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SUVs offer a blend of passenger transportation, towing capability and cargo space that is perfect for families of any size who love an active lifestyle. Seven-seater SUVs allow for legroom on roadtrips, easy transportation of sporting or camping equipment, and have plenty of room for family and friends.

Best 7 passenger SUVs in Canada

SUVs are a perfect choice for Canadians, as they excel at taking on both harsh winter weather and rugged summer road trips. They are powerful, spacious, and comfortable and are just as at home on busy downtown streets as they are in the Canadian outback.

So what is the best 7 seater vehicle in Canada?

Here (in alphabetical order) is our list of the 12 best 7 passenger SUVs in Canada for 2020:

2020 Buick Enclave

Seats: 7

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 668 litres (23.6 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,764 litres (97.6 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

Powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with a 9-speed automatic transmission, the Buick Enclave is the roomiest 7-seater SUV on this list. The Enclave comes with front wheel drive, but is available with AWD. The in-car Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 7 devices and individual climate controls for driver, passenger, and rear seats make this car ideal for trips of any length. Heated front and rear seats will keep you toasty in the Canadian winter and ventilated front seats will help you cool off in the summer.

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 433 litres (15.3 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,682 litres (94.7 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 3,810 kg (8400 lb)

The Chevrolet Tahoe is well suited to an active lifestyle. From its 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine to its hefty towing capacity, tow/haul mode and 4-wheel drive, it’s ready to take you and your adventure equipment wherever you need to go. The 10-Way Power Driver’s seat, including 4-way power Lumbar control helps decrease driving fatigue, which may lead to improved concentration and reaction time, especially important on long drives through Canadian prairies. The remote keyless entry means no more fumbling for keys in the cold, and makes winter trips a little more luxurious.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 651 litres (23.0 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,781 litres (98.2 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

Available either as a 7 seater or an 8 seater, the Chevrolet Traverse ‘s 651-litre cargo capacity with full seats means the Traverse is one of the roomiest 7 mid-sized SUVs available. It’s also a great SUV for Canadians who are looking to fill all or most of their seats. The 3.6L V6 with 9-speed automatic transmission, standard AWD, and a well-insulated cabin make for an easy, quiet driving experience. The Traverse includes Chevrolet’s Teen Drive Mode, which limits some systems (including max speed) and prevents safety features from being turned off. This helps create a stress-free driving environment for teens and parents.

2019 Ford Expedition 

Seats: 8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 547 litres (19.3 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2962 litres (104.6 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 4,173 kg (9200 lb)

With its towing capacity that rivals a truck and spacious 8-passenger seating, the Ford Expedition is perfect for transporting your family and adventure equipment in comfort. The heated steering wheel and heated seats (including the first row of backseats) are sure to keep you toasty on all your Canadian winter adventures. Available with front or all-wheel drive, the Expedition can be customized to the ruggedness of your adventures and allow you to take full advantage of the heaviest towing capacity on this list.

2019 Ford Explorer

Seats: 7

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 595 litres (21.0 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,313 litres (81.7 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

If your version of the best 7 seater vehicle in Canada is a little more compact, but you still want an SUV that still packs a punch, then the Ford Explorer is for you. The 2.3 litres EcoBoost inline-four engine with a 230-amp alternator can be upgraded to 3.5 litres Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing with six valves or 3.5 litres EcoBoost V6. With an all-wheel-drive setting for Snow and selectable “Tow mode” the Explorer is ready to tackle cross-Canada trips and beyond, no matter the season.

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2019 Honda Pilot

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 467 litres (16.5 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,373 litres (83.8 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

One of the more compact 8-seaters on this list, the Honda Pilot still has spacious rear seats that are great for post-growth spurt teenagers and adult passengers. The Pilot is well-suited to Canada’s sub-zero temperatures with heated side mirrors and a heated wiper park that helps keep your view ice and fog-free. The 3.5L V6 engine is equipped with Honda’s Eco Assist system that lets you know when you’re driving in a fuel efficient manner and helps develop eco friendly driving habits.

2020 Hyundai Palisade 

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 510 litres (18.0 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,447 litres (86.4 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

The Hyundai Palisade, Hyundai’s newest SUV, offers spacious seating, no matter what row you’re in. The 8-liter V6 is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and has several optional modes, including a snow mode for winter trips. Easily stow cargo hands-free with the Smart Power Liftgate that activates when it senses the key fob, no more waving your foot or kicking. Benefit from a wide-range of safety features including lane departure warnings and 1st and 2nd row curtain airbags.

2019 Infiniti QX80

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 470 litres (16.6 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,690 litres (95.0 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 3,856 kg (8500 lb)

Its striking exterior isn’t the only reason the Infiniti QX80 turns heads. A robust 5.6L V8 engine, all-wheel drive, and trailer sway control all allow for ease of handling along with genuine towing capacity. Perfect for families, the QX80’s spacious second-row seats easily allow most car seats, has curtain airbags in all three rows and comes with rear child safety locks. Keep your family safe while finding your next adventure in one of the best 7 passenger SUVs in Canada.

2020 Kia Telluride

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 595 litres (21.0 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,464 litres (87.0 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

The Kia Tulluride has a luxury-level quiet interior and a silky smooth ride. Comfortable, supportive seats and large windows make the already roomy cabin feel even more spacious and complete the near-luxury SUX experience. However, Kia’s newest contedner for best 7 passenger SUV in canada isn’t compromising utility for comfort: it maintains a roomy 595 litre cargo capacity with seats up and the towing capacity rivals similarly sized competitors.

2019 Toyota Highlander

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 390 litres (13.8 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,356 litres (83.2 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

Many of the Japanese-made Toyota Highlander’s design features focus on family-friendly. It’s numerous nooks maximize small item storage and allow for easy stowing of books, cables, snacks, and whatever else you and your family need to access quickly. The driver EasySpeak mini-intercom system allows for easy communication with the back seat, and the conversation mirror can be used to check up on passengers, especially the little ones. The 3.5L 6-Cylinder and listed ground clearance of 8 inches along with the hill descent control and all-wheel-drive allows for a comfortable and controlled off-road experience.

2019 Toyota Sequoia

Seats: 7-8

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 535 litres (18.9 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 3,398 litres (120.1 cu.ft.)

Towing Capacity: 3,175 kg (7000 lb)

Following in the footsteps of the trucks it’s based on, the Toyota Sequoia has the largest max cargo capacity on this list, beating second place by over 430 litres and the power liftgate allows you to take full advantage of every inch. The 5.7L i-FORCE V8 engine gives effortless power, similar to a truck, and allows for an above average towing capacity for an SUV. The roof rack and dual tow hooks really round out the Sequoia’s utility, sure to impress whether you’re packing for a cross-Canada road trip or hauling sports gear around town.

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2019 Volvo XC90

Seats: 7

Cargo Capacity w/ seats: 447 litres (15.8 cu.ft.)

Max Cargo Capacity: 2,427 litres (85.7 cu. ft.)

Towing Capacity: 2,268 kg (5000 lb)

The Volvo XC90 is agile for a larger SUV and the 2.0L 16V I4 Supercharged Turbo engine makes it feel powerful from behind the wheel. Cushy leather seats and a beautiful panoramic sunroof make any ride enjoyable. If you have multiple drivers, set up seat and mirror memory settings so you can have your SUV back to the way you like it in seconds. Sensus Connect Mobile Hotspot Internet Access makes it easier for your passengers to stay entertained on both long and short trips.

This list of the best 7 seater SUVs in Canada is the perfect tool for discovering your dream SUV: the perfect spacious mix of comfort and power.

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