best vacuum for fleas

If you have fleas in your home, it can seem like they’ll be there forever. Listen up folks. It gets better with the right tools! With a good vacuum for fleas and a consistent cleaning schedule, you can tackle the flea problem in your home.  So, what is the best vacuum for fleas, best robot vacuum for fleas and best stick vacuum for fleas? According to our tests, the best vacuum for fleas is by far the the Kenmore Elite 31150.

With fleas, you can’t afford to lack power. The Kenmore Elite 31150 is one of the strongest vacuum cleaners that money can buy. It makes quick work of fleas deep in your carpet and on upholstery. 

We tested a handful of vacuums to find the best ones that help to kill fleas, here are the results of those tests.

best stick vacuum for fleas

best vacuum for fleas


This lightweight upright vacuum (Bissell) is one of the best vacuum for fleas and is a great solution for those on a tight budget.

Bissell 9595a Vacuum Cleaner With One Pass-corded - best vacuum for fleas

The value for money you get with this vacuum is just unbelievable. It even comes with a 2 year warranty- something you don’t get for products in its price range.


One Pass Technology
Bissell 9595A boasts of the one pass technology which boils down to a powerful suction and an innovatively designed brush that can clean on the first pass. Although this works with all kinds of dirt and debris, customers have reported that you would need a second pass for pet hair. Despite this, it is still a very efficient machine for using around the house.

Multi-cyclone System
This feature enables the separation of dust and debris so that you don’t have to clean the filters very often.

Extension Wand with Several Attachments
It comes with an extension wand that can be used solo or attached to a dusting brush or turbo brush to access otherwise inaccessible and hard to reach areas comfortably. The attachments increase the manoeuvrability of this vacuum making it one of the best vacuum for fleas. The mini-rotating turbo brush agitates debris, dust and pet hair making it easier to suck them away. The crevice tool enables access and cleaning of hidden edges such as skirting and cornice areas. Cleaning upholstery and furniture is made easier and effective by the dusting brush.
Bissell 9595A Vacuum is lightweight and thus easy to carry around which translates into less effort while cleaning.

1. Lightweight- easy to move around
2. Large and easy to empty dirt bin
3. Easy to assemble
4. High suction power
5. 2 years warranty considering its cost is a good deal

The brush roll can’t be turned offCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


This Dyson vacuum has the potential to suck up every single strand of pet hair in its way.

Dyson Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum - Corded - best vacuum for fleas

The Dyson Ball is versatile and can be used to clean most surfaces in your home making it one of the best vacuum for fleas.


Powerful Suction
The durable high suction power has been tested to ASTMF558 industry standards and comes with a 3year warranty so that you don’t have to fear loss of suction as your vacuum ages. The larvae and eggs hidden deep in your thick carpet will be sucked promptly making it one of the best vacuum for fleas.

Ball System
If what you don’t need are those vacuums where you have to turn left, right and swing around every time you vacuum, then this is what you should buy. It comes equipped with a ball system that enables it to be steered by just a simple effortless turn of the wrist. Dyson vacuums are known for this feature.

Self-Adjusting Mechanism
It seals in suction across both hard floor and carpet surfaces.

Motorized Brush
Another great feature is the motorized brush with stiff nylon bristles which reach deep into the carpet to claw out dirt.

Hepa filtration system
It also features a HEPA filtration system that traps bacteria and allergens and prevents them from escaping into the air when you are vacuuming. Customers have witnessed the durability of this product. With a 10 year manufacturer’s test, you are paying for something that will serve you for about a decade or even more.

1. Strong suction
2. HEPA filtration system to trap bacteria
3. Ball technology for ease of use and manoeuvrability

1. The suction can be too strong for some carpet fabrics as reported by some consumers/reviewsCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


This vacuum cleaner has been designed to work on various surfaces and to deal with different kinds of debris.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister - top rated vacuum for fleas

The various accessories and attachments that come along with this vacuum make it versatile and great with all kinds of debris including pet hair. This makes it one of the best vacuum for fleas. Flea infestation will be a problem of the past if you happen to own this one.


“Pet Power Paw”
This is the vacuum’s standout feature. It consists of an innovative motorized brush which together with its powerful suction will pick up every single pet hair on any surface. No wonder this Eureka canister vacuum is considered a wonderful hair eraser and one of the best vacuum for fleas. Other attachments include a crevice tool and a dusting/upholstery brush.

Uses Disposable bags
You have the option of using scented ones or crushing scent tablets and vacuuming them in. It has been noticed that when the dirt bags fill up, they reduce the suction power. You must therefore be keen to ensure timely replacement.

Powerful Suction
The 12Amp motors that run the suction system ensures high air speed and powerful suction consistently making it one of the best vacuum for fleas available today.

Compact and Lightweight
This canister vacuum has been ergonomically designed to be lightweight and compact to increase its mobility and manoeuvrability. It can easily be carried around while cleaning surfaces from the flooring upwards to the ceiling thanks to the telescopic wand and hose.

1. The telescopic wand is long enough to reach high elevated surfaces
2. Great for sucking pet hair due to its “pet power paw” attachment

1. The floor tool brush is not motorized
2. The cord isn’t automatically rewindableCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


Pet hair removal from upholstery and your stairs area just got easier, thanks to the air powered hand tool and powerful suction that characterizes this vacuum cleaner.

Hoover T-series Wind Tunnel Rewind Plus - good vacuum for fleas

No need to worry about fleas anymore as this Hoover upright vacuum is one of the best vacuum for fleas.


Automatic Rewind System
Its 27 foot power cord has an automatic rewind system so you can spend your energy on what really matters- cleaning.

Multiple Attachments
These attachments improve the vacuum’s versatility and manoeuvrability. There is a crevice tool to reach those nooks and crannies that you cannot reach otherwise. Along with this, you have an air powered hand tool for pet hair, a brush/upholstery combo tool and the extension wand to extend your reach; all of which aid in making this one of the best vacuum for fleas.

Two Filter System
The T-series Wind Tunnel has great filter performance thanks to its two filters; a standard washable filter that traps most of the initial dirt and the HEPA filter that blocks allergens and may need to be replaced from time to time (12 months).

Multiple surface Capable
This vacuum will work on different surfaces from hard floors to thick carpets. It especially works magic on thick carpets due to its powerful suction and motorized brushes.

1. Works on several surfaces- resourceful
2. Great performance on carpet
3. Automatic rewindable 27 feet cord

1. Motorized brush can’t be turned off
2. Flexible hose is short and so can’t reach surfaces at a height such as ceilingsCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


SP LW 100 is Oreck’s lightest, fully powered upright vacuum. The blend of a lightweight compact design and pure power makes it one of the most versatile products from Oreck.

Oreck LW100 Magnesium Sp Bagged Upright - best vacuum cleaner for fleas

Let us check whether its features make it eligible to be one of the best vacuum for fleas.


Two Speed Functionality
It works on a 2 speed level which can be controlled by a Quick Switch on the handle. On high speed, this lightweight vacuum cleaner has high airflow and has a powerful suction making it suitable for cleaning carpets and highly dirty surfaces. At low speed it is gentle and can be used to clean rugs and bare floors. This feature makes the Oreck very efficient and definitely one of the best vacuum for fleas.

Compact and Lightweight Magnesium Design
Magnesium metal used in the body of this vacuum cleaner decreases its weight and makes it relatively light. The ergonomic design makes the vacuum compact, flat and light. This enables you to clean the underside of furniture such as sofas with relative ease.

Small Efficient Motors
This upright vacuum uses smaller, efficient motors for direct suction, delivering more power while maintaining the relatively light and flat design.

5-Layered HEPA Filtration
The hepa filtration provides 99.97% protection from allergens. The HEPA inner bag has five layers of filters that trap allergens, bacteria, smoke particles, pollen and pet dander.

Saniseal Bag Disposal Mechanism
This automatically locks dirt in the bag when emptying by completely sealing shut. Its wide cleaning path of 12 inches and its 30 foot power cord means lesser unplugging and hence quicker cleaning.

1. Lightweight but powerful
2. Relatively quiet when in operation
3. Flatness and lightness increases manoeuvrability and makes it easy to clean

1. No attachments to enhance versatilityCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


If you want versatility on a budget, then the Shark Rotator is what you want to spend your hard earned cash on.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift - Away- great vacuum for fleas

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum comes with a bevy of attachments to complete any vacuuming task at hand and can definitely be counted as one of the best vacuum for fleas.


Adjustable Body
This upright vacuum cleaner is relatively heavy, weighing around16 pounds. However, the body can be lifted off the floor nozzle and attached to a canister for mobility when cleaning. When in its upright position, the canister acts as a holding place for the attachments.

Works on All Surfaces
Its bare floor performance is great with a variety of options: You can turn off the motorized brush in the floor nozzle for cleaning smaller debris. If you have a hard floor there is an extra hard floor tool that doesn’t have any brush. It also has a crevice tool for all the nooks and crannies. A dust brush is also available for your furniture. It also comes with a cyclonic technology to maintain optimal suction strength making it capable of cleaning your thick carpet. The motorized brush has stiff bristles that reach deep inside the fabric to upset the dust and debris. Due to its excellent multi-surface capability, the Shark Rotator lift-away vacuum works great in getting rid of fleas and is indeed one of the best vacuum for fleas available today.

Double Filter Clean Up
The Shark Rotator’s double filters ensure a clean and allergen-free environment inside your house. Just make sure that the standard main form filter should be cleaned every three months and the HEPA filter should be cleaned every 12months.

Multiple Attachments
This multi-surface vacuum cleaner has the following attachments: dust brush, 12”crevice tool, laser turbo brush and a multi angle dusty brush.

1. Swivel feature that makes it easy to move around
2. HEPA filtration
3. Washable filters
4. Ability to adjust from upright to canister
5. Long 5 year limited warranty

1. No switch on the handle
2. Slight ploughing effect when cleaning large debrisCHECK REVIEWS AND PRICE ON AMAZON


The Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum is one of the best vacuum for fleas and stands out as a lightweight, powerful and adaptable vacuum that can work on multiple bare floor surfaces.

best vacuum for fleas - Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum

While some cleaners are great with carpets, they are not that good with hard surfaces especially hardwood floors. And this is the problem that the Soniclean solves. This vacuum has been designed for bare surfaces like tiles, stones, hardwood and laminates.


Lightweight Design
While this vacuum weighs 16.7 lbs., it has rubber wheels to ensure there are no scratches on your sleek hardwood floors as you move around.

Powerful Suction
It features a powerful 1100 watt adjustable speed and has energy saving motors that use a direct air para magnetic mechanism and consume up to 50% less energy than other vacuum cleaners.

It uses a 360 degrees swivel steering that allows easy adjustment in any direction. It has a long 31 foot cord which can be extended further by the extendable band without unplugging.

These make the machine multi-faceted and improve its functionality. Some of the attachments that come with this vacuum include a natural bristle floor nozzle, an upholstery tool, a dusting tool, a crevice tool and the telescopic wand. Other features of the Soniclean vacuum that are notable include a 5 year motor warranty and a bag-full indicator that aren’t available in most brands.


  1. Great with bare surfaces especially hardwood floors
  2. A powerful suction
  3. Relatively quiet operation
  4. Multipurpose with a lot of attachments
  5. Bag-full indicator


  1. The bag capacity is relatively low


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