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If you are looking for the Best Tablet For Engineers, then you are on the right page. It contains the best tablet for civil engineers. Suppose you want the best tablet for software engineers instead. Then this article is what you need.

Engineering tabs are powerful and versatile computing tools. They go beyond the general optimization for everyday tasks. So, apart from gaming, streaming movies, watching videos, and general web browsing, tablets for students feature specific features to help you meet the desired objectives.

best tablet for civil engineers

Best Tablet For Engineers

Comparison Table For Top 10 Tablets For Engineering Students

New Apple iPad10.2 Inches.3 GB.Hexa-CoreCheck Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 712.3 Inches.8 GB/16 GBIntel Core i5/i7Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8”8 Inches.2 GBQuad Core 2.0GHz Qualcomm SDM 429Check Price
Fire HD 8 Plus8 Inches.3 GB.2.0 GHz Quad-CoreCheck Price
New Apple iPad Pro12.9 Inches.6 GB.Octa-core (4×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4×1.6 GHz Tempest)Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10”10.1 Inches.3 GB.Octa-Core Lassen O+ (Exynos 7904A)Check Price
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus10.3 Inches.2 GB.Octa-Core 2.3 GHzCheck Price
Vankyo MatrixPad Z110.1 Inches.2 GB/3 GB/4 GBQualcomm SnapdragonCheck Price
Amazon Fire 1010.1 Inches.2 GB.Octa-Core 2 GHz.Check Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 612.3 Inches.8 GB/16 GBIntel Core i5/i7Check Price

Best Tablets For Engineering Students Reviews

1.Apple IPad Mini

Engineering students and professionals will find the Apple iPad Mini an incredible means to own a professional iPad without breaking the bank. Apple never goes wrong when it comes to delivering top-performing devices. The fantastic features that the company includes in the Apple iPad Mini say a lot about the device.

The gadget is a compact version of the popular Apple iPad. It features a fabulous 7.9-inch retina display. And at 0.16 pounds and sleek design of a meager 6.1 mm, the device is the most lightweight and portable in the luxurious line of iPad devices. The device is, therefore, perfect for students who prefer to go small.

But despite the miniature design, the iPad Mini packs terrific features. The 7.9-inch retina display features an amazing resolution of 2048 x 1548P and an equally fabulous pixel density of up to 324 PPI.

The quality of the images that the tab produces is, therefore, not subject to debate. You are assured of stunning colors and detailed images.

You will marvel at the improvements that the device has seen in recent years. It currently runs on an iOS 12 operating system and a powerful A12 Bionic processor. This combination delivers a fast and reliable gadget that you will find incredible for nearly all engineering and architectural tasks.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Highlighted Features

  1. You can conveniently choose between the 64 GB and the 256 GB models.
  2. The back and front cameras allow for high-quality capturing options.
  3. The Apple Pencil gives students a chance to sketch and take notes.
  4. It features a sleek, compact, and lightweight build.
  5. The battery can last for up to 10 hours.

2.Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you are a student looking for a versatile and portable replacement for your computer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 makes an unbeatable choice. It is a convertible device that can quickly transform from a tab to a laptop and back in a breeze.

And just as it promises, it features the performance of a laptop. The 12-inch Full HD screen combines perfectly with a versatile kickstand and a keyboard to produce a device that is ideal for reading, typing notes, browsing, and watching movies or clips. You can also scribble or draw anything with the compatible Surface Pen.

Engineering students and accomplished engineers will find sufficient power and reliability in the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It features an Intel Core 4th Generation processor and runs on the reliable Windows 8.1 Pro OS. Moreover, it features a long battery life of up to 9 hours.

These features make the device a performer par excellence. Can you imagine the convenience that comes with running Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office on a Tab?

The features sound so enormous, and they indeed are. However, that should not make you think that the Surface Pro 3 is a bulky device. It weighs a paltry 1.76 pounds and comparatively thin enough for a convertible laptop.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Highlighted Features

  1. Large storage capacity of 128GB is ideal for engineering coursework.
  2. The Core i5 processor delivers sufficient power and performance.
  3. You can conveniently use it as a tablet or laptop.
  4. The 12-inch display delivers razor-sharp image quality.
  5. It is compatible with a surface pen hence ideal for taking notes.

3.Sony Xperia Tablet S

The Sony Xperia Tablet S is a device that is an engineering tool with an incredible story. At one time, the tablet was recalled from the market for further fine-tuning. The second release and launch delivered a device that has remained a force to reckon with.

The tab features a premium and rugged build with a folded book design that is striking and eye-catching. Interestingly, the device stands out from every other Android competitor and features a finish that gives an iPad a run for its money.

While the entire design looks stylish and pretty luxurious, the Sony Xperia Tablet S is not all about the looks. It all comes with high-end characteristics and specs that faultlessly match the upscale design.

It features a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 processor with processor speeds of up to 1.4 GHz. While this is not the finest in the market, it comes with enough power and speed for general engineering tasks. Besides, these features make a perfect purchase for a tablet within the price range.

More convenience comes with the fact that you can choose the right storage. It comes in three different internal storage capacities. You get to choose between the 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models. Of course, your choice will depend on your storage needs and your budget.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Highlighted Features

  1. It is an affordable option for students on a budget.
  2. The tab looks sleek, lightweight, and portable.
  3. It features just two buttons on the side for convenience.
  4. You can choose the right storage capacity for your needs.
  5. The powerful processor enhances performance and reliability.

4.Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft brings the much-needed competition in the tablet market with an incredible range of powerful devices. Engineers and other professionals should not, in any way, feel left behind. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 sorts out the requirements of engineering students and designers.

While the device features a close resemblance with its immediate predecessor, it is one of the company’s latest models that comes with an excellent range of improvements. Both models feature an impressive 12-inch HD display, a beautiful kickstand, and amazing front-facing speakers.

The real differences between the two versions lie in the specifications. The surface Pro 6 is no doubt the best convertible tablet that runs on Windows 10. Together with the reliable Intel Core 8th Generation processor, the device goes beyond its attractive platinum look to deliver exceptional performance.

The Core i5 processor is fan-less hence delivers a silent operation. But that shouldn’t make you underrate the consistent performance of the Microsoft convertible tab. Besides, it features just the right ports for versatility.

Finally, among the notable improvements that the device gives its users is the more robust and more reliable battery. The battery lasts for a minimum of 9 hours but will take up to 13 hours on the recommended tablet brightness.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Highlighted Features

  1. The device runs on the performance-oriented Windows 10.
  2. Long battery life will last you for up to a whole working day.
  3. It weighs a paltry 1.7 pounds hence considerably lightweight.
  4. The 8th Generation processor delivers better performance.
  5. It features a Surface Pen that allows you to exercise your creativity.

5.Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

There are three things that tech nerds look for in a tablet. They include screen size, performance, and portability. These features set out a tablet from both a laptop and a smartphone. But what’s the essence of going for a big screen at the expense of portability?

Samsung gives its lovers a slim and lightweight tab in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It is lighter than a single pound and features a pretty slim design. You will find the device perfectly portable and convenient for engineering students who want to keep it lightweight. But there’s more when it comes to features and specs.

The 10.5-inch display delivers incredible vividness. You will also cherish the display that comes with a resolution of an incredible 2560 x 1600 pixels. Such a resolution ensures excellent detail and clarity. Besides, the device features incredible contrast for an enjoyable viewing experience.

The Tab S5e features a fast-charging mechanism. But despite the fast charging feature of just about 2 hours, the device will provide a continuous video watching for up to 15 hours.

Finally, if you love photography, you will find the 13 MP rear camera an incredible addition. The primary camera gives you an exclusive opportunity to capture moments the way they are and in great detail.

Check Price On Amazon

Highlighted Features

  1. The device is perfectly lightweight and portable.
  2. It is ideal for all students, irrespective of your major.
  3. The display is bright, captivating, and crisp.
  4. It features a battery life of up to 15 hours.
  5. A high-capacity camera delivers detailed videos and cameras.

Tablets For Engineering Students Buying Guide

Apart from brand and price, there is a range of other factors that you need to consider when shopping for an ideal student tablet. We highlight the most vital factors in this brief buyers’ guide.

Standalone Or Convertible

Tablets are either standalone or convertible. The choice isn’t just a matter of personal preference but also depends on personal preference and the desired performance.

Standalone devices are perfectly compact and more portable as they don’t feature the additional weight that comes with the keyboard. However, you’ll find the touchscreen mode of input inconvenient if you want to feed in a lot of Word or Excel content.

Convertible tablets, also known as 2-in-1 tablets, are impressive devices for killing two birds with a single stone. You can quickly transform them into laptops or use them as standalone tablets. The detachable keyboards help you to conveniently type in content as you’d do on a full-featured computer.

Screen Size

The display size of a tablet is one of the most vital features to look out for. As you should probably be aware by now, tablets come in a variety of display sizes. The most compact options are as small as 7 inches in size. That’s just slightly bigger than most smartphones.

The central conflict when it comes to screen size is the need to balance screen size and portability. While most students always desire to opt for pocket-friendly tabs, we often advise that a proper tablet for engineering be big enough to display all the designs without much zooming. Any tab of about 10 inches is good enough for any student.

Storage Capacity

As an engineering student or any student, for that matter, you need a device with sufficient storage to meet your high storage demands. You’ll need storage for a significant volume of classwork that includes lessons, presentations, and notes.

You will undoubtedly need such content throughout your stay in college and even long after. And you will always add more as time progresses. Simultaneously, photos, videos, and music will also take up a considerable amount of space.

You don’t want to fumble with this requirement as you don’t want to delete some content to store new ones. The trick is to choose the best engineering students tablet with a large storage capacity to avoid the possibility of the space running out midway through your coursework.

Connectivity Options

College work involves a lot of research and content sharing; the road to being an engineer is no exception. Often, the college environment usually has a stable Wi-Fi, which implies that a Wi-Fi connection is required for nearly all student tablets.

But what about if you will travel to sites outside the confinement of the Wi-Fi-connected areas? There is always that possibility hence the need to consider devices with alternative connectivity options. A cellular-enabled device comes in handy in such situations.

best tablet for software engineers

Is The Surface Pro Good For Engineering Students?

The Surface Pro can be used by engineering students depending on the model they pick. It is a good pick for general design use and AutoCAD, and since it comes with a touchscreen, maneuvering diagrams are made simpler.

Users do however need to keep an eye out for the processor, which should not be below an Intel Core i5, and should have a good graphics card for high-quality design.

Which Tablet Is Best For Autocad?

Some of the top tablets that are good for AutoCAD include the Apple iPad Pro and the Google Nexus 9.

However, the Microsoft Surface Pro line is considered one of the best for this purpose. One can pick either the Surface Pro 3 or the Surface Pro 7, depending on their budget and requirements. But both are well suited for AutoCAD thanks to their high-resolution displays, spacious screen spaces, and top-notch graphics.

Are 2 In 1 Laptops Good For Engineering?

While most 2-in-1 laptops are not suited for engineering, a handful with the right features are. This includes models like the HP Spectre x360 which boasts a 10th generation quad-core processor to meet all sort of software needs.

The Surface Pro series from Microsoft is the other choice if you want to have the 2-in-1 feature while being able to host engineering software. Models like the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 7 make good choices thanks to their top-notch processors, large screens, and good graphics.

Final Words

Newcomers and continuing engineering students need a computing gadget to get work done more efficiently and effectively. You will find out that the most viable computing devices for engineering assignments are tablets. They are versatile, compact, lightweight, and conveniently powerful.

Interestingly, the best tablet for engineering students comes in handy for classwork and entertainment applications.

You can use the device to document issues, view building plans, examine site photos, or access BIM data. On the other hand, an ideal product like the ones that we have included in this review has the right connectivity and power to access social media and other entertainment sites like Netflix and YouTube.

Best Tablet for Engineering Students of 2021

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