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Choosing the best Yamaha Stage Piano or the best yamaha digital piano for professional pianist is both a personal and practical decision. Here, we’ve picked out five pianos that will offer both great satisfaction and consistent delivery in every performance. Whether you’re looking for the richest sound, a lightweight design, or easy-to-use effects, we’ve got some of the best stage pianos available to suit your needs as a professional player and passionate musician.

One key feature, or lack thereof, is that stage pianos won’t have onboard speakers because when performing on stage there will (or should) be external speakers for you to connect to.

Many of the features you will find on a stage piano will be things that you can quickly change during a live performance.

You’ll find extra ports/jacks to connect to multiple devices. Because there are no speakers on stage pianos, they will be fairly lightweight and portable.

There is a blurry line between stage pianos, digital pianos, and synthesizers as all of them can be used for gigging pretty reasonably.

best yamaha keyboard for beginners


Yamaha CP88

Instrument type: Stage Piano

User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Price Range: $1,400-$2,500


  • Yamaha CP40 (discontinued)
  • Yamaha CP4 (discontinued)
  • Yamaha CP300
  • Yamaha CP73 / CP83

While the CP Series isn’t updated frequently, Yamaha takes huge pride in the series, stating that The CP4 is simply the best stage piano Yamaha has ever made.

The CP instruments will have a large selection of quality sounds from various eras to fit whatever style you’re playing. The CP Series emphasizes portability and ease of use.

Yamaha recently introduced the CP73 and CP88 giving a lot of new features to an old lineup – NW-GH with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, brand new sounds, and additional ports/jacks, to name a few.

best yamaha stage piano

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano

Yamaha describe the CP4 stage as the best stage piano they have ever made and it’s easy to see why. This is a professional stage piano that manages to combine a generous range of features with an easy-to-play design, and an elegant style with lightweight, compact portability.

stage piano
Yamaha describe the CP4 Stage as the best stage piano they have ever made.

The sounds on offer include grand pianos drawn from Yahama’s own hand-crafted range and flagship MOTIF synth, giving you the highest quality regardless of the musical style. With a total of over 45 grand pianos, 47 vintage electric pianos, and 341 other voices, plus 65 analogue-style effects, there’s certainly enough to keep your creativity alive and your sets fresh.

The lovely wooden 88-note keyboard, with Ivory-feel tops, comes with Graded Hammer action to provide detailed and responsive playability. This is complimented by a player-friendly, clear interface, with large and well-lit buttons so that splitting and layering is at your fingertips. The LCD with backlight is great for dimmer stages.

With the CP4 you’ll be making the most of the up-to-date design that adapts to a wide range of performances.

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