best way to learn banjo

Learning to play the banjo these days is easier than ever.  With the popularity of the banjo and acoustic music growing at a record pace, there are more tools to learn with as well as other musicians to play with. So what is the Best Way To Learn Banjo and easiest way to play banjo??

Here are some great ways to learn:

best way to learn banjo

1. Start Simple

A very common mistake that beginners make is to start with complex solos. Mastering the chords while maintaining the rhythm patterns with the banjo can get extremely difficult for the uninitiated if one is starting with a difficult solo. It is very easy to get frustrated and quit if the notes sound halting even after weeks of practice.

The banjo is a great instrument to jam with. Thus, a fun and effective way to learn how to play the instrument is to start with the basic right-hand rhythm patterns that can be repeated progressively. You can then start jamming along with peers or even with a music CD. This will give you a fair amount of practice, strengthen your rhythm patterns and even help you identify chord progressions. Hours of jam sessions will build your confidence and keep you motivated to learn more advanced techniques.

2. Master the postures of hands

While this might not seem important at first glance, it is pivotal that beginners learn the correct way to position their hands and wrists while playing the banjo. An ergonomically incorrect posture will create fatigue and also restrict freedom of movement of your hands. Thus, the first step towards learning the banjo is to learn how to position your wrist.

We recommend holding your wrist in a neutral position, i.e. a natural position where it is not bent either towards your thumb or pinkie finger at an awkward angle. This will not only ensure that you are not worn out after an hour of strumming but also allow your fingers enough freedom to create fluid movements on the chords. It is also important to correctly identify the angle of your palm.

Hand Position for Banjo

While laying the palm straight on the surface will create extra tension on your fingers and restrict movement, arching the palm too much will extend the fingers too straight and potentially slow you down. The picking hand should be positioned as if you were holding an egg.

3. Let it ring

The key to creating beautiful melodies with your banjo is to let the notes ring. A common mistake that beginners make is to let go of the fret too soon or not applying enough pressure on the strings. This leads to the banjo sounding muffled and stuffy, which is not something that you would like to hear.

A good technique to ensure that the notes are sustained is to press the frets with enough force. After the note is fretted, it is a good idea to keep the left-hand finger down on the fingerboard as long as possible until it is time to changeover to a new note.

4. Smooth Transitions

One of the trickiest parts to master is smoothly transitioning from one part of a song to another without sounding halting. Here are a few ways how you can start on your path to mastering the art of making smooth transitions.

Keys to Smooth Transitions
  • Practice changing chords quickly
  • Enough practice will ensure that you can change chords even without looking at your hands
  • Listen to all the bluegrass CDs you can lay your hands on and identify the parts where transitions are being made
  • Watch the finger movements of other players to help solidify fluid movements and how transitions are made
  • Practice maintaining a steady rhythm pattern even while changing chords

5. Practice makes perfect

There is no substitute for painstaking practice. The longer you practice, the longer you tune your ears and the longer you spend playing your banjo, the better a player you shall be. It is a good idea to start practicing with basic solos. It might be tempting to start with something like “Cripple Creek” but as we stated in tip #1…. starting with something too difficult can often lead to failure.

A few good solos that beginners can start with are Shady Grove, Doug’s Tune, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Red River Valley and Worried Men Blues. They say that the more you enjoy your music, the better you shall play. Hence, practicing music you actually like will make the learning process even more fruitful.

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The Final Note

The tips shared in this lesson are a great starting point for any beginning banjo player. If you want to take your learning to the next step, though, hire yourself a teacher from a local music shop. If that isn’t in the budget there are some really solid online teachers, like the ones found at BanjoCompass or BanjoBen. As always, StringVibe will continue to publish the best Banjo related content as well! 

There might be a number of different reasons why you want to learn the banjo. Perhaps, you have always been a fan of bluegrass music or perhaps you want to just embark on a new adventure. Whatever may your reason be, we hope that with these tips your journey will be a little more enjoyable. There are very few experiences which are as rewarding as learning to play a new instrument. Happy learning.

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