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Despite all the technological advances that can be found in shiny new cameras the Canon 6D is still a great camera best macro camera under 500,best video camera under 500 reddit. And just because other cameras have advanced significantly since 2012 this does not automatically make the Canon 6D over the hill, past its sell by date, irrelevant or obsolete.

1) Canon EOS M100

The Good

  • Interchangeable lens
  • Small and luggable
  • Flip screen
  • Great autofocus

The Bad

  • No external mic port
  • Poor battery life

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Flip Screen: Yes | Type: Mirrorless | Stabilization: No | Resolution: 1080p60 | Weight: 320g (0.7 lb)

The EOS M100 was one of the first Canon mirrorless cameras ever to be released, and it’s probably the best you can find for less than $500.

What makes this one stand out from the rest of the cameras at this price range is the flip screen, the excellent autofocus, and the fact that it has a large sensor (APS-C).

Canon’s Dual-Pixel autofocus is the type of focus you need for vlogging. The camera can follow your face and keep it in focus with surprising accuracy for a camera this price.

And the APS-C sensor will let you record in low light without losing too much image quality. This sensor is much larger than most point-and-shoot cameras, so you can expect a higher-quality image when you’re recording indoors or during the night.

Also, Canon offers a good variety of lenses, so having an interchangeable-lens camera adds a lot of value to this purchase. It uses the same mount as the Canon EOS M50, which is one of the best vlogging cameras. So you can get this one to get started, and upgrade to the later on M50 and use the same lenses.

One thing to notice though, is the low battery life. Since it’s been a few year since its release, the battery is not as good as the newer cameras. You should take with you a few extra batteries if you want to record for an entire day.

2) Sony DSC-RX100

The Good

  • Pocketable design
  • Good in low light for a compact
  • High-quality lens

The Bad

  • No flip screen
  • No external mic port

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Flip Screen: No | Type: Compact | Stabilization: Yes | Resolution: 1080p60 | Weight: 240g (0.53 lb)

One of the best cameras for vlogs you could get around this price range is the famous Sony DSC-RX100. This was one of the first Sony compact cameras that became really popular because of it’s quality and manual features that allowed photographers take professional pictures without needing a big, heavy DSLR.

The first thing to say is that it is a small camera that is still comfortable to hold. You won’t struggle taking it around, so it’s a good option if you want to be able to take your camera out and record on the go. This is one of the most important things in a vlogging camera.

The image stabilization of this camera works wonders and achieves truly stable video. This is really important for vlogging, and the main reason I can talk about this camera first.

Probably the best thing about it is the lens. The fact that you can get a 1.8f lens for this price is extremely good value.

Additionally, you can make a slow-motion video, since it allows you to record at 60fps. You can choose to record between 60 and 30fps at 1080p. This gives you more options than most of the cameras you will find for a lower price.

Finally, it also has a fully manual mode and RAW shooting, which is an advantage for photographers and vloggers that know how to take advantage of this.

The 2 downsides of this camera is that it doesn’t come with a flip screen and microphone input. However, this last feature is almost non-existent in compact cameras.

Still, this Sony is a great trade for the price and one of the best vlogging cameras at this price range, hands down.

3) Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III – Best Resolution and Stabilization (4k)

The Good

  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • Can record with video effects/filters applied
  • Good low-light performance

The Bad

  • No mic jack
  • Not as compact as others
  • No flip screen

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Flip Screen: No | Type: Mirrorless | Stabilization: 5-Axis | Resolution: 4k30p | Weight: 362g (0.8 lb)

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the OM-D line’s offering for beginners looking for an affordable camera. It takes features from its more expensive siblings: the E-M5’s 16 MP four-thirds sensor and the E-M1’s TruePic VII image processor and built-in Wi-Fi.

Its primary selling point is its 5-axis image stabilization, which is already something extremely rare to find in a camera under $500. Although we should take into account this is just for the camera body. You will need to pay over this price to get a lens to work with the camera.

The good thing is that you could get a cheap lens without stabilization.

The E-M10 shoots video of up to 1920 x 1080 at 30p. Enough for casual video shooting but not impressive enough when compared to other cameras on this list which all shoot up to 60p. Another letdown is that the E-M10’s video lacks sharpness with some details being somewhat soft.

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 tries to make up for this with its ability to record footage with video effects such as art filters applied. It has a Movie Tele-Converter filter which enlarges the chosen area in the frame to full size. These features will be particularly useful for daily vloggers that don’t have much time to edit their videos on a computer. Starting the editing process in-camera will surely save you time.

Shooting the same scene using the E-M10 and the E-M5 will yield almost similar results, which is saying a lot since the latter is much more expensive.

4) Sony a5100

The Good

  • Flip screen
  • Fast autofocus
  • APS-C Sensor
  • Small and compact

The Bad

  • No mic jack​​​​
  • No in-body stabilization

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Flip Screen: Yes | Type: Mirrorless | Stabilization: No | Resolution: 1080p60 | Weight: 283g (0.62 lb)

Finding a high-quality camera shouldn’t always have to break the bank and the Sony Alpha A5100 proves it.

A follow up from Sony’s NEX series of camcorders and mirrorless cameras, the A5100 mixes the compact body type of previous NEX models with the impressive 24MP APS-C sensor of the Sony Alpha A6000.

This makes the A5100 one of the smallest cameras with DSLR-quality sensors which is great for on-the-go image and video shooting. Its sensor also enables it to shoot relatively well in low-light situations. But it’s also worth noting that there will be noticeable grain when you shoot at ISO3200.

This affordable mirrorless camera boasts off an impressively fast autofocus system. With its 179 phase-detection points and 25 contrast-detection points, you can be sure that your subjects are always in focus wherever part of the frame they may be.

Another great feature that the Sony Alpha A5100 has is its tilt screen which can be adjusted up to 180 degrees so you can monitor what your camera captures while vlogging yourself. This touchscreen also gives you more control with zooming and white balance shifting.

The Sony Alpha A5100’s battery also allows you to get more out of a charge. It has a decent duration for a mirrorless with 75 minutes of footage in one charge.

One downside of getting the A5100 is it isn’t equipped with in-camera image stabilization. However, its 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens comes with standard optical image stabilization which makes up for it.

Read the full review: Sony a5100

5) Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II – Cheaper Alternative to the RX100

The Good

  • Pocketable design
  • Good video quality despite small sensor
  • Good image stabilization

The Bad

  • No mic jack
  • Bad autofocus in low light
  • No tilt or flip screen

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Flip Screen: No | Type: Compact | Stabilization: Yes | Resolution: 1080p60 | Weight: 206g (0.45 lb)

The Canon PowerShot G9X packs incredible features in a compact and small body. At just 206g, this Canon compact camera is the lightest gadget on this list making it truly pocketable.

It also has the smallest sensor of the cameras listed here. But despite its 1-inch sensor, it manages to exceed the Olympus OM-D E-M10’s 16 MP by about 4 MP more.

And don’t be fooled by this small compact camera. It has the ability to shoot amazing full HD video at 1920 x 1080 at up to 60p.

The 28-84 mm f/2.0-4.9 lens is pretty decent for the price, as it’s only 0.2 steps away from the G7 X’s lens aperture, which is considered the best vlogging camera. However, it’s still a relatively cheap sensor and moving past the ISO3200 will result in some noticeable grain in your footage.

The Canon PowerShot G9X has a built-in optical image stabilization feature which reduces the effects of camera shake to make sure your footage flows better. Too bad though, this Canon camera doesn’t come with a screen to use in selfie mode.

If your primary concern is portability, then the PowerShot G9X is the way to go. However, if you’d like the versatility that cameras with interchangeable lenses can offer, you’re probably better off with the Sony Alpha A5100 which costs only around $20 more than the PowerShot G9 X II.

Panasonic Lumix G7 – Best Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging Under $500

Best Mirrorless Vlogging Camera Under $500

If 4K video recording is your priority, then the Panasonic Lumix G7 mirrorless camera is one of the best devices in the market for a super good price.


The original 14-140mm style camera costs around $900, another version – 14-42mm costs around $500. Despite it, I strongly recommend considering both options, because this camera is really worth the money.Design:

Panasonic Lumix G7 emanates a sturdy feel and build quality despite its plastic casing. With two adjustment dials located on the front as well as the back of the camera, Lumix G7 is quite easy to operate.

The fully articulated touch-sensitive LCD screen is great for viewing angles. Panasonic has provided a perfect blend of direct controls and DSLR-like design, making it an ideal pick for first-time ILC shooters. Moreover, all the buttons are strategically placed and neatly labeled for easy access.Specifications:

Lumix G7 comes with a 14-42mm MEGA O.I.S lens that is interchangeable and a 16 MP sensor. When coupled with Panasonic’s next-generation image processor, the results are simply amazing. ISO can be maximized up to 25,600, making it an excellent choice for photography in different lighting conditions.

Equipped with 4K Ultra HD Video technology, the camera can record 4K videos with great detail. The 4K photo function offers three different modes for capturing stunning still photos. Other notable features are a high-visibility viewfinder, intelligent auto-focusing, and focus peaking.Connectivity:

By providing built-in Wi-Fi, Panasonic does its part in pleasing social media lovers who love to share their clicks instantly. Wi-Fi connection also allows you to control the camera with your smartphone.

In addition to Wi-Fi, Lumix G7 has an HDMI port for playing videos and images on an external screen or recorder.


  • Impressive autofocus in Movie mode for videographers.
  • Direct control of features for effortless operation
  • Excellent 4k image quality
  • It has a comfortable flip screen for vlogging
  • External mic jack


  • Proprietary USB connectors
  • No built-in stabilization

9.8EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Given the price tag it carries, Panasonic Lumix G7 packs plenty of features and delivers results that you would expect from a high-end DSLR. With its built-in wifi, smart image processing system and articulating touch screen, Lumix G7 is a absolutely amazing choice for vloggers.Design10Ease Of Use9Functionality10Editor’s Score10

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2. Sony DSC-HX99 – One Of The Best Compact Cameras for Daily Vlogging Under $500

One Of The Best Compact Cameras for Daily Vlogging Under $500

Sony DSC HX99 is an investment for daily vloggers and travel enthusiasts who love to take shots and videos of their exciting memories and adventures.

With all the smartphones that are coming out these days, it is hard to find a small camera that you can take with you everywhere.

Maybe you are thinking, why do you need to take a camera when you have a high-quality video shooting feature on your phone?

Here are the following features that make this camera a perfect buddy for travelers and vloggers:Design:

Most camera enthusiasts considered this camera as a small camera that will easily fit your pocket with a dimension of 102mm x 58.1mm x 35.5mm and weighs only 242 g (0.53 lb).

A useful feature of the Sony DSC HX99 in its design is by having two shutters. One is on top for taking photos, and the other one is at the back of the camera designated for video recording.

The back screen of the Sony DSC HX99 is a 3-inch touchscreen with 921k dots resolution that tilts only by one top direction. Making it useful for low-angle shots and face forward for comfortable vlogging.

A built-in electronic viewfinder and flash are incorporated in Sony DSC HX99. This electronic viewfinder and flash are both pop-up, and it is quite responsive and sharp.Specifications:

Sony DSC HX99 incorporates a 30x optical zoom lens with Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T-star. The headline feature of this camera gives optical zoom up to 720mm, equivalent to 35mm.

A remarkable result for a tiny camera. It has an 18MP image sensor BSI CMOS sensor that offers high-speed continuous shooting at 10fps and also high-speed video recording at 120fps.

Other exciting features of this camera is as follows:

  • Built-in image stabilization is present to help reduce motion blur, which is called Optical Steady Shot. The Optical Steady Shot is a combination of optical and electronic stabilization.
  • You can have two image file formats, which are in JPEG or RAW, but the downside is not all shots can be saved as RAW. Unfortunately, for shots taken that use digital zoom effects or special effects, it can only be in JPG format.
  • EyeAF is an additional feature that detects and focuses on the subject’s eyes.


It has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. You can connect through your smartphones via Sony’s PlayMemories app. Its Bluetooth connectivity can record and collect your location data via a connected mobile device.


  • 4k video recording at 120fps
  • Built-in viewfinder
  • Tiltable 3″ LCD


  • MicroSD Slot

9.8EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Sony DSC HX99 is rated as one of the best affordable travel zoom compact and daily vlogging cameras by many critics. With its features to back this up despite the expensive price tag, this sure is one of the highly recommended cameras for content creators. The 4k video recording at 10fps continuous shooting, having RAW file support, is one of the few upgrades that make this camera up the competition with its other rival.Design10Ease Of Use10Functionality9Editor’s Score10

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3. Panasonic Lumix LX10 – One of the Best Cameras for YouTubers with a Flip Screen Under $500

One of the Best Cameras for YouTubers with a Flip Screen Under $500

Panasonic has introduced a compact camera for camera enthusiasts and professional vloggers or photographers.

It introduced a new contender for the premium 1-inch compact market, which is the Panasonic Lumix LX10.

Even though the camera costs a very small amount of money, it can be considered an extremely good investment in the future.

Here are the following features of Panasonic Lumix LX10 that make it a strong contender as the best 1-inch compact camera for making videos in the world.Design:

Panasonic LX10 lives to the legacy of delivering a premium feel and high-quality design for its camera. It has a seamless metal body.

The additional feature added to Panasonic LX10, which is a large aperture control ring around the lens. This feature will be appreciated by camera enthusiasts so much.

The camera has a dimension of 4.15 x 2.36 x 1.65 inches. It weighs 310 grams (0.68 lb) with a battery and memory card installed is truly a compact and lighter compact camera.

The rear of the camera has a touchscreen 3.0-inch LCD monitor that tilts at 180 degrees with 1,040k dots.Specifications:

Panasonic LX10 features a 20.1MP 1.0 inch CMOS sensor that captures images in a 3:2 aspect ratio as standard and ISO sensitivity range up to 25,600 equivalent.

The sensor is responsible for recording video at 4k ultra-high-definition quality at 30fps max. The 4k video recording also can produce a 4k-resolution frame from the footage.

With the 4k Live Cropping option, it will automatically zoom into the scene and set the camera to pan across, giving the result at Full HD resolution automatically.

The lens has a wide aperture of F/1.4-2.8 that can focus a subject down to 3cm in a macro mode that provides a wide-angle setting. It is also fitted with an optical image stabilization system and sensor-based stabilization to form a five-axis Hybrid OIS+ system. When you are recording 4k and action-filled videos, the lens will provide stabilization.

The camera incorporates a Light Speed-branded autofocus system with Panasonic’s Depth from Defocus (DFD) technology; it allows the focusing point to be positioned anywhere.

In addition to the 49-area autofocus mode that is calculated by DFD technology, LX10 offers other focus modes like face/eye detection, custom multi, 1-area, and pinpoint. The additional upgrade included for focus features is focus peaking, low light AF, and Starlight AF.

Another attributes worth mentioning is it has a built-in flash capable of a 40-foot range at the wide end of the lens and a 20-foot range at the telephoto end with Auto ISO.Connectivity:

Panasonic LX10 has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • 4K UHD video recording
  • Touch-enabled tilting LCD screen
  • Great autofocus system
  • Clear shots at wide-angle


  • No Built-in Electronic View Finder
  • No Hot Shoe

9.8EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

Panasonic LX10, meant as an enthusiast compact camera, has offered excellent performance across the board but with a bit of shortcoming here and there. Overall, Panasonic LX10 provides a touch-enabled screen, exceptional autofocus abilities, a lens with excellent aperture control, 4k UHD video recording, and a close-up macro focus. Indeed, Panasonic LX10 is a full-featured camera and an excellent value for money for long-term vlogging. If you are looking for a camera with a flip screen for less than 500 dollars – you must check this device.Design10Ease Of Use10Functionality9Editor’s Score10

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4. Canon M100 – TOP Entry-Level Camera for YouTube Vlogs Under 500 Dollars

TOP Entry-LevelCamera for YouTube Vlogs Under 500 Dollars

First of all, if you haven’t created a YouTube channel but have plans to do and due to this, you are you looking for the right gear to shoot your dream YouTube vlogs – Canon has the right equipment for you.

Here’s the deal:

Canon M100 is explicitly designed for beginner vloggers, photographers, and so on.

It’s an ultra-simple camera that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge to use, but it really has something to offer to make your content at least look at a professional level.

Here are the following features to help you design that Canon M100 is the right tool to achieve your long-lived dream to be a new YouTube sensation.Design:

As a mirrorless camera, it provides a distinct compact size. It has dimensions of 4.3 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches and weighs around 302 grams (0.66 lb). With that, it can fit comfortably on the pocket, which makes it ideal as a travel buddy.

It has a 3.0-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen with a resolution of 1.04m dots that tilts at 180 degrees, quite handy for front-facing selfies and low angle shooting as well. It is very responsive to touch, and the screen is quite sharp, even shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.Specifications:

Canon M100 features a 24.2MP CMOS sensor that produces quality images. It has a DIGIC 7 processor that allows us to shoot 1080p full HD video up to 60fps. The maximum shooting time is 29 minutes.

Here are some of the attributes present in Canon M100:

  • It incorporates an electronic stabilization that reduces motion blur to pictures and videos.
  • It has a 49-point AF system and Dual Pixel CMOS AF that improves subject tracking when it is moving.
  • It has a face-detection useful for tracking faces for portrait photography that delivers images of color quality quite sharply.
  • The Canon M100 has in-camera RAW processing. It allows users to change parameters like white-balance, picture style, and lens correction when taking shots.


It has Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair your smartphone with Canon M100 using Canon’s Camra to Connect app.


  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Easy user interface for beginners
  • Responsive and Fast autofocus
  • Built-in flash
  • Great Full HD quality


  • No microphone/headphones input
  • No Hot Shoe
  • No USB charging

9.8EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

It is an excellent camera for vloggers and beginner who wants to experience a higher level of good photography and vlogging. It is a camera suited for beginners looking to shoot around. It delivers high quality photos and videos at a very reasonable price. An excellent investment for a novice. User-friendly equipment to help you navigate and master the shots you are about to learn using Canon M100.Design10Ease Of Use10Functionality9Editor’s Score10

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5. Sony a5100 – Best Daily Camera for Vlogging Around $500

Best Vlogging Camera Under $500 in 2020

If you want to have a camera that has a perfect vlogging shot-taking capability, according to our editor’s Sony Alpha a5100 digital camera delivers everything that is required for every level vlogger.

I need to mention that Sony Alpha a5100 offers high output when budget cameras are considered, especially when we talk about a vlogging camera with a flip screen!

Do you want to find out why we love the Sony a5100 camera?

Well, it is a small and slim camera that has a DSLR-quality lens! No doubt, you will have to pay a little extra for this, but if your budget allows, it is one of the best choices in 2021.

I strongly recommend this mirrorless camera for those who are looking for a device to shoot incredibly great videos and develop their vlogger skills.

The Sony a5100 camera comes with a strong Bionz X image processor and offers super-fast phase-detection AF.

What more can you ask for a vlogging camera for around 500 dollars?Design:

The Sony a5100 is small and slim enough to fit into your pocket. Also, if you are looking for a camera that fits into your handbag or a backpack while you are traveling – I strongly recommend the Sony a5100.

It has a rubber grip that offers you to hold the camera safely – all control buttons are placed in a comfortable position allowing you to reach every single one of them quickly.Specifications:

Sony A5100 has a 24 MP sensor and a 3” touch-sensitive tilting LCD screen.

The camera can shoot in perfect video resolution of Full HD 1920×1080 (60p/60i/30p/24p), and that is enough for good quality video.

Furthermore, it has APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm) CMOS sensor and other more features that help you to create a good quality video blog.Connectivity:

The Sony a5100 camera has an excellent wifi connection that allows you to share your files and control your device remotely. You can get Sony’s free PlayMemories app and start sharing your data.

On the other hand, you could always use a USB cable port for transferring files.


  • Small and slim design suitable for travel vloggers
  • Low-light image and video quality
  • Fast and accurate AF
  • Tiltable LCD screen flips up 180°
  • Good video quality


  • The camera doesn’t take any external devices
  • No 4K video resolution

9.5EXPERT SCOREExcellent!

The Sony a5100 is an excellent device for any kind of vlogger who loves to travel and is seeking to develop their video and image shooting skills. For a budget of around $500, you are getting a small and slim device with superior shooting quality and very comfortable to hold. According to our editor’s, it has amazing value and should be named as the top vlogging camera under for $500 this year.Design10Ease Of Use9Functionality9Editor’s Score

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