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Let us review the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Builders Dust and the best industrial vacuum cleaner in our best commercial vacuum list below. Dust and transformation residues are constantly produced on the works. If you have recently built or repair your home or you are a professional builder so you need a vacuum cleaner for heavy dust and much another garbage cleaning. it can not only be used during large projects, but also for work in small workshops.

Demolitions, excavations, dismantling, drilling, crushing and grinding of inert materials, loading concrete mixers with bag or silos materials, demolition of concrete artifacts with jackhammers, these are just some of the operations that generate a large amount of dust.

The same result also occurs in the case of external and internal restructuring. Simply covering the furniture with polyethylene sheets is not enough to preserve the environment, as fine dust penetrates all the cracks.

To avoid the side effects of this buildup of debris, simply use a construction site vacuum cleaner. In this way, problems such as:

• exposure to health risks caused by dust inhalation.
• extra cleaning work with new costs to plan.
• any damage to the device already presents in the structures due to dust accumulation.
• risk of claims/complaints due to excessive levels of contamination achieved by construction works.

best vacuum cleaner for builders dust


Henry Hoover HVR160


Numatic has released a whole range of vacuum cleaners over the years, all designed for different budgets and needs. Henry Hoover HVR 160 is the original, and he is still the most popular model in the line-up.

The large dust capacity, range of tools and accessories and powerful suction ensure that Henry is the perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning up dust left over from builders work.


One of the main features that make Henry Hoover such a good vacuum for cleaning up dust is the large dust capacity. The six-litre bin is one of the biggest on the market and is ten times larger than some of the latest cordless stick vacuums.

When you are dealing with a large amount of dust and debris, the last thing you want is to be running to the bin every five minutes to empty the dirt bin.

Henry also comes with Numatic’s own HepaFlo bags, which contain a self-seal tab to lock all of the dust in the bag. This is especially important when changing the bag, and taking the full bag out of the vacuum cleaner will not result in a cloud of dust like some other bagged vacuums.


The 620 Watt motor in Henry creates powerful suction even when the bag is almost full. Because dust is so fine, you really need a vacuum where the suction power doesn’t fade at all. Henry is also eco-friendly, and the efficient motor that powers him is A-rated in energy efficiency.

Numatic is known for producing vacuum cleaners that are built to last, and Henry Hoover HVR160 is no different. Numatic has been rated as the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand, and some Henry Hoovers produced in the ’80s and ’90s are still going strong today.

This is one of the reasons why they are preferred by those in the builders’ trade over more expensive machines.

Henry Hoover HVR160 is the best vacuum cleaner for getting rid of builders dust and debris. The powerful suction, along with the large dust capacity makes it an ideal cleaning tool to clean up after a home renovation project.

Henry is also very affordable, and the wide range of tools and accessories mean you will have no problems cleaning up dust in all of the hard to reach areas in your home.


  • Solid build quality – the UK’s most reliable vacuum cleaner
  • Large dust capacity that is up to 5x larger than a bagless vacuum
  • Good filtration with self-seal dust bags to lock in the dirt


  • Takes up more storage space than a cordless or upright
  • Can be difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces


Nilfisk Multi II 30T Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


The Nilfisk Multi II 30T is a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner that will make short work of any dust left over from building work. It has powerful suction, a huge dust capacity, and also doubles up as a carpet cleaner.

It also features a Push&Clean function that cleans the filter by blowing air from the inside, removing large amounts of dust that has built up.


The Nilfisk Multi II 30T has a powerful 1400 Watt motor that creates a huge amount of suction. It will suck up fine dust from any surface, including carpet and hard floors.

This vacuum features a variable suction control that allows you to reduce the suction power, handy when you want to remove dust but don’t want to vacuum up larger pieces of debris.


The Nilfisk has the option to be used with or without a bag, however, for cleaning up dust and other fine particles it is recommended to use a bag while cleaning.

This will prolong the life of the filter and prevent it from becoming clogged. The vacuum has a huge 30-litre dust capacity so you will rarely need to empty it, even if it is used in a commercial setting.

One of the most useful functions of the Multi II 30T is the Push&Clean technology, which allows the filter to basically clean itself. When the Push&Clean function is activated, the machine uses airflow to create a wave of pressure around the filter. This pressure removes dust and dirt that is in the filter.

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It is still recommended to remove the filter from the vacuum from time to time, but the self-cleaning function ensures you don’t have to remove the filter as much. The vacuum also has an indicator that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned, and you can either use the Push&Clean function or remover the filter and clean it yourself.

The Nilfisk Multi II 30T is a little more expensive than the Henry Hoover, but it is still a lot cheaper than most commercial vacuum cleaners.

The powerful suction, extra-large capacity, and self-cleaning filter make this the perfect vacuum to remove any builders dust and dirt. It also doubles as a carpet cleaner, so you can give your carpets a really good scrub after your building work has been completed.


  • 3-in-1 multi cleaner – dry vacuum, wet clean and blow function
  • Powerful suction thanks to the 1400w motor
  • Innovative self-cleaning filter with indicator


  • Louder operation than most vacuums
  • No cable rewind feature

best commercial vacuum


VonHaus Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


The VonHaus 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Bagless vacuum is a powerful dust cleaner at a more affordable price than the other models on this page. At the start of this article, it was stated that vacuums that contain bags are the best for cleaning up dust.

Although this vacuum cleaner is a bagless model, due to the low price point and the suction power it was hard to overlook. Depending on what you are cleaning, this vacuum may take more effort to empty. However, you have to decide whether the lower price justifies this extra effort.


With a powerful 1250 Watt motor, the VonHaus 3-in-1 has been designed to deal with heavy-duty cleaning jobs such as DIY or home renovation.

Featuring a large 30-litre dust capacity, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for large-scale cleaning jobs and won’t need to be emptied regularly. Although this model doesn’t contain dust bags, it is easy to empty and maintain. You simply detach the motor unit from the drum and dispose of the waste inside.


The VonHaus 3 in 1 comes with two filters: a HEPA filter and a sponge filter. The HEPA filter is used for dry vacuuming, and it ensures that 99.9% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured by the filter.

This is ideal if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, as it ensures that no dust or other allergy-causing particles are released back into the air. The HEPA filter can be removed from the vacuum and washed, reducing the maintenance costs of the machine.

When using the wet and dry function, the HEPA filter must be removed and replaced with the sponge filter. The sponge filter will absorb any liquids that are sucked up, and also capture any dirt and dust.

The VonHaus 3 in 1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a cheaper alternative to the previous models. It is a bagless vacuum which will cut down the cost further by removing the need to buy replacement bags, although it will take a little more effort to empty and clean due to this.

If you are after a powerful vacuum to help you remove the dust left over from builders work, then this is a very good budget option.

VAX 6131T

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Builders Dust 5


The Vax 3-in-1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner has a great mix of different cleaning options to make all areas of a house, office or car much cleaner. It is a powerful 3-in-1 cleaner, with the ability to vacuum, wash carpets and upholstery, and deal with any accidental spills.


The main feature of the Vax 6131T is that it is a total home cleaning system. It will vacuum your carpets and hard floors with its powerful suction.

Then, with a simple removal of the filter and dust bag, it transforms into a carpet cleaning machine that will leave your carpets looking like new again. The suction on this Vax is so good that it leaves your carpets almost dry, which is essential to discourage the growth of mould.

If that’s not enough, the Vax 6131T will also deal with any spills that occur in your home, and can even unblock your drains.


The Vax 6131T has an impressive 13.5-metre cleaning radius which will allow you to clean larger areas without having to change powers sockets.

The weight of the machine is 8.1kgs which is about average for a 3-in-1 machine. Keep in mind that this is the weight when the vacuum is empty, so it will almost double in weight if it is full of water or building materials such as dust and rubble. It’s a good idea to empty the Vax regularly to avoid doing yourself damage.

The Vax 6131T is a bagged vacuum cleaner and it has a huge dry capacity of 10-litres. This ensures that you clean up after any building work faster and will also save you money in replacement bags.

The Vax 6131T is a great vacuum for cleaning up builders dust and other building materials. It is powerful, has a large capacity, and the fact that you can use it as a wet vacuum means it is a handy tool to have around in case of any accidents.

It may not be the best looking vacuum cleaner in the world, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in performance.


  • Seperate water tanks – 4-litre clean and 8-litre dirty capacity
  • 3-in-1 cleaner – vacuum, clean carpets and clean up spills
  • Huge 10-litre dry vacuum capacity


  • Loud operation
  • No variable suction control

How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Builders Dust

Whether you have just completed a DIY project or your home has had some renovation work done to it, cleaning up the mess after building work is one of the toughest cleaning jobs to tackle.

The sheer volume of the debris, along with the mixture of fine dust and larger particles mean you need a vacuum cleaner that can handle the task.

There are a number of things you need to think about before you purchase a vacuum cleaner specifically for cleaning up builders dust. Dust capacity, suction power, and durability are all important aspects of your choice. We will go through each of these points in more detail.


If the vacuum is only to be used for a one-off job, then you don’t need to worry too much about which model you buy. As long as it has a large capacity and powerful suction, it should be sufficient.

If you will be regularly using the vacuum cleaner for large-scale clean-ups after building work, then you need to think more carefully about the features that you require.

The durability of the vacuum cleaner is much more important here; you don’t want a vacuum that can’t handle a large volume of dust and breaks down after a few months.

If you are cleaning up after building work in different locations, you want to look for a model that is easy to transport.


The three vacuum cleaners reviewed on this page all have a powerful motor, creating good suction power. This is essential when cleaning up builders dust as dust tends to stick to surfaces more than larger particles. Greater suction power will also help in sucking up those larger bits of building materials.

Generally, bagged vacuums will have greater suction than bagless models due to the way they are designed. That’s not to say that bagless models don’t have their place, you just need powerful suction when dealing with dust.


The dust capacity of the machine is another important factor. The larger the dust capacity, the longer it will be before you have to empty it. If your house is been in a chaotic state while you have been getting building work done, you want it back to normal as soon as possible.

The less time you have to spend cleaning and maintaining your vacuum cleaner, the quicker you will get your home clean again.


Plaster is one of the toughest things to clean up after building work as it gets everywhere. Breathing in plaster dust can also be harmful to your health, so it is best to clean it up as soon as you can.

The best way to clean up plaster is to pick up all of the large pieces by hand, and put them in a heavy duty bin bag. To save your vacuum cleaner from clogging up faster, you should sweep up the rest of the plaster with a brush.

Use your vacuum cleaner next to remove all of the dust and any smaller particles that you missed with the brush.

You may have to use the wet and dry function on your vacuum cleaner or a mop to completely remove the plaster from your floors.

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