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Commuting to work every day can be a strain. Waiting for public transport amongst a mass of other commuters while the subway or bus is ultimately canceled is not the best way to start a working day.  You could drive your own car to work, but rising gas prices along with parking charges can see your daily commute become very expensive.

An alternative way to commute is using a bicycle; it is cheaper, better for the environment and means that there are no queues for you to combat.  There is a new type of bicycle on the emerging market, however, which means that you do not have to be the fittest individual to regularly use a bicycle to get you to and from work.

The new type of bicycle is the electric bike or the e-bike, some of which allow you to solely utilize the bike battery, expecting no effort from you, while other models combine the use of electric power with manual cycling, providing you with a boost or a rest when you need it. We are going to show you the ten best value electric bikes on the market so that you can decide which electric bike meets your needs and is right for you.

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1. NAKTO Shimano

NAKTO Shimano

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The NAKTO Shimano electric bicycle is available in black or white color options as well as being available in male and female style options. Being priced at around $639.99, the NAKTO Shimano electric bicycle is one of the more expensive electric bikes on the market. It features six-speed gears and a high-strength carbon steel frame, with a front V-brake in addition to a rear suspension brake.

Safety features include a horn and a LED headlamp, ensuring that you are safe when traveling at night. The 36-volt battery is removable and therefore replaceable, enabling you to achieve speeds of up to 25 mph with the 26-inch wheels. The NAKTO Shimano offers two working modes; the e-bike and the assisted bicycle.

The NAKTO Shimano allows you to either choose the option to use the e-bike mode or to select the assisted bicycle mode which requires you to maintain pedaling and combine manual and electric cycling.

+ High-strength carbon frame
+ Six-speed gears
+ Horn and LED headlamp
+ Reach speeds of up to 25 mph
+ Two working modes

Why We Liked It – The NAKTO Shimano electric bicycle offers some great designs and styles to ensure you feel confident riding on the road. The combination of working modes allows you to switch between electric cycling and a blend of electric and manual cycling to suit your needs at that moment in time.

2. ECOTRIC Fat Tire

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bicycle offers seven-speed gears along with 26-inch wheels. Being a more expensive electric bike, the ECOTRIC Fat Tire is priced at around $969.00. Reaching speeds of up to 23 mph, the Shimano gears provide fast and accurate gear shifting, ensuring that your ride is smooth and effortless.

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bicycle weighs just 58 pounds, which is a relatively lightweight e-bike, especially considering the chunky wheels. The 36-volt battery is removable and compact, allowing you to travel emission-free.

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bicycle goes further to offer you ease of use, providing a LED display panel and assessing battery life and efficiency. A further feature of the ECOTRIC Fat Tire is the inclusion of the anti-skidding tires, being able to adapt to complex terrain. It also features the ability to combine electric cycling with manual cycling, offering flexibility and choice.

+ 26-inch wheels
+ Seven-speed gears
+ Complex terrain tires
+ Lightweight model
+ Reaches speeds of up to 23 mph

Why We Liked It – The design of the ECOTRIC Fat Tire is very trendy and sporty, appealing to users of the traditional BMX. The chunky tires are adaptable to complex terrain, enabling you to take the bike off road on the weekends.

3. Tomasar Power

Tomasar Power

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The Tomasar Power electric bicycle is priced at $619.99 and includes a LED headlamp in addition to a horn. The 36-volt battery is removable and therefore replaceable, enabling you to achieve speeds of up to 25 mph with the 26-inch wheels. The Tomasar Power electric bicycle offers two working modes; the e-bike and the assisted bicycle.

Subsequently, this allows you to either choose the option to use the e-bike mode or to select the assisted bicycle mode which requires you to maintain pedaling and combine manual and electric cycling. Further features include a choice of three speed-smart buttons, enabling you to reserve energy for when you need it most.

+ LED headlamp
+ Reaches speeds of up to 25 mph
+ Variety of modes
+ Three speed-smart buttons
+ 26-inch wheels

Why We Liked It – The three speed-smart buttons are a great addition to ensure that you are efficient and utilize energy effectively.

4. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 is an electric mountain bike, costing in the region of $645.00, weighing 44 pounds. The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 enables you to travel up to 15 mph, making use of 21-speed Shimano gears which provide a smooth and effortless ride.

The battery takes between 4 to 6 hours to charge, which is slightly longer than some other electric bikes, although you are receiving a great deal of power with the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1. Features of the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 include a quick release battery and a quick release front wheel and quick change gears. The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 provides a combination ride, blending the electric and manual cycling.

+ Mountain bike style
+ 2-inch wheels
+ Quick release battery
+ Quick change gears
+ Combination ride

Why We Liked It – The quick release battery provides a unique feature for the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1, enabling you to inject power as and when you need it.

5. NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain

NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain

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The NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain electric bicycle features a modern design with chunky, sturdy wheels perfect for tough terrain, costing in the region of $799.99. The 36-volt battery is removable and enables you to reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

Furthermore, the NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain electric bicycle allows you to travel a distance of up to 35 miles, being mindful of the knowledge that the bright front light and the loud horn will keep you safe even during night time riding. The NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain electric bicycle provides you with a combination ride, ensuring that you get the best out of your electric bicycle and so that you can choose the type of ride that you need on the day.

+ Chunky wheels
+ Perfect for tough terrain
+ Reaches speeds of up to 25 mph
+ Travel a distance of up to 35 miles
+ Combination ride

Why We Liked It – Being able to use your electric bike on multiple, complex terrains is a great bonus, enabling you to use the NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain electric bicycle to relax at weekends in the country, after using the bike all week to commute into the city. Alternatively, get a cheap mountain bike here.

6. SwagCycle Pro

SwagCycle Pro

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The SwagCycle Pro is quite different from some of the other electric bikes we’ve reviewed in this article as it doesn’t have any pedals! This model is quite revolutionary, but that’s what makes it a great machine to ride.

+ Durable – A lot of the other electric folding bikes don’t carry substantial weight as well. But not he SwagCycle this electric bikes sturdy frame can hold up to 264lbs. and still, collapse down for portability and storage.

+ App technology – One of the best features of the Swag electric bike is the ability to control your speed through the specially designed app. All you need to do is connect your apple or android powered phone with the SwagCycle 2 app, and you’ll be able to track your trip, speed, GPS location all at the tip of your fingers.

+ USB charging – Unlike most other models this electric bike doesn’t have a separate battery and charging port. We found this feature super handy as it means you can actually charge your bike where ever you are with its USB port just like you would a phone.

+ Long-lasting – Despite this bike running off a USB port charger, we found its single charge was really impressive and lasted up to a good 15-20 miles of cycle time.

Why We Liked It – This electric bike is an excellent option for the commuter who wants ease of use and who does not want the option to pedal. Furthermore, it is perfect to carry onto the subway or store in the trunk of your vehicle or in the store room at work.

7. ANCHEER Premium


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The ANCHEER Electric Magnesium Integrated Suspension will very quickly become your favorite way to travel. This mode of folding electric bikes comes with.

+ A collapsible metal frame – This frame enables you to ride around on a premium quality lightweight yet strong aluminum bike frame which is both anti-rust and exposure paint protective and of course foldable!

+ 250w motor – This model can be ridden for up to 15-30miles at toppest speed 15-17mph per charge.

+ 3 working modes

Why We Liked It – This electric bicycle is a fast and powerful machine which provides a great ride and a fantastic experience.

8. NAKTO Adult


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The NAKTO Adult electric bicycle is available in a range of color and style options, being priced at $624.84. Featuring a streamlined carbon steel frame, the NAKTO Adult electric bicycle is able to travel 25 miles in distance at a maximum speed of 20 mph, utilizing a high-speed gear system to enhance your experience.

The battery takes between 4 – 6 hours to charge fully, although the battery is removable and replaceable. Smart riding promotes the pedal, auxiliary and pure electric modes of travel, infusing high-intensity headlights in addition to reflective taillights to enhance safety features.

+ Streamlined carbon steel frame
+ Reaches speeds of up to 20 mph
+ Reaches distances of up to 25 miles.
+ Removable battery
+ Three modes of travel

Why We Liked It – The NAKTO Adult electric bicycle provides some great color options and style choices. In particular, the camel/white option looks ultra-stylish, featuring a white frame with lime green flashes and a camel basket.

9. EuroMini ZiZZO Campo

The EuroMini is a great little electric bike which is perfect for short distance commuters or occasional hobby riders. You’ll find this bike can be taken where you like with the smallest of effort as it’s.

+ Reliably lightweight – At only 28.5 lbs. this bike’s frame provides the perfect amount of stability when being ridden as well as a super convenient lightweight design to be carried along.

+ Easy to fold – The lightweight aluminum frame of this EuroMini is excellent to carry around but also even easier to fold. With one flick of a switch, you’ll be able to fold your bike down in an instant, which means it’s super easy for carrying into your home or office.

+ Easy to ride – Thanks to the adjustable stem, 7 Speed Shimano components and grip style shifter you’ll never have to worry about a rocky ride ever again.

Why We Liked It – We liked it because of features you get for this amount of money. Great bike. great price!

10. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite

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A hybrid bike for the hybrid commuter, that’s how we’d go about describing the next bike in our list here. The EB-7 Elite from Swagtron is the ultimate foldable electric bike, one that allows you to travel up to 15.5 miles in one burst.

The removable battery will enable you to have multiple charging at any given time. If you were perhaps looking for a product that has a lot of upside for being one so small, then you’ve found just that in this bike from Swagatron, its name is the Swagcycle and it certainly lives up to the reputation.

+ Removable battery
+ 15.5 mile charge
+ Foldable
+ Responsive
+ Adjustable

Why We Liked It – You’ll notice that this one has a lot of swag to it despite its small size; it’s definitely one of our favorites listed here for you!

Great Value Electric Bike Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying an Electric Bike?

Before purchasing an electric bicycle, consider what exactly you are wanting to gain from the purchase.  Are you looking for a way to commute to work daily, utilizing the electric motor to its full capacity, or do you want a combination electric bicycle which you can also pedal manually and use on weekends and holidays in the country?  If you want an electric bicycle for ease of commuting, consider one of the smaller, collapsible electric bicycles which offer a lightweight and easy option for your working week.

However, if you want an electric bicycle as a hybrid for your standard bicycle, being able to only use the electric motor when needed, then consider one of the many combination electric bicycles.  There are also the off-road options with chunky tires, enabling you to ride on complex terrain and use your electric bicycle across multiple uses.

Should I buy a collapsible electric bicycle?

Collapsible electric bicycles are a great option if you need to store the bike away in a small place at your home, or your work.  Furthermore, if you have to catch the subway for part of your journey to work, then a collapsible model is fantastic to fold away and carry along with you.  However, if you do not need to store away the electric bicycle in such a way, then it may be the better choice to buy a non-collapsing model which may provide you with more power and more options.

How long will an electric bike last?

The frame of the electric bicycle itself will last a long, long time.  However, the tires of your electric bicycle will face wear and tear and even punctures so you will have to replace the tires when appropriate.  In addition, while the battery is rechargeable, it may have to be replaced after a while.  Luckily, tires and batteries are easily sourced and replaced and so your electric bicycle could, therefore, last a lifetime.

Buyers Guide Question

Q:  How much should I pay for an electric bicycle?

A:  The amount you pay for an electric bicycle depends on what you want form the product.  You can buy a smaller, collapsible electric bicycle for a few hundred dollars.  However, if you want a larger, combination electric/manual bicycle, you may have to pay a much larger sum, particularly if you want off-road tires.

Buyers Guide Question

Q:  Can I replace the battery?

A:  Yes, you can replace the battery.  Depending on how often you use your battery and your electric bicycle, your battery may eventually run-out and need replacing.  The good news is that batteries can be replaced for around $200, depending on the make and model.  You should get a couple of years usage out of the battery first, however.

Expert Tip

Using an electric bicycle, it is easy to forget that you are riding a motorized vehicle.  However, the speed you can reach on an electric bicycle is much higher than you may normally reach on a manual pedal bicycle.  Therefore, always check the speed you are traveling at by looking at the LED screen, ensuring that you are slower than the speed limit.

Did you know?

The very first electric bicycle was actually created in 1897 in Boston.  This model was re-invented years later in the 1990s by Giant Lafree e-bikes.

Key Specs:

ProductWeightWheel SizeMode
NAKTO Shimano – B01N1GN306 76 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
ECOTRIC Fat Tire  – B01C8G1T44 56 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
Tomasar Power – B07H4KCBRL50 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 – B002AQHM3U 44 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
NAKTO Fat Tire Mountain – B07HFBFGTT 65 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
shaofu Folding – B07C9DWJZ4 26.5 pounds12 inchesElectric
CIVI BIKES Predator – B07J5XH5W759 pounds20 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
 NAKTO Adult – B07JC95B6K 70 pounds26 inchesElectric
ECOTRIC Shimano 7-Speed60 pounds26 inchesElectric Assisted Cycling
NAKTO Speed-G30 – B07MBLLMZY 65 pounds26 inchesELectric Assisted Cycling

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Want to go further than ever on your bike?

Then you have to check out the bikes. The motor-assisted bike is an electric bike with is a combination of a conventional bike but with a battery and a motor. You don’t need to put much effort on pedals in electric bikes. It’s perfect if you want to cover miles without getting sweat or much effort, the best value electric bikes are an excellent choice for you.

Whether you’re an experienced biker or a newbie who wants to commute, pedalling for miles and miles just isn’t realistic. An ebike gives you all the advantages of a regular bike, but gives you that extra boost to go faster. 

This is where it gets good.

I’ve compiled a list of the top best value ebikes so you can spend your money on bikes that are truly worth it. These bikes are becoming popular and are getting better day by day. You can make your ride enjoyable and comfortable with the e-bike. In this article, we will show you the best value electric bikes to make your buying decision simple.

If you like fat bikes for the city, go straight to number 2 for a good electric bike for a good value bike that works well and will make your commute much more fun.

Let’s get to it!

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:









A Review of the Best Value Electric Bikes


RadRunner 1 Electric Utility bike


There’s a reason this is number one on here.

The RadRunner 1 e-Bike is an electric utility bike that has 330 different accessory combinations so you can customize and make the bike you’re own. It is practical and you can take with you anything you need for your commute. Made from durable materials and a budget friendly price, it’s worth a look.

It’s powerful with a 750W Geared hub motor to help you get the push you need to go further. Plus, it has a long life battery charge of 45miles and more per charge. You won’t need to plug it in constantly to worry about it leaving you stranded on your way to work!

That’s not all!

The RadRunner has a very unique feature that you won’t find on other e-bikes. You can adjust the driver’s seat to your size and preference, from flush against the passenger seat or higher up like a regular bike. By keeping the seat low, you’ll be able to be closer to the passenger or if you want proper leg extension then I’d recommend to go higher

With puncture resistant tires and a single-speed drivetrain, you’ll have everything you need to make each ride go smoothly. Best of all though is that it has a LED control panel to monitor the battery, switch on and off lights, and a host of other things.

Check it out on the link below!


  • LED control panel
  • Fully customizable
  • Adjustable drivers seat
  • 750 geared hub


  • Quite bulky

Latest deal: RadRunner 1 Electric Utility bike



RadMini 4 Ebike


If you’re looking for convenience and practicality above all, then you’ll love this one.

The RadMini is all about being practical. The RadMini is ideal when you need some extra room, but is also strong enough to give you power and versatility when you need it. This space saver is ready for action whenever you are!

The best part about the RadMini is, although it looks just like any other ebike, it can fold up to save on save on space and take up less room. That makes it ideal for those who don’t have a garage, have a small apartment or limited storage, or even if you take the train or public transport as part of your commute.

Check this out.

It has well-balanced geometry for comfort, confidence-inspiring stability, and aggressive handling. Aside from the puncture resistant tires, it has a 7-speed drivetrain giving you a good range of gears for when you need some extra torque when going uphill.

The bike comes with integrated brake lights ideal for night city riding, and also fenders for a sleek look. It provides smooth riding by absorbing the shocks of a bumpy road with a front suspension fork This bike offers phenomenal grip and control in any weather conditions as robust hinge mechanism.

Click on the orange button to see what the reviews are saying!


  • 7 speed drivetrain
  • Fenders and brake light
  • Foldable to save space
  • Front fork suspension


  • Seat is a bit uncomfortable

Latest deal: RadMini 4 Ebike 



RadMission Ebike


Want to make bike riding fun and exciting?

RadMission Ebike provides a sleek look for city riders who want a bike that is both practical and exciting. This single speed electric metro bike is ideal for city commutes to work, and all at a budget price point. With a 500W high torque motor and 45+ miles battery range, it’s too good to miss.

The RadMission comes in an array of color combinations so you can have a fun ride that suits you, I personally love the red. One of the best features of this bike is that it is one of the lightest by this brand. It weighs under 50lb to give you ease of access whether you live on the ground floor or the top floor. Plus with a new innovative battery pack that is lighter than the regular but still with the same power output that you expect.

Listen to this.

The best thing about the RadMission is the LED control panel for lights, pedal assistance and LED for battery level. This will help you to stay on track and know exactly how much charge you have left. It also has an integrated brake light that is powered by the main battery pack so you don’t need to worry about replacing its batteries. Every time you brake the light will show up.

The RadMission has everything you could want and more, from fun colorways to safety brake lights. Whether you’re a beginner to electric bikes or a pro, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Have you added it to your basket yet?


  • Multi colorway options
  • 500W high torque range
  • LED control panel
  • Single speed drivetrain


  • Handlebars are a bit awkward

Latest deal: RadMission Ebike



Ribble Hybrid AL e – Copper


Want a hybrid ebike that does it all?

Then you won’t want to miss out on this one. The Ribble Hybrid AL e provides speed, efficiency and outstanding versatility on the roads and trails. Whether you want to use it for commuting to work, or exploring the local trails, the Ribble bike has everything you need.

You can get three levels of power assistance at the touch of a button, so from beginner to advanced, this bike has got you covered on all your adventures. When you need the pedal stroke, this will provide power to each pedal stroke. That means more distance covered, so you can go further but with much less effort.

Listen to this.

The Shimano BL-MT201/UR300 Hydraulic Disc Brake set of this bike provides reasonable control and grip on difficult terrains. So even on wet slippery roads or gravel and dirt tracks, you will always be in control, with reliable hydraulic brakes. 

This bike comes with SRAM NX 1×11 Speed and SKS Mudguards with Mudflap Front and Rear. With Shimano components and a budget price, it’s hard to beat.

Go on, check it out!


  • Ribble Classic Saddle
  • USB Light Set
  • Grip
  • Pedal stroke


  • Not many color options

Latest deal: Ribble Hybrid AL e – Copper



500 Series Ebike


You don’t want to miss out on this one.

The 500-series ebike has an aluminum frame and comes in a more refined shape to ensure maximum comfort. You get the powerful and controlled riding experience in all-weather with the ultra-series mechanical disc brakes of this bike.

On this bike, you can expect to push boundaries with power-assisted pedalling. It is a class 3 electric bike that has 28mph pedal assist and 20mph throttle to pack more power into every pedal. You can take this everywhere!

There’s more.

The 500 series e bikes has wheels that provide reliability and durability. This bike has a slightly triangular shape of the main tube that provides increased strength without adding weight. Plus it has internal protected and locked electronics so rain or shine your bike is safe.

The frame geometry of the bike is not just lightweight but also ensures a comfortable riding position everytime you go out. You can have a good range of 24-45 miles so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Worth clicking on the orange button!


  • Attractive look
  • Versatility
  • Robustness
  • Reliability and durability


  • Handlebar shape

Latest deal: 500 Series Ebike



Core-5 Ebike


This is the best entry level ebike.

If you like simple, clean lines and a bike that is efficient, then you’ll love the core-5. If you’re looking to start in the bike world and replace your car with cycling everywhere, then this bike with essential components and no fuss technology is the perfect one for you.

The great value bike includes many significant components such as LCD adjustable speed display as well a 48V high voltage display with a long-lasting battery life. You’ll be able to make the most of this bike for commuting, city riding or exploring the country trails.

Check this out.

The Core-5 bike has shimano components for quality at a budget price. That includes a Shimano Altus Derailleur, 7 speed shifter and casette. With this unmatched quality you know you’re getting the real deal without spending loads.

The best part is the core 5 has a PAS sensor, that is an integrated sensitive cadence sensor. Plus, comfort above all the saddle is a Selle Royal Freeway plush gel rather than standard stock so many bikes have,. You can spend hours on this bike without getting uncomfortable pain.

Click on the link for more info!


  • Shimano components
  • PAS sensor
  • LCD monitor
  • Comfortable saddle


  • Bike is a bit heavy

Latest deal: Core-5 Ebike


Best Value Electric Bike Buyers Guide

While buying any product, one needs to look at different things to get the top or the right product for them. The buyer does some research and makes a comparison between different products to get the one suitable for his requirements.

The comparison is mostly according to the product such as in some products material, comfort and other things matters while in others there can be different features. Here are some of the features one can think of comparing while buying an e-bike:

Material – While buying e-bikes, another feature that can be of great importance is the material of the e-bikes frame. Aluminium is the preference for most e-bikes as it makes them lightweight, strong and durable.

Ratings and Review – The most important thing a buyer should look at while buying any product is its ratings and reviews. One can get to know about the different perspectives of different people who have information about the product. The ratings and reviews help you to differentiate between a good and an average product.

Recurring Features

The following are some of the recurring features of products as mentioned above:

Frame Material: There can be many choices for the frame material while making or selecting an electric bike such as carbon, aluminium, steel and much more. Most brands and market retailers use aluminium as the right choice for frame material as it makes the bike lightweight, durable and provides strength to the bike.

The frame material of most of the products that are mentioned above in the article is aluminium. This material makes these electric bikes great options for bike lovers.

Wheels: Wheels can make a big difference as if they will provide the best performance the rider can get the safe ride. If the wheels are extensive, they can give reasonable control and grip to any type of terrain. They provide excellent performance and absorb or dampen the shocks and vibrations of the bumpy road. Most of the products, as mentioned above, come with wider and great performance wheels which can make them a considerable choice for you.

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about electric bikes:

Are cheap e-bikes good?
If the electric bike were cheap, they must be having competitive drive systems which can bring many problems onwards. Affordable e-bikes will provide a clunky, jerky riding experience. It is not worth buying cheap e buying if you want to have safe and excellent riding experience.

Are electric bikes worth the money?
E-Bikes can be more expensive at first then other bikes, but you can maintain the bike easily with less money than automobiles and motorcycles. It can be worth the cash to get an electric bike if you want to have a different riding experience.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?
Everything that has advantages has some disadvantages too. The electric bikes have some drawbacks that include they are pricey, have a short lifespan of the battery, charging time of the battery is high. They have a low riding range and are considerably more substantial. You have to spend more if there is a need for maintenance and repairs.


There are thousands of choices available for electric bikes in the market, which makes it difficult for anyone to buy the right one. One can get the right one according to the preferences and requirements by making a comparison in each product.

You should research different electric bikes to notice the various features of different bikes. There are many amazing innovations and features in electric bikes. You can go down the hills and climb the trails easily with e-bikes because of the forks. It should be able to provide high performance, grip, and control.

There should be a smooth shifting of gears, and the pedalling must be easy as it the main feature of e-bikes. It should be able to provide a comfortable, stable and safe ride while absorbing the shocks of the bumpy road.

The frame material of the e-bikes needs to be such that it can make them easy to handle, and lightweight. All the products mentioned above can be an excellent choice for you as they all come with great features.

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