading Sunglasses for Men: The Roster Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

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These masculine reading sunglasses fit comfortably for long days of poolside reading, with bifocals included for that extra touch.

The semi-rimless lenses offer a sporty addition to the glasses, while the included sun protection and lens tint make them a great choice for everything from the golf course to the lake house.

The nose pads offer some extra comfort, and the additional tent adds the right amount of sun protection.

The Best Reading Sunglasses for Women: The Azalea Reading Sunglasses

The Best Reading Sunglasses for Women: The Azalea Reading Sunglasses

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With a tortoise shell frame and contrasting temples, these trendy, two-tone reading sunglasses are a great choice for stylish ladies that want to read outside in comfort.

The lenses are fully magnified, and 99% UVA/UVB sun protection makes sure that your eyeballs and retinas are protected from the rays of sun beaming down on you and your book.

With a cute look to boot, these reading sunglasses are perfect for everything from outdoor reading sessions to driving to the library. What could be better?

The Best Unisex Reading Sunglasses: The Key West Reading Sunglasses

The Best Unisex Reading Sunglasses: The Key West Reading Sunglasses

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If you’re looking for a stylish pair of reading sunglasses that can work well on everyone in your home, these classic reading sunglasses are a great match.

With metal accents and a vintage-inspired design, these frames are unisex and perfect for everyone with a face.

The aspheric and scratch-resistant lenses are great with sun protection, and the fully magnified glasses add some great value to your reading experience.

The Best Retro Reading Sunglasses: The Avenue Reading Sunglasses

The Best Retro Reading Sunglasses: The Avenue Reading Sunglasses

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We all love some vintage feel to our reading experiences — duh! — and these retro reading sunglasses are an easy, inexpensive way to do it.

The two-toned vintage frames and tinted, protecting your eyes from bright sunlight with added UV protection.

We recommend pairing these glasses with a vintage swimsuit and swimming trunks, and adding a little umbrella to your pool drink just because. 

The Best Clip-On/Magnetic Reading Sunglasses: The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

The Best Clip-On/Magnetic Reading Sunglasses: The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

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Pretty much everything is better with a magnet, right? These polarized and magnetic bifocal reading sunglasses come with a clip-on piece that turns your glasses into sunglasses in no time.

The glasses and added clip are great for convenience, whether you’re reading inside or out.

By just snapping on your sun protection, you’re all set for every reading (and life) experience that you can think of!

The glasses come with a pouch, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the polarized, clip-on piece. 

The Best Multifocal Reading Sunglasses: The Teagan Multifocal Reading Sunglasses

The Best Multifocal Reading Sunglasses Latest Price

These multifocal reading sunglasses offer an unparalleled wearing and reading experience. With several different viewing areas in the lenses, you’ll be able to read, watch, and even take a nap.

The bottom portion of the reading glasses will be your strongest power, while the middle piece allows for intermediate power and the top acts as a place to bring objects into focus.

With a trendy style and round lenses to boot, you won’t need anything else.

Fun in the Sun!

Now that you have some great options for reading sunglasses, it’s time to start stacking those spring and summer reading lists high!

Whether we can find you poolside with a pair of aviators or reading on a dock with a pair of polarized lenses, we’re excited for you and your spring and summer reading days! We’ll be right there with you

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