Big bang theory season 1 download

Here for the best sites for the Big Bang Theory Season 1 Download and where to get the big bang theory season 1 free? The Big Bang Theory just suddenly gets a huge following around me, I have heard so many people discuss it, what does it talking about? And I wonder where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory episodes? Oh, speaking of downloading episodes, is there a way to do that?

Premiered in 2007 on CBS, the Big Bang Theory is an overwhelming American situational comedy. Until now, it has a renewal of 7 seasons with 149 episodes in total. Owing to the fascinating story and the excellent performance of its leading characters, it successfully becomes a big hit around the world and wins lots of awards every year since 2008. It talks about the daily life of a fashionable hot young lady and four science geniuses.The geekiness of the four scientists is contrasted for comic effect with the common sense of the lady (Penny).

Big Bang Theory Season 1 Download

There are diverse websites hosting resources of the series. Therefore it’s also hard for the fans to choose the best site to get what they want. Here I can recommend 3 popular websites to watch and download the Big Bang Theory.


CBS refers to the Columbia Broadcast System, which is the second largest broadcaster headquartered in New York City. CBS has affiliates outside the US, including Canada, Guam, United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong, etc. They are licensed with several CBS-branded channels. Since the Big Bang Theory is first premiered on CBS, which possess short clips and recently aired full episodes of the series with high quality, CBS is undoubtedly the preferred choice to watch it.


CTV is a broadcasting television network in Canadian English, and also the largest privately owned network based in Canada. Its network programms mainly cover popular American series, say Desperate Housewives, Unforgettable, the X factor, and the Big Bang Theory and so on. The Big Bang Theory debuted on CTV since 2007. So HD videos of recent episodes and pictures are also available to watch on

Belonged to CBS Interactive, concentrates on televisions and shows made or transmitted in English spoken countries. It hosts full episodes of the Big Bang Theory. By watching the series on, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Such sites are my favorites for watching TV episodes and just like the friends around me. And I have been asked how to download the Big Bang Theory episodes for many times, but I have no idea.

where to get the big bang theory season 1 free

Best Websites to Download Series and movies


This website is a popular site for downloading series and I have been using the website for a while now and it is the first website that comes to my mind whenever I am asked to recommend a website to download series for free. It has a very large collection of series and navigation is quite easy and straight forward. You can download in HD, SD or FHD.

Visit O2tvseries


This site has a very great collection of series. To make it even easier the search bar is very efficient. You can get a lot of comedy and documentaries on this website. This website has a strict observance of copyright.

Visit MoviesFoundOnline


This website is a free movie streaming website. There are a lot of free movies all movies are free to stream and there is no need to pay for any service. We can find lots of interesting drama and action and documentary and horror. There is a catalog for national geographic on the site.


This website has a special app for iOS and Android. Their services are top-notch and you can register for free to enjoy unlimited movie download. You get to watch free series, TV shows, and documentaries.

Visit Hulu


YouTube is one of the best places you can get a lot of free series and documentary. When it comes to videos YouTube is unrivaled and you can have access to a lot of Nigerian and foreign series. You can download from youtube and this series can be downloaded as well. There are a lot of Nigerian series and movies on YouTube especially comedy, and drama.


Is a free site where you can download series exclusively produced by Sony.  The site has a clean interface and movie recommendation is according to your preference. One of the downsides of the website is loads of ads and commercials on the website. To have access to the catalog of movies all you have to do is sign up on Crackle.


This website has a large collection of classic series and TV shows. Contents on this site are diverse and there are different categories of series available on the website. The user interface is friendly and searching for content is to be seamless. Retro tv has an app known as that is known as classic UHF but it is only available for android you can use it to watch movies on the go.

Visit Retrovision


This website can quickly be assessed using your phone it is a quick and responsive website. There are a lot of cartoons, series, and dramas to download for free and they are available in FHD. This is one of the best websites to download series for free.

Visit MobileTvshows


This website shares a lot of similarities with o2tvseries the interface and movie catalogs it is another aspect where they look alike. It is an easy website to recommend for free series download.

Visit Tvshows4mobile


This website gives you the option to compress movies to suit your device. There are a ton of movies you can download on this website and they are all for free.

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