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1. Sony DSCWX220/B – TOP Daily Vlogging Camera Under $200

Best Daily Vlogging Camera Under $200

Sony is a well-known brand, and this camera is absolutely all-in-one.

First of all, it records in 1080 at 60 fps, as a result, you will get a really nice quality video. With precise results, you also get steady video results thanks to its Optical SteadyShot Active mode.

You won’t need any other add-on, this feature works well on its own.

Here’s the best part:

For this price –  the video quality is really high class. Of course, this camera is not created for low-lighting environments (for that purpose you need to use low-light video cameras), plus the camera assures shake-free video.Design:

The camera is very compact and pocket-size at 3.6 x 0.9 x 2 inches dimensions. It weighs only 122g, which practically makes it a smartphone for vlogging!

Because the camera is compact, Sony has kept the buttons to a minimum for space utilization. Instead of a typical 3” LCD, the camera has a 2.7” display so that the buttons could fit in ergonomically.

The screen has fantastic colors and brightness, but that is specific to the condition that you keep the camera straight. Tilt it up or down, and you will have blotches on the screen, plus the design is not too ergonomic, and there is very little for a grip.Specifications:

As we already mentioned, the focus of the camera works immediately after starting in proper lighting. In darker conditions, it takes a second or two to adjust.

What makes this camera versatile is the 10x optical zoom in this compact body. At 100% zoom, you will do see a little stretching, but the camera proves its worth. There is little degradation but not enough to call the quality terrible. The camera shoots in Full HD at 60fps, which results in less distortion when you play it back on your HDTV.Battery:

The battery of this camera is decent for daily vlogs too. In general, with a rechargeable battery of this camera, you can film about 105-110 minutes or take 210-220 shots. There are some opinions that the battery could be better, but for a camera around 200 dollars – it is good enough for daily vlogging.Connectivity:

The camera has really good connectivity. Of course, there is Wi-Fi for simple file transfers, but it also has NFC, which provides the convenience of a one-touch connection for sharing files with smartphones.

No complicated setup is required. Once the smartphone is connected, it can also be converted into a remote control for the camera. It is really handy when you want to update the videos in real-time.


  • Records in 1080p at 60fps
  • SteadyShot Active feature ensures stability
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • 10x optical zoom


  • No steady grip provision

9.3EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

The camera has a particular issue that when indoors, the image quality drops and a little. And as the darkness increases, there is a steady decline in clarity. Though the autofocus works like a charm even in darkness, otherwise the camera falters. All in all, to our editors’ mind, it could be one of the best daily vlogging camera under $200.Design9Ease Of Use10Functionality9

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2. Canon PowerShot S110 – Best Cheap Compact Camera for Making Vlogs

Perfect Compact Camera for Making Vlogs

Here’s the deal:

I like that camera so much. For that price, you probably can’t find a better compact camera for making YouTube videos or even do some quick photography.

There are four Canon models in this blog because of particularly one reason: Canon is one of the leading brands when it comes to anything camera-related given their long-lasting, proven quality.

Canon PowerShot S110 is an upgraded version of its predecessor model, S100.

Essentially both models are the same, specs-wise, but the advantage of S110 is its upgraded touchscreen and the definite must-have Wi-Fi feature.

However, a more upgraded version of this model is the Canon PowerShot S120, but it is a little bit more expensive than $200.Design:

Canon PowerShot S110 is a small and sleek pocket-sized camera. It has a screen size of three inches, weighing only seven ounces, with a dimension of 3.90 x 1.06 x 2.32 inches (9.9 x 2.6 x 5.9 cm)

It comes in three colors: black, silver, and white, along with a wrist strap WS-DC11 accessory.Specifications:

Canon PowerShot S110 is a touchscreen camera with a 12.1-megapixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor.

It has a 24mm wide-angle, with 5x optical zoom, and a 12-bit multi aspect RAW+JPEG (as found in Canon DSLR cameras) for the full control of your photos.

It also has a dedicated control button for movie exposure for its 1080p full HD video with a built-in mic.Battery:

Canon PowerShot S110 has quite a short battery life due to the small battery size and high-performance DIGIC processor and can be used approximately for an hour to two.

It also has a small wall charger for charging the battery of the camera, and the battery life can take about 200 shots per charge.Connectivity:

Canon PowerShot S110 has built-in Wi-Fi that allows easy sharing of images and videos online as well as with another Wi-Fi PowerShot camera. It is also Wi-Fi printer enabled and allows you to tag your photos with GPS information that can be recorded by a smartphone with the Canon CameraWindow app.


  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Image stabilization
  • Face detection focus
  • Allows shooting in RAW mode


  • Short battery life
  • No built-in viewfinder
  • Low-resolution sensor and screen resolution

9.3EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Overall, the Canon PowerShot is specifically created and designed for travelers, beginner photographers and vloggers who don’t have a budget for a camera but care about the quality. Though the battery can pose a challenge for those always on the go, it is an acceptable trade-off for its high image quality and full control of your photos and video footage.Design9Ease Of Use10Functionality9

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3. Sony DSCWX350 – Best Point and Shoot Camera For YouTubers Under $200

Best Point and Shoot Camera For YouTubers Under $200

Sony DSCWX350 features making it the most expensive camera model in this blog, but it still is affordable (you can find sellers who sell it for under 200 dollars).

It has all the necessary features for a point-and-shoot with upgraded settings such as 4K quality still image and the new BIONZ X processor and Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization for video shoots.

If you’re fascinated by this, let’s take a look at the details.Design:

Sony DSCWX350 is a small, sturdy, pocket-sized camera. It has a screen of size of three inches, weighs around only four ounces, with dimensions of 3.78 x 1.01 x 2.16 inches (9.6 x 2.56 x 5.4 cm). It comes in black and white, so you can choose according to your preference.Specifications:

Sony DSCWX350 takes 18.2-megapixel resolution photos (JPEG file format) with a 20x zoom plus 40x clear image digital zoom. It also has a 4x quality still image which is 4x the resolution full HD.

Furthermore, it also has an ultra-smooth recording spec that minimizes shake and movements with the new BIONZ X processor and Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization with Intelligent Active Mode, a must for video shoots.

Lastly, it is also equipped with a Sweep Panorama mode, which can take views up to 360 degrees full circle.Battery:

The battery capacity is 4.5Wh (1240mAh), and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery that can take approximately 470 shots according to CIPA standards.Connectivity:

SONY DSCWX350 is Wi-Fi supported. The model also supports NFC with a “one-touch connection” for the convenience of transferring images to Android smartphones and tablets. It also has an input/output terminal with multi (AV/USB), Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), and is MS Duo and SD/SDHC compatible for the memory card.


  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Image stabilization
  • Face detection focusing
  • Long battery life


  • No touchscreen
  • No RAW shooting
  • No built-in viewfinder
  • Low screen resolution

9.3EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Overall, the Sony DSCWX350 has a solid feel to it despite its small size. It is also a good choice for those who do not wish to manually control their settings and is satisfied with the high-quality image as it is for their point-and-shoot. This camera is also a viable option for vloggers who wish to have upgraded specs for their video shoots.Design9Ease Of Use10Functionality9

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4. GoPro HERO 7 Black – Best Action Camera for Making Vlogs Under $200

Best Action Camera for Making Vlogs Under $200

This is one smart device for a fantastic price! In tune with today’s times, it has all the facilities and advanced technology.

It is flexible, affordable, compact, lightweight, and plus waterproof.

GoPro is every on-the-go and adventurer’s best friend. GoPro may not be your typical camera like all the other camera models in this blog, but since it fits our criteria, it’s something we must certainly include in your vlogging equipment.Design:

GoPro Hero 7 Black is not the latest and most advanced GoPro, but it is definitely worth the price.

Compact and small, it is waterproof, weighs only four ounces, with a dimension of 1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches (4.45 x 6.19 x 3.2 cm). Need to mention that you can’t choose a color, it only comes in black.Specifications:

HERO Black 7 has vibrant 12MP photos and a smooth 4K60 video resolution, which is impressive for making vlogs in 2021.

It also has an ultra-high frame rate 1080p240 video that enables you to use slow motion and shoot time-lapse videos that turn and cut events shorter.

Furthermore, GoPro HERO 7 Black has hyper smooth video stabilization, which predicts movements and has a hand-free voice control command.

Lastly, it also has a built-in GPS that lets you track how fast, how high, or how far you went.Battery:

The base package comes with a removable rechargeable battery and the battery life of the camera depends on the resolution used while the camera is in use. Approximately, this camera only lasts up to 1.5 to 2 hours under the following setting: continual video shooting in 1080p at 60fps with no other features turned on.Connectivity:

The camera allows streaming directly to Facebook Live as well as other platforms using RTMP URL. It also has a USB outlet and an SD card slot for storing images and videos in high resolution. Plus, you can connect your camera with a GoPro App – it helps to manage your storage and footage.


  • Super light and compact
  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Auto offload to phone via the GoPro app
  • Streaming feature
  • Waterproof durability
  • Video stabilization
  • 4K60 image and video quality


  • Short battery life

9.7EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Overall, GoPro HERO 7 Black is an advanced GoPro with amazing features and durability such as its 4k60 videos and vibrant 12MP photos. Its small and waterproof durability makes it a perfect companion for adventure seekers. However, due to its short battery span, the risk of it dying in the middle of a shoot is highly likely. Highly recommend to have more than one battery with yourself.Design10Ease Of Use9Functionality10

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5. Nikon Coolpix S6900 – Best Vlogging Camera with A Flip Screen Under $200

Best Vlogging Camera with A Flip Screen Under $200

YouTube and vloggers love cameras with flip screens.

Here is one budget camera for you!

Nikon Coolpix S6900 – a really decent and super comfortable camera, especially if you are a beginner and your budget is around 200 dollars.

This model has all the basic settings for YouTubers and Vloggers as well as some advanced features such as Full HD video quality, flip screen, Wi-Fi, and NFC connectivity, which is good enough for some point-and-shoot sessions and for those looking for auto-generated settings.Design:

This sleek Nikon Coolpix s6900 is a slim digital camera. It has a screen size of three inches, weighs around one pound, with a dimension of 3.90 x 1.10 x 2.28 inches (9.9 x 2.7 x 5.8 cm).Specifications:

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 IS camera has a 16.0-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. Furthermore, it has a 12x Optical Zoom and records videos decently in 1080p Full HD recording.THE BEST FEATURE: The camera has a super comfortable flip screen which helps you to make vlogs even easier and more comfortable than ever before.Battery:

The battery life can approximately shoot 190 shots per charge according to CIPA standards.Connectivity:

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC features. It also has a 32 GB SDHC memory card, high-speed digital card reader, and writer.


  • Compact and comfortable to hold
  • Wi-Fi and NFC ready
  • Image stabilization
  • Face detection focus
  • Full HD video resolution
  • Touchscreen
  • A flip screen


  • Battery life could be better

9.3EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

At 16 MP and Full HD video quality this camera does its job very nicely and professionally. Overall, it is an ideal camera for vlogging beginners who are looking very comfortable and good camera with a flip screen for a cheap price.Design9Ease Of Use10Functionality9

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6. Panasonic HC-V180K – Best Vlogging Camcorder for YouTube Videos Under $200

Best Vlogging Camcorder for YouTube Videos Under $200

If you are looking for a budget camera to start creating your vlogs on YouTube – this camera is worth a minute to consider the purchase.

To my mind, this is one of the best vlogging camcorders, without doubt, for less than $200.

This camcorder is a great choice for vloggers who fell in love with camcorders and are into talkative or sound-based vlogs in 2021.Design:

The camera has a 2.7” screen, which is touch-enabled. The touch is quite responsive for a budget camera, and it also flips 270 degrees, just what you need in a camcorder.

This camcorder also has a pause function, which comes in convenient while shooting. It resumes without a glitch and is very smooth, plus it also has a shortcut function key, which enables you to access the video content stored on a memory card directly.Specifications:

The camera has a 28mm lens, and it records in full HD 1080p at 60 fps. So, you are not going to have to complain about the recording quality. Plus, add 50x optical zoom to the entire bouquet, and you have a high-quality video output.

There are so many provisions for add-ons too. It has a hot shoe interface that can be used to attach an external microphone to the camcorder.

There is also a provision for mounting the camcorder on a tripod for more stable results. Of course, it all depends on your needs, but the camera has requirements of all kinds. Memory is also not a problem with this camera. Most of the budget cameras falter when it comes to shooting in low light, but not this one.

This camera can function in low-light and darkness very easily. The camcorder has a powerful infer-red light built-in the device, and it enables shooting black and white videos at night comfortably. It also has many other commendable features like face detection, which is on-point even in darkness. The motion detection is also very good, along with its anti-shake function. It makes the tripod completely optional.Battery:

The battery lasts approximately one hour, so I highly recommend having additional batteries in your backpack.Connectivity:

The camcorder also has Wi-Fi for real-time transfer and uploads. It also has a USB port and auto-off function for saving battery.


  • HD picture and video quality
  • Flip-screen
  • Pause and shooting while charging functions
  • Video Looping
  • Wi-Fi enabled


  • It doesn’t record 4K
  • Battery life could be longer


This camcorder is a perfect choice for vloggers who are searching for a reliable device, but don’t have a huge budget for that. For less than $200 you will get an attractive and comfortable camera that features pay off everything!Design9Ease Of Use9Functionality9

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7. PowerShot SX720 HS – Great Travel Vlogging Camera Under $200

Great Travel Vlogging Camera Under $200

As with other Canon models, Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is an upgraded version of SX710 HS and comes before the model SX730 HS.

Though quite old fashion without a touchscreen feature, it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity ready.

Despite that, this camera also has great features to be one of the recommended cameras for vloggers and YouTubers for less than $200.Design:

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is a pocket-sized, travel zoom digital camera with a versatile lens. It has a screen size of three inches, weighs 1 pound, with a dimension of 4.33 x 2.52 x 1.42 inches (10.99 x 6.4 x 3.6 cm).Specifications:

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS has a 20.3-megapixels CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor. Furthermore, it has a 24mm-960mm ultra-wide-angle, a 40x optical zoom lens. It also has a three-inch super clear screen for monitoring videos, which can be recorded in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps.Battery:

It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery and can approximately shoot 250 shots per charge on default settings and approximately 355 shots on the Eco mode setting.Connectivity:

Simply go or tap the PowerShot SX720 HS via NFC to the Connect Station to easily share and store photos and movies anywhere.


  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Pretty good built-in microphone
  • Wi-Fi and NFC ready
  • Face detection focus
  • Remote control with a smartphone


  • No touchscreen
  • Short battery life
  • No built-in viewfinder


Overall, the Canon PowerShot SX720 is a really decent camera for those looking for basic features in a point-and-shoot vlogging camera. Its long superzoom feature and Full HD video resolution are its main advantages, but it has a poor battery life which can pose quite a challenge.Design9Ease Of Use9Functionality8

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8. Samsung WB350F – Very Compatible Vlogging Camera

Very Compatible Vlogging Camera

Out of all the cameras in this blog, this model is the only model feature with a unique leather body casing that also comes in five various colors.

This model may give off an old-fashioned retro vibe, but old-fashioned it certainly is not. It has all the necessary specs in a camera plus with a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.

The Sony Samsung WB350F is powerful enough when it comes to basic functionality and an affordable price range.

The unique thing about this cost-effective camera is Wi-Fi functionality – a lot of cameras in this price range do not have this function at all! That alone makes it provided in this one of the best vlogging cameras under the $200 list.Design:

Samsung WB350F is a sleek compact digital camera that has a screen size of three inches, weighs less than one pound, and with a dimension of 4.49 x 0.98 x 2.56 inches (11.4 x 2.4 x 6.5 cm).

It comes in five various colors such as black, blue, brown, red, white with a luxurious leather-like retro feel.Specifications:

Samsung WB350F is a touchscreen camera with a 16.3-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, which allows images to stand out even in a low-light setting.

It has a 21x optical zoom with a 23 mm wide-angle lens, and its 3-inch LCD display has a hybrid user interface that lets you use the menu control manually if you wish to. Again nothing new; it also captures videos at 1080p full HD resolution.Battery:

Samsung WB350F requires 1 Lithium-Ion Battery, and the battery life is rated at 310 shots per charge according to Samsung/CIPA test results.Connectivity:

Samsung WB350F is equipped with Samsung’s brand new “Tag & Go” technology, which connects the camera model to smartphones by simply touching the two devices together.

It also has a Samsung Link, which can wirelessly connect to nearby Samsung Link-enabled devices. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi capability, which makes sharing photos and videos easy and hassles free as well.


  • Light and compact
  • Amazing Full HD video resolution
  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi and NFC ready
  • Tag & Go feature


  • No face detection focus
  • Screen resolution could be higher


This model is very attractive given its retro touch, compared to other cameras in its league. It is also very handy and easy to carry around due to its small built and it is one of the advanced cameras that has a “Tag & Go” feature. All in all, this is a really good camera for filming daily vlogs and will instantly upload them on the chosen platform.Design9Ease Of Use9Functionality8

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9. Nikon Coolpix B500 – Best Vlogging Camera for Makeup Artists Under $200

Best Vlogging Camera for Makeup Artists Under $200

Another camera model with amazing long zoom power in this blog is this Nikon Coolpix B500 with its 40x optical zoom coupled with an additional 80x dynamic fine zoom.

After trying this camera, its advantages in filming close-ups were clearly seen.

Generally speaking, an ideal camera if you are a make-up specialist who plans to create this type of content on YouTube or another platform (if you are an advanced vlogger, highly recommend checking a full review about top cameras for makeup vloggers).Design:

Nikon Coolpix B500 is a very hip looking digital camera that comes in red and black color.

It has a screen size of three inches, weighs around one pound, with a dimension of 4.47 x 3.08 x 3.74 inches (11.3 x 7.8 x 3.74). It has a small grip on the side for holding the camera and a pop-out flash shutter. It also has a lens cap for the lens, and its LCD screen can be tilted and flipped up. It also comes with an AN-CP21 neck camera strap.Specifications:

Nikon Coolpix B500 has a 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor and 40x optical zoom with an additional and enhanced 80x dynamic excellent zoom.

Its 3-inch LCD screen can also be tilted and flipped up for easy monitoring of video recording. Furthermore, it records videos at full HD 1080p video resolution (30 fps) and that’s more than enough.Battery:

It needs four LR6/L40 AA Alkaline Batteries. The battery life can approximately shoot 600 shots when using the alkaline battery. When using lithium batteries, it can approximately shoot 1240 shots and approximately 750 shots when using rechargeable EN-MH2 batteries.Connectivity:

Nikon Coolpix B500 has a Bluetooth low energy feature and is Wi-Fi and NFC ready for easy transfer and automatic sharing to compatible smartphones and/or tablets. The Nikon app snap bridge also allows you to control your camera remotely.


  • 40x optical zoom
  • Great image stabilization
  • Full HD video quality
  • Face detection focus and articulating screen


  • Heavy body
  • No built-in viewfinder
  • No touchscreen


Nikon Coolpix B500 is a really good camera model for makeup vloggers or beauty gurus who are looking for decent features in a cheap vlogging camera. However, it can be a bit handy because of its heavy size and small bulk, but if you use it for home videos is absolutely zero problems with that.Design7Ease Of Use9Functionality9

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10. Canon PowerShot SX530 – Recommended Super Cheap Camera for Recording Podcasts

Recommended Super Cheap Camera for Recording Podcasts

We don’t need to talk much about podcasts either. This is an extremely growing field, and more and more people are not only recording audio but also filming the conversation.

We’ve already talked about the best podcast cameras on a separate topic, but we also have a recommendation for those looking for a decent camera for a few hundred dollars. This camera can safely be put in the best digital, budget-friendly cameras category.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this camera.Design:

Canon PowerShot SX530 has a screen size of three inches, weighs around one pound, with a dimension of 4.72 x 3.62 x 3.23 inches (12 x 9.1 x 8.2 cm). It has an ergonomic grip on the right side for holding the camera and a pop-out flash shutter.

Moreover, it has a lens cap for the lens, and it comes with an NS-DC11 neck camera strap.Specifications:

Canon PowerShot SX530 has a 16.0-megapixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 4+ image processor.

The best part about this model is that it has 50x optical zoom power with a 24-1200 mm wide angle. It also has a Zoom Framing Assist feature that helps you capture and focus your subject better. Lastly, it also has 1080p full HD video resolution (30 fps).Battery:

Canon PowerShot SX530 needs 1 Lithium metal battery. The package comes with a battery pack NB-6LH, and a battery charger CB-2LY. The battery life can approximately shoot 210 shots per charge on default settings and approximately 290 shots on Eco mode setting.Connectivity:

Canon PowerShot SX530 has built-in Wi-Fi and the Canon Camera Connect app helps transfer the photos and videos to and from compatible devices. It also has a built-in NFC and a mobile device connect button which allows the wireless transfer.


  • Full HD video resolution
  • Good image stabilization
  • Wi-Fi and NFC ready
  • 50x optical zoom


  • Can be slow to lock focus when zoomed
  • Full HD video limited to 1080p30
  • No EVF


For anyone who are looking to start recording podcasts with video, we recommend trying this camera despite the fact that the resolution is limited to 1080p30. Pretty good device for a start.Design8Ease Of Use9Functionality8

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Bottom Line

These are the top-selling models when it comes to budget vlogging cameras that vloggers use.

I have personally created and listed these cameras on this list because I have heard a lot of questions from people who can’t afford to buy expensive cameras for making YouTube videos.

To be honest, all listed cameras on the list are decent for beginners making vlogs, but it depends on your requirements, needs, and the topic of the channel.

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