Bizim Hikaye with English subtitles

Looking to watch bizim hikaye english subtitles episode 1? In this article, we will review the Bizim Hikaye With English Subtitles.The story of a family struggling to live in one of the poorer areas of the city and our older children, Phillies, has become the mother of the family.

Bizim Hikaye With English Subtitles

Ever since she left the abandoned mother of five younger brothers facing Aval, the tight drinker father of interest and complaints troubled the family’s family despite the mind. Brothers like Phillies are strong and honest children, who never learn to be ridiculous, learn to take care of their heads; Wisdom, a small conscientious and emotional cherry, their smallest misery and the smallest of 1.5 years of smallness.

Avlet dedicated his whole life to his brother, his best friend and neighbor, the day he was trying to earn money from union jobs, responsibilities, one of the biggest girls was that a young girl was beautiful in her life. And charismatic joins baris. In a moment, this mysterious young man will do his best to win Phillies’ heart and become a part of the family.

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For influencing Baris’s lover who struggled on first germination, sprout thinks there is no love in his life and he works hard to deny that he feels against Baris.

In addition to the protectionist attitude of Phillies-loving police officer Kangiz, for many years, Baris does not go as easily as things in his work. On top of that, Baris hides that identity and mysterious experience is also a threat to the relationship.

6 Sisters, who try to keep each other happy despite their father Fikri, who dedicate their lives only to drink and make easy money in easy way, he will cross the path of Baris in love with Phillies.

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