best ukulele for beginners

If you are interested in learning the ukulele, then you will be happy to know that some of them come with starter kits, so they are great for beginners who want to learn how to play. Here are some of the best Ukulele For Beginners and best ukulele for beginners 2020 out there.

Have you been thinking about finding yourself a new hobby? You certainly aren’t the only one. These days, there are lots of people who are now trying to find a new activity or pastime to amuse fill their time with instead of spending hours in front of the TV or scrolling on their smartphones.

Well, have we got a great hobby idea for you – how about taking up the ukulele?

This idea might not be quite as crazy as it sounds. After all, it’s one of the best instruments for beginners.

That’s because they are usually quite inexpensive, especially when compared to other kinds of instruments, and they are also very small and compact. You won’t have too many issues carrying yours around with you! Many people also find that learning the ukulele gives them a strong starting base for learning a different stringed instrument as well. For instance, if you’ve been struggling trying to get to grips with the guitar, you might want to give it a break while you master the ukulele. Once you’ve done that, you’ll certainly find going back to the guitar a whole lot easier!

Of course, there are a few more scientific reasons that show why it’s great to learn an instrument, including the ukulele. Some studies show that it can make you smarter as it helps to improve your focus and concentration. Plus, it can really encourage you to start your creative juices flowing. Not only that, though, but many people find that learning and playing a new instrument is a great way to relieve stress as well!

Best Ukulele For Beginners

1.) Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele

For just under $50, you can play the fun and famous Makala Dolphin ukulele.

Makala Dolphin Ukuleles

Don’t let the price of this ukulele fool you. People everywhere online rave about these. They are made out of plastic but they have great tone and playability for the price. Definitely replace the default strings that come with it with nicer higher-quality ukulele strings.

This is a perfect ukulele for beginners on a budget or those who want a good “throw-it-in-your-backpack” ukulele.

The Makala dolphin ukulele comes in a lot of different colors like: red, pearl white, black, light blue, metallic blue, pink, yellow, green, or purple.

2.) Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

For those who don’t like the idea of having a plastic ukulele, the Lanikai LU-21 soprano might be a better choice for you.

LU-21 Lanikai Ukulele

This is a laminate wood ukulele, but it’ll have the “look” of the real thing. Depending on how hard you play, you might have to tune the strings often. I found when I played the Lanikai LU-21 the intonation is not perfect higher up on the fretboard. For a beginner who just wants to strum some chords, this ukulele gets great reviews and you can’t go wrong, not to mention it also comes in a concert and tenor size.

3.) Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele w/ Case, Strap and Tuner

This is easily the best bang-for-the-buck ukulele on this list.

Just recently I played the Donner concert ukulele, and for the price, I was quite impressed with the quality of the sound, how the ukulele held tuning, and the intonation up the ukulele fretboard.

Most budget ukuleles sound out of tune when you play notes high up the fretboard but not this one. Also tuning held nicely. Once the strings stretched and settled, tuning held well with small adjustments every 10 to 15 minutes of playing. In addition, with the ukulele, you get a strap, case, and tuner. It’s a really nice setup to get started. You can’t go wrong with the Donner concert ukulele. Lastly, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get the Donner ukulele in a smaller soprano size too for less money.

best ukulele for beginners 2020

4.) Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Based on your feedback in the comments, I had to include the Cordoba 15CM concert ukulele.

You all give this ukulele outstanding reviews in the comments at the bottom of this post. This ukulele sports a mahogany top, back, and sides. In addition to a concert size, the Cordoba also comes in a smaller soprano size and a larger tenor size. If you have larger hands, definitely go with the tenor so you have extra space for your fingers between the frets.

5.) Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

If you ever want to “plug in” and amplify the sound of your ukulele, then, the Kala KA-TE tenor ukulele is for you.

Kala KA-T Tenor Ukulele

I play a Kala tenor ukulele for some of the video lessons in the Strumming Tricks online ukulele lesson course I teach and love it. It’s not the same ukulele as this one, but I can’t say enough great things about Kala ukuleles.

This ukulele has an electronic pickup which means if you ever want to perform your ukulele live and plug in to amplify the sound then this ukulele is for you.

For those with bigger fingers or larger hands, you might find soprano and concert ukuleles hard to play. If this sounds like you, look at a tenor-sized ukulele. I have a tenor ukulele and it feels much more comfortable to play and hold with my bigger hands. This Kala tenor ukulele is a great choice. And if the electronic pickup isn’t important to you, Kala also makes this same ukulele in a soprano or concert size.



Holidays are over… It’s time to back to school! October has arrived and, with it, the desire of facing new challenges, starting new projects and, of course, learning new things. That’s why they are increasingly those who dare to learn to play an instrument in this season of the year. No matter if they’re parents that want to introduce their kids or grownups that think that is never too late to start something new… the case is that the choice can be difficult if one doesn’t know which are the best instruments for beginners… Let’s not panic! We tell you so you can start the new school year at the music rhythm!


Before anything, you must know that learning to play an instrument -no matter which one is- it is not a single day thing. It takes patience, effort and dedication… but the benefit that you got cannot be paid! As we already told you once before, the music improves:

1) Our intelligence, creativity and concentration capacity.

2) Our social skills.

3) Our motor ability, coordination and corporal expression.

4) Our sensorial perception.

5) Our nervous system and stress levels.

The best thing? The younger we are, the bigger is the impact of the music in our learning and progress, so if you’re thinking to introduce your child in this exciting trip… don’t think twice!


When we choose an instrument to start practicing, it is normal to feel oneself overwhelmed by the huge number of options that there are… If you are clear about what you want, it’s too easy: you just have to contact the MusicNexo team and they will advise you about what are the more appropriate models for you. If, on the contrary, you’re more undecided, below you have a small guide with suggestions about the best instruments for beginners. We hope you find this useful!


Of the instruments for beginners, this one is –undoubtedly- the most popular. Affordable, easy to carry on and with a quick learning, it’s usually the previous step to the acoustic guitar and, later on, the electric guitar. The strings –made of nylon- are noticeably softer, which turns it an interesting option also for kids.

MusicNexo Advice: The adaptation period which a beginner is subject requires the instrument to be nice to play, so don’t be afraid of spending a few more euros for a quality guitar. Besides, in the case of children, to use low tension strings in this period as it can be a relief until the fingers get used to the pulsation.




Its size is according with its versatility and possibilities: it is –for sure- the instrument for beginners that can go through more styles and the most appropriate to learn musical language and harmony, as it is very simple to start interpreting basic musical compositions. Without any doubts, is ideal for music students of all ages (even little children).

MusicNexo Advice: For the ones who play the piano, alternating with the keyboard is always an option; so don’t forget to contemplate this option if you’re looking for an instrument more comfortable to practice at home (it allows to study with headphones and not annoying the neighbors or family and counts with many voices, accompaniment styles, recording possibilities…).






It is the most attractive option for the young people and those who want to improve their coordination skills. In case of kids, it is not recommended to start until their height allows them to reach all parts of the drum kit without taking forced or uncomfortable positions, but, once it started, fun is a sure thing!

MusicNexo Advice: of the instruments for beginners, the drum set is, undoubtedly, the noisiest and the one that can cause more inconvenient to be played at home. That’s why, a good option are the electronic drum sets.





We love it especially for the children, as it is easy to carry on and favors the group practice (although it can be also for the solo practice). Of all the instruments for beginners, theviolin is without any doubts the most exigent, as it requires to have a musical ear developed in some level (the diapason do not have fretless and any change on the pulsation causes an off-key sound that must be appropriately corrected).

MusicNexo Advice: violins count with many measures according to the player’s height, so get advised to always buy the most appropriate for your size. Besides, there are also options to practice at home with headphones to not annoy anyone else: the Silent violin.




These are the most demanded instruments for beginners in schools and music bands. In this case, diversity goes further starting from the most versatile (and also noisiest), like the saxophone, to others more traditional (and, of course, simpler to learn), as the clarinet.








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