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15 Best Womens Perfumes Under $20 Designer Fragrances 2018


15 Designer Fragrances For Women under $20 

1 Eau De Iceberg W(2010).  Many fragrances and brand companies have been flexing the year that they arrived to the United States which in this case it was 1974, and this is written along the side of the bottle. Rich, Juicy Florals.  Like Warm Winds right before night falls, or bright sunsets in the final few days of Summer.  Aromas of Red Oranges, pineapples, pears and bouquets of Jasmines, and Freesia.  The fig inside combines all this very well with its white florals.  Sensuality. Sexy and a soft white wood light and elegant vanillas, Sweet and sexy florals makes you constantly want to smell to the end of this to try to get to that delicious vanille.  Longevity is outstanding, and this can be worn in any occasions. Office, night outs, gym, etc. Great.

Eau De Iceberg Perfume By ICEBERG FOR WOMEN
Eau De Iceberg Perfume

 2 Clinique Happy 1997.  Late 90s, this happy fragrance professes “Wear Happy, Be Happy”. Love it, just super light and fresh oh what a masterpiece this is.  Fresh apples, plum, bergamot, mixed with good vibrations, great intentions and huge smiles.  Juicy Oranges with clear white florals. Fresh air is what you will keep thinking about as you take on the day.  Makes you feel happy as it dries down to a cool sporty musk.  Its a clean sexy citrus with elegance. Longevity is great.

Happy Perfume

3 Beyonce Pulse (2011) A citrus floral gourmand.  Opens with pear, blossoms and frozen beramot.  Along with Blue Curaco liqueur.  For the first time ever a fragrance with Blue Bird Orchids.  These are very elegant and delicate orchids.  Also has soft peonies and Jasmines which bloom at midnight..  Madagascar Vanilla, exotic woods and musk.  Not as long lasting as I would like.  Great for all day wear, just re apply after lunch. Not overbearing and great for office or close encounters.


4)Karen Low Pure Girl. Violet, hawthorn, black currant, Bulgarian rose and white musk.  Great for price to juice value, extreme longevity.

5)Taylor Swift’s Taylor(2013) This fragrances is a reflection of her own inspirational personal style.  Sweet and fruity floral with a wood base.  Opens up with Lychee which is a sweet fruit fro South East Asia. A sugary sweet syrup bursts open once you peel a lychee, some come from China. It is a soft white round juicy fruit that is so mmmm….delicious and very gentle.   Than You have tangerines and magnolia metals.  Also, pony and hydrangea, apricot, and even magnolia petals.  Finally a nectar, cashmere soft woods base.  The bottle is so cool, its a modern retro combination that really depicts Taylors Style.  It has a pearl stopper and Bold prints. 100ml, 3.4oz priced just under twenty dollars under $20.

Taylor Swift Taylor 3.4

6)Heiress by Paris Hilton 2006. A floral fruity scent with oranges, juice peaches, mimosas, champagne, star Jasmine and Lilly accompanied by Ylang Ylang, honeysuckle, and grenadine.  Sounds like she likes tropical fruity drinks a lot.  All this sits on a violet tonka base.  A cool rectangular sparkly linear bottle. Simple in design but stunning.  Candy and Fruity drinks.  Compliments are a lot on this moderately long lasting fun fragrance. Great Buy!

Paris Hilton Heiress Perfume By PARIS HILTON FOR WOMEN
Paris Hilton Heiress Perfume

7) M Pink by Mariah Carey: Luscious Pink, bergamot, ocean breee and Bellini cocktails.  The heart petals of Tiara from Tahiti.  Pink Peonies, bright blonde woods, sandalwoods, and white musks.  An aquatic fun powdery scent which is soft and sexy and pink.  6 Hours Longevity than it sits close to your skin.  Breezy Fresh and Soapy clean.  Some skins it may not last as long depends on who. Ive tested this and tested this on other women as well and longevity varies.

Mariah Carey Luscious Pink

8) 360 Reserve Perry Ellis Ginger, patchouli, violet, fresia, oakmoss, lotus, marigold and roses.  Kind of like Romance by Ralph Lauren. Fresh and decent with long longevity.

9)Escada Sexy Graffiti 50ml 1.7oz  Eau de toilette limited edition  perfume spray for women new in retail box

A skillfully put together notes of grapefruit, wild strawberries, red peony and a nice soft vanilla cashmere wood finish.

Released in 2011

A nice Juicy, fruity, tropical sweet scent that lasts for about 3-6 hours. Similar to Ocean Lounge.

10)Britney Spears Circus Fantasy juicy raspberry and apricots, flowers and musk, blue peony, lotus and orchids.  Than you get this delicious vanilla candy musk dry down.

Its a very juicy sweet raspberry slightly sugary but not over bearing, its like fresh peaches and raspberries, once the fruits wear off, the water Lillies and blue peonies and orchids can kick in with the light soapy clean scent with the peach background.  Finally the grand finally gives you all the treats that you can find at the circus, like warm vanilla creamy ness, very light and easy to wear, its just a fun burst of candies and fruits and flowers.  Its an all occasion nice, light fun scent great for Spring, Summer or early Fall, not really made for formal wear, I wish it would last longer like the Fantasy, but Circus Explodes and the curtain closes and its gone.  It gives you all of three hours strong, than you re apply but at the price its easy to re spray after lunch.

11) Cabotine 1990s by Parfums Gres A classic timeless of the 1990s nine-tees, with Himalaya extra large special edition petals of soft white petals florals. Black Currant, pear and corriander, ylang Ylang, ginger, tonka, bean and vanilla wood dry down. Extremely long lasting and its a sweet spicy floral.  The bottle is beautiful. Just Beautiful. The price is even more amazing.  Its a very special fragrance the whole composition is created by this very special beautiful flower.  The flower is called White Ginger Lilly.  A tropical Fruity White flower with a ginger undertone.  Its Simply amazing. You get a lot of it in Cabotine.  This is a mysterious, sexy, pleasant, easy to wear 1990s scent.  Opens with Plums and peach and the black currant.  After the opening you get the violets and the ylang and the exotic soft white florals, drying down to a vetiver creamy woods.  Way down the line you will get a plum and white ginger Lilly scent. You will not regret this , its simply beautiful.

12) Diva by Emanuel Ungaro.(1983) The prime minister.  The Italian Goddesses. Ylang Ylang mixed with roses.  With a vanilla sandalwood, iris dry down. Sweet Spicy and long lasting. The eau de parfum is a semi oriental perfume, with tuberose and a citrus accords, designed for elegant classy women.

13)Vera Wang Princess Glam(2009). Juicy Gauava, pear, with orange blossoms and vanilla orchids, leaving a trail of sugar marshmallows and soft cashmere woods.  The beautiful ring around the base.  Cool gold bottle shaped in a heart.  This is a floral fruity which is quite nice.  Finishes with the sweet spice woods.  I would recommend this as a blind buy.  It is fabulous.

Vera Wang Glam Princess Perfume By VERA WANG FOR WOMEN
Vera Wang Glam Princess Perfume

14)Can Can Perfume By Paris Hilton(2007)  This perfume is oriental and floral with some fruity notes mixed in. Its top notes consist of clementine, blossom, black currant, and nectarine. The middle notes combine wild orchid and orange blossom. The base notes bring in soft musk, amber, and precious woods. This fragrance has moderate sillage and moderate longevity.

Paris Hilton Can Can

15) Honorable Mention to Bora Bora ladies.  Bora Bora Perfume by Liz Claiborne, Launched in 2002, Bora Bora is classic scent for women searching for a touch of exoticism . The fragrance begins with a salty sand accord reminiscent of the fresh scent that only ripens after the sun has warmed a pristine beach. A flowery tuberose then enters as a fresh breeze, bewitching the nose and setting a seductive mood. Spicy pink peppercorn heightens that mood with a playful elegance.

Bora Bora Eau De Parfum 3.4oz Huge Bottle

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