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If you are looking for the Best Watch Brands In India 2020, then you are on the right page. It contains top watch brands in india and top 10 watch brands in india 2021. Suppose you want best watch brands in india for ladies instead. Then this article is what you need.

Watches are those pieces of accessories that add an elegant edge to the look. A style statement for all, watches are a powerful way to ensure that you are dressed the best. From a formal convention to a casual rendezvous, adorning a watch on various occasions makes your look ultra-chic. But when you wish to buy a wristwatch, sometimes finding the best brand becomes a hassle. From luxury watch brands to those sought-after watch brands, we have compiled a list of the 25 best watch brands in India that are the best pick for all.

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Best Watch Brands In India 2020

Top 10 Watch Brands in India That Must Be Your Pick

best watch brands in india for ladies

Top Watch Brands in India

 1. Titan

Best Watch Brand in India- Titan Watch

Titan is the first choice of Indians and one of the most popular watch brands. Loved by all, Titan has created some of the most classic yet phenomenal watches for all. Titan Company Limited is an Indian luxury brand, a joint venture between Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. From men to women, Titan Neo Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch is the men’s bestseller which boasts a silver band made from stainless steel. It has 50 metres water resistance and gives an ultra-classy look.

Price: Rs. 2000 Onwards

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2. Timex

Best Watch Brand in India- Timex Watch

Timex is an American manufacturing company that has been selling affordable luxury timepieces since 1854. The brand boasts of the most elegant engineering of the Italian and German designs. From fashion lovers to fitness experts, Timex provides the best collection of watches for all. The newest collection Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch is a signature men’s watch that is specifically designed for men of all ages. The watch band is made from leather which gives a casual appearance to your whole look.

Price: Rs. 1000 Onwards

3. Casio

Best Watch Brand in India- Casio Watch

Casio is a Japanese electronics company which has extended its hands to numerous businesses. One such business is manufacturing watches which has made it one of the most sought-after brands in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch is one of the best picks of the season. The black dial goes perfectly with the silver band creating a stunning watch for men.

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4. Rolex

Best Watch Brands in India- Rolex Watch

A Swiss luxury watchmaker, Rolex is one of the most expensive international watch brands in the world. From celebrities to top businessmen, these luxury watches are adorned by the elite. Rolex offers a wide range of its exquisite watches that goes from professional modern designs to its vintage collection. Available in three lines Professional, Oyster Perpetual and Cellini, Rolex has become a dream of every accessory lover. Rolex Zoom 2101 Stainless Steel Men’s Analog Chronograph Watch is a stunner of all. Studded with diamonds, this Rolex watch is made from the highest quality stainless steel with golden electroplating.

Price: Rs. 14000 Onwards

5. Guess

Best Watch Brands in India- Guess Watch×26&×250%2C300x250%2C0x0&nras=1&correlator=6883439414764&frm=20&pv=1&ga_vid=433306981.1608672948&ga_sid=1608995718&ga_hid=202771207&ga_fc=0&u_tz=60&u_his=50&u_java=0&u_h=768&u_w=1366&u_ah=728&u_aw=1366&u_cd=24&u_nplug=3&u_nmime=4&adx=451&ady=3960&biw=1349&bih=625&scr_x=0&scr_y=1981&eid=42530671%2C21068108%2C21068944&oid=3&psts=AGkb-H9v16yL_7qWFWyHzkUMniA8KVG5mfYjiKm-5noK1CkqqW3Pk4s6H06vl5IU_MhZ3Q%2CAGkb-H_Tcf48WVYNYM_m5UOUzqjbb9XFlLohsitdxojs_11yK32vI8QtUhGf2cZDOxZA_Q&pvsid=282311749017848&pem=337&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=sLbu44D8hX&p=https%3A// is a chic brand that is an amalgamation of unique designs, elegance and style. This American watch brand is a pioneer of the most stylish watches in the world. From exquisite styles to the most amazing craftsmanship, these luxury watches are bound to make you fall in love. Guess Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch is the most trending watch of the season. This round shaped watch is an epitome of elegance that exhibits a beautiful navy blue colour along with a metallic gold dial.

Price: Rs. 4500 Onwards

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6. Tommy Hilfiger

Best Watch Brands in India- Tommy Hilfiger Watch

Seen how Supermodel Gigi Hadid sports those Tommy Hilfiger watches? The most trending fashion statement of all times, Tommy Hilfiger watches are an epitome of elegance and style. Founded in the year 1985, Tommy now has over 1400+ free-standing retail stores in 90 countries. One of the costliest watch brands in India, Tommy offers classic to sporty watches. Elevate your personality by sporting these beautiful timepieces that are bound to make you look ultra-elegant. Tommy Hilfiger Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch is the men’s bestseller that boasts an elegant design. The Tommy Hilfiger Analog Pink Dial Women’s Watch is another spectacular model by the brand. The beautiful rose gold colour of this model has made it a bestseller.

Price: Rs. 4500 Onwards

7. Fossil

Best Watch Brands in India- Fossil Watch

Fossil is a watch brand that represents some of the most exquisite yet classic timepieces. The exquisite collection of these luxury watches offers some of the most amazing designs, styles and features. The Fossil smartwatches are one of the most unique and well-functioned watches that track your mobile’s everyday events. Fossil Q Gen 4 Hr Digital Silver Dial Men’s Watch has taken the market by storm with its stellar automatic experience. It has multiple functionalities wherein you can check your day-to-day activities on your watch.

Price: Rs. 4700 Onwards Get cashback and offers on Fossil

8. Giordano

Best Watch Brands in India- Giordano Watch

Giordano is a modern day love of all, Giordano timepieces are an excellent combination of class and suave. It is a Hong Kong-based international retailer with over 3000 outlets operating in 40 countries. Offering splendid watches in quartz, automatic and hand driven movements, Giordano is perfect for a modern day or a vintage person. From a plethora of styles and designs, you can choose your favourite and spoil yourself in luxury. Giordano Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Giordano Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch are the two bestsellers in men’s and women’s range respectively. The gorgeous look and the beautiful craftsmanship has made it top the charts.

Price: Rs. 1500 Onwards

9. Daniel Klein

Best Watch Brands in India - Daniel Klein Watch

Affordable yet classic, Daniel Klein is a watch brand that becomes your best friend once you sport it. Daniel Klein offers watches that go perfectly with all occasions and attires. From metallic to leather strap designs, Daniel Klein has something special for everyone. Daniel Klein Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch and Daniel Klein Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch are two of the most significant timepieces sold by the brand. The beautiful metallic designs are particularly crafted for a modern day generation.

Price: Rs. 1400 Onwards

10. Fastrack

Best Watch Brands in India- Fastrack Watch

Fastrack is a brand that has a special place in our hearts. A brand that created a stir among the youngsters when it was launched, it is still a name sported by a majority of teenagers and young adults. From affordable timepieces to snappy and refreshing designs, Fastrack has become a predominant brand. A sub-brand of Titan launched in the year 2008, Fastrack has become one of the fastest growing casual watch brands in India. Fastrack Black Magic Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch and Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black Dial Unisex’s Watch are two of its bestselling timepieces.

Price: Rs. 1400 Onwards

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11. Tag Heuer

Best Watch Brands in India- Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer is a Swiss luxury manufacturing company that offers the most exquisite watches and fashion accessories. Founded in the year 1860, Tag Heuer has now become the most favourite watch brand for the elite. Endorsed by SRK in India, Tag Heuer watches show a wide dynamic of engineering blending with class. Its Aquaracer Automatic Blue Dial Calibre 5 Watch is one of the best sellers in India. While its Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 has broken all records. Powered by the intel atom processorZ34XX series, it runs with an Android Wear 2.0 operating system.

Price: Rs.72,817/- Onwards

12. Armani Exchange

Best Watch Brands in India- Armani Exchange Watch

Armani is one of the top-notch luxury fashion brands in the world. The world is obsessed with its haute couture, wrist watches, apparels, and other products. From Armani Exchange’s analogue watches to factory serviced watches, these pure luxuries can make any wrist look prim. Their methodological engineering can be seen in their stylish designs and chronographs. The Armani Exchange Men’s Blue Analogue watch has been one of the favourites among all. Its solid stainless steel dial looks super chic along with its black bracelet style.

Price: Rs. 4,597/- Onwards

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13. Ted Baker

Best Watch Brands in India- Ted Baker Watch

Ted Baker is a British luxury brand that offers one of the best fashion collections in the world. We all have seen cute transparent Ted Baker handbags floating around. But now, Ted Baker’s wrist watch collection is also trending in India. Ted Baker’s men and women analogue watches have taken the e-commerce market by storm. Their trendy designs along with quirky styles make it one of the best wrists watch brands in India. Ted Baker Women Black Analogue Watch TE50521003 has a solid round stainless steel dial that is studded with diamonds on the outer side.  While the black leather band gives the watch an urbane look.


Rs.3,980/- Onwards

14. Adidas

Best Watch Brands in India- Adidas Watch

A German sportswear brand headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Adidas has been a favourite for all fitness enthusiasts. Adidas manufactures some of the best sportswear products in the world. The Adidas sportswear watches boast a sporty design as well as great engineering at the same time. From unisex factory service watches to digital watches, Adidas wristwatches are a perfect pick for all fitness freaks. Adidas Red Factory Serviced Analogue Watch ADH6168 is an all-time favourite among all. It has a patterned round stainless steel dial that has a synthetic strap style with a tang closure.


Rs.918/- Onwards

15. Chumbak

Best Watch Brands in India- Chumbak Watches

Chumbak is a quirky Indian souvenir brand that aims at making people happy. Founded in the year 2010, Chumbak has now transformed into a multi-brand outlet spanning across many cities in India. Its unique wrist watch collection has made us go gaga over its trendy designs and multicoloured patterns. The sheer fun factor adds volumes to its style. Chumbak women multicoloured Analogue watch is one of the best sellers. It boasts a cute design on its round dial along with a patterned beige synthetic strap closure.


Rs.1495/- Onwards

16. Dressberry

Best Watch Brands in India- Dressberry Watch

Dressberry is an in-house fashion brand of the e-commerce giant Myntra. It focuses on the fashion needs of young women and features an amazing collection of western wear. Its collection of accessories including wrist watches that has also made a mark in the fashion game. Dressberry’s women analogue watches are a true representation of what a modern woman wants. Its women silver-toned embellished analogue watch MFB-PN-WTH-D6232-2 has been women’s favourite. It has a rose gold and silver-toned stainless steel bracelet style. The studded diamonds on its round dial gives it a charismatic look.


Rs.509/- Onwards

17. DKNY

Best Watch Brands in India- DKNY Watch

DKNY a.k.a. Donna Karan New York is a New York-based fashion house. Founded in the year 1984 by Donna Karan, DKNY has become one of the most sought after fashion brands of the world. DKNY offers incredibly unique wristwatches that are specifically tailored to methodological engineering and beautiful designs. Its analogue watches are a conglomeration of style and durability. DKNY silver Analogue watch is one of the bestsellers with a chic silver dial and a metallic wrist bracelet. Its simple yet subtle design has made it a perfect pick for all.


Rs.3,497/- Onwards

18. Daniel Wellington

Best Watch Brands in India- Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish Watch company that offers some of the best wrist watches in India. Headquartered in Stockholm, Daniel Wellington manufactures its watches in China. Offering pure luxury and some of the subtlest designs, Daniel Wellington has been a favourite amongst all. The simple leather band style is one thing that makes DW watches authentic. The silver/black stainless-steel analogue watch is a favourite among all. This watch is bound to bring you high on style with its super fine finish.


Rs.7,999/- Onwards

19. Roadster

Best Watch Brands in India- Roadster Watch

Roadster is an urban brand that aims at catering the needs of contemporary men and women. Its diverse and edgy collection has already marked a milestone among many e-commerce fashion sites. Its rugged yet trendy wrist watch collection has spellbound everybody with its sheer magnificence. Some of the timepieces types like quartz analogue and digitized watches have become a great pick for all. Its Men Navy Blue Analogue Watch MFB-PN-WTH-R6242 is the most loved watch by men. The solid round stainless steel style along with a regular style has made this Roadster watch a bestseller today.


Rs.509/- Onwards

20. Mini

Best Watch Brands in India- Mini Watch

Coming straight from the automotive giant Mini Cooper, Mini watches are all about luxury above everything. Mini’s outstanding watches are an epitome of pure elegance and great engineering. The watches have three-dimensional designs with two-three chronograph eyes and a date indicator as well. These sporty-looking watches are high quality, analogue and waterproof. Mini’s men black and yellow Analogue watch 160905_OR11 is a hit among all. The dial has a black and yellow colourblocked design along with a gunmetal-toned bracelet.


Rs.5560/- Onwards


Best Watch Brands in India- DIESEL Watch

Diesel is an Italian clothing company headquartered in Breganze, Italy. Denim is one of the main materials used by DIESEL to make its clothing, footwear, and accessories. Diesel’s sterling watches are an amalgamation of class and method engineering. Its extensive range of wrist watches has always created a stir among people with its charming designs and styles. Diesel’s Men Navy Blue Analogue Watch DZ1746_OR is the chicest watch that is one of the bestsellers. Its solid round stainless steel dial comes along with a brown leather strap which makes it more appealing.


Rs.3,947/- Onwards

22. Bentley

Best Watch Brands in India- Bentley Watch

Dive into the lap of luxury with the one and only Bentley. It was established in the year 1948 in the Swiss town named La Chaux-de-fonds. The Bentley Luxury Group has evolved itself into a company that boasts the art of modern watchmaking. It has now expanded its horizons towards fashion and lifestyle accessories as well. Its exclusive boutique collection is all sorts of ritzy and ravishing. Bentley’s men black analogue watch has created quite a stir among all. Its patterned round brass style shows off some of the best features such as multiple time zones and water resistance. It provides comfort with luxury and that is all for us!


Rs.9,499/- Onwards

23. French Connection

Best Watch Brands in India- French Connection Watch

Headquartered in London, French Connection is a global wholesaler and retailer of fashion clothing and accessories. It is also known by the notorious name FCUK. While French Connection has become one of the best shopping destinations for everyone. Its wrist watch collection is widely admired by all. Combining great style along with intricate mechanics, FCUK watches are an accessory stunner. Its men black analogue and digital watch FC1311BB_OR1 has a subtle design. While its dual analogue and the digital display is a unique feature about it.


Rs.1935/- Onwards

24. GANT

Best Watch Brands in India- GANT Watch

GANT is a Swiss company headquartered in Stockholm which sells award-winning apparels, footwear, glasses, watches, and housewares. These luxury watches by GANT have been prevailing in the market since the year 1949. GANT specializes in bold designs and reliable mechanics that have made it one of the best wrists watch brands in India and the world. It is perfect for people who like to appreciate unique designs and styles. GANT men Charcoal grey analogue watch W70408 is one of the bestsellers that offers multi-functionality along with a charcoal stainless-steel dial and leather strap.


Rs.5,162/- Onwards

25. Karen Millen

Best Watch Brands in India- Karen Millen Watch

Karen Millen is a women-centric brand based in the UK that specializes in tailoring eveningwear and coats. The company has stores in most of the European countries, while it sells its products in India through e-commerce sites. Founded in the year 1981, Karen Millen creates stunning and innovative luxury timepieces for women. Being one of the prestigious names in the industry, Karen Millen watches have been a woman’s favourite for a long time. The Km177wg white/silver analogue watch is a stunner which is an all-time favourite for women. The excellent timepiece for urbane women is decked with a round dial. The white leather strap material adds an elegant edge to the complete timepiece.

best watch brands in india for ladies

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