best work bags for female lawyers

What are the Best Work Bags For Female Lawyers and womens professional bags? Due to the nature of their work, lawyers are often searching for a nice bag in which to carry their materials. A laptop, file folders and a cell phone are among the most essential items for

best work bags for female lawyers

lawyers to transport. Thus, lawyers, especially female ones, want a bag with plenty of storage space. Durability and style are also important, especially when investing in a bag. This article will review 15 of the best work bags for female lawyers and also provide a comparison table

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Best Work Bag For Female Lawyers Comparison Table

Best Work Bag For Female Lawyers Reviews

If you are still unsure about which product may be right for you after looking at the comparison table above, read on to find the best work bag for female lawyers right for you.

Fossil “Emma” Laptop Bag

Available in three colors – black, tan and brown – this Emma bag looks professional and practical. It is made of soft leather. The included shoulder strap is padded and can be expanded to fifty-four inches in length. The bag also features two top handles for carrying it in the hand or over the forearm. It has three internal compartments, two of which are zippered, and the other fastens with a snap closure.

Fossil Emma laptop bag review

One big issue is that the Fossil Emma does not offer enough extra features to warrant such a price. Many bags offering slightly less durability and quality can be purchased for much less. The Fossil Emma is created to fit a laptop and a few very small items. However, it isn’t suited to those who wish to carry many large items in addition to a computer.

  • High durability, even with heavy use
  • Top quality leather
  • Does not expand much to accommodate larger items

Banuce Full Grain Leather Bag

This Banuce bag has three zippered compartments and is made of Italian leather. The bag features a detachable shoulder strap and two top handles. The shoulder strap is also adjustable and padded for comfort. A laptop of up to fourteen inches in size can fit into the bag’s interior. Available in brown or black, the bag can be easily attached to luggage for ease of convenience during travel.

Banuce Full Grain Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Review
One thing to be aware of is the price. While the bag is of a decent quality, similar products offering the same features can be purchased for slightly less money. Thus, this bag is only marginally recommended.

  • Simple design makes it appropriate for everyday use
  • The bag looks professional and sturdy
  • Can stand upright
  • It can be carried by either sex
  • The bag is not suited to a laptop larger than fourteen inches
  • The price is rather high

Banuce Women’s Full Grain Leather Bag

With its stiff and sturdy structure, this bag looks more like a briefcase than a messenger bag. Made of Italian leather, it has three zippered compartments. The bag has two top handles and also an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. The interior has a padded sleeve capable of carrying a laptop of up to fourteen inches in size. An additional padded compartment inside the bag could fit an electronic tablet.

Banuce Women’s Full Grain Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Review

The extra features include pen slots and several pockets. In addition to computer space, this bag can also fit file folders, a few small books and a computer charger.

One thing to beware of with this bag is that the leather can scratch fairly easily. While some buyers may like the scuffed up look of a scratched briefcase, others will be turned off.

Overall, the bag is only marginally recommended. It is too small to fit a standard-size laptop and does not offer many extra features to justify its price.
  • It looks professional
  • Brown leather can coordinate with almost any outfit
  • This Banuce is only large enough to fit a 14″ computer

BfB 17-Inch Designer Briefcase

This beautiful laptop bag looks both stylish and expensive. The exterior of the bag is a faux snakeskin trimmed in patent leather around the edges. Its padded interior has enough room for a 17-inch laptop in the central zippered compartment.

BfB 17-Inch Designer Briefcase Review

The exterior side pockets were created to hold a wallet, keys and cell phone. A key ring and detachable shoulder strap are both included with the bag. An elegant magnetic closure is used to keep items from spilling out.

On the negative side, the magnets may not close completely, especially if the bag is overfilled.

In terms of positives, this bag is much more fashionable than a plain tote bag or basic laptop carrier. Measuring 18″ x 12.5″ x 4″, this tote bag can comfortably carry personal items, such as books and a wallet, along with a laptop and tablet.
Overall, this tote earns a recommendation for is beautiful style and spacious interior.
  • The bag is waterproof
  • It has a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Three different colors are accessible
  • The bag is too dressy for everyday use
  • It comes at a slightly higher price

BfB Laptop Tote and Tablet Bag

Though this bag looks more like a purse than anything else, it can also be used as a laptop bag. A small laptop with a 13″ screen can fit inside this bag, which has two padded compartments.

BfB Laptop Tote and Tablet Bag Review

This BfB tote can also be worn cross-body or over the shoulder using the included detachable purse strap. Made of faux leather with snakeskin panels on two sides, this bag also includes a tassel on the side. This bag is available in red, grey and black.

For the price, it is not the best quality. When used daily and filled with items, the edges of the bag can rip. The interior lining may tear or detach from the inside of the purse.
  • The tote contains several extra features for convenience
  • A key clip and side pockets are included
  • 100% replacement guarantee on faulty workmanship is offered
  • The bag has an orange-ish red interior
  • It is costly

Banuce Slim Leather Briefcase/Messenger Bag

This Banuce case is available in both black and blue. Made of cowhide leather, the bag features a brown interior lining. The inside of the bag has two compartments with zippered enclosures. Another zippered pocket is attached outside the bag. A 13-inch laptop computer should fit comfortably inside the bag, which measures 14.3″ x 2.5′ x 10.6 inches.

Banuce Slim Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Review

One setback is that the short handles atop the bag are not long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder. However, a padded shoulder strap is included and could be used to carry the bag instead.

While it has many nice features, it does seem over-priced for the quality. A similar bag could be purchased for half the price.
  • The bag is feminine and lightweight
  • It looks neatly, not bulky
  • The inner lining can tear loose

Bostanten Leather Briefcase/Cross-body Laptop Bag

Due to its simple style, this Bostanten bag is suitable for either sex. The bag comes in three practical colors: dark blue, brown and black.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Shoulder Cross-body Laptop Business Bag Review

Made of genuine leather, the bag is suited for lawyers and other business professionals. Designed to fit a laptop up to fourteen inches in screen size, the bag features a polyester lining and a zippered closure. The adjustable nylon shoulder strap can be used to carry the bag cross-body or over-the-shoulder.

One issue with this product is that it can only carry a laptop of up to fourteen inches. People with larger laptops will need a bigger bag.

The interior design of the bag makes it easy to store and organize items. Two large inner compartments can be used to carry an electronic notebook or small books or papers. Six credit card slots are built into the bag. The smaller pockets are designed to carry a wallet, cell phone, hand lotion, makeup, grooming utensils or other personal items.
The Bostanten leather briefcase is recommended for its sleek appearance and functionality. Separate compartments keep the contents organized.
  • It has a very professional appearance
  • The item is sturdy and looks more like a briefcase than a laptop carrier
  • It is slim and not designed to tote bulky items

Blon’s Premium Quality Laptop Bag For Women

This ivory-colored bag looks pretty, stylish and feminine. Made with strong stitches for durability, the bag has a blue interior with a snap closure to secure a laptop. The bag holds laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches in screen size. Designed with functionality in mind, the inside of the bag has pockets and compartments to hold personal items and office supplies.

BLON'S Family Computer Bag For Women Review

While the bag looks a bit too dressy to be used as a book bag, it can be used for those who want a professional-looking carry-all for a business office environment. Lawyers, schoolteachers and other professionals should have plenty of space to carry notebooks, papers and folders.

One minor issue is that the laptop enclosure is only minimally padded.

Another positive concerning this bag is that Blon’s offers both a 6-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Overall, this bag is highly recommended. It is one of the most attractive when compared to other computer bags.
  • Features two top handles and also a carrying strap
  • Often stand upright due to a flat bottom
  • Looks more like an oversized purse than a briefcase or laptop case
  • The interior lining may tear with heavy use

Solo Full-grain Leather Laptop Carryall

Made of dark brown Colombian leather, this Solo bag features a zippered closure. This bag is large enough to comfortably carry a laptop size of 15.6 inches.

Solo Jay 15.6 Inch Leather Laptop Carryall Tote Review

The laptop enclosure is padded to protect a computer from damage. Located on the bottom of the bag, metal “feet” help the bag to stand. The feet also protect the bottom of the bag from wear and tear. The exterior is made of soft brown leather, and the interior is blue.

On the negative side, the materials used to make this bag’s interior lining look inexpensive. Wear and tear can cause the lining to rip.

One of the many positives of this bag is that Solo offers a five-year warranty. Another plus is that the rear of the bag even features a pocket that allows it to easily attach to a suitcase or set of wheels for easy carrying.
  • Ideal as a piece of carry-on luggage
  • High quality material
  • Interesting Espresso colour
  • The bag may contain chemicals

Shtern Women’s Laptop Tote Bag

This bag comes in basic black and has long handles so that it fits comfortably over the shoulder. The bag’s dimensions – 18″ x 14″ x 3″ – make it ideal for carrying a laptop, file folders, notebooks or even a change of clothes. Made of vegan leather, this carry-all bag is both spacious and durable. This Shtern bag could also be used as a book bag for college students. The heavy-duty stitching makes it a good bag for toting books or other heavy items.

Shtern Women’s Laptop Tote Bag Review

The interior is made of basic black nylon. The bag is well-suited to those who need a professional-looking tote. A zippered pocket outside the bag can be used to carry a wallet, makeup, keys and mobile phone. The interior of the bag zips closed, and the laptop enclosure has some minimal padding to prevent computer damage.

One minor issue with this bag is that there are no small, interior pockets. Small items kept inside may spill out of the large pocket and be difficult to locate at the bottom of the bag.

One great feature of this Shtern bag is its 30-day money back guarantee. The bag also comes with an informative ebook so that the user can learn how to maintain and care for the bag.
The bag is recommended for its simplicity and low price.
  • The optimum size for seventeen inches laptop
  • Elegant design
  • Pocket outside the item
  • It includes no colorful designs, frills or tassels

KQ New York Women’s Notebook Satchel Shoulder Bag

This KQ bag comes in three colors: black, pewter, or purple. The bag is made of a shiny faux leather and is designed to be stylish. It looks more like a large purse than a computer case.

KQ New York Women’s Notebook Satchel Shoulder Bag Review

The bag’s laptop compartment can hold a laptop up to 15 inches in size. The laptop compartment is zippered to secure a computer inside the pocket. Lightweight and stylish, the bag comes with a thin shoulder strap. The strap is both removable and adjustable, and two short handles at the top of the bag also allow the user to carry it in the hand or over the forearm.

There are several things buyers should know about this bag. For starters, a computer with a 15.5-inch screen will fit in the bag, but a laptop with that screen size may have slightly larger or wider dimensions, depending on the brand. In other words, not every 15.5-inch laptop will fit inside this bag. Larger laptops may be placed in the bag, but the bag will not zip in such cases.

The interior does not leave much space for anything other than a laptop and a few small personal items. Thin straps on the bag may make it uncomfortable to carry bulky or heavy items inside.

This bag is not recommended for those who need extra storage space or for those who wish to carry a large laptop.
  • Stylish, compact and feminine bag
  • It is solid and secure
  • Shiny faux leather might not appeal to everyone

Kensington Laptop Tote

This Kensington tote comes in black and is capable of carrying a 15.6 inch laptop. The padded laptop compartment is flanked on either side by extra storage space.

Kensington LM650 15-Inch Laptop Tote Review

Made of soft, faux leather, the bag is durable and sturdy. It fastens across the top with a metal clasp designed to keep items from spilling out. The black handles can be worn over the arm or over the shoulder. Interior pockets are included and intended to hold a cell phone, 12-inch tablet, wallet and other personal items. The bag is large enough to be used as an overnight bag or as carry-on luggage.

One problem with the bag is that it does not have a zipper. While the clasp will keep the computer from slipping out, other items in the bag’s pockets will fall out if the bag is turned over.

The Kensington bag is marginally recommended because it offers the basics at a relatively low price.
  • Has lots of extra storage space
  • Can be used as a carry-on bag for travel
  • It is capable of standing upright on its own
  • The bag doesn’t offer any extra features
  • It might be too big for everyday use
  • There are no outside pockets or cross-body straps

DTBG Women’s Laptop Tote Bag

The DTBG bag is designed to fit a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size. The interior of the bag also has a Velcro enclosure to secure the computer.

DTBG Women’s Laptop Tote Bag Review

In addition to a laptop, the DTBG can also hold an electronic tablet, paper files, and other smaller personal items. Credit cards, a wallet, a cell phone and charger can fit easily into the inner pockets. For added storage, the bag also has front and back pockets large enough to hold small electronic tablets. Built-in pen and pencil holders are included in the bag.

This tote bag is grey, but it also comes in black with pink dots, purple, black with white dots, blue with white dots and blue with green dots. However, this grey bag looks the most professional of all the color options. The grey is a light heather grey and the straps are black.

On the down side, the inner lining of the bag can rip and come undone. The inexpensive handles can also crack and peel.

This bag is recommended because it is ideal for women who don’t want a dressy bag but instead need one for everyday use. The bag is made of basic nylon and can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth.
  • This bag is water resistant
  • The classic grey and black colors can be matched to almost any outfit
  • Different colors are available
  • It won’t stand up by itself
  • Small items may spill out into the bottom of the bag

Overbrooke Classic Women’s Tote Bag

Overbrooke Classic Laptop Tote Bag ReviewThis basic black Overbrooke bag also comes in red, brown, beige, tan and greyish-white. In appearance, the bag has no defining features. It’s a basic black tote capable of carrying a laptop with a screen up to 15.6 inches. The laptop compartment has a snap enclosure to help secure the computer into the bag. The interior of the bag also has a compartment on either side of the computer compartment. These two additional compartments can hold file folders, a notebook or other small items.

The bag’s exterior is made of pebbled leather with a thin white stitching. Inside, the bag is lined in nylon. A small pocket inside the bag can hold a wallet, cell phone or other small personal items. A zippered pocket outside the bag provides slightly more storage space.

What about flaws? The exterior stitching of the bag can come loose. It can tear after months of daily use, especially if the bag is overstuffed with heavy items.

The bag is recommended due to its versatility. Because of its simplicity and storage space, the bag can be used as a carry-all for the office or as a tote bag for carrying students’ books.
  • Large handles, computer space and internal pockets
  • Reasonable price
  • Appropriate for day-to-day use
  • Very basic appearance and embellishments
  • It does not include a long strap for carrying it cross-body

Franklin Covey Women’s Business Laptop Tote

Franklin Covey Women's Business Laptop Tote Bag ReviewThis bag comes in basic black and is mostly made of polyester. This two-handled bag is designed to carry on the user’s shoulder. This tote is capable of carrying a 15.6-inch laptop. The trim on the outside of the bag and on the handles is faux leather but looks expensive, particularly for a bag priced below average for other bags of its kind. The inside lining of the bag is black and white, which looks practical and stylish at the same time.

The interior has three separate compartments. A magnetic snap closure fastens materials neatly into the bag’s main compartment. The laptop pocket is padded on both sides and helps to provide minimal protection for a laptop. The bag is black and stitched in a black thread on the exterior. This black on black color is attractive.

Are there any flaws to consider? The threads can sometimes peel off and leave loose strings hanging from the handles and outside of the bag.

The bag is recommended because the low price of the bag is a good value for all of its desirable features.
  • Zippered pocket outside the bag
  • Convenientfor travel
  • Ideal for carrying files (notebook or a laptop)
  • Good value for money
  • The bag might look not very expensive
  • No alternative colors


Best Work Bag For Female Lawyers Buyer’s Guide

Screen Size

One key to choosing the right bag is to decide which size you need. The chart included in this article can give you the dimensions of each bag reviewed. It is best to measure the laptop you intend to carry to determine if it will fit within the parameters of the laptop bag.

A standard laptop screen measures approximately fifteen inches. However, when the products listed here say they can accommodate a laptop of fifteen inches, this does not mean every laptop measuring fifteen inches will fit the bag.

The fifteen inches is measured according to screen size. This measurement does not include the space around the outer edges of the screen, which can vary according to laptop brand.

Bag Style

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best work bag for female lawyers is style.

People who want a practical bag and do not need to transport heavy materials should invest in a small and inexpensive bag. Others wish to tote a large computer or use the bag as carry-on luggage.

In such cases, buyers should opt for a bag measuring at least seventeen inches in width or height, depending on the materials to be transported. Those who need to carry bulky items should get a bag with a padded strap. Carrying a heavy bag with top handles will make it feel more cumbersome. Top handles are best for carrying light objects.

Safety of Materials and Chemicals

Laws and regulations, such as the California Proposition 65 state that products made of any known carcinogenic chemical or known to cause birth defects should be labelled as such. These labels serve as warnings to consumers. However, such labels do not guarantee that a consumer will develop cancer or birth any offspring with birth defects.

Consumers have a right to know which materials are used in the products they buy. The Environment Protection Agency, manages the Integrated Risk Information System, a database with info on the health effects from exposure to specific substances. The EPA uses a rating system to indicate each substance’s cancer-causing potential. Consumers unsure about the materials used in the handbags mentioned here could learn more about such materials from the EPA.


As noted above, the most highly recommended work bags offer the most features at a lower cost. Looks and size matter as well. A stylish bag made of durable nylon or leather is a good investment. Buyers who want to transport a large laptop should first measure the computer and then search for a bag with suitable dimensions.

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