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Today, we review the Best Vacuum For Sand, best vacuum for sand on hardwood floors and best vacuum for sand on tile floors in our vacuum cleaners guide below. No matter how hard you try to keep sand out of the home, it always finds its way in. You probably know the pain of getting the sand out of carpets and hard floors like tile. You probably have gone through a couple of vacuum cleaners in the past that end up dying because they can’t handle the sand.

best vacuum for sand on tile floors

Best Vacuum For Sand

1. Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, New Quick Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button Fish Tank Sand Cleaner

If you have a fish tank, you’ll understand the importance of keeping it clean. The Hygger has a unique trigger and siphon design that may seem complicated in the beginning but once it has been put together and used, it will make more sense. Unlike other traditional fish tank vacuums here you benefit from using a trigger to begin the siphon action, it gives you a very effective method and generates amazing results.

Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Review

The Hygger is also exceptionally versatile, it comes with two extension pipes to make sure that you can reach to the furthest parts of the tank without having to adjust your position. In order for it to work correctly, you will need to make sure that you have the space to have the water inlet 19 inch lower than the trigger, this allows gravity to work effectively and clean your sand.

The sand washer comes equipped with two bags inside which operate like filters, these make sure that your sand it thoroughly cleaned of all waste before it is put back into the tank. If you have larger gravel in your tank, this cleaning tool may not be the best option for you as it can easily block, leading to problems when you try and use it.


  • Easy to use and operate once you have read the user manual
  • Relies on gravity to clean
  • Comes equipped with two sandbags in the handle for maximum cleaning
  • Can be extended up to 40.9 inches
  • Duck bill suction inlet is an excellent debris vacuum
  • Exceptional at cleaning sand


  • You will need to have the space to make sure you can achieve a 19 inch difference between the trigger and water inlet to make sure it can clean effectively
  • It does take a little working out how to use, so make sure you read the instruction leaflet before use

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2. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

If you have an above ground pool it may seem like you are forever finding sand on the bottom, especially when the kids don’t clean their feet before they jump in, but not to worry, the Intext auto pool cleaner can help remove the sand in an effective and quick manner. You will need to have a pump attached that has a flow rate of between 1600 and 3500 GPH but if you have that, simply plug in and away you go, it really is that simple to use.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review

What we really liked about the intex was the fact that it reverses on itself, that means that no spot is ever missed, and it leaves your pool looking clean and flawless. As it is automatic, you don’t have to think about when you are going to clean the pool, simply drop it in and let it do all the work for you, you can then carry on what you are doing and not have to think about getting the sand off the floor.

The intex is designed with longevity in mind, it isn’t a pool cleaner that you will need to replace regularly, as its design makes sure that it is durable and lasts. It is easy to take apart and clean out the bags that catch the dirt and debris and due to the high flow rate it requires to operate, it is fantastic at picking up even the smallest amount of sand.


  • Will move forward and backward across your entire pool
  • Effective suction for all dirt and debris that resides at the bottom
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Automatic, so there is no need for you to stand and manually clean it
  • Durable and made of high-quality materials


  • Only for use with above ground pools
  • You must have a filter that has a flow rate of between 1600 and 3500 GPH

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3. Uplift Handheld Vacuum Cordless 120W 6.5kpa Suction Vacuum Cleaner

The uplift handheld gives you a catalogue of accessories to use with it, whether the sand is stuck on your rugs or between the cushions on your sofa, there is an accessory that will be able to get to it. What we really liked about this handheld vacuum is the inclusion of an extension hose, which means you can really get into those deep parts of furnishing where you may find sand and pull it all out.

Uplift Handheld Vacuum Cordless 120W 6.5kpa Suction Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Uplift also comes with a HEPA filter, so you can be sure that you are left with clean and allergen free air. This also means that there is exceptional suction power, so you can be sure that it will pull sand from even the thickest of rugs and carpets. It is light weight and easy to manoeuvre and use, you will also have no problems when it comes to emptying it, simply a few clicks and you can empty it out and carry on what you are doing.

If you walk at the beach, or take your dog there. You’ll know that having sand stuck in the interior carpet can be difficult to remove, if you need the uplift on hand, it will happily remove wet sand and pet hair, keeping your car fresh and clean. Not only that, it also comes equipped with an LED light to make sure you have no issues when you are cleaning in the far-flung corners of your car or boot.


  • Comes with 3 different types of cleaning tool to give you the ultimate in versatility.
  • LED light makes sure you can see where you are cleaning
  • HEPA filter removes allergens and leaves you with clean fresh air
  • Excellent suction power that will remove wet sand and pet hair
  • Portable, lightweight and manoeuvrable


  • The debris canister is small and will require frequent emptying
  • This is not a replacement for a traditional vacuum cleaner, as it is a spot cleaner

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4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Onshowy Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Lightweight Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld vacuum is unbelievably light at only 900grams, giving the ultimate in light weight cleaning tools. It will make sure that your hands aren’t left fatigued, even with extended use and you will also be able to reach those tough places, as it weighs very little, so no fear of straining your wrist. It can run constantly for 25 minutes, which is more than enough time to spot clean the sand from your sofa, rug or car.

Onshowy Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Lightweight Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner Review

The handheld has excellent suction and will pull up even the most embedded of sand, if you can’t get the sand out with the normal cleaning nozzle, don’t worry you’ve also got other attachments included. What we really like about the handheld is that it can deal with wet mess, whether that is sand or mud, it has the ability to suck up a consistent amount of wet mess which is something that makes it stand out from other handheld vacuum cleaners.

The handheld comes with a HEPA filter as standard, not only does this clean far more effectively, they also last a lot longer than paper filters. You can be sure that it will clean the area from allergens and pollen with the end result being a fresh clean area. It is also exceptionally quiet, making it an excellent vacuum to use in your car after those early morning beach walks with the dog.


  • Super lightweight at 900grams, so you can even use it overhead
  • Comes with three attachments, so regardless of where you need to reach, the handheld can get there
  • Excellent at suctioning up wet mess, such as sand and mud
  • HEPA air filter
  • 25 minutes run time


  • If you have it at the high setting all the time, the power won’t last 25 minutes

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5. XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Vacuum

The XtremepowerUS pool cleaner will be an excellent addition to your in-ground pool, all you will really need to do is plug it in and go. It doesn’t require any electricity to work, as long as your filter has an output of at least 1600 GHP, you can be sure that this exceptional cleaner will work effectively. If you have a 30-foot pool or less, there is no need to get someone in to clean it anymore as this can do everything you need.

XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Review

You can set the XtremepowerUS and watch it work, it will move around 8-12 feet per minute, so you can be sure that your pool will be clean in no time at all. The design of the nozzle means that it is able to slowly crawl up the sides of your walls and get even the most embedded of dirt, leaving you with a pristine pool that took little to no effort to clean.

This pool cleaner will pick sand, dust and debris that is laying at the bottom of the pool with ease. All you will need to do is clean the debris flap after each use to make sure that it continues to run as it should. When you are putting it together, you need to be sure that the pipes are not tangled as this will stop it moving around the pool effectively.


  • No electronics needed, simply plug it into the filter and pump and away you go
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Will clean the bottom and the walls of the pool
  • The cleaner will pick up sand and other debris
  • Ideal for in ground pools


  • Due to the design, it won’t be able to clean steps
  • You will need to make sure you are putting the piping together correctly to ensure smooth operation.

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Things To Consider Before You Make Your Purchase

Before you settle on a product there are some key considerations to make before you purchase, you don’t want to choose a vacuum and it not meet your needs. If you have an above ground pool, you will want to purchase the intex auto pool cleaner. Whilst it won’t be able to climb the walls, it will be far more effective at cleaning the above ground configuration than the uplift. You will also need to make sure that your pool and filtration system meets the requirements of the manufactures. If it doesn’t, you may find that neither pool cleaner will work effectively. So, make sure that your filter moves enough water for it to be able to work.

If you are looking at a handheld vacuum, assess how often you will be using it, there is a weight difference between the two, albeit not much, and if you find you will be using more frequently and in awkward spaces, it may be worthwhile looking at the lighter option to minimise any strain on your arms.

​The Hyyger aquatic system will be an excellent companion to any fish tank, it is excellent at cleaning sand and grit, but you will need to make sure that you have the space in your home to allow the tube to be at least 19 inches lower than the trigger. If you don’t have this space you may find this particular tool difficult to use.

How To Vacuum Sand Out Of Your Carpet?

Sand out from carpet

If you are facing piles of dry sand throughout your home or your car, you’d be forgiven to think that just jumping straight in with a nozzle vacuum is the way to do it. This is actually counter intuitive, and you may find it difficult to fully clean the affected area. On both the handheld vacuums we have reviewed, they both include brush heads, so put these on the vacuum. Before you turn it on, brush the sand towards you and try and get it into pile. This will help you get most of the loose sand as turning the vacuum on straight away can stop you getting all the sand. Once you have gathered it into a pile, start vacuuming. If you are trying to get dry sand out of a rug, if you have the space, take the rug outside and hit it a few times to release the loose sand and then vacuum up the rest.

If you are dealing with wet sand, the uplift is an excellent choice, you don’t need to spend time moving the sand into a pile, simply turn on and go.

How To Vacuum Sand Substrate In An Aquarium?

Cleaning sand out of an aquarium can be tricky. When we clean gravel, we set up the cleaner and move it round the ground the gravel to pick up all the muck that is embedded in there. Sand is a little more difficult to clean, but it can be a lot faster than cleaning gravel. The sand creates a barrier for the fish excrement and sediment, so you won’t want to be aggressively mixing it up cleaning it, rather you want to be cleaning off the top layer only. This is very easy to do, instead of putting the nozzle of the tank cleaner straight into the sand. Simply hold it above ½ an inch over it. This will clean any loose sand and sediment that is on the top and it will leave the barrier intact.

Can I Vacuum Sand Out Of My Pool?

Vacuum for sand

If you purchase one of the pool cleaners that we have reviewed, they will effectively clean sand and other debris. You could attempt to do it manually, but it will never be as effective as an automated tool. Both the intex and the XtremepowerUS run off water power, so you don’t need to be concerned about your electricity bill, they are quiet and will clean your pool effectively whilst you’re not using it. You will need to make sure that when you set these cleaners up, you don’t tangle any of the pipe work, as this will limit how the vacuum travels.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you want a sand vacuum for, we have one for you. These are the 5 best that are available on the market, whether you are cleaning your pool or cleaning up after your dog, there is now no reason to live in a sand environment. Before you settle on your purchase, make sure you have thought about why you are going to buy it to make sure you get the best device for your situation!

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