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In this post, we will discuss the best womens sunglasses, best selling womens sunglasses, best womens sunglasses brands, best womens oakley sunglasses, and best womens running sunglasses for small faces. A good pair of sunglasses does more than block the glare, it provides the finishing touch to an outfit — and the right pair can work with many. It’s fun to experiment with sunglass styles. Just remember that unlike anything else you wear, sunglasses can transform your face. Learn to use that for good, not evil.

Best Womens Sunglasses

When shopping for sunglasses it helps to start by identifying your face shape. Some sunglass vendors list which styles work best for certain face shapes, but it helps to develop a critical eye of your own.

If you find it hard to pinpoint your face shape, you are not alone. Faces are often a combination and morph a bit as you age, gain or lose weight, or change hairstyles.

But there is a basic shape to that familiar mug of yours, and matching it to the right pair of sunglasses can work wonders.

Round face shape

The round face shape is as wide as it is long. When choosing sunglasses for a round face, the first rule is not to overwhelm. A little curve is fine but teardrop lenses look better than perfect circles and ovals will create the illusion of length.

Emma Stone, a round-faced beauty, looks best when she avoids oversize round lenses in wire frames. They too closely mirror the dimensions of her face. A little detail at the temples helps lengthen her face, as do contrasting lighter frames.

Being a ginger, Stone looks great in amber-colored retro frames with complementary green lenses.

Selena Gomez is a round-faced trendsetter who often throws caution to the wind with John Lennon-style wire frames with tiny round blue or orange lenses. They are adorable, but wire frames emphasize her own small, round face and features.

Gomez looks best in aviators  or classic-shaped, colorful acetate frames with gradient lenses that lend her a few elegant angles.

Square face shape

Like the round face, a square-shaped face is about as wide as it is long but with a square jawline.

Two famous faces that fit this profile are those of Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore. Both women often wear aviators with a metal bridge that visually divides their faces, creating the illusion of a longer nose and profile.

Moore also favors round lenses  in metal or transparent, nude frames, a style that performs the same elongating magic.

Jolie occasionally shows up in those chunky dark shades made famous by Jackie O, another famous square-faced beauty. While this style may hide you from those annoying paparazzi, it tends to emphasize angular jaws and swallow up smaller faces.

Heart face shape

The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead tapering to a pointed chin. The right shades can help you balance that narrow chin with the wider forehead. Look for rounder frames to soften your face across those cheekbones.

Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson both have heart-shaped faces.

Witherspoon favors cat-eye sunglasses. These work better for her when they’re smaller and darker. Oversize cat eyes overwhelm her face and draw attention upward to that large forehead.

If you have a heart-shaped face, try minimizing the breadth of the upper half with light-colored or rimless frames. If you want in on the cat-eye  craze, opt for transparent pastel frames with darker lenses.

Like most heart-shaped faces, Witherspoon’s and Johansson’s look great in retro frames with round lenses and lighter-colored frames and aviators with rose-colored mirror lenses.

That teardrop shape is great for heart-shaped faces because it draws the eye down and balances the upper half of your face. Look for colorful lenses in frames with beige or wood-tone brow lines that blend into the forehead or darker bottom rims that draw the eye down.


If you were born with this classic face shape, you can get away with almost any style of sunglasses. You don’t have to worry about going big and dwarfing your face, or too small or round or square.

No sunglasses style is too funky for your face – although it may be too funky for your sense of style.

Meryl Streep with her classic oval face and high cheekbones looks equally good in small blue/gray oval lenses or big Hollywood-style chunky square frames .

Oval-faced former supermodel Naomi Campbell wore many outrageous outfits at the recent Paris Fashion Week but kept her large, square Vita Fede’s Bordeaux sunglasses through it all.

There’s not much you can’t pull off with a lovely oval and a little moxie. Experiment as well with aviators, shield styles and ’70s vintage until you find a look – or a few looks – that capture your spirit.


The oblong face is at least twice as long as it is wide, an elongated oval. Liv Tyler and Iman both have oblong faces. If this describes you, you can carry off those big, bold styles  that would swallow a smaller face whole.

One tip if you have an oblong face shape: Avoid emphasizing the narrowness of your face with narrow horizontal frames or tiny Lennon-style circular lenses.

A big cat eye also can work for you, as can the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Oversize frames with low bridges look great on Iman, as do face-hugging wrap styles like Maui Jim Kipahulu.

Decorative temple elements can also work with oblong faces. Just make sure the frame doesn’t extend too far beyond your hairline.

One more thing

Sunglasses don’t have to work alone. You can alter your face shape pretty dramatically with hats and hairstyles, opening up all kinds of options for the perfect sunnies.

Obviously, these are guidelines only. Don’t hesitate to try on anything that catches your fancy. If you’re drawn to a certain style, experiment a little. In the end, it’s all about what makes you feel like a rock star when you step out into the light.

best womens sunglasses

Sunglasses. Not really an original or imaginative name – they are literally a piece of glass (or plastic) covering your eyes from the sun. Worn by both men and women year round, they also double as a headband and can be found draped down the front of shirts all over the country.

In fact, they can even be more fashionable when they are worn off the eyes! Sunglasses can range anywhere from five dollars to five thousand dollars, and are arguably one of the most versatile fashion items. Dare to wear the wrong pair of sunglasses, and it can easily ruin your entire outfit or reputation (if your reputation is based around having great sunglasses that is).

Because there are so many styles on the market vary so much, here are the top 9 best sunglasses for women in 2016 that we have picked for you.

As can be seen, there are many styles and types of sunglasses on the market, and the perfect ones for you will depend on the shape of your face and how much you plan on pushing them to the limit (see the grizzly bear example). Ray-Ban’s clearly dominate the market for obvious reasons, and this is not only due to celebrity endorsements, but because they are genuinely the most functional and comfortable sunglasses in the world.

Here are the best sunglasses for women:

Updated on 10/25/2019 by Remi Rosmarin: Updated links, formatting, and prices.

The best women’s sunglasses overall

Under Armour

Under Armour’s Road Getaway Sunglasses help you see clearly and stay in place no matter what you’re doing, all while being decidedly chic.

The best thing about buying sunglasses from a company dedicated to athletes? You know that these shades were built to perform. While Under Armour manufactures plenty of protective eyewear for fun in the sun, my favorite pair is undoubtedly the brand’s new Road Getaway Sunglasses.

Whether you’re engaging in a competitive game of beach volleyball or just lazily throwing around a ball on the beach, these newest Getaways keep your eyes safe while keeping you in vogue. The new Under Armour Tuned Road lenses offer contrast enhancement, which helps you see your surroundings more clearly even in the brightest of days.

The classic aviator frames are flattering on just about any face shape, but more importantly, the shades will keep your eyes shielded from 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA/B/C rays. The lenses feature “multiflection” coatings, which means that even if you take a tumble on the sand or any other surface, you’ll be guarded against scratches and smudges. Plus, the coating protects against intense sunlight, which means that you can wear these quite literally all day long.

Of course, if you’re planning on keeping a pair of glasses on your face for hours on end, you’ll need to make sure they’re comfortable. While I often struggle with glasses staying on my nose (life can be so hard), this isn’t the case with the Getaways. Because these shades come with an adjustable nosepad, you can effectively customize the fit of your shades, and make sure that they’re resting comfortably all the livelong day.

Should you need to loan these sunglasses to a friend, she’ll be able to adjust the glasses to her specifications as well. The arms of these shades are also quite flexible, so I’ve never had an issue with feeling as though the sidings were digging into my face.

All of Under Armour’s products are clearly meant for performance, and its sunglasses are no exception to this rule. The Road Getaway sunglasses will keep you sharp no matter what summer or winter activity you may find yourself engaged in.

Pros: UA Tuned Road lenses provide great contrast enhancement, flattering frames, good sun ray protection, unisex

Cons: Adjusting the frames to get the perfect fit may take a little bit of trial and error

Buy the UA Tuned Road Getaway Sunglasses from Under Armour for $145 

Shop all Under Armour sunglasses

The best affordable sunglasses


MVMT offers a wide range of stylish, protective, and wallet-friendly sunglasses that will keep you in style and on budget.

You may know MVMT best for its line of simple yet sleek watches, but the brand has since taken its popular aesthetic to another accessory — sunglasses. MVMT began making sunglasses for the masses in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since with its huge selection of creative and stylish lenses that are as varied as your moods.

The sunglasses themselves range in price from $60 to $90, though if you elect to add the polarized lens option, you could be looking at a top price of $105. Still, that’s quite a reasonable price to be paying for sunglasses that look as though they could walk out of any designer shop without suffering from any sort of imposter syndrome.

Many of MVMT’s sunglasses reflect the brand’s commitment to timeless, classic pieces, like the Runaway shades — a simple aviator style with dark lenses. But the brand also offers up a few shades that are a bit more daring, like the Savage, a rectangular frame that comes with frames in a bronze gradient; or the Icon, a pair of sunglasses that look like they stepped right out of another decade, but somehow look fresh and original.

And best of all, if you’re looking to recreate, say, the Dior So Real sunglasses look for about a quarter of the price, MVMT can help with Nightowl sunglasses. For $80, you can get a similar aesthetic in unique color schemes like Fuchsia Havana/Mauve Rose Gradient, or Clear/Silver Mirror Lenses.

With such a wide and varied set of options, the biggest challenge you’re likely to face is narrowing down your selection to just a single pair of sunglasses.

Pros: Affordable, huge range, flirty frames, polarized lenses available, comfortable for all-day wear

Cons: Some buyers have complained that the nose pieces aren’t particularly reliable or adjustable

Shop the MVMT sunglasses collection starting at $45

The best prescription sunglasses

Warby Parker

You may know Warby Parker best for its direct-to-consumer prescription glasses, but the brand also makes killer prescription sunglasses.

Warby Parker has been making affordable eyewear since 2010, with most of its extensive collection setting customers back just $95. That’s a reasonable price for any pair of shades, and if you want to add a prescription to those frames, you’ll pay somewhere between $80 and $280 more, depending on the type of prescription.

When you shop at Warby Parker, you’re able to place orders for up to five pairs of sunglasses (or regular glasses) in your cart and get them delivered to your doorstep so that you can try them out in the comfort of your own home. Shipping is free, and you’ll have five days to decide which pair (or pairs) suit you best. Just send the samples back when you’re done and order your prescription lenses for the pair(s) of your choosing.

All of Warby Parker’s sunglasses feature anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings at no extra cost, which certainly will help you keep the sun at bay. I’m a particular fan of the Tilley, which incorporates just the right amount of retro chic into its aesthetic.

If you’re not entirely sure of which sunglasses are best for you, Warby Parker has an online quiz that can help you figure out what sunglass shape works best with your visage. You’ll answer questions about how you prefer your fit, what colors you like, and what materials you want to see in your frames.

Once you’ve gone through the questionnaire, Warby will recommend the frames that are most likely to tickle your fancy, and you can get them delivered.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community through commerce, Warby Parker can help with its “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” pledge. Just as the name suggests, with this program, Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase of a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Pros: Affordable, online quiz helps determine the best frames for your face, free anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings

Cons: Prescription sunglasses may be costly depending on the severity of prescription (but they’re still affordable when compared to other options)

Shop prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker starting at $95

The best classic sunglasses

Ray Ban cub master

Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster sunglasses are an American classic, plus, you can customize them to make these shades your own.

Although Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers may be more popular, the Clubmaster sunglasses are a great, classic pair of sunglasses that you can customize to suit your style. The mid-century design has a distinctive browline frame with round, metal-rimmed lenses for a retro aesthetic that looks amazing on everyone.

Over the years, Ray-Ban’s Clubmasters have graced the faces of many celebrities, artists, and, of course, us normal folk. Both the black or dark mock tortoise frames with gold metal accents offer a simple, classic look, but Ray-Ban offers 14 different colors on its site and the option to customize your glasses to suit your style. 

You can get flashy mirrored lenses in many different colors, unique frames, and even prescription lenses, though those will add to the price. Like other Ray-Ban shades, the Clubmasters are crafted with glass lenses and sturdy acetate frames, so they’re well worth the money and should last a lifetime.

Guides editor Malarie Gokey actually has a pair of these as regular prescription glasses, which she wears quite frequently. She can attest to their great build quality, comfortable fit for all-day wear, and stylish appeal.

Pros: Quality construction, glass lenses with a durable metal and acetate frame, 1950s style, customizable

Cons: This style is currently not made in Italy

Buy the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses from Ray-Ban starting at $153

The best premium sunglasses


Sometimes, a single accessory is all it takes to make you feel like a million bucks, and the Dior So Real sunglasses are capable of doing just that.

If there’s ever a time to be just a little bit extra, it’s the summer. And what better way to show off your ostentatious side than by donning a pair of sunglasses that are known to grace the faces of stars like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner? Meet the Dior So Real sunglasses. They’re so expensive, but oh so worth it.

I managed to get my hands on a pair a couple years ago when I forgot that my FSA money was expiring (pro tip: use your FSA funds to buy designer sunglasses, and you’ll love yourself forever). Every time I throw them on, I feel a new bounce in my step. Am I being a bit silly? Sure. But am I at all sorry? Nope.

We really have Rihanna to thank for bringing the So Real trend to the streets of Hollywood, New York, and every in between. The songstress wore a mirrored pair of the shades at Dior’s 2014 fall show in Paris, and ever since, they’ve been the eyewear of choice of the fashion forward. Part of the appeal, of course, lies in the unique shape of the lens itself. And then there’s the mirrored aspect of the frames, which are great for shielding your eyes from the paparazzi (or just from the sun).

But aside from being great to look at, the Dior So Real sunglasses really are great to look through as well. The shades offer 100% UV protection, and while I sometimes feel as though I have to squint even from behind my sunglasses, this is never the case with the Dior frames.

The So Real sunglasses also provide excellent coverage, thanks to the unique shape and their relatively close fit, you won’t find a ton of UV rays streaming in from every which direction. Because the lenses are mirrored, you’ll reflect a lot of the light that might otherwise harm your eyes.

Happy customers have noted that “These Diors…are absolutely stunning. Perfect fit, excellent quality.” And while they tend to sell out quickly, don’t be afraid to check back frequently on your favorite online shopping destination.

Pros: Unique frames, beautiful, well-made design, excellent coverage, 100% UV protection

Cons: At $495, luxury comes at a high price

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