best vacuum under 150

The following are quick reviews of the top 12 vacuum cleaners under $150 currently available in the market. Our review includes the pros and cons of each item. This helps you get a general sneak peek of each product so that you can make a comparison and an informed purchase decision. So what is your Best Vacuum Under 150, best vacuum cleaner 2020 and best robot vacuum under 150 pick? read on to know…

best robot vacuum under 150

best vacuum under 150

1.  Shark Navigator Deluxe (Nv42)

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The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is a sturdy and lightweight vacuum cleaner comprising up to 3 filters. It’s portable and versatile, weighing less than 15lbs. One good thing about this equipment is that it’s robust, reliable and straightforward to maneuver.

The Shark nv42 delivers an amazing job when it comes to solving the cleaning hitches. It gives you excellent control and maneuverability around tight corners and furniture. This impressive maneuverability is a considerable factor drawing buyers to Shark’s vacuum cleaner.

The unit comprises the Anti-Allergen Seal designed to prevent harmful particles from reaching you as you carry out your chores. It never loses suction, and provides powerful cleaning. The NV42 is standard with a 25-ft power cord that offers extensive cleaning with no interruption. It also includes the brush-roll shutoff for deep carpet cleaning and gentle on bare floors.

The canister of this cleaning appliance is more prominent than many others of the same caliber. You spend less time vacuuming and emptying it. Several accessories are included for versatile cleaning, such as a crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush.What we liked

  • Very large canister
  • Extremely easy to maneuver
  • Very easy to use
  • Works pretty well on hardwood and carpet
  • Operates for long hours without overheating

What we didn’t like

  • Produces loud noise

The Shark NV42 is your best choice if you need a solid vacuum that cleans a variety of floors without a problem. It feels light and is exceptionally easy to maneuver around narrow spaces and furniture. What’s more, this equipment has a sleek, clean look that improves the overall appeal of your home.

2.  Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (Hv302)

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With only 8 pounds total weight, this vacuum is easy to carry up and down the staircases without applying much effort. It comes standard with swivel steering that offers excellent control and maneuverability around constricted spaces and furniture. Also available is a Home& Car Derail Kit alongside the Dust-Away hard-floor attachment for picking up dust and debris on bare floors.

Home and Car Derail Kit are micro tools that play a huge role in cleaning the tiniest of spaces. You can control them by your fingertip with the utmost ease. The unit features Two Speed Brush Roll with two powerful settings that handle all your floor needs.

It picks up debris and deep cleans your bare floors with little to no effort. The shark hv302 offers two options for storage. The first one involves attaching the hand vacuum to the base of the wand. And the second option involves securing it to the wall mount.What we liked

  • Easy to use & maneuver around narrow spaces
  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Two options for storage
  • Gentle on bare floors and delicate area rugs
  • Removes stuck-on dirt effectively

What we didn’t like

  • The dirt cup is difficult to detach
  • Doesn’t stand on its own

Overall, this little vacuum is a life changer. It removes unbelievable amount of dirt and debris from delicate floors and bare rugs. It’s easy to use, works great and does a terrific job on pet hair.

3.  Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Pet Uh30310

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This corded and bagged vacuum brings a lot of surprising advantages to the user. First, it is ideal for carpets and pet hair. The unit is equipped with the Clean-Drop Bag system that allows you to clean the whole space without touching the dirt.

The HOOVER UH30310 features a 30-feet long cord that helps you clean a big area without plugging or unplugging the power sources. It also includes the P.A.W.S Approved Wind-tunnel technology, which eliminates all entrenched dirt from various surfaces including hard floors, carpets, rugs and much more. This technology prevents the dust and other debris from scattering or falling on the carpet.

The activated Carbon HEPA media Bag proves useful in trapping and filtering up to 99.9% of particles including dust and pollens. The work of carbon is to absorb the household odors. One-Touch Bag door provides easy and quick access to the bag.

The unit also includes a five-position height adjustment knob that allows you to set the brush roll at the proper height depending on the surface you’re cleaning. There’s an air-powered hand tool alongside special on-board tools designed to clean tough messes on hard-to-reach areas.What we liked

  • Long cord ideal for cleaning big rooms
  • Easily picks long pet hair dander
  • Includes a five-position height adjustment setting
  • Has a clean-drop bag dirt system, so you don’t touch dirt
  • Minimal maintenance most of which is DIY

What we didn’t like

  • Dirt bag needs changing every after 3-4 months
  • The 21lbs. product weight is considered too heavy

The Hoover windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a good vacuum under $150. The length of the power cord is pretty impressive and cleans all rooms perfectly well. With 5-position carpet height adjustment, this unit lets clean all types of flooring efficiently.

4.  Bissell 9595a Cleanview Bagless Vacuum With Onepass

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The bissell 9595a vacuum with onepass provides an easy way to carry out an edge-to-edge cleaning. It is engineered with OnePass Technology and has powerful suction as well as an innovative brush design for cleaning on the initial pass. It weighs barely 15 pounds, thus easy to push or carry without sacrificing power.

Thanks to innovative brush design, the unit rotates down into the carpet so that it can clean it on the initial pass. The Multi-Cyclonic system offers robust suction while separating dirt and debris. Consequently, your filters can stay cleaner and long-lasting.

Furthermore, there’s a powerful, handheld motorized tool called the TurboBrush tool. This tool helps you get dirt and debris out of furniture, auto interior, stairways and upholstery. The large capacity dirt tank is easy to empty, and you spend less time emptying it while cleaning.

The 25-ft long power cord gives you an extended reach to clean a large area without any issue. You can use the extension wand to capture dirt and debris on furniture and other areas. This tool is either used solo or with an attached device such as a Crevice Tool, TurboBrush and Dusting Brush. It helps you clean the ceilings, baseboards and ceiling fans without straining your back.What we liked

  • Impressive suction power
  • Easy to empty the dirt bag
  • The filter is easy to wash
  • Power cord offers extended reach
  • Lightweight and powerful design

What we didn’t like

  • Can be loud and somewhat irritating

The bissell 9595a has tremendous power for its meager price. For under 150 USD, you get great suction that is hard to beat. This equipment is pretty easy to maneuver around a variety of surfaces. And it’s super easy to empty, too.

5.  Bissell 1831 CleanView

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The Bissell 1831 CleanView Hand Vac is among the best cleaning devices with excellent qualities and features you’ve been looking for in a vacuum under $150. It is constructed with OnePass technology, and the suction is not only powerful but also innovative. The brush design cleans the dirt and debris on the initial pass.

This equipment features a powerful, Multi-Cyclonic action system engineered to secure a lasting suction power. It captures the dirt and keeps it right in the bin where it belongs. You also get the Multi-Level filtration as well as a washable filter that aids in reducing household allergens and dirt.

The Bissell 1831 is cord-free, which in turn helps you clean everywhere your pet goes and rests. It is hooked to a motorized foot designed to provide robust and efficient suction for a deep clean result. The crevice tool, on the other hand, proves useful in cleaning tights spaces and those areas that are hard to reach.What we liked

  • Quieter than other vacuums
  • Very simple to maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful suction
  • The washable filter reduces allergens and dirt

What we didn’t like

  • It should include LED lighting for vacuum raves
  • Somehow difficult to maneuver

The Bissell CleanView 1831 Hand Vac doesn’t encompass a lot of frills, but for the power, suction and price will be hard to beat. This item needs less time to empty and is exceptionally convenient. Get this product with OnePass technology and innovative brush design for deep clean results. You won’t regret buying it for sure.

6.  Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

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bissell hard floor expert 1161 Canister Vacuum is a lightweight cleaning tool specially designed for cleaning delicate surfaces, both high and low surfaces. This unit has powerful suction, and the digital fingertip controls allow you to minimize suction power for delicate surfaces like areas rugs. The wheels are made of rubber and felt threads, so they don’t scratch or mark your floors.

The brush of this vacuum has extra soft bristles for cleaning all surfaces with peace of mind. The dirt tank is easy to empty, and the cord rewinds itself automatically. This cleaning machine has a suite of cleaning accessories which make cleaning hard floors a snag. It is engineered for use on hard floors, and it’s a time saver.

This vacuum is light and maneuverable around furniture. Thus, it is ideal for vacuuming furniture and under low tables. It has a compact design for effortless to storage or carrying on staircases. It has plenty of attachments and tools that clean nearly every surface.

This hard floor tool is equipped with soft bristles that are gentle on hard floors, but extremely tough on messes. It loosens up the dirt and picks it up with powerful suction. The telescopic wand provides an extended reach for cleaning stairs and curtains.What we liked

  • Guarantees specialized hard floor performance
  • Dirt tank is easy to empty
  • Telescopic extension wand for extended reach
  • Non-marking wheels that won’t mark or scratch your hard floors
  • Compact and lightweight at 9.1lbs

What we didn’t like

  • Filter clogs easily

Bissell 1161 is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners under $150. It is powerful, yet cleans your floors delicately to avoid scuffing or marking them. This is because it comes with non-marking wheels made out of rubber and felt. Get this unit if you need something whose brushes are gentle on floors but tough on messes.

7.  Eureka Airspeed AS3030A Vacuum

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The terms ‘Airspeed’ and ‘Unlimited Rewind’ in this vacuum cleaner have a meaning. And that particular meaning adds value to you as the end user. The word Unlimited Rewind implies that the 27-foot power cord of the Eureka Airspeed Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner rewinds automatically in an instant. All you need to do is press the power button, and you’re done!

This cleaning machine under $150 comes complete with a washable dust cup. You can replace back the dust cup once it is clean, and then move on with your cleaning the next day. The word Airspeed implies that this unit can move an adequate volume of air. For that reason, it removes deeply entrenched dirt and stains.

The vac never loses suction. Instead, it maintains powerful suction throughout your cleaning. The5-setting height adjustment ensures deep cleaning on various carpet types. With Stair & Upholstery Turbo Nozzle, deep cleaning stairs and upholstered furniture is a breeze.

It can deep clean multiple floors. The on/off brushroll switch and soft rubber wheels make it possible and effortless to clean multiple floors. What’s more, on-board crevice tool and brush provides effective cleaning of crevices, furniture and upholstery.What we liked

  • Has unlimited rewind capacity, a washable and long-lasting dust cup
  • It’s equipped with a high-level allergen filter to prevent you from catching flu
  • Never loses suction
  • Reusable dust cup requires minimal maintenance or replacement
  • Secure storage with the touch of a button

What we didn’t like

  • No complaints so far

The Eureka aS3030a Airspeed Lightweight & Bagless Unlimited Rewind Upright Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for users who get irritated when they have to take too long to complete a chore. This device lets you rewind it automatically with the press of a button as soon as you are through with your cleaning. Additionally, this machine sucks in air and the resulting job is fulfilling.

8.  Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless UH70120

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The Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 is your favorite option if you need a lightweight upright unit with WindTunnel Technology for consistent suction. Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology lifts up debris and removes embedded dirt to achieve the ultimate clean result.

The item weighs less than 17 pounds, hence easy to move up and down your stairs without straining. It also comes with tones of on-board attachments for performing above floor cleaning such as curtains and furniture.

With the Hoover UH70120, you get five-position carpet height adjustment settings. You can select High for thick carpeting or Low for tiles or hardwood floors. You can also adjust the brush roll to provide maximum performance.

The 25-ft long cord automatically rewinds on tapping the pedal. The cord rewinds and retracts to give you neat and hassle-free storage. There’s also system check indicator, which tells you when the HEPA filter is full and needs cleaning.

You can use the 8-ft stretch hose along with onboard attachments to conduct above-floor cleaning chores, such as furniture and stairs. This unit features Air Powered Turbo Tool that sucks away the dirt and debris on stairs and furniture.

Additionally, the extension wand combines with the dusting brush to help you get access to high areas like air vents and curtains. The crevice tool helps you clean hard-to-reach-areas like crevices and cracks with precision.What we liked

  • Delivers the fantastic carpet cleaning performance
  • Strong suction power and Cord rewind for easy storage
  • The filter needs minimal maintenance
  • HEPA filter is washable hence saving you time and money
  • Five height adjustment settings for cleaning all floor types

What we didn’t like

  • Thermal shutdown problem
  • No option for turning off the roller
  • The cord is rather short

Cleaning bare floors and carpets using the Hoover UH70120 is a snap. This unit has a motor that entails a bumper to keep your carpets and other investments scratch-free. What’s more, it comes with plenty of accessories as standard helping you clean nooks and crannies.

9.  Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The Hoover LiNX cordless vacuum is a sturdy and reasonably priced unit that gives you cordless convenience for cleaning the whole house. It comes with a fade-free lithium-ion battery, which provide an average runtime of about 50 minutes. This is helpful when cleaning hard floors and carpets.

With the Hoover LiNX Cordless Vacuum, you can easily maneuver around furniture and other objects. The WindTunnel 3 Technology is designed to pick up dirt and debris with the ultimate suction power. The LiNX BH50010 design allows for easy removal of the canister with the push of a button. The Hoover LiNX BH50020PC is essentially the same model but uses removable bags instead of the bag-less canister system.

The unit is ultra lightweight  weighing only 7.3 pounds for ease of movement from room to room. It also includes edge bristles to allow removal of debris from edges. Clever!What we liked

  • Pretty light & Easy to detach the canister
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The batteries can be disconnected and charged outside the unit
  • Ultra Light Weight

What we didn’t like

  • Suction power is not the strongest
  • The battery charger’s life may be limited

The Hoover LiNX Cordless Vacuum is worth the $150 price tag. It lets you take the full-power cleaning wherever you want. It’s easy to maneuver around objects and picks up dirt and debris well. Get this unit if you need the cordless convenience when cleaning hard floors and low pile carpets.

10.  Bissell Zing 1665 Canister Vacuum

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Bissell Zing 1665 Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum is another great vacuum cleaner under $150. You might want to go with this option if you prefer bagless vacuum cleaners to their bagged counterparts. This vacuum is light, weighing only eight pounds.

For that reason, walking around with this unit is never a problem. The unit highlights a transparent design, so it is easy to see when the vacuum is full. It also features an adjustable cord and adjustable section.

The package comprises Air Flow Regulator, Easy Empty Dirt Cup, Automatic Cord Rewind, and Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush. This Corded Vacuum uses a three-stage filtration system. The dirt cup filters as post-motor filter seizes a colossal volume of fine dust and particles.

The product’s filters are washable as well as reusable. The multi-surface cleaning technology helps you switch from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a button. Using this item is equally a snag.What we liked

  • Convenient, Lightweight and compact
  • Accessories are easy to detach
  • Variable suction for cleaning fabrics like curtains
  • The handle is perfect
  • Takes less storage space

What we didn’t like

  • Can lose suction
  • The recoil on the cord has no locking mechanism

The Bissell Zing 1665 Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum offers a convenient system for cleaning the entire space in your home. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy for you to travel upstairs during your cleaning.

The floor brush is also easy to carry because the zing comes with a carrying handle. With its price tag, there is no doubt this product is highly recommended.

11.  Hoover Power Drive Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Do you have a pet in your home? Well, Hoover Power Driver Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum is ideal for homes with pets. It delivers a deeper clean, thanks to an inventive combination of power and suction. The unit features swivel steering design for painless maneuverability around hard-to-reach spaces and furniture.

Additionally, there’s the new Advanced Action Brush Roll engineered to reduce hair wrap as well as tackle embedded dirt. The ON/OFF brush roll function allows for easy transitioning from carpet to hard floor (and vice versa) with the simple press of a button. This feature optimizes the removal of pet hair on all floor types.

The brush roll is turned ON when deep cleaning carpets and OFF to avoid the scattering of debris on hard floors. You’ll be able to achieve the best cleaning result with this system due to the availability of several multipurpose tools. It also gives you 13 ft. of cleaning reach along with an extra-large capacity dirt cup.

With high intensity LED headlights, no dirt or pet hair can hide. The powerful WindTunnel Technology suction can capture and contain caked-on dirt, debris, and pet hair. The unit also features Sealed Allergen System, which can contain up to 99% of dust allergen.What we liked

  • Effortless maneuverability due to the swivel steering design
  • Advanced action brush roll ensures removal of deep down embedded dirt
  • No suction loss with advanced multi-cyclonic technology
  • High intensity LED headlights for proper illumination so dirt and pet hair cannot hide
  • Extra-large canister for holding high amount of dirt and pet hair

What we didn’t like

  • Canister doesn’t detach
  • Difficult to maneuver on staircases
  • Not lightweight enough for someone who is unable to lift something

Whereas this vacuum has a few cons under its belt, it’s clear that the pros significantly outweigh the cons. You can either love or hate this vacuum depending on your needs. But overall, the vacuum is effective in cleaning hard floors, carpets, couches and much more.

12.  Deik Cordless, Stick and Handheld Vacuum

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The Deik Cordless vacuum cleaner has an overall great performance that surpasses most corded full-sized vacuum cleaners — with no hassle of the cord. In comparison to the upright market, this one has the highest geometric average pickup performance. It can clean up, down and all around the carpet, hard floor, creviced hard floor, and more.

With ultra-light cordless design, you can clean up high and low quickly and effectively. It gives you the much-needed power for efficient multi-floor cleaning performance. With this unit, moving from room to room cleaning hard floors and carpet is easier than ever.

Again, this item is extremely simple to maneuver around furniture as it weighs as low as 4.7 pounds. Since it’s steerable, maneuvering around furniture and tight turns is a breeze. You can detach the portable handheld vacuum and tackle small messes hidden on tight spaces.

The package is inclusive of an upholstery tool with soft rubber edges. This makes it easy to lift and remove dust and pet hair from sofas and other upholstery. Also, there are LED indicator lights to help you locate hidden debris on narrow spaces and crevices.What we liked

  • 2-in-1 cord-free convenience
  • It quickly changes to handheld for cleaning everywhere the dirt goes
  • More than 25 minutes of strong, fade-free suction
  • Extremely lightweight and versatile at 4.7lbs
  • Easy maintenance and storage—saves plenty of space

What we didn’t like

  • The static pressure is rather weak
  • Filters and parts are not available in the US

Do you want a cordless performance? Well, Deik cordless handheld and stick vacuum is your life savior. This wonderful cleaning machines – with helpful headlights – has great suction and amazing battery life. What’s more, the battery life is impressive and won’t disappoint.

Buying Considerations for Vacuum Under $150

Buying a vacuum for 150 dollars or less is not an easy task. The market boasts a myriad of models, so if you are not keen enough, you might end up picking an under performer of all. Besides, the manufacturers of the appliances throw in technical terms that really confuse a layman.

Cutting through these market hurdles is imperative when it comes to making an educated purchasing decision. The primary key to success here is to understand the critical features that make any given cleaner under 150 usd efficient – whether it is upright or robotic. It would be wise to remember that not every cleaner out there is suitable for your home.

You have to consider several factors before selecting any given product to ensure that whatever you’re buying is ideal for your home. Having done comprehensive research, we’ve gathered the 7 most important factors to consider when shopping for the best cleaning appliance under 150 dollars.

  • Suction Power

Not all manufacturers portray the suction power needed by the vacuum to operate effectively. And again, you shouldn’t confuse the wattage with suction power because the two are entirely different things. The watts value is equivalent to the motor power and doesn’t clearly indicate the vacuum’s performance.

Typically, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor and such a vacuum sucks up dust better. But then again, this specification isn’t always accurate. The air watt is the most accurate factor indicating the vacuum’s performance.

Air watts generally determine the suction power of the nozzle, which is the path through which the dirt passes. Vacuums with a higher suction power can remove more dirt and grime from the floor. When we talk about cordless vacuum suction, we’re only talking about the design of the vacuum and not the motor power.

  • Attachments

You need to pick a vacuum with several accessories like an extension wand, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. A dusting brush tackles delicate tasks such as cleaning around knick-knacks; while a crevice tool helps you get access to tight spots like corners. An extension wand comes into play in eliminating stuck-on dirt on high ceilings and behind appliances. 

  • Power Brush

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers use different names in reference to power brushes. A cordless vacuum with power brush has a separate motor for rolling the brush. With this accessory, the cleaner can suck in stubborn dirt and debris such as pet hair from hard floors and carpets.

The power brush is a vital attachment that suits homeowners who would like to eliminate hairs and grime. Power brushes are small in size and thus get into tighter spaces easily. This accessory comes into play when cleaning auto interiors, deep-cleaning the upholstery and cleaning upstairs.

  • Filtration

The filtration system partially determines the cleaning ability of a vacuum. A standard filtration mechanism delivers higher airflow while their advanced counterparts may increase the resistance.

  • Airflow

Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, abbreviated as CFM. This specification indicates a vacuum’s cleaning ability because it’s a force that lifts up the dirt and throws it into the canister. Vacuums with the higher value of CFM have greater cleaning power.

  • Noise

Certain types of vacuums discharge a lot of noise, which makes their operations nearly unbearable. Choose a cleaning appliance that is quiet enough such that you can hear whatever is going on in the surroundings, such as someone knocking on the door or the phone ringing. The noise level of a vacuum is rated in decibels.

Usually, vacuum cleaners of a noise level rating of between 60dB and 70dB are considered quiet. It is important to test every vacuum to gauge the noise it produces. If quietness is your number one priority, get a quiet vacuum cleaner that is comfortable to use.

  • Versatility

Versatility is vital when searching for a vacuum cleaner under 150 dollars. You should opt for a vacuum that works pretty well on a variety of surfaces and picks up everything. It should not be necessary to buy separate vacuums for different surfaces.

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