best upright acoustic piano

Finding the best old upright piano brands can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the best piano brands ranking in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying solar powered lights for indoor or outdoor use.

There is nothing that beats playing a really good piano. How can you find the best upright acoustic piano, though?

best piano brands

best upright acoustic piano

Yamaha b2 silent SG2 upright piano: £5,300, Bonners Music

The Yamaha b2 is a wonderful upright, ideal for most pianistic abilities and is arguably the best value silent piano on the market. Yamaha has been manufacturing silent pianos since 1958 and is still ahead of others in many respects when it comes to hybrid pianos.

It has a superb, positive, somewhat weighty action, similar to the more upmarket Yamahas, and produces a full-bodied sound, owing to its solid spruce sound board, something you don’t get with the smaller b1 model. This Yamaha is a great all-rounder and an ideal family instrument.

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Yamaha DGB1 Disklavier grand piano: £19,500, Rimmers Music

The novelty of watching a piano that self-plays takes a long time to wear off, especially when they’re now capable of playing almost anything. A unique feature of Disklavier is Disklavier TV, where you can tune into a live music broadcast performance and the piano will perform the song live. The Disklavier can also be used as a powerful learning resource; being able to see the keys moving is hugely beneficial, as well as being able to precisely record your own playing and listen back to it live. You can also play four-hand pieces with just two and an app can be used to control the piano. Aside from the wizardry of self and silent playing, the DGB1 is a fantastic piano to play with a crisp and bright timbre. The action is typically Yamaha, which has a certain heaviness to it, but nonetheless is accurate.

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Hoffmann V112 upright piano: £6,490, Millers Music

Hoffman pianos are made in the Czech Republic and are a subsidiary of Bechstein, the upmarket German manufacturer. The V112 has a wonderfully smooth and precise action that has the feel of a top quality German piano, while its tone is full-bodied, beautiful and responsive to a range of playing styles. It also has a superior sonority that is consistent across the full range of the instrument.

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Boston GP-156 performance edition 2 piano: £19,900, Rimmers Music

Boston’s smallest grand piano, at just over five feet, has a sweet and expressive tone. It has many of the exclusive patents that belong to Steinway and is manufactured in the Japanese Kawai factory. The piano is available in a beautiful kewazinga bubinga (red coloured) veneer and is a wonderful piano for any home – and great value for money for any burgeoning concert pianist.

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Bösendorfer 214VC grand piano: From £90,377, Coach House Pianos

Since Bösendorfer is now owned by Yamaha, all of its pianos can be purchased with Silent Edition and Disklavier Edition options. When the keys are pressed with utmost delicacy, it sings sweetly with incredible beauty, while at the other end of the spectrum, when struck, it produces a rich, powerful and percussive sonority. This Bösendorfer is a piano that would last for generations.

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Kawai K15E upright, polished ebony: £3,069, Bonners Music

The K15E is a superb all-rounder and an ideal entry level instrument. The continental style makes the piano very compact, being not much larger than many digital pianos, so it’s also ideal for smaller spaces. Like Yamaha, Kawai manufactures beautiful concert grands, and the techniques they use to produce those end up being used in their entry level pianos.

The action is light and responsive owing to Kawai’s use of composite materials. The other benefit to composites is their suitability to climates that can vary throughout the year, offering more stability to tone and action. The piano’s sonority is excellent and consistent across the instrument’s range – this can be the downfall of other instruments in a similar price range.

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C Bechstein millenium 116 upright piano: £15,880, Millers Music

The 116 piano makes you feel a part of the sublime sound it produces. Owing to its renowned craftsmanship, the instrument feels very responsive and a great deal of expression is easily achieved. Its tone is characteristic of German pianos: warm and mellow with rich bass tones that surpass the instrument’s size.

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The verdict: best upright acoustic piano

The Yamaha b2 Silent SG2 is a great sounding piano that includes Yamaha’s pioneering technology and will keep all family members and neighbours happy. It won’t be long before grumpy neighbours will be asking plucky beginners to turn off the silent mode.

There are cheaper new pianos than the Kawai K15E on the market, however there is a noticeable disparity in tone quality, build quality and components. The Kawai is a superb instrument and, if looked after, will last a lifetime. If you’re looking to purchase a grand without the need to remortgage your house then the Boston is a superior piano as an offshoot from Steinway, and it comes with Steinway’s highly innovative patents and first class customer support.

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